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Product Description

Product name: 100% natural bamboo leaf extracts
Proportion: 10:1,20:1,50:1,100:1
Test method: HPLC
Applicable scope : food, health care products, medicine, cosmetics etc.
Bamboo leaf extract -property of a medicine: sweet, pungent, tasteless, cold. Return heart, stomach and small intestine meridian.
Bamboo leaf extract - efficacy: heat-clearing and fire-clearing drug; Good at clearing away the purging fire and relieving restlessness, can clearing the stomach and help produce saliva and slake thirst

Product description:
Bamboo leaf antioxidant, a kind of unique natural Bamboo fragrance natural antioxidant, English name: Bamboo Leaf Antioxidants, its resistance to oxidation alternative ginkgo biloba extract, tea extract and grape seed extract, has been included in the national standard GB -2760,was approved by the ministry of health as natural food antioxidant use.

In North America and Asia and other regions have security applications in food, health care products, medicine, cosmetics development, the market response is very good.

Bamboo leaf antioxidant is from bamboo leaves of extraction of antioxidant component, active ingredients including flavonoids, lactones and phenolic acid compounds, is a set of complicated, and mutual synergistic effect of the mixture.

* Among the flavonoid compounds are mainly carbon flavonoid glycosides, four representative compound are: Orientin, Homoorientin, Vitexin and Isovitexin .
* The lactone compounds are mainly hydroxy coumarin and glycoside.
* The phenolic acid compounds are mainly cinnamon acid derivatives, including chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, etc.

Bamboo leaf antioxidant is yellow or tan powder or granule, no peculiar smell. Soluble in water and a certain concentration of ethanol. A slightly hygroscopic, in a dry condition is quite stable. With gentle flavor and taste, no pharmaceutical taste , bitter and irritating smell. Stable quality, can effectively resist acid solution, the pyrolysis and enzyme solution, in some case bamboo leaf antioxidant also show some of the coloring, flavouring, unpleasant taste and deodorization etc function. Its characteristic is to block fat chain automatic oxidation of chain reaction and chelating transition state metal ion, in addition has strong bacteriostatic action, is a kind of natural, nutrition, multifunctional food additive.

Bamboo leaf antioxidant safety
According to the national food additives of new kinds of examination and approval requirements: AOB to systematically toxicology safety evaluation test,
Including I, II, III phase of toxicology test. The results are as follows:
1.The AOB in mice and rats acute toxicity through the mouth all belong to the actual non-toxic class
2.Ames test, mice, mice micronuclei mirror malformation test results were all negative
3.90 days of rats fed test all targets were not seen obvious toxic reaction, the largest no role dose is 4.3 g/kg body weight.
4.Traditional teratogenic test each dose groups all the indexes did not see have obvious maternal toxicity and embryo toxicity, teratogenicity;
5.Reproduction test of the rat generation reproduction test maternal effect, tire young effect all targets were not seen obvious toxic reaction .
6.Metabolic test show that in the AOB four major flavonoid glycosides carbon in rats in the gastrointestinal tract are no direct absorption, give subjects after things every time phase plasma and major organs (liver, kidney, brain, and muscle tissue) are no detection; The tested objects to 24 hours after the feces from the detection of the content of the intake by 27.6%, in the urine did not see the things discharge.

The AOB daily allow the biggest intake (ADI) values is 43 mg/kg body weight, a standard weight (60kg) allow daily intake for 2580 mg .
Test  varieties Group Normal  temperature  storage  of  OD530  value  
    0 30d 60d 90d
Giant  freshwater  prawn Blank  control  0.018 0.065 0.099 0.137
  AOB  compare 0.011 0.037 0.064 0.096
Eriocheir  sinensis Blank  control  0.021 0.073 0.111 0.148
  AOB  compare 0.015 0.040 0.075 0.108

In  view  of  the  AOB  good  performance,   high  safety,   without  peculiar  smell,   the  price  is  low,   and  with  natural,   nutrition  and  multifunction,   can  be  widely  used  in:   meat  products,   containing  fat  food,   puffed  food,   baking  food,   fruit  and  vegetable  juice  drinks,   tea  drinks,   Fried  foods  and  other  food  system.  

AOB  can  effectively  inhibit  hot  working  of  acrylamide  in  food  form,   at  the  same  time  will  not  change  affect  the  original  processing  method,   can  be  easy  and  efficient  defense  these  grain  food,   fried  food  C  poison  damage.

See  the  following  specific  in  all  kinds  of  food  in  the  method  of  use:
Bamboo  leaf  antioxidant  AOB  is  a  kind  of  from  bamboo  leaves  get  yellow  or  brown  color  powder,   its  main  antioxidant  components  including  flavone,   lactone  and  phenolic  acid  compounds,   with  colorimetric  method  on  the  measurement  of  flavonoid  glycoside  content  is  ≥ 30%,   total  lactone  content  ≥   15%,   phenolic  acid  content  ≥ 7.5%.   Its  characteristic  is  to  block  fat  automatic  oxidation  of  chain  reaction  and  chelating  transition  state  metal  ion,   and  at  the  same  time  as  a  level  1  and  level  2  antioxidant  action.   With  gentle  flavor  and  taste,   no  taste,   bitter  and  irritating  odor,   water-soluble  good,   stable  quality,   can  effectively  resist  acid  solution,   the  pyrolysis  and  enzyme  solution,   suitable  for  a  variety  of  food  system.   Its  versatility  is  embodied  in:   in  addition  to  the  effective  resistance  of  lipid  oxidation  sex  outside,   still  is  a  kind  of  natural  uranidin  with  antibacterial,   bacteriostat,   deodorization,   and  flavouring  roles.   Comparing  with  the  same  kind  products,   its  outstanding  advantage  as  well  as  in  meat  processing  of  outstanding  performance:   not  only  with  VE  comparable  antioxidant  effect,   and  with  VC  or  different  compound  with  VC,   still  can  substantially  reduce  the  dosage  of  nitrate  or  nitrite,   restrain  the  formation  of  nitrosamines,   improve  the  safety  of  meat  products,   and  at  the  same  time  can  help  to  improve  the  meat  products’   colour  and  lustre  and  structure,   improve  the  performance  of  products.

In  view  of  the  AOB  good  quality,   high  safety,   without  peculiar  smell,   the  price  is  cheap,   and  both  natural,   nutrition  and  versatility,   and  its  applications  in  food  includes,   but  is  not  limited  to  the  following  aspects:   edible  oil  (vegetable  oil  and  fish  oil,   etc. ),   oily  food  (mayonnaise,   etc. ),   meat  products  (western  and  Chinese  style  meat),   aquatic  products  (shrimp,   crab,   fish,   etc. ),   juice,   beverage  (carbonated  drinks,   non  carbonic  acid  drink,   tea  drink),   brewing  wine  (wine,   rice  wine,   beer),   dairy  products  (fresh  milk  and  contain  milk  beverage),   spices  (oyster  sauce,   etc. ),   puffed  food  (hang  oil  type),   cakes,   etc.,   suggested  the  usage  in  0.005  -0.05%  (weight  percentage).

Application  example:  
1. The  application  of  AOB  in  western-style  meat  products.
In  the  western  enema  in  the  mix,   batching  process,   adding  a  certain  proportion  of  AOB  (with  minced  meat  percentage  by  weight  meter,   prior  water  solution)  to  tea  polyphenols  for  comparison,   the  improved  TBA  method,   combined  with  color  difference  measurement,   quality  and  structure  analysis  and  nitrite  content  determination,   comprehensive  evaluation  AOB  in  western-style  meat  as  antioxidant  use  effect.   When  the  addition  amount  of  0.03%  of  the  AOB,   nitrite  and  different  VC  sodium  in  the  original  formula  based  on  the  use  of  half,   get  the  most  ideal  products,   not  only  effectively  relieve  the  fat  oxidation,   inhibit  the  formation  of  MDA,   improve  the  hungry  shelf  life;   And  significantly  reduce  the  nitrate  content  in  central  Asia  product,   improve  the  food  security;   At  the  same  time  the  enema  flavor,   color  and  texture,   and  so  on  without  adverse  effects.   In  western  enema  AOB  the  comprehensive  effect  is  better  than  that  of  tea  polyphenols,   and  show  and  different  VC  sodium  collaborative  antioxidant  effect.

2. In  the  application  of  AOB  Chinese  sausage.
In  the  ingredients  together  add  AOB  (with  minced  meat  percentage  by  weight  meter,   prior  water  or  wine  solution).   Results  show  that:   in  the  original  formula  basis  to  add  0.03%  of  the  AOB  later,   peroxide  value  (POV)  and  acid  value  (AV)  measurement  results  show  that  the  sausage  antioxidant  properties  have  significantly  improve;   Finished  food  of  the  nitrate  in  central  Asia  only  compared  to  56%;   And  0.03%  of  the  adding  amount  of  effect  is  better  than  that  of  0.06%  of  the  high  dose  group,   in  the  measurement  used,   not  only  can  improve  the  finished  product  oxidation  resistance,   effectively  remove  nitrite,   and  further  blocking  nitrosamine  synthesis,   and  at  the  same  time  to  the  product  color,   texture  and  other  sensory  quality  without  adverse  effects,   easy  for  consumers  to  accept.

3. In  the  application  of  AOB  gases
AOB  match  into  0.03%  of  the  aqueous  solution,   and  at  the  same  time  set  the  same  concentration  of  TBHQ  (prior  use  ethanol  solution)  compare,   the  thickness  of  about  1  cm  of  Jinhua  ham  piece  of  impregnated  2  min,   to  compare  the  sliced  ham  oxidation  resistance  and  the  influence  of  the  photographic  quality.   The  AOB  opposite  ham  salt  dried  meat  fragrance  is  a  cover,   but  the  cooked  taste,   flavor.   Palate  indifference,   color  difference  measurement  showed  that  the  ham  color  effect  no  significant  difference  (p  >   0.10);   After  fifty  ±   1  &   ordm;   C  of  the  oven  is  stored  in  11  days,   determination  of  AV  and  POV  show  that:   AOB  and  TBHQ  experimental  group  with  contrast,   lipid  oxidation  was  significant  inhibition,   shelf  life  was  significantly  longer,   and  the  effect  of  the  AOB  is  a  little  better  than  that  of  TBHQ.

4. The  application  of  AOB  in  aquatic  products
After  catching  the  roche  spermatogenesis  and  eriocheir  sinensis  were  separately  put  in  the  clear  water  reserviors  foster  20~  24  h  (aerobic),   in  the  foster  water  adding  0.015%  of  the  AOB,   in  deep  breathing  in  the  digestive  tract  residue  at  the  same  time,   shrimp,   crab  body  absorb  a  certain  amount  of  AOB  antioxidant  components.   Foster  will  complete  the  shrimp,   crab  processing  into  soft  canned,   respectively  for  room  temperature  and  low  temperature  preservation  and  high  temperature  to  promote  oxidation  experiment,   in  the  foster  water  add  AOB  significantly  enhance  the  products  of  antioxidant  ability,   the  colour  and  lustre  of  finished  products  to  keep  performance  was  significantly  better  than  that  of  control  (p  <   0.05),   and  inhibit  the  shrimp  red  (green)  element  oxidation  fade  and  shrimp  head  oxidation  black;   In  the  35  ±   1  &   ordm;   C  preservation  experiment  fat  bag  rate  significantly  reduced  (p  <   0.05),   show  some  of  the  bacteriostatic  effect  of  preservation.   Soft  canned  cold  storage  after  3  months,   shrimp,   crab  muscle  slurry  malondialdehyde  (MDA)  content  significantly  lower  than  blank  control.   Such  as  the  table  below:

5. In  the  application  of  AOB  puffed  food.
According  to  weight  take  0.5  g  of  AOB,   soluble  in  10  ml  of  95%  ethanol,   and  then  with  1000  g  palm  oil  mix,   in  the  puffed  rice  cake  snow  hang  a  process  penryn  to  bread  embryo  surface  (hang  oil  rate  is  18  ~  20%,   hang  oil  temperature  is  60  Celsius  degree),   cooling  later  packing.   Put  the  sample  in  the  70  +  1  &   ordm;   C  in  the  oven  accelerated  oxidation,   within  a  certain  time  interval,   with  the  Sohxlet  extraction  extract  sample  grease,   with  improved  TBA  method  test  the  content  of  MDA.   AOB  antioxidant  effect  is  better  than  that  of  TBHQ,   obviously  better  than  tea  polyphenols.

6. In  the  application  of  AOB  spice
Mayonnaise  is  using  egg  yolk  and  edible  vegetable  oil  as  the  main  raw  material,   adding  some  accessories  processing  a  emulsion  form  half  solid  food,   is  a  kind  of  high  nutritional  value  of  spice.   In  the  basic  formula  (sunflower  seed  oil  70%,   fresh  egg  yolk  14%,   pure  white  vinegar  12%  , mess  2%  , salt  1%,   frying  mustard  1%)on  the  basis  of  adding  different  proportion  of  AOB,   at  the  same  time  setting  tea  polyphenols  (TP)  control  combination  blank  control  group.   Through  the  sensory  evaluation,   color  difference  analysis,   peroxide  value  (POV)  and  total  carbonyl  compound  content  (TCC)  measurement,   compare  AOB  and  TP  antioxidant  properties,   and  the  results  show  that:   AOB  add  to  the  product  color,   sensory  quality  no  significant  influence;   put  the  sample  in  45  Celsius  degree  under  accelerated  oxidation,   POV  value  and  TCC  value  shows  that:   two  kinds  of  antioxidant  to  prevent  oil  oxidation,   prolong  the  shelf  life  of  mayonnaise  all  have  certain  effect.   Among  adding  0.03%  of  AOB  antioxidant  effect  is  the  best,   when  the  blank  control  rancidity,   the  group  POV  and  TCC  respectively  compared  to  only  43.2%  and  47.9%;   And  0.03%  of  AOB  add  quantity  effect  is  better  than  that  of  the  same  dose  of  TP.

7. AOB  in  the  high  temperature  sterilization  milk  application 
In  the  brick  type  high  temperature  instantaneous  sterilization  milk  carton  packaging  before  filling,   add  AOB,   control  the  adding  quantity  control  under  75  mg/L,   for  milk  colloid  system  and  sensory  quality  without  adverse  effects,   and  can  improve  the  product  anti-free  radical  and  antioxidant  activity.   When  the  AOB  adding  quantity  is  75  mg/L,   milk  remove  ·   OH  ability  is  200%  of  the  compared,   give  the  products  of  new  health  concept.

8. AOB  in  the  ai  fruit  juice  beverage  application
In  strengthening  Vc  cans  of  orange  juice  drink,   adding  120  mg/L  of  AOB,   the  product  is  in  addition  has  a  kind  of  unique  cool  and  refreshing  taste,   color  and  lustre  is  bright,   the  stability  and  prolong  shelf  life.   Normal  temperature  storage  conditions,   don' t  add  AOB  of  reference  substance  in  8  months,   color  and  lustre  has  already  became  dark,   the  system  appeared  slight  turbidity,   the  decline  in  the  quality;   And  add  AOB  sample  to  12  months  remain  bright  orange  color,   the  stability  of  the  system  were  detected  by  HPLC  showed  that  its  elegance,   Vc  loss  is  only  about  half  of  the  contrast.   Show  AOB  can  orange  juice  oxidation  resistance,   stable  anthocyanins,   and  protect  Vc,   and  orange  juice  drinks  between  system  has  good  compatibility.

9. The  application  of  AOB  in  soft  drinks
AOB  in  the  soft  drinks  (including  carbonated  drinks,   non-carbonated  drinks  and  tea  drinks,   etc. )  application,   both  used  as  antioxidant,   and  also  used  as  a  nutrition  enhancer,   the  adding  amount  of  general  control  in  150  ~  120  mg/L,   and  can  be  appropriately  reduced  the  amount  of  sugar,   the  products  main  characteristic  is  having  bamboo  leaves  fragrance,   rich  in  flavone  function  factor,   low  quantity  of  heat,   clearing  heat,   quench  one' s  thirst,   relieving  sore-throat,   diuresis,   quality  is  very  stable,   is  a  new  kind  of  nutrition  health  drinks.
10. In  the  application  of  AOB  brewing  wine
AOB  in  brewing  wine  (grape  wine,   rice  wine  and  beer)  added,   the  oxidation  and  fortified  the  dual  role,   the  adding  amount  general  can  be  controlled  in  the  60-500  mg/L,   between  wine  base  filtration,   filling  before  joining.   Taking  Shaoxing  tower  brand  rice  wine  brand  as  an  example,   when  the  AOB  add  quantity  is  150  mg/L,   using  chemiluminescence  measure  rice  wine  clear  O  -  2  and  ·   OH  ability  than  base  liquor  were  increased  by  40.0%  and  28.5%.   In  the  beer  with  the  same  dose  AOB,   chromaticity  increases  somewhat,   turbidity  invariable,   and  thermal  stability  test  of  turbidity  was  significantly  lower  than  the  control,   diacetyl  picks  up  received  significant  inhibition,   oxidation  resistance  and  storage  stability  obviously  improved.   AOB  and  brewing  wine  with  three  other  it  has  good  compatibility  and  controlled  in  a  certain  range,   adding  dose  not  only  keep  up  with  the  quality  of  the  original,   and  give  the  product  a  quietly  elegant  bamboo  sweet  and  mellow  palate,   can  be  used  as  a  kind  of  natural  multifunction  biological  antioxidant  used  in  brewing  wine  fortified  and  quality  preservation.

11. The  application  of  AOB  in  cooking  oil
Taking  10g  AOB  soluble  in  40g  Span40  (when  necessary  heating),   adding  50g  Span80,   blending,   preparation  into  quality  score  0.10  fat  soluble  AOB  solution,   when  using,   according  to  the  actual  requirements  of  the  oil  AOB  converted  to  add,   generally  in  the  pure  oil  system  (palm  oil,   soybean  oil,   sunflower  seed  oil,   fish  oil,   etc. )  in  the  AOB  adding  amount  is  0.01  ~  0.05%.

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