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Seabuckthorn Dietary Supplements, Dietary Nutrition Supplements, Seabuckthorn Tablets Capsule manufacturer / supplier in China, offering GMP, Top Organic Wild Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsule, Kill Cancer Cells, Protect Liver, Cardiovascular, Antioxidation, Prevent Alzheimer′s Disease, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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GMP, Top Organic Wild Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsule, Kill Cancer Cells, Protect Liver, Cardiovascular, Antioxidation, Prevent Alzheimer′s Disease

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 1000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Function: Prevent Alzheimer′s Disease, Cardiovascular Protect
Certification: GMP, ISO, HACCP, QS, KOSHER, SGS EU
Age Group: All
Type: Capsule
Gender: Unisex
Feature: Organic, Vitamins, Low-Fat, Sugar-Free, Decaffeinated, Low-Salt, Reputation of Small Ginseng Desert, King of Vc, So

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYSJY-NO: 01
Packaging: Bottle
Storage Note: Normal Temperature
Logo Printing: With Logo Printing
Product Type: Organic Food
Top Organic Wild Sea Buckthorn Oil: Gift of Nature, Very Rare and Precious, Anticancer
Organic Wild Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Caps: Anti-Oxidation, Prevent Disease of Heart Head Blood
Organic Food: No Pigment, No Pathogenic Bacteria, 100%Natural
Top EU Sea Buckthorn Oil: Enhance Memory, Prevent Alzheimer′s Disease
Health Food: Wild Sea Buckthorn, Prevention of Ischemic Stroke
Trademark: IYOUTH
Transport Package: Bottle Glass(EU Lead-Free)
Specification: 250mg*30Soft Capsule/bottle
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name: GMP, TOP 100% Natural Organic Wild Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Capsule, Anti-Cancer, Kill Cancer Cells,To protect the liver and heart cerebrovascular,Rich more than 200 kinds of bioactive nutrients  SOD, PureOrganic food, no pigment, no pathogenic bacteria, natural nutrition  treasury, pure natural  treasury, The gift of nature, is very rare and precious anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, enhance memory, prevent brain cell death, prevent alzheimer's disease, the prevention of ischemic stroke. Nourish the internal organs,Prolong Life, Health Food

500mg× 30Soft Capsules/bottle,
500mg× 60Soft Capsules/bottle;
250mg×30Soft Capsules/bottle
250mg×60Soft Capsules/bottle;
MOQ: 100Bottles/Box

Warm prompt:Sea buckthorn oil soft capsule must by opaque packaging,as Seabuckthorn fruit oil Contains rich seabuckthorn seed oil, VE oil and flavonoid,so it must be refraction preserve,so avoid light, prevent the oxidation of the product.
GMP, Top Organic Wild Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsule, Kill Cancer Cells, Protect Liver, Cardiovascular, Antioxidation, Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
What is Sea buckthorn?
Sea buckthorn originated in the qinghai-tibet plateau in China, it is a kind of contain a variety of vitamins and a variety of trace elements, amino acids and other biological activity substances medicinal food.Seabuckthorn all over the world has a long medical history, the ancient Tibetan medicine in China, the Mongolian medicine has seabuckthorn as important medicinal plant, Tibetan in the 8th century masterpiece "four medical effect which has made the detailed records of seabuckthorn.In ancient Greece, they gave seabuckthorn is the Latin name meaning "horse" flash.Where there is a legend, even the horse is very sick, after a period of time, grazing in seabuckthorn woodland are plump and sturdy., fur shine.They found that the seabuckthorn has significant health benefits to the human body.

Seabuckthorn roots, leaf, flower, fruit, seeds can be used as a medicine, especially the fruit contains a variety of human body can't synthesis, but it is an essential vitamins, known as "natural vitamin capsule", in addition, also rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, boron, silicon, copper and other 24 kinds of trace elements, especially in calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, selenium content in the most.For the first time in 1977 China's ministry of health will officially listed in the "Chinese pharmacopoeia" seabuckthorn.Later, and the ministry of health issued by the state drug administration announced seabuckthorn medicine edible plant.

100%will Sea buckthorn seed oil:
Sea buckthorn seed is the source of life.A grain of seabuckthorn fruit all have a grain of seed, 1000 grain seed extract 1 g of oil.Seabuckthorn seed oil is the highest vegetable oil in the "popular" in the 21st century, is an excellent skin care and beauty of natural vegetable oil.Seabuckthorn seed oil is rich in VE, VB1, VB2, VB6, a - tocopherol, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids, such as content as high as 90, also contains rich with "vascular scavenger," said the lecithin, it derives from China the original ecological environment, natural, wild seabuckthorn ecological garden, Adopt international advanced of supercritical extraction technology from seabuckthorn seed extract, it absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, becomes a variety of nutrition "Cornucopia."
The correct understanding sitosterol:
Sitosterol is known as the valley of sterols, a kind of plant sterols, similar to animal lipid cholesterol, but it can prevent atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol has extensive physiological function in the body, but when the excess will lead to high cholesterol, produce adverse effect to the body.Atherosclerosis, venous thrombosis with cholelith disease has close correlation with hypercholesterolemia.Sitosterol, after enters the body in the intestinal mucosa can be competitive inhibition of cholesterol absorption, can more be intestinal mucosal absorption, thereby lowering cholesterol, not only can inhibit colon cancer, is good for prevention and treatment of heart disease, and no cause atherosclerosis role.Studies have shown that often eat food containing sitosterol, cholesterol on average 12% lower than the control group.

What is fatty acid?
Fatty acids refers to the long end contains a carboxyl aliphatic hydrocarbon chain, is organic, natural about 40 different kinds of fatty acids, which is the key element of the lipid.Fatty acids can be classified by different carbon chain length, it can be divided into short chain fatty acids;In the chain fatty acid;

Mainly contain long chain fatty acids in the human body, long chain fatty acids in saturation divided into two major categories of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The unsaturated fatty acid then unsaturated degree is divided into single unsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Animal foods is given priority to with saturated fatty acid, plant food is given priority to with unsaturated fatty acids. In our daily diet, often excessive intake of unsaturated fatty acid, unsaturated fatty acids were not enough.
Unsaturated fatty acids of linoleic acid, linolenic acid, oleic acid is good for human health, including linolenic acid and linoleic acid the body can' t synthesis, necessary food intake from the outside
  Health of fatty acid intake the proportion is 1: 1: 1, it is saturated fatty acids, single unsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids according t o 1: 1: 1 of   the proportion of intake will be helpful for human body health.
*Seabuckthorn, health care function:
Do the necessary grocery, Soviet cosmonaut - seabuckthorn!
Office workers, sedentary can increase the risk of colon cancer and myocardial infarction
Sedentary hurt you " Lower"
Sedentary men with prostatitis: According to media reports, the office worker, and " " the meeting is prostatitis of high-risk groups. Why is that? " Sitting" in the way. Sedentary, total pressure in the lower half the weight of the upper part of the human body, is located in the perineal prostate by " weight" , easy to cause prostate blood circulation is bad, metabolite accumulation, the prostate gland jam, gland fluid, causing chronic prostate congestion, causing prostatitis.
Sedentary women and infertility: M any women office workers more 30 age, due to long-term sedentary, premenstrual and menstrual period often have severe pain, this is because sedentary and a lack of normal movement, so that blood circulation obstacle, the abdominal cavity include pelvic blood circulation, cause inadequate ovarian blood flow and oxygen; Lymph or blood and qi stagnation and blood stasis is also associated line embolism, tubal nowhere; More sedentary in physical and the relationship between the endometrial tissue hyperplasia to uterus due to qi and blood stasis, endometriosis, these are the obvious cause infertility.
Sedentary and " cancer" office work: Several studies have found a phenomenon at home and abroad, sedentary office risk of colon cancer was obviously higher than that of regular exercise and manual workers. This is because people who are sitting at your desk intestinal peristalsis abate slows, the faeces of harmful elements including carcinogens in the colon stranded and stimulate the intestinal mucosa, coupled with sedentary abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity, lumbar di ministry blood circulation, which can lead to intestinal immune barrier function to drop, the increased risk of colon cancer. So some experts such as sitting at your desk out of colon cancer is called " desk work cancer"
Sedentary let you hurt " heart"
*In recent years have heard what the office * small white-collar myocardial infarction, how can recruit the disease at a young age? One explanation is that " any heart is sitting out" sedentary exercise less, blood circulation, increased blood viscosity, myocardial contraction fatigue, over time, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, etc will be associated with. The data shows, sedentary agent less risk of coronary heart disease than people with regular exercise or 4 times the manual workers. There are data show that less than 35 sedentary agent cerebral infarction incidence increased by 136% than a regular exercise, a 220% increase in incidence of cerebral hemorrhage. There is a kind of disease called " economy class syndrome" , a sedentary no kinetic energy to human disease. If people in the narrow space to sit still for a long time, such as flying, legs bent all the time, the result can make the back leg vein blood flow velocity is reduced, and form a blood clot in the leg deep vein, blood clots, along the blood flow to the lungs, and in the formation of pulmonary embolism or pulmonary embolism, may cause the " sudden death. Don' t think" economy class syndrome " only attack plane. Experts believe that as long as you keep a sit, have been bent legs, not more than four hours, so, in deep venous thromboembolism is in danger of" economy class syndrome " will be significantly increased. And now, by car, people who work sitting for a long time, people sit for half a day in front of the computer, far more than on a plane, " economy class syndrome " will threaten a sedentary person.

  Pure natural wild seabuckthorn: vitamin crown of the king of all the fruits and vegetables
Pure natural wild hippophae rhamnoides is one kind of rich in bioactive substances of natural plant, currently has 200 a variety of biochemical components found. Seabuckthorn contains the rich content of the variety of vitamins, is unmatched by any other fruits and vegetables, so experts give it " vitamin treasure house" laudatory name. ShaJiGuo for VC content in 800-850 mg / 100 g, the most high is 1500-1700 mg / 100 g, is 2-8 times of Chinese kiwi fruit, apple' s 20-35 times, and is very stable. ShaJiGuo VE content in 2.9-18.4 mg / 100 g, is the most active of alpha VE, also contains gamma and delta - VE of VE, which both have strong antioxidant effect. In addition, seabuckthorn contains VK1, VA, VB1, VB2, VA original beta-carotene, gamma - carotene, of all the berries, the highest content of seabuckthorn.
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn contains a variety of trace elements, ranging from a dozen to the three kinds of trace elements in the seabuckthorn has three characteristics, it is a known essential trace elements for 14, unexpectedly contains 11 kinds of seabuckthorn, followed by high potassium low sodium, three less species is harmful trace elements, arsenic and cadmium has been measured.
Organic acid content in the pure natural wild seabuckthorn about 2-3.5%, including malic acid, oxalic acid, the acid, relieve the barbiturates toxicity of antibiotics and other drugs, prevent teras, X-ray, damage of the super high-pressure oxygen and stress reaction, such as physiological active function. Seabuckthorn contains all kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of essential amino acids the body all of seabuckthorn. 42 kinds of lipid compounds of phospholipid classes as constitutes the membrane of mitochondria, participate in electron transfer and oxidative phosphorylation, promote cells metabolism, is conducive to fatty liver disease resistance, resistance to cirrhosis of the liver function
ShaJiGuo contains: essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), E (baby powder), A (carotene), the content of K in almost all fruits and vegetables.
Vitamin C content of 3-4 times higher than the kiwi and 10 to 15 times higher than the orange and equal to 20 times hawthorn fruit, grapes, 200 times. Carotene content of soybean oil with relatively high content of 20 to 30 times.
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn has become recognized as the king of the vitamin, one is plant of China and the world of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacopoeia is widely used as a medicine, by the state ministry of health as the medicine edible plant. Seabuckthorn oil contains more than 190 kinds of bioactive substances necessary for human body, it is our country ancient Tibetan and Mongolian drugs to lung cough, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. China' s medical workers have been determined for each 100 grams of seabuckthorn oil contains vitamin is as high as more than 100 mg, beta carotene, more than 10 mg of unsaturated fatty acids is greater than 90%, of which the content of SOD is four times the size of the ginseng. Clinical found seabuckthorn oil to the person' s cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems, and to promote metabolism, anti-aging, anti-radiation, such as cancer has a significant effect. Domestic and foreign famous experts predicted: " seabuckthorn is human longevity and health of natural health food products in the 21st century. "
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn: in the 21st century a new resource food, was praised as the green plant life in the 21st century.

* Pure natural wild Seabuckthorn belongs to hu failed sub branch plant, English name " Seabuckthorn, " Latin " Hippophae" commonly known as flavones, the Latin means " glittering horse" .

Myth: the ancient tribes, a group of old, sick of the herdsmen to over, hence its exiled in the vast field, but the horse hesitated to go to, when the horse suddenly smell off-balance-sheet crow, scream, and the view, high precision outrageously, shining and beautiful luster. Herdsmen thought that a god is, by its trace, see LiLi mountains, magic " hui" from now. At this point, people will be this kind of plant called " Hippophae" , is glittering the horse. To yunnan, The Three Kingdoms period, zhuge liang troo have outplayed, without supplies, in general, suddenly saw a wilderness of brightly colored fruit, food, people, horse unexpectedly energy, this triumph, " gooseberry" god also factually

Seabuckthorn definition: is a kind of contain a variety of a variety of vitamins, trace elements and a variety of amino acids and other biological active substances of medicinal food.

Pure natural wild seabuckthorn: live on the earth more than two hundred million plants;
Desert and alpine region in the bad environment to the survival of the plants; " Cancer" earth - arsenic sandstone areas can only grow plants; The western development value of the ecological environmental protection plant; All green plants grow in the pollution-free environment;
The world recognized the king of Vc in the plant community;

A world of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) by the Chinese pharmacopoeia and pharmacopoeia plant widely used as a medicine;
National ministry of health has identified as medicine edible plant.
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn: long medical history, in-depth scientific research
* hippophae rhamnoides in medicinal has a long history in China, is the seabuckthorn medical records the earliest country in the world,
* in ancient China' s Tibetan and Mongolian medicine has seabuckthorn as important medicinal plant, used for cough, asthma, activate blood, etc.
Tibetan in the 8th century masterpiece " four medical of seabuckthorn effect which has made the detailed records,
* 1840 CangYiXue classic compendium of material medica also to a large number of crystal beads length of seabuckthorn
* in modern times, is located in the remote areas of the Tibetan, Mongolian people are treated with seabuckthorn all kinds of common diseases.
* for the first time in 1977 China' s ministry of health will officially listed in the " Chinese pharmacopoeia" seabuckthorn. Later, and the ministry of health issued by the state drug administration announced seabuckthorn medicine edible plant.

* seabuckthorn roots, leaf, flower, fruit, seeds can be used as a medicine, especially the fruit contains the human body cannot synthesize an a variety of vitamins, people' s physical and mental health, enjoy the " world plant" , vitamin treasure.

* a seabuckthorn fruit, only a grain of seabuckthorn seed, 1000 grains of seabuckthorn seed oil, seabuckthorn seed less than 10 g 20 tons of seabuckthorn fruit extract 1 ton sea buckthorn seed, 20 tons of seed extract 1 ton sea buckthorn oil, 250 ml seabuckthorn oil needs 100 kg ShaJiGuo enrichment.
* seabuckthorn oil contains 206 kinds of active substances beneficial to human body, the former Soviet union have decades of seabuckthorn medical experts said: " collection of so many active material for a suit, and clever and organically combined together, is an alternative and seabuckthorn medicine value" . This will determine the seabuckthorn oil " king" , in essence, oil of medicine.

* seabuckthorn resources accounts for 1/10 of the earth' s resources are mainly distributed in our country, accounts for more than 80% of the earth' s resources, wutai mountain in shanxi region because of its unique geographical location, is the main distribution of hippophae rhamnoides in China.
* of the former Soviet union biologists, chemists biological components of seabuckthorn, biological chemistry, biomedical value has carried on the thorough research, found that up to nearly 200 species of the active ingredients, is rare in the earth' s existing plant resources, is called the magic of fruit, and created a precedent in medical applications, the former Soviet union the ministry of health approved the life more than a dozen pharmaceutical approval number, and a large number of clinical medicine, found that seabuckthorn is indeed precious medicinal value, especially in the treatment of burns, wounds, frostbite, skin ulcer, etc., have special curative effect.

* medical workers in our country since 1980, the research on the basis of the former Soviet union, of seabuckthorn pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, toxicology and clinical a lot of work, such as domestic famous medical university in xian, china-japan friendship hospital, China academy of TCM, the sichuan west China medical university, institute of medical research institute, Shanxi Province, gansu province medicine are carried on the thorough and meticulous seabuckthorn medicine research, found that seabuckthorn on human respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, metabolic, cardiovascular system and anti-aging, antitumor, resistance to radiation and so on all have very good medicinal value, there are sea buckthorn oil as the main ingredients in the treatment of burns, ulcers, stomach ulcers and antitumor drug.

* seabuckthorn besides its precious medicinal value, its ecological environment, the governance of social value is more important, in the process of the development of the western region, the first is the west of desertification, desertification and soil erosion, etc., the roots of the seabuckthorn due to its special structure, as well as indomitable vitality, seabuckthorn -- a buried plants gold mine for many years, valuable ecological resources, exotic fo yuan hui, finally ushered in the opportunity comes once in a blue moon.

Pure natural wild seabuckthorn, human health and longevity of hope in the 21st century

Function and value, in order to reveal the seabuckthorn magical medicine scientific workers biological chemical composition of seabuckthorn carried on the thorough research, hippophae rhamnoides was found to contain rich vitamin, VE, VC, VP, vitamin K, b6, b12, etc. ), beta carotene (beta carotene), unsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, etc. ) and flavonoids (flavone glycoside, yellow ketone glucoside yuan, different rat Li Su, quercetin) and trace elements (Fe, Cu, zinc, K, Ca, etc. ), amino acids, aspartic acid, such as 17 kinds of human body must all have), organic acids (malic acid, oxalic acid, etc. ), phospholipid (lecithin, cephalin, phosphatidyl inositol) and have antitumor effect of 5 - hydroxy tryptamine, white anthocyanins, coumarin, and so on, these ingredients are closely associated with seabuckthorn ecological resistance, different physiological systems to the human body can have a balanced diet, the role of regulating function, adjusting metabolism, and thus play a comprehensive health care function to human body, by the international medical science and nutrition experts as the most promising 21st century human nutrition health care and medicine Plants.

With the advent of the new century, mankind has gradually entered the aging society, the elderly health has become the focus of social concern, the world' s health group (WHO) have cardio-cerebrovascular disease, malignant tumor, diabetes as the three major killer of human. In the face of this century disaster, mainly chemical synthetic drug for single disease of drug therapy of western medicine was limited, and side effects, patients can' t long-term use, and to plant extract ingredients give priority to the development of modern science of traditional Chinese medicine, has been able to solve these problems, in recent years, medical experts attention has turned to the seabuckthorn this ancient plants. Studies suggest that seabuckthorn is rich in many kinds of biochemical components in extremely beneficial to human body to absorb, to adjust the various functions of human body, balanced nutrition, restore function, adjusting metabolism, which plays a unique role on anti-aging, and can be long-term use, without any side effects, for the prevention and treatment of various heart cerebrovascular disease, malignant tumor, digestive system disease, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and have no substitute, seabuckthorn is known as the human health and longevity of green plant life.
By on, seabuckthorn - the ancient earth plants with ginkgo age, as the thorough study of modern medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, and has gradually been opened its mysterious veil, it will be new look to show in front of the human in the new century, with its valuable ecological environmental value, huge social and economic value, special nutritional health value and precious medical value, great contribution for human health.
Seabuckthorn: whole body is treasure, nearly all can be used in food and medicine
Low fruit, fruit juice, fruit, fruit, seeds
Juice contains a lot of VC, VE, carotene, flavonoids, trace elements, amino acids, organic acids, etc., is making a great drinks, can also be used for extracting flavonoids.
The pulp contains a lot of flavonoids and fruit oil, is the main raw material to extract the flavones and making cosmetics.
Peel mainly contain the skin oil, etc., can be used for food, nutrition, washing supplies, skin care products, health products raw materials, rich in nutrition.

Seeds contained seed oil, protein, etc., is the important raw material for extraction of sea buckthorn seed oil.
Low leaf: including leaf oil, amino acids, flavonoids, trace element, protein, etc., can be used to extract leaf oil, has high nutritional value, ShaJiYe is mainly used for making seabuckthorn tea, have a cough, and asthma to purge diuresis, runfei, and so on.
Low: stem bark is seabuckthorn plant stem section, containing anticancer activities of 5 - hydroxytryptamine, can be used for anticancer drugs.
3 seabuckthorn oil:
Divide into two kinds, fruit oil and seed oil to the highest seed oil medicinal value, used in the pharmaceutical and health care products, fruit oil is mainly used for cosmetics, cosmetics, skin care products, washing supplies, etc.
Soviet cosmonaut essential food: pure natural wild seabuckthorn!
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn oil because of its remarkable medicinal value was known as the " oil gold" , has been LiuLin contains in the former Soviet union countries pharmacopoeia.

Pure natural wild seabuckthorn is a kind of green is very popular in the international natural resources, are of great value in environmental protection, still has a long history of medicinal plants, the ancient greeks have long been aware of its medical value. Soviet scholars, through the study found that 190 species of seabuckthorn fruit of active ingredients, and confirm ShaJiGuo as astronauts needed food every day.
Seabuckthorn, commonly known as acid, total flavones, mainly distributed in Eurasia, cool temperate and subtropical mountain area.
The earliest discovered seabuckthorn medicinal function may be the ancient greeks, they gave seabuckthorn is the Latin name meaning " horse" flash. Where there is a legend, even the horse is very sick, after a period of time, grazing in seabuckthorn woodland are plump and sturdy., fur shine. By analogy, seabuckthorn also has health care function for people.
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn is the medicinal value of the former Soviet union scientists through experimental verification. Modern medicine has confirmed ShaJiGuo contain a variety of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other bioactive substances. The pharmacology and health care efficacy has been involved in cardiovascular system, digestive system, all kinds of trauma, inflammation, cancer, etc. All kinds of seabuckthorn products are available as supplements. Derived from ShaJiGuo seabuckthorn oil is a kind of natural health care products, with 103 kinds of bioactive ingredients in seabuckthorn oil, known as " the gold oil" in the world. Seabuckthorn oil can make the blood triglyceride and cholesterol in patients with decreased, so as to prevent the happening of the cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, for treating burns, skin radiation damage, gastric and duodenal ulcer, also has the good effect, is widely used in aerospace medicine and other fields.
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn oil: It is necessary to human body health care food
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn oil is the essence of seabuckthorn, clinical show that seabuckthorn flavonoids can reduce hyperlipidemia, softening blood vessels. Rise and reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (ldl-c), high-density lipoprotein, blood vessels to remove sediment, lecithin can promote the lipid transport and clearing, accelerate the metabolism of triglycerides in the blood. The formation of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Because of the seabuckthorn contains large amounts of amino acids, organic acids and other nutrients, can promote gastric acid biosynthesis, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. Therefore seabuckthorn has disappear of hysteresis, spleen and nourishing the stomach, liver, spleen. For indigestion, abdominal distension, pain, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, colitis, chronic constipation, have very good effect.
Pure natural wild seabuckthorn contains malic acid, oxalic acid and other organic acids has alleviate the toxic effects of antibiotics and other drugs, protect liver, lysine is liver cell regeneration agent. Phosphate ester compounds of hippophae rhamnoides is one kind of high biological activity, can promote cell metabolism, improve liver function, fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver. Biological active components of seabuckthorn anthocyanins, quassin or coumarin, such as serotonin can block the yellow aspergillus carcinogenic substances or pathogens, such as obvious auxiliary inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Seabuckthorn flavonoids and other bioactive components of the immune system more link with different degree of adjustment ability, to adjust the humoral immunity and cellular immunity has obvious effect. Seabuckthorn in traditional medicine theory has the effect of cough and asthma, lung phlegm, for chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, sore throat, respiratory system diseases such as asthma, cough, much sputum has very good effect. There is the following specific effects.
Regulating blood fat, reducing blood cholesterol and atherosclerosis index, improve blood viscosity, protect blood vessels, regulating blood pressure, prevention of coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, diabetes, etc. Suitable for high cholesterol.
The regulation of immune regulating function, has the remarkable cellular immunity, humoral immunity and the phagocytosis of macrophage, enhanced physique, improve the disease resistance. Can prevent recurrent episodes of respiratory tract, the digestive tract inflammation; Prevent cancer, promote hemopoietic function, used in dietary supplements, can eliminate or reduce the radiation and chemotherapy side effects. Suitable for low immunity and sickly.
Spleen and nourishing the stomach, indigestion, chronic stomach inflammation, peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis.
To protect the liver and kidney function.
Promote sleep, restore energy, improve the quality of life.
To protect the liver and kidney function.
To protect the liver and kidney function.
Anti-aging effect.
Radiation resistant.
Can be used for mild burns, burns, frostbite and bedsore, andWith beauty care skin.


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