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Pollen Codonopsis Bee Pollen, Health Food Top Bee Pollen, Herbal Medicine Bee Pollen manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top 100%Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Codonopsis Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Bee Pollen Top 100%Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Codonopsis Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food

Top 100%Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Codonopsis Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes ;20KG
Production Capacity: 1000000boxes
Transport Package: Bottle Glass/Box EU Lead-Free
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Type: Pure Bee Pollen
Style: Pure
Form: Irregular Particles
Processing Type: Pure
Top Bee Pollen: Concentrated Nutrition Treasure
Top Pollen: Concentrated Natural Drug Treasure

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYDSFHF-NO: 01
Pure Natural Pollen: Enrichment of Full Nutrients Healthl Food
Top Herbal Medicine Codonopsis Pollen: Rare N Precious Blood Hematopoietic, Anti-Aging
Health Food: Nutritional Visceral Organ, Prolong Life
Trademark: YIYU
Specification: SGS EU
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name:Top Bee pollen, 100%Natural Rare Chinese herbal medicine Codonopsis bee pollen, No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Killer Prostate, Prolong Life, Health Food

Specifications:200g, 400, 600g, 800g, 1000g/bottle;100bottles/box;MOQ:100Boxes.
Top 100%Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Codonopsis Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food
100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine codonopsis pilosula pollen contains rich protein, vitamins, trace elements and active substances, etc, especially iron, manganese, strontium, tin, chromium, important trace elements such as the content of 2-5 times higher than other bee pollen, furthermore, contains more than abundant pollen chaff, etc., it has both medicinal Codonopsis, the essence of the flowers and plants, fill in beneficial gas, replenishing breathing, nourishing blood for blood activating spleen and kidney, used for double Breathing, lower blood pressure and has good effect on iron deficiency anemia, suitable for the elderly or postoperative recovery, is of high quality benefit type of bee pollen.

Valuable Chinese herbal medicine - Codonopsis pilosula pollen is the bees collect pollen plants of traditional Chinese medicines Codonopsis, codonopsis pilosula pollen is the pollen of the rare treasures, it has both medicinal Codonopsis, the essence of the flowers and plants, the pellet full, don't break the wall, is not puffed, frozen, active, have clear sheen of special flavor, fragrance is very rich, very bad, just began many consumers to eat not to spoil, can add some honey or milk warm boiled water.Codonopsis pilosula pollen yield is low, relatively rare bee pollen.

Rare Chinese herbal medicine Codonopsis pilosula pollen to adapt to the crowd
Physically weak, lack of breathing and blood, sallow complexion, and after illness, postpartum body virtual Appropriate food;Spleen breathing deficiency, god tired idle, limb weakness, eat less loose stool, chronic diarrhea, lack of lung qi, cough, shortness of breath, deficiency of body is weak, easy to catch a cold;Qi deficiency anaemia appropriate food;Chronic nephritis albuminuria person appropriate food;
Chronic anemia, chlorosis, leukemia, and rickets thrombocytopenic purpura patients should eat.

Have special tonic invigorating spleen-stomach and replenishing to breathing, invigorate the circulation of the spleen, auxiliary treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, loss of appetite, and can remove blood waste and other utility, suitable for weak or very tired body, irregular life to people taking.The effect is very good.Disease, the viewpoints with modern often takes the goods instead of ginseng.Codonopsis pilosula pollen can improve the ability to eliminate free radicals;Has adjust gastric bowel movement, fight ulcer, the inhibition of gastric acid secretion, reduce the effect of pepsin activity.Modern clinical often treated with dangshen ulcer, anemia, etc.
In addition, Codonopsis bee pollen and anti-cancer, oxygen resistance, anti-aging effect.

* Rare Chinese herbal medicine - Codonopsis has fill inconducive to breathing, spleen profit lung function.Used in spleen and lung weakness, shortness of breath heart palpitations, eat less loose stool, false asthma cough, internal heat diabetes, etc."New compilation of materia medica" records:" Fill in the beneficial breathing, and the spleen and stomach, eliminating polydipsia ,what is breathing middle ganz leise?Breathing of middle-jiao energy:1, Transfer to the digestion of spleen and stomach and other viscera drink food, the physiological function such as material.It is also called the spleen and stomach breathing.Sometimes only refers to the spleen and the main litres of function.Function of spleen and stomach to produce Breathing, Breathing and the gas of the spleen and stomach.Breathing is enough, the function of spleen and stomach healthy and vigorous;Breathing is insufficient, the function of spleen and stomach weak, transport and disorder.Visible sallow complexion, loss of appetite, food after
 food afterabdominal distension, shortness of breath, loose stools. Serious, due to insufficient breathing, lift, arise
 chronic diarrhea, prolapse, uterine prolapse, pediatric fontanelle depression, etc., according to gas subsidence. To dangshen to demodulating tonic, very security and appropriate."
*The use and storage:
Storage: Bee pollen, the active ingredient with factors such as temperature rise, time lost.At room temperature, the activity of bee pollen holding time is 9 months.In 15 degrees celsius refrigerated cases, the active ingredients to keep time to 24 months.

Use: three times a week, half an hour at a time, pollen not easily soluble in water, need to soak for a period of time, but whether the individual skin directly with milk or egg white to reconcile do face film, drying and mixed skin with milk, oily skin with egg white, honey.
Or get some pollen water every night before going to bed, and then point at the site of the spots were serious.

*100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine codonopsis pilosula pollen immune pharmacological effects
<journal chinese="" herbal="" medicine="" of="">1989, 03
Li Cunde   Hou Wenjun  Wang Guoyan  Zhu Xinhua
[Abstract ]: Based on the function of macrophage cell in abdominal cavity of mice, E - a rosette, body spray transfer, the serum hemolysin and hemolytic plaque formation test as an index, observed the codonopsis pilosula pollen on normal inbred mice and treated with immunosuppressive mice.Results: codonopsis pilosula pollen can enhance normal inbred mice (C_ (57) BL / 6) and treated with prednisone mice abdominal cavity macrophage phagocytosis, increase the number of plaque forming cells and the formation of serum hemolysin antibody;And can fight cyclophosphamide inhibition of E wreath and spray transfer.Preliminary tip: codonopsis pilosula pollen of antibody of non-specific immune function, humoral and cellular immune function have certain enhancement effect, especially when the antibody immune function is low, the effect is more obvious.
*Rare Chinese herbal medicine Codonopsis pilosula- Bee pollen on the immune function of normal mice, like blood and plasma protein electrophoresis to observe :
[Abstract ]: According to the report of bee pollen has promote growth and supply for repairing tissue material, can cure various diseases, and so on, and has been widely used as a food additive. At home in recent years on the physiological and pharmacological effect of pollen also have a lot of reports. It is reported that the bee pollen can strengthen muscle fatigue, and the function of acceleration were growth; Hematopoietic function caused by cyclophosphamide and cobalt 60 irradiation low speeds recovery effect; Can improve senile hypoglycemia

*From the observation of ultrastructure of codonopsis protection for liver damage
[ Abstract ]: Caused by carbon tetrachloride C_ (37) in mice liver damage prevention, feeding of codonopsis pilosula pollen feed at the same time. Electron microscope found that codonopsis pilosula pollen significantly reduce the liver fat. Improved the liver necrosis, inhibits Disse cavity and the formation of collagen fibers under central vein. That codonopsis pilosula pollen can effectively withstand liver injury in mice caused by carbon tetrachloride.
*Rare Chinese herbal medicine Codonopsis of effect and function:
Codonopsis "sexual flavour" sexual flavour, taste sweet, slightly acidic.Return Spleen,lung channel.
  [Shape and properties]With like Codonopsis , but branch is less, only the root top part 1 ~ 3 cm ring, qualitative soft, section of fracture.Taste slightly acidic.A long cylindrical, slightly curved, 10-35 cm long, 0.4 2 cm in diameter.Root head most verrucous protrusions at the top of the stem scar of a concave round dot; Under root head has a dense ring horizontal stripes, gradually thinning down, sometimes up to half the length, cultivating ring little or no; All the vertical wrinkles and scattered lenticels horizontal length, the broken place often dark brown jelly. Quality is a bit hard or with toughness, cross section is a bit flat, have crack or radial texture, skin of yellowish white to pale brown, pale yellow wood.There is a special aroma, taste sweet.
Fill in functional attending ][Beneficial breathing, spleen profit lung.Used in spleen and lung weakness, shortness of breath heart palpitations, eat less loose stool, false asthma cough, internal thirsting disorder. 
[Application ]For breathingdeficiency is insufficient, languid, short of breath, palpitations, eat less pixu (Spleen deficient), facial swelling, chronic   diarrhea rectocele.

Clinical commonly used mend angry medicine, this product is a function of spleen lung, nearly ginseng for weaker effect, suitable for all kinds of deficiency of deficiencies, often with astragalus, atractylodes, yam and coordinating; Such as blood deficiency chlorosis and chronic bleeding disorders caused bybreathing-blood deficient condition, two match hematinic such as cultivated land, angelica, etc.

Clinical commonly used in the following situations:
 1. The spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, can appear limbs sleepiness, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, defecate pond soft etc.This product can strengthen the function of spleen and replenishing qi, can cooperate atractylodes, tuckahoe, liquorice, dried tangerine or orange peel (five different reactive powder) or atractylodes, yam, lentils, Gordon euryale seed, lotus meat, pearl barley, poria cocos, lingya atractylodes scattered) used.

2.Breathingblood: Justification of two qi hou (shortness of breath, lazy, tired, face white, pale tongue, or even obese, veins thin, etc.), available of this product with atractylodes, tuckahoe, liquorice, angelica, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, radix paeoniae alba, rhizoma ligustici wallichii equivalent (such as the eight Jane soup), with qi double role.Moreover, previous experience that yiqi can promote blood, spleen can help heart 's-blood, so in the treatment of blood deficiency syndrome, often with , Codonopsis replenishing breathing, spleen and help the blood tonic.For example atractylodes, tuckahoe, liquorice, angelica, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, radix paeoniae alba, polygala, fructus schisandrae, dried tangerine or orange peel to ginseng tonic soup rong ( Codonopsis instead ofginseng);With astragalus, atractylodes, angelica, radix paeoniae alba, radix aucklandiae, polygala, dried tangerine or orange peel, longan meat of spleen-invigorating soup, such as are common yiqi blood tonic prescriptions.According to the modern experiment proves that this product can pass the spleen to stimulate increase in hemoglobin and red blood cells.In recent years with this product is often the angelica sinensis, radix paeoniae alba, radix rehmanniae, cultivated land and so on, the treatment of various kinds of anemia. 

3. Treatment of blood stasis to cough and gasp the: Lord of the lung to gas, lung deficiency, nothing is the main gas and produce short promote, language weakness, low weak cough asthma, spontaneous perspiration, afraid of the wind, easy to catch a cold, cough up phlegm bad, etc. breathingdeficiency to cough and gasp the commonly dwarf lilyturf in combination with this product, schisandra fruit, astragalus root, dried ginger, fritillaria, liquorice used.

4. Instead of ginseng soup: Emergency collapse, general multi-purpose panax ginseng soup (Alone), such as can't find the ginseng, Codonopsis available 1~2g, plus monkshood 2~ 3mg, lateral root of aconite raw extracted by 5mg to 1g or two money, decoction, can substitute for the sole use of ginseng soup.Astragalus membranaceus tonifying qi, can fill up temper, can profit lung solid table again. Codonopsis fill gas, can fill spleen qi, no solid table, but oneself Codonopsis can beneficial breathing, astragalus root, no fluid effect.Astragalus membranaceus and can benefit water, Codonopsis , no water. Atractylodes gas mainly temper, tonic and spleen dry wet.
Codonopsis tonifyingbreathin Breathingi, spleen and lung, but force of dry wet atractylodes. sealwort can fill gas and embellish lung, fill in essence, helps bones and muscles, but its nature is gentle, its effect is slow, for a long time to work.Dangshen fill gas, its effect quickly. Dosage for 1mg to 3mg commonly .Serious illness or sudden illness,can also be used to 5mg to 1g, or more. Taboos and matters needing attention with ginseng. According to modern research, this product has strong effect, can enhance the body resistance; Can increase the red blood cells, white blood cells reduce; Can make the peripheral vascular damage, reduce blood pressure, and can inhibit the booster of adrenal function. According to the spirit of treatment based on syndrome differentiation.

*Modern medical studies have shown that dangshen also have the effect: 1, The pharmacological effects associated with efficacy attending: Codonopsis has fill in yiqi, spleen profit lung function. Used in spleen and lung weakness, shortness of breath heart palpitations, eat less loose stool, false asthma cough, internal heat diabetes, etc."Ben from the new" records: "fill in yiqi, and spleen and stomach, in addition to polydipsia. Gas faint, to tone up, very smooth and appropriate."  (1) Gastrointestinal motor function to adjust the influence of the digestive system , Codonopsis for perfect in yiqi to medicine, to correct the pathological state of gastrointestinal movement disorders.With chronic stomach preparetions electrode method, observe tangshen decoction fluid and ethyl alcohol , Codonopsis .then rat gastric stress state basic electrical rhythm disorders have a regulation, can partly against stress caused by the increased gastric movement and gastric emptying was accelerated.Dangshen preparation intravenous on normal rat gastric peristalsis or neostigmine are inhibition enhanced gastric peristalsis, characterized by reduced peristaltic wave amplitude and frequency to slow down. , Codonopsis water decoction can improve the mice IIIdegree burns after bowel dysfunction, significantly improve the rate of small intestine propulsion.Dangshen liquid of guinea pig ileum in vitro inhibitory effect of and excitement, can make the tension of the ileum rise or fall after rise first slow, frequency, and can maintain a long time, for acetylcholine and 5 - HT cause the ileum contraction effect has obvious antagonism. Antiulcer effect Tangshen decoction alcohol sinking fluid to stress, pyloric ligation, experimental gastric ulcer caused by indomethacin or aspirin have prevention and therapeutic effect. By experimental comparison, with the neutral is the alcohol extract of codonopsis pilosula good to the curative effect of stress ulcer, ulcer inhibition rate can reach 98%, water extract times was 72.9%, the petroleum ether extract effect is the worst. , Codonopsis VIIwater-soluble part extracts can fight by anhydrous ethanol and acid (0.6 NHCI) and strong alkali NNaOH (0.2) and so on caused by gastric mucosal injury and gastric ulcer in rats.Dangshen has inhibitory effect to the foundation gastric acid secretion in rats, can decrease the activity of pepsin, and against aspirin causes the increase in the number of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, rats caused by indomethacin, aspirin gastric mucosa prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and amino sugar content decreased also have inhibition. Codonopsis antiulcer effect mechanisms: (1) Inhibition of gastric acid secretion, reduce gastric juice acidity;(2) To promote the secretion of gastric mucus, enhance gastric mucus - bicarbonate barrier;(3) Increase the gastric mucosal protective endogenous prostaglandin (PGEZ) content.

(2) Strengthen the codonopsis pilosula extract can enhance immune function of macrophage cell in abdominal cavity of mice chicken red blood cells.Mice abdominal cavity, intramuscular injection, intravenous , Codonopsis preparations can make mice abdominal cavity macrophage obviously increase the number and cell size, increased pseudopodia, cell body nucleic acids, sugars, atpase and succinate dehydrogenase enzyme activity, to enhance the phagocytosis.Tangshen decoction fluid of low concentration can promote in vitro lymphocyte mitosis, and promote COnA activated mice spleen lymphocytes DNA synthesis. Codonopsis impact on the normal mice humoral immune function is not obvious, but the immunosuppressive mice caused by cyclophosphamide can obviously promote the lymphocyte transformation, enhancing antibodies produce cell function, improve the degree of antibody.Codonopsis pilosula polysaccharide is the main effective components. 

(3) Strengthen the hematopoietic function of rabbit subcutaneous injection of , Codonopsis water extract and alcohol extract or feeding , Codonopsis powder, can make the higher number of red cells, white blood cell count down, oral subcutaneous injection effectiveness significantly.Subcutaneous injection of tangshen decoction on rabbit fluid, can also make the red blood cell count and hemoglobin content increased significantly.Effectiveness significantly decreased after excision of animals spleen, spleen to promote erythropoiesis affected , Codonopsis have effect.In mice by gastric , Codonopsis preparation, also make the red blood cell count and hemoglobin content increased obviously, of reticulocyte number and lymphocyte number had no obvious effect. 

(4) The anti-stress function of , Codonopsis can increase the body's resistance to harmful stimulation.Codonopsis pilosula polysaccharide can be born long swimming time in mice, enhance the capacity of resistance to high temperature, enhance to adrenal hypoxia capacity in mice.Tangshen decoction liquid with low temperature resistant. , Codonopsis lavage dosing of gamma - ray has a protective effect in mice, can improve the survival rate. , Codonopsis anti-stress mechanism mainly associated with the function of exciting pituitary - adrenal cortex axis.
(5) The effects on the cardiovascular system strong heart, resistance to shock , Codonopsis enhance myocardial contraction force, increased cardiac output, the action of shock resistance.Use codonopsis pilosula extract to cat intravenous anesthesia can obviously increase cardiac output without affecting the heart rate.Late on uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock input , Codonopsis rabbit vein injection, can make the arterial pressure recovery, animals, prolong survival time. , Codonopsis liquid of qi deficiency and blood stasis type can strengthen the effect of left ventricular function in patients with coronary disease.Coronary heart disease patients with oral , Codonopsis liquid 1 week can obviously increase left ventricular systolic function, increase cardiac output, heart rate without impact. , Codonopsis can obviously increase myocardial glycogen of mice, succinate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase levels, and has an atmospheric oxygen, tissue hypoxia, the action of microcirculation of oxygen.Adjust blood pressure codonopsis pilosula extract and alcohol extract and water extract could make the anesthesia and rabbit blood pressure dropped significantly.For intravenous injection codonopsis pilosula anesthesia dog and the rabbit can cause temporary blood pressure lowering, but repeated dose not produce rapid tolerance.Dangshen antihypertensive effect mainly due to peripheral vascular expansion.Also can make the late , Codonopsis uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock of rabbit artery blood pressure recovery, thus have two-way adjustment function on blood pressure.Against myocardial ischemia , Codonopsis to injection intravenous posterior leaf index of acute myocardial ischemia in rats.Water extract-alcohol precipitation , Codonopsis lavage for medicine or codonopsis by intraperitoneal injection of injection, myocardial ischemia caused by isopropyl adrenaline also has a protective effect.Canine heart coronary artery ligation of left anterior descending branch caused by acute myocardial ischemia, tangshen decoction alcohol heavy liquid can significantly reduce the myocardial ischemia in the absolute value of left ventricular end diastolic pressure.Prompt , Codonopsis can well improve the myocardial diastolic function, increased myocardial compliance, reduce coronary artery perfusion resistance, is advantageous to the left ventricular myocardial blood supply, improve myocardial ischemia.

(6) Improve hemorheology dangshen can inhibit the rabbit platelet aggregation induced by ADP.Intravenous injection, codonopsis pilosula on rabbit can significantly lower than the whole blood viscosity and plasma ratio mobility, inhibit thrombosis in vivo and in vitro.And can decrease the hyperlipemia rabbit serum low density lipoprotein, triglyceride and cholesterol.Liquid water extract-alcohol precipitation , Codonopsis can decrease the whole blood viscosity in rats;Ether extract can improve fibrinolysis enzyme activity in rats and significantly reduce the rate of platelet aggregation and plasma thromboxane TXB2 levels.Can significantly reduce TXB2 total saponin content without affecting the top ring element PGI2 synthesis, total saponins and alkaloids and its effect on the contrary, is not conducive to its role in codonopsis yiqi huoxue. 

2. Other pharmacological effects:
(1) Educational role , Codonopsis can enhance and improve the ability of learning and memory in mice. , Codonopsis ethanol extracts of n-butyl alcohol extract can adersely affect mice caused by scopolamine memory barriers, improve memory consolidation barrier in mice caused by sodium nitrite and memory in mice reproduce defect caused 40% ethanol.The extract does not affect the synthesis of acetylcholine, and strengthen the combination of acetylcholine and M - receptor. , Codonopsis total base can fight caused by scopolamine content of acetylcholine and choline in the little mouse acetylation enzyme activity.With double blind method to observe the normal subjects of different ages, after taking tangshen decoction liquid can improve learning and memory ability, and can make the normal subjects both side cerebral hemisphere at the same time to improve learning and memory ability.

(2) The sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsive effects , Codonopsis fat soluble and water-soluble saponin by ventricle, all can cause awake electroencephalogram (Eeg) of rabbit appeared high amplitude of slow wave of change, and intravenous drug delivery is only fat soluble part have this effect. , Codonopsis injection, water extract and methanol extract by intraperitoneal injection were significantly reduce the autonomic activities in mice.Codonopsis by intraperitoneal injection of injection can obviously prolong the ether anesthesia in mice, increase the different subthreshold hypnotic dose of sodium pentobarbital cause the number of sleep mice, prolong different caused by sodium pentobarbital sleeping time of mice.Codonopsis pilosula saponin also can obviously prolong cyclohexanol caused by pentobarbital sleeping time of mice.Codonopsis by intraperitoneal injection of injection can obviously prolong nitric acid and ning and e four nitrogen convulsions in mice caused by the incubation period. 
To sum up, with , Codonopsis fill in beneficial pharmacological action of qi, spleen effect related to adjust gastrointestinal motor function, fight ulcer.Enhance the body's immune function, enhance the hematopoietic function, anti-stress, strong heart, resistance to shock, adjust blood pressure, against myocardial ischemia and inhibit platelet aggregation, and so on. , Codonopsis also Nootropic, sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsive effect, etc.
*100% Natural bee pollen of universal health care function
(1) Strengthen the comprehensive human immune function: pollen polysaccharide can activate the activity of macrophage cell, improve human disease resistance.
(2) The anti-aging, beauty: bee pollen is a nutritional beauty cosmetics, pollen of VE, super oxide dismutase (SOD), the composition such as selenium, can moisten the skin nutrition, restore the elasticity of the skin and bright and clean.
Pollen of inositol can make the white hair black, hair loss gradually, maintain beautiful black hair.
(3) Prevention and treatment of cerebral cardiovascular disease: the flavonoids in pollen can effectively remove fat deposition on the walls of blood vessels, which ACTS as softening blood vessels and blood lipid.
(4) Prevention and treatment of prostate disease: pollen is the bane of prostatitis, to rape pollen, buckwheat pollen effect is best.
An effective drug to treat prostate disease in China - the front is pollen as raw materials.
(5) Weight loss: taking bee pollen can absorb enough nutrition, cause the feeling of satiety.
At the same time, the pollen of lecithin can burn excess fat, achieve the goal of weight loss.
(6) To adjust intestines and stomach function: there are a lot of pollen sterilization ingredients, can kill e. coli, etc, and can prevent constipation.
(7) Protect liver to protect liver, the flavonoids in pollen also can prevent the fat deposition in liver.
(8) Adjust nerve system, promote sleep.
(9) Auxiliary treatment of other diseases: the anemia, diabetes, improve memory, menopause obstacles, etc. Have a good effect.

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