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Honey Honey Loquat Honey, Vitamin Bee Honey Top Honey Ripe, Nutrition Nutrition Food Pure Honey manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top Honey, 100%Natural Organic Wild Loquat Honey, Ripe Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Honey Top Honey, 100%Natural Organic Wild Loquat Honey, Ripe Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food

Top Honey, 100%Natural Organic Wild Loquat Honey, Ripe Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Type: Honey Top Level Wild Honey
Style: Pure
Form: Liquid
Processing Type: Pure
Honey: Health Food, Anticancer, Antiaging
Top Honey: No Antibiotics, No Pathogenic Bacteria

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Basic Info

Health Food: Pure Bees Make, Rare and Precious, Prolong Life
Natural Health Care Food: Enhance Immunity, Promote Sleep, Nourish The Viscera

Product Description

Top Honey, 100%Natural Organic Wild Loquat Honey, Ripe Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food
Product name:TTop Honey, 100%Natural Organic Wild Loquat honey, Ripe Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong life, Health Food

Product type:NO:YYLP01-Top organic wild Loquat honey, Special grade and 1 grade.

Specification:Specification:(200 g, 400 g, 600 g, 800 g)/bottle, 1000 g/bottle(Conform EU PET )

Loquat honey of the effect and nutritional value :

Our Top wild loquat honey source in southern China original ecological environment, no pollution, no heavy metal, no antibiotics.Warm climate, fresh air, mild climate, perennial evergreen, also known as the flowers.Only the southern unique geographical environment for wild for pipa plant survival, iridescent cloud in the south, have a picturesque scenery.The mountains here, the Cloud dreams linger;The water here, the boundless hone the awaken of spring;Cloud phase contrast on lofty mountains:The flowers here, rushed to competing yan;More than one thousand years of history, multi-ethnic culture blend, formed a unique natural clouds south.

Loquat honey efficacy:Phlegm cough, clear lung antipyretic, facilitating, diuresis, fall fire, long suit for chronic pharyngitis, sore throats has good treatment effect.Loquat honey taste sweet cool, with your mind, keep balance of blood, reduce blood pressure, blood qing xie tong, the effect such as the prevention and treatment of tumors, for phlegm-heat type.Virtual fatigue, cough, phlegm, chest tightness, drinking too much, itchy dry cough, voice hoarse throat, the effect is better.

Loquat honey have loquat "Attending the lungs of asthmatic cough, stomach hot vomiting, vexed hot thirsty" efficacy of clearing lung and discharging hot, eliminating phlegm, cough and asthma and other health care effect, it is a cold or the flu, cough phlegm patient's ideal choice.

Taking the main efficacy of loquat honey:Modern medicine clinical application proves that the honey can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm sleep, improve body resistance, has a positive role on promoting the growth and development of infants and young children.Honey contains almost all the nutrients in vegetables.

According to The Times of health reports, the Greek doctor Hippocrates and famous scientists desert in Cleveland, often eat honey, both lived to 107.Russian professor muir Bach, take honey in the morning and evening, at the age of 120 is full of energy.Some surveys, in 130 80% of centenarians are often take honey.
The shelf life of honey:
Scientific research and practice has proved that top level honey has a strong antibacterial ability, it is the only food that does not corrupt spoiled in the world.In 1913, American archaeologists in Egypt pyramid tomb found an altar honey, identified the honey has lasted for more than 3300 years, but not bad, still can eat.But, because of the food safety law provisions of the state, any food need to tag shelf life.So, honey according to different levels, shelf life usually have 18 months, 2 years, 5 years, etc.In fact, only top level honey can be long-term preservation.

Warm prompt:(1)Any kind of pure natural honey, changes in temperature and natural environmental factors, honey will crystallization , and because of different plant species crystallization is also different, all have crystallization and half crystallization.Before and after the crystallization and crystallization of the color is different, this is the biological activity and the physical properties of natural honey, it can not be controlled by human.This is a natural product of natural phenomena.

(2)Any natural health food is dependent on the gift of nature, natural disasters, such as wind, rain and drought, if in honey harvest season, all will direct impact on natural products harvest.So, any pure natural health food the quantity low, rare and precious wild honey, if you determined purchasing, in order to meet your demand, order must be 1 ~ 3 months in advance.
Top Honey, 100%Natural Organic Wild Loquat Honey, Ripe Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Prolong Life, Health Food
since the ancient times known as nature's treasures.Recorded in the book "cold-induced febride:Honey"cure internal invasion of pathogenic factors, pathogens, the five internal organs ( Heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys ) all insufficient, benefiting vital energy.Strengthen the middle warmer, stop pain and detoxicate, , remove every illness, and harmonious hundred medicine, long take to reduce body weight and prolong life."The proportion of mature top wild honey is 1.401-1.443. 

Bee pollen allergy crowd NOTES:
Because top level wild herbs honey contains very high pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, etc, so pollen allergy people avoid is taking it.
Pure natural bee pollen: Can adjust nervous system, promote sleep, improve the function of intestines and stomach, promoting digestion, antibacterial, beauty to raise colour, anti-aging, eliminate wrinkles, etc. Bee pollen is plant sperm. Prostate killer, especially the infertility infertility taking effect is more ideal. Prolong life.

Pure natural royal jelly: Physiological regulation, anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, competitive, immune system, etc. Prolong life.

Pure natural bee propolis, prevent cancer, decomposition of pigment, remove wrinkles, anti-aging, treat rhinitis, promote cells regeneration, etc. Prolong life.

Pure natural beeswax chip: The treatment of chronic bronchitis, skin diseases, etc. Top of wild honey it is rich in nutritional value and medicinal value, flavour, part of a small bitter, sour, because contain the bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, etc. It is bitter and sour, however, this is extremely rare and wild honey.  

Unique original ecological environment, created the world' s top wild honey, wild honey is rich in active anion, top contain a variety of trace elements can be directly absorbed by human body, more than 75% of the high glucose and fructose content, organic acids, amino acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, brass, nucleic acid and enzyme and biological active substances, such as more than 100 kinds of nutrients, contains very high bee pollen, royal jelly has very high medicinal value and nutritional value, it is a concentrated natural drug storeroom.

Top level 100%Natural Wild honey effect: Has the runchang, runfei, detoxification, raise colour, enhance human immunity, and improve the body disease-resistant ability, strengthen the body' s cells and macrophage sterilization detoxification function, spot, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, qingrejiedu, insomnia, much dream has a surprise effect, promote sleep, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, gastrointestinal disease, promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, regulate malnutrition, promote children' s growth and development, to promote children' s brain development division, brain puzzle, protect liver, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, moist, cough expectorant, runchang purge, frostbite, burns after daub, bactericidal, pain, promote wound healing, and has a significant effect. Especially for the elderly, menopausal women the effect is more significant. Frail and surgery and is more suitable for a variety of patients taking conditioning, can be long-term use, energetic, full of health and vitality, life live. Wild earth belongs to a single molecule of sugar, honey can be absorbed by human body skin directly, promote skin cell regeneration, so the soil honey can be used for beauty and prevent winter skin is dry and cracking, it is a natural beauty. Wild honey have preservation effect, for instance, when making pickled peppers and pickled vegetables in a small amount of honey taste more delicious.  

Wild honey eat method: General health dose 5 ~ 10 grams on morning and evening on an empty stomach,can slowly swallowing directly or warm water ,but the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. In order to avoid high temperature damage the nutritional value and medicinal value of wild honey. usuallytherapeutic dose take 10 to 20 grams, Children can be reduced by half eat. 

Our top wild honey skin hairdressing effect:Top of wild honey daub on the skin, can play a role moisture and nutrition, make skin fine, smooth and elastic.
1, The top film of face of wild honey: with wild honey and 2-3 times diluted with water coating face every day.Also can use cereals, protein and wild honey mask face, massage face for 10 minutes, when using wild honey nutrition ingredient infiltrate into skin cells.
2, Glycerin wild honey facial mask: take a wild honey, half of the glycerin, three water, add some flour mixed, make facial mask, apply on the face every time about 20 minutes, then remove with clean water, can make skin smooth, delicate.
3, Egg honey film: a fresh eggs, wild honey, a spoon, a mix of both, with a soft brush besmear to brush after facial massage.After being dry naturally, with clean water.A week again, have the effect of skin wrinkle, the effect of beneficial face beauty.
4, Grape juice wild honey facial mask: add a spoonful of wild honey in a spoonful of grape juice, stirring add flour, mix well and apply face, use clean water to remove after 10 minutes, oily skin often use this method, can make the skin smooth, soft.
5, Winter skin is dry, can be used after a little wild honey and water, apply on the skin, can prevent dry, the crack can be wild honey instead of cream.
The world's top the medicinal value of wild honey/Method of use:
1. The top of wild honey placed several years at room temperature will not corrupt, show that the corrosion protection is extremely strong.Experiments confirmed that the top honey to streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus, corynebacterium diphtheriae gram-positive bacteria have a strong inhibitory effect.
Usage: in the treatment of wounds, will apply to the affected area, honey can reduce leakage, alleviate pain, promote wound healing, prevent infection .

2.Promote digest:Scientific studies have demonstrated that wild honey have a regulatory role on gastrointestinal function, can make gastric acid secretion.Animal experiments confirmed that honey have enhance the effect of intestinal peristalsis, can significantly shorten defecation time.
Usage: honey, had a good effect of colitis, habitual constipation, and without any side effects.Honey can make the burning sensation in the stomach and the stomach disappear, the high red blood cell and hemoglobin values.People with gastroduodenal ulcer, often take honey, also has a supporting role.

3. Enhance immunityTop of wild honey contains many minerals, enzymes and after synergy, can enhance human immunity.Experimental research proved that feeding mice with honey, can improve the immune function of mice.Usage: foreign honey popular treatment for colds, sore throat, method is to use a cup of water to add 2 teaspoons of honey and 1/4 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, take three or four cups a day.

4. Promote longevityChinese scholars have investigated more than 200 hundred years old of above old man, confirm their longevity related to often eat wild honey.

5. Improve sleepTop of wild honey can relieve nervous tension, promote sleep, and have certain analgesic effect.Wild honey glucose, vitamins, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc. It can adjust nervous system, promote sleep.
Usage: neurasthenia, every night before going to bed a spoonful of wild honey, can improve sleep.

6.To protect the liverTop of wild honey on the liver protective effect, provide energy for the metabolic activity in the liver, can stimulate the liver tissue regeneration, repair the damage.Usage: chronic hepatitis and liver function is bad, can often eat wild honey, to improve liver function.

7.Antifatigue Top of wild honey, fructose, glucose can quickly be absorbed to use, improve blood to the camp.The body tired taking wild honey, 15 minutes can obviously eliminate fatigue.Usage: knowledge workers and stay up late, a blunt wild honey water can make the full of energy.In the days before the 15 minutes taking wild honey, helps to improve physical fitness.

8. To promote children's growth and developmentResearchers at the university of Tokyo's large-scale clinical trials show that plus children eat wild honey compared to add honey eat farmed infants, the former weight, height, chest circumference, subcutaneous fat increase faster, the skin more luster, and less diarrhea, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, stomatitis and other diseases.Use method: frail and constitution of poor children can feed more wild honey.Preschool children with rickets, two or three times per day take 30 to 50 grams of honey, can improve the symptoms of rickets.Colds children, twice a day, every time I drink a cup of wild honey water, can promote their colds.Sleep bad children, 30 minutes before going to bed drink a cup of honey water temperature.

9. Cardiovascular protectionTop wild honey have the effect of expanding coronary artery and myocardial nutrition, improve cardiac function, on blood pressure regulation.Usage: high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis the crowd, a daily dose of 50-140 grams of honey, and 1 to 2 months condition can be improved.High blood pressure, every day in the morning and drink a cup of honey water, also good for your health.Atherosclerosis is often eat wild honey, protect the function of blood vessels and blood pressure.

10. Runfei coughWild honey can runfei, top have a cough, commonly used to assist tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis.
Usage: weak cough more people can often eat honey.Honey can be used for the auxiliary treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis and asthma.Among them, loquat honey cough prominent role.

11.Promote calcium absorptionThe United States department of agriculture human nutrition center experts found that wild honey can prevent senile osteoporosis caused by calcium loss of women.This is because in the wild honey boron can increase estrogen activity, to prevent the loss of calcium.Usage: a spoonful of wild honey add right amount of calcium supplements, can increase the absorption of calcium.

12. Enhance immunity, prolong lifeTop wild honey contains biological activity is higher than other honey, and has very high nutritional value and medicinal value, is pure natural drug storeroom and nutrition library, more suitable for children, promote children's growth and development, to promote the increment of brain cells, frail, can make patients nursing after the operation to restore health.In addition, frostbite, scalding, burns, can directly apply the wound, pain, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, promoting wound healing.

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