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Product Description

Product name: Neotame
Products content: More than 99%
Product specifications: 20 kg/barrel (1 kg of the aluminum foil packing * 20 bags)

Neotame is the world's most sweet synthetic sweeteners by far, this product through the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval in July 2002, confirming the neotame's safety and functionality, approved neotame as sweetener and flavor enhancer is suitable for all kinds of food and drinks.

Since the European commission authorized on January 12th, 2010 the European Union allowed to use, this approval information was released on December 23th, 2009, the "European Union official gazette", as a directive of 94/35 / EC changes.

The Japan Housheng province released bulletin in August 15th, 2007, announced that modify the food hygiene law enforcement and food, food additive standards and specifications. Standard approved neotame element (Neotame) as a food additive and the formulation of the material standards and specifications.

Canada released bulletin in January 8th, 2007, told Canada Ministry of health revised food and drug laws and regulations, supplementary neotame as food additives and the label requirements stipulated.

Hong Kong "2010 food inside regulation" already passed by the legislative council, from 1st August 2010 come into use. The revised regulations within the food there will be neotame obtained permission to use.

In October, 2003, the Chinese ministry of health approved neotame as sweetener is suitable for all kinds of food and beverage, the usage according to production needs, neotame is the only one which approved without limiting the use of safety sweetener, also after approved by the public health ministry and can be applied to food and beverage unit the most cheap sweeteners.

Neotame's sweetness is 7000 to 13000 times than sucrose, the actual sweetness ratio according to neotame in the food of different add concentration changes, the final product of neotame in the higher concentration, sweetness ratio is lower, the higher the conversely, neotame and other sweeteners compound with when using, can develop to a higher multiples sweetness.

Neotame is for food and beverage manufacturers to develop new products to provide more convenient interests, because neotame can be used alone, also can be used with other nutritional or non nutritional sweetener mixed.

Neotame as sweetener in maintain product excellent flavor of the premise, can reduce or replace sugar adding quantity, reduces the product quantity of heat, is the best sweeteners of develop sugar-free food.

Neotame have sweet flavor enhancement, can effectively reduce the product of the use amount of essence and acid.

Neotame's high sweetness has caused food industry special attention, with its as sweetener production costs are lower than other sweeteners, representing the human to develop powerful sweetener to achieve the highest level and the latest achievement.

Product characteristics and application:
Sweet characteristic:
Neotame have pure sweet taste, is the most close to the synthesis of sucrose sweetness on the market, no other powerful sweetener's bitter and metal taste. In the ordinary or sugar-free drinks, use neotame replace part of the sweetener using, this can not only get the suitability and flavor of the products, but also have the characteristic of reducing the products costs.
The result of the study show that, in the beverage products, neotame can replace 25% of the nutritive sweetener or higher power sweetener, don't need to adjust the formula, can keep close sensory characteristics.

Neotame compared with the sucrose has more lasting sweetness persistent, used in some products such as chewing gum, fructose, bubble gum, drinks, etc, can make the sweetness lasting taste in mouth.
Neotame  and  other  sweetener  features  and  sweetness  cost  comparison

Name  project
Sweet  elementAspartame
Stevia  sugar 
After  bitter  taste
Poor  aftertaste 
Metallic  taste
bitter  strong 
More  pure
More  good
More  good
According  to  the  international  standard  GB2760-96  on  the  use  of  volume  regulation
Not  restricted,   but  diabetes,   obesity,   cardiovascular  disease  and  caries  patient  should  be  used  with  caution
Severely  constrained



Subject  to  certain  limitations,   phenylketonuria  patients  with  caution

Subject  to  certain  limitations(0-0.3g/kg) 

Subject  to  certain  restriction,   when  the  use  amount  more  than  15%,   the  bitter  apparent.

Subject  to  certain  restriction


International  use  of  ADI(mg/kg)









Stability  PH 






PH> 3

PH> 3
Thermal  stability  (tolerance  temperature) 



≤ 80centigrade    Not  easy  use  for  baking  food



Better  than  aspartame
Metabolic  heat
blood  sugar
No  metabo






No  metabo



Anti  caries

Sweetness  cost
(Comparison    standard)

70%(according  to  the  international  requirements,   most  sugar  30%  sweetness,   the  remaining  70%  sweetnesuse  sucrose)
80%(according  to  the  international  requirements,   most  sugar  15%  sweetness,   the  remaining  85%    sweetnesuse  sucrose)
30%-50%  (total  sugar  meter)

80%(according  to  the  international  requirements,   most  sugar  30%  sweetness,   the  remaining  70%  sweetnesuse  sucrose)
90%(according  to  the  international  requirements,   most  sugar  15%  sweetness,   the  remaining  85%  sweetnesuse  sucrose)
At  trial,   the  cost  is  too  high,   about  1.5  million  per  ton


1,   Neotame  is  the  only  not  restricted  added  sweeteners  products.
2,   Neotame  actual  use  of  the  lowest  cost.
3,   Neotame  with  best  security,   most  pure  taste.
In the specific application and flavor series, neotame can significantly lasting, enhance the product taste and smell. For example: sensory pacify group test results show that, mint flavor chewing gum, chewing after 20 minutes, adding neotame chewing gum compared to other adding other sweeteners chewing gum, having more obvious sweetness and mint flavor.
Neotame in the practical application process, because of its modification and enhance some flavor characteristics, can reduce product essence system and sour agent usage.
In the power drinks, adding neotame can reduce at least 20% citric acid usage, and will not affect the sour taste of the products.
Neotame in the dry condition has good stability in the powder products, for example, powder drink and dessert mixture. In the dry and proper storage conditions, it can deposit at least 5years.
In the humidity conditions, neotame stability and Ph, temperature and time related.
Neotame is suitable for partial production, high temperature short time (HTST) sterilization and aseptic operation process, and get the final products neotame’ s concentration almost no change. Neotame for different manufacturing process and product shelf life provide more choices, even for baking and viable products, neotame is also the most excellent sweetener.
Safety and metabolism:
A lot of research results show that neotame practical use in including children, pregnant women, and women in lactation and diabetes patients in the entire crowd. Using neotame is no need special show to phenylketonuria patients.
Neotame in the human body can rapidly metabolism. The main metabolic pathway is through the human body to produce enzymes that methyl ester hydrolysis, the last generation degreasing neotame and methanol.
Neotame in human bodies produced by the decomposition of methanol is far not enough to constitute a health hazard to human body. Compared with the ordinary food such as fruit, vegetables and vegetable juice, neotame generated by decomposition of methanol quantity is very little. For example, tomato juice in methanol content as much as 200 times more than including neonate drink.
Neotame as the urine and feces thoroughly education body outside, will not accumulation in the human body.
First, in the food industry application:
Neotame is a kind of non nutritional types no energy sweeteners. Its high sweetness, non-toxic side effects, and the sugar cost greatly lower than sucrose and aspartame, therefore, can widely used in the food industry production.
In all kinds of drinks application
(1) Carbonated drinks: new sweet in cola carbonated beverage can continuing role of 16 weeks. And the market sales of low energy carbonated drinks in the expiration of the agreement. It also can be used for the lemonade.
(2) Non-carbonated drinks: new sweet can be used for hot filling lemon tea, solid powder drink, yogurt and other food, and in this food character is very stable and good quality.
In the application of dairy products
Neotame can be used for dairy products, ice cream and other frozen dessert. In this kind of product use process, when such products’ the shelf life is over, the study found that only 2% of neotame loss, the product acceptability is no effect. And other sweeteners rarely reach this level. Neotame is especially suitable for yogurt production.
In the baking food application
Different from the aspartame, neotame can remain stable in transient high temperature conditions. So can be used for cookies, cakes and chocolate cake etc a variety of baking food. As in the cake production process, after 450 centigrade high temperature baking, there are still 85% of neotame existence. And in the temperature of 25centigrade, relative humidity 60% place to store 5 days, only 4% of neotame loss. In fact, even loss 20% would not affect product acceptability.
In the chewing gum application
The study shows that the neotame cannot be oral original bacteria have decomposition and happen can lead to tooth decay of acidity material, so it can instead of the commonly used sweetener to prevent dental caries have positive function, is suitable for the sugar-free gum production. It is not only suitable for people with diabetes edible, but also without damage effect to the teeth.
· In table sweetener application
Because neotame is no hygroscopic, energy is low, is very suitable for used as table sweetener. The study shows that the neotame as a table sweet at least can store 156 weeks.
In ice cream application
With neotame making ice cream has a good solubility characteristics and structure. Its sweetness is pure, no peculiar smell.
· In starch class foods application
In the starch class foods add neotame can restrain starch aging, prolong the shelf life of food, In the egg, fish and other protein rich food additives may inhibit protein denaturation, maintain food taste excellent.
In other products application
Different from the aspartame, neotame can used together with some reducing sugars, such as glucose, fructose, lactose, etc.
Second, in the pharmaceutical industry application
Neotame is used in western medicine tablet of icing, can make people including diabetes, patients to use it at ease, and don' t have to worry about side effects; Neotame is used for traditional Chinese medicine eliminate bitter taste, but also because of its high sweetness in environment inhibition bitter level and become the best choice.
Third, in feed industry application
With sweet element, saccharin crystal fine particles or fine white sugar (300-400 um) blends into 1-2% premix, again with other dry mixed together. Neotame powder can be evenly adsorption in sweet element or saccharin particle surface.
· and swollen malt dextrin dry mixing in addition to neotame adsorption in malt dextrin surface place, malt dextrin also reduces the volume density, from the physical also circle the neotame.
· spray drying Neotame solution adhesion in the surface of the carrier.
· Heat to mixed carrier and neotame neotame will be partial melting and attached to the surface of the carrier.

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