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Supplier Homepage Product 100%Natural Health Food Others 100%Natural Health Food Top EU SGS 100% Natural Royal Jelly Chewable, Rich 10 Hydroxy - Decanoic Acetic Acid Only Has Pure Natural Royal Jelly Exclusive Anti-Cancer in Nature World

Top EU SGS 100% Natural Royal Jelly Chewable, Rich 10 Hydroxy - Decanoic Acetic Acid Only Has Pure Natural Royal Jelly Exclusive Anti-Cancer in Nature World

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Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 1000000boxes
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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: YYFWJ: NO: 01
  • Style: Pure
  • Processing Type: Raw
  • Health Food: Pure Natural Royal Jelly Is Very Rare and Precious
  • Rare Natural Nutrition Food: Rich SOD and 29 Kinds of Amino Acids
  • Specification: 100Tablet/bottle
  • Type: Brewed By Bee
  • Form: Solid
  • Top 100%Pure Natural Royal Jelly: Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging, Anti-Radiation
  • Rich a Unique Anticancer Component: 10 Hydroxy - Decanoic Acetic Acid
  • Natural Royal Jelly: Nourish The Internal Organs and Prolong Life
  • Transport Package: Bottle/Box
  • Origin: China
Product Description
Name: 100% Natural Royal Jelly, Pure natural royal jelly Chewable tablets (freeze-dried powder ) and fresh royal jelly (liquid), Bee Product
Content rich (10 Hydroxy - Decanoic acetic acid): 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0,only has pure natural Royal Jelly exclusive anti-cancer composition(10 Hydroxy - Decanoic acetic acid) in Nature World
Top EU SGS 100% Natural Royal Jelly Chewable, Rich 10 Hydroxy - Decanoic Acetic Acid Only Has Pure Natural Royal Jelly Exclusive Anti-Cancer in Nature World
Efficacy: It has multiple functions such as oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, anti-ulcer, cancer prevention and cancer resistance. It contains rich flavonoids substances (the content of these substances in propolis is higher than that of any other kind of material in nature) and terpenes, both of which have significant functions such as antiphlogosis, anti-virus, lowering blood fat and cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, etc. Thus, royal jelly is known as "a patron saint of human health", "the scavenger of blood vessels" and so on.

*100% natural royal jelly 12 kinds of functions:
100% natural Royal jelly is also called the royal jelly, royal jelly. Is the young worker bees (3, 15 days of age) head on nutrition gland and supramaxilla( Called the royal jelly gland) Common secretion mixture, for the milky white or light yellow slurry material, with acid, acerbity, hot, sweet, rich in nutrients and some material has not been proven ingredients, including 10 hydroxy - decanoic acid only the royal jelly containsso also known as the royal jelly acid. Because of royal jelly was named queen lifelong food. The queen commonly 3-5 years of life and the life of the worker bees average 60 days. Both the formation of huge difference, the only reason is the queen bee all his life to eat royal jelly, royal jelly is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, folic acid lipid content, kwai acetic acid, trace elements, acetylcholine, nucleic acids and other substances to life.

*TOP EU SGS GMP 100% natural Royal jelly is secreted by worker bees palate for the queen bee and bee larvae eat milky white or light yellow pulp material. Fresh royal jelly, acidic pH 3.5~ 4.5, partly soluble in water.
Royal jelly is a highly active natural products, the factors influencing its active ingredient has seven: Sunlight, temperature, air, metal, bacteria, acid, alkali, royal jelly is the most sensitive to temperature, can be stored at 4 degrees for three months, in - 5 degrees refrigerator can save 1 year, in - 18 degrees can be stored for two years, air oxidation of royal jelly, light is reduction for royal jelly.
Top EU SGS 100% Natural Royal Jelly Chewable, Rich 10 Hydroxy - Decanoic Acetic Acid Only Has Pure Natural Royal Jelly Exclusive Anti-Cancer in Nature World

* TOP EU SGS GMP 100% natural Royal jelly on the function of the body are: reduce blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis, lowering blood sugar;The development intelligence, enhance memory;Anti-aging;Promote hemopoietic ability, adjust endocrine and metabolism;Resist radiation, enhance tissue regeneration;To improve the body's immune function, prevent colds, hepatitis and cancer.


1. Royal jelly for elderly patients with curative effect is good.
Have obvious symptoms of elderly patients, and even twilight dying age patients, in the case of traditional Chinese medicine treatment the effect not beautiful, taking royal jelly can save the day.For long causative agent of patients, the use of royal jelly have obvious improvement, recovery soon

2. The two-way regulating role of royal jelly is a lot of drugs.
To fall the blood pressure of hypertension patients to normal and stable;Also can lower blood pressure rose to the patient's blood pressure is normal, also to stabilize.

3. The royal jelly might play a regulatory role on the cardiovascular system.
With fresh royal jelly daily 30 grams (three times) treatment of coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, high blood pressure, low blood pressure and other diseases of the cardiovascular system, can play the conventional drugs are difficult to play a peculiar role

4. Royal jelly can adjust the body's immune function.
Royal jelly to all sorts of rheumatism and other diseases of the immune system takes effect.

5. Royal jelly can promote the normal function of the endocrine system
In clinical, taking royal jelly will make a lot of premature menopause women returned to normal menstruation, lose a lot of sexual function of patients restored sexual function.Royal jelly and other endocrine disorders in patients with diabetes patients treatment effect is obvious.

6. Royal jelly can fight cancer.
Will be placed in the fresh royal jelly in cancer cells, after inspection, all the cancer cells were killed. There are reports the royal jelly internal and the treatment of 7 cases of gastric carcinoma cancer gradually become soft, gradually narrowed, the effect is very good.Treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in 2 cases are also effective.

7. Royal jelly can promote cell regeneration.
No matter for internal injuries, gen, royal jelly can enhance metabolism, promote tissue regeneration.Royal jelly can make thin people, also can make the fat people lose weight.

8. Royal jelly damage to the radiotherapy and chemotherapy has a protective effect.

9. Royal jelly can control noise function to human body caused by the confusion
Application of royal jelly can eliminate noise caused by learning disability.

10. Royal jelly can antiseptic sterilization, suppress the virus
Royal jelly to treat viral infections, some 19 cases with royal jelly and other bee products to treat second liver, efficiency is good.Royal jelly agents can improve the white blood cells, white blood cells reduce disease treatment, in order to enhance the human body disease-resistant ability of anti-inflammatory, royal jelly on thick aureus and e. coli bacteria, staphylococcus bacteria has certain inhibitory effect.

11. Royal jelly can cure anemia
With fresh royal jelly oral, 20 g daily treatment of anemia, via treated 234 cases of patients, effective rate was 98%, and upon examination;Royal jelly can stimulate blood of China railway transportation, increase the number of red blood cells and platelets.
After long-term clinical validation: royal jelly oral body does not produce antibodies, eating more will not have side effects.

12. Adjust the sexual energy.

Hard work, but no disease, can take royal jelly, please?
Royal jelly can adjust the metabolism of the body, improve body resistance to all kinds of bad environment, help regulate the nervous system, make human body keep pleasure, energetic, mental and emotional in the best state.And adjust the body's metabolism, provide rich vitamin, promote the nerve regeneration, such as neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, depression disease has good effect, and can give the skin with comprehensive nutrition care, helps improve skin.Therefore, disease-free people can also eat royal jelly to improve their immunity, reach the role of physical fitness.

How to identify fake royal jelly?
By far the most common fresh royal jelly adulteration has two kinds:
Milk powder in the identification of mixed starch such as royal jelly: starch iodine blue.Starch hydrolysis into dextrin, dextrin in iodine after turning purple.After the pure royal jelly of iodine show bright yellow or orange
A small amount of food laced dairy products in the identification of royal jelly: JianMian beaten or 20% NaOH few drops under normal temperature, dissolve if suspended solids, and light yellow transparent, indicated that the sample is pure royal jelly, if not dissolved, and the turbidity, is mixed with dairy products in the samples show that the royal jelly.
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