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Natural Grape Pollen Tablets, Health Food

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Product Description

Product Name: Natural Grape Pollen Tablets, Health Food
Specification: 100g/180 pills/bottle
1. Clear away free radicals, antioxidate
Free radical is one of the important factors that causes human body aging and many diseases. About 80% to 90% of the aging and degenerative diseases are related to freedom radical, including deposition of skin black spots, wrinkles, cataract, cancer, heart disease, etc. Grape seed contains high concentrations of grape seed extract, is pure natural material. It is also the ever-found one of the most efficient plant source of
Antioxidants so far. It can clear away free radicals and enhance the immunity function.

2. Desalt colored splash and whiten the skin
From the body aspects: With the age growth and the pollution of the surroundings, human body produces a lot of free radicals, causing metabolic disorder, making the lipofuscin generate excessively in body. Its decomposition approach is obstructed, a large number of lipofuscin (RN = CH-CH = NHR ', namely Schiff base) deposit in the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, brain and blood vessel cells, forming lipofuscin patch, making organs damaged and functions declined; Lipofuscins deposit in the skin cells (especially facial and hand skin), forming skin colored patches, chloasma, Malar rash and senile plaque, etc., seriously influence appearance of the patients, causing great mental pains to the patients. Grape seed was praise for "the most powerful free radical scavenger". It can resolve lipofuscin and protect various organs, take desalt colored patches effects in the human body. In addition, procyanidins (OPC) are different from general antioxidant. It can pass through blood vessels barrier (Blood-brain bamier) to protect the brain and blood vessels safe from the damage function of free radical.
From skin surface: The stimulus from the factors such as the foul air, intense ultraviolet light and cosmetics (spices, antiseptic, pigment) make free radical's activity strengthened, make skin suffered more attacks. In the process that free radicals attack and destroy cells, cells dies in quantity and metabolic disorder. The impurities in cells can't metabolize, causing the deposition of pigment, the number of new cells reduces in quantity (new cell is the important factor of skin whitening). Grape seed not only can efficiently clear away free radical in human body, but also can promote skin metabolism, isolate environmental pollution and harm from cosmetics, decompose melanin, reaching whitening skin effect.

3. Keep the skin elastic, reduce the wrinkle
Skin belongs to the connective tissue, which contains collagen and elastin, plays an important role to the whole structure of skin. Keep the skin exquisite and smooth. Procyanidins can also prevent the generation of rigid protease, inhibit its activity, prevent free radical or elastase to degrade rigid protein, thus improve the skin's health status internally. As a result, improve the skin elasticity, reduce skin disease and wrinkles, even eliminate scar. So procyanidins enjoy "skin vitamin" "oral cosmetics" beautiful praise in Euramerican developed countries, which are cosmetics and skincare products favoured by all age groups of ladies.

4. Antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effect
Grape seed's anti-inflammatory effect was noticed by people as far back as in the early 1950s because of its oxidation resistance. Because it can restrain the synthesis and release of inflammatory factors such as histamine, serotonin, prostaglandins and leukotriene. So it has antiallergic role, especially very effective to pollen allergy.
5. Enhance immunity, antitumor, cancer prevention functions
A lot of research results show: procyanidins can greatly reduce the morbidity of various kinds of cancers. Free radicals are the main cause of cancer and tumor. This statement has been widely recognized in Medicine. Another study showed that the risk of suffering cancer whose body are lack of Vitamine E is 21.4 times higher than normal people. Grape seed’s oxidation resistance is 50 times that of Vitamine E, and much stronger to prevent cancer than VE. And grape seed is the most efficient plant source of free radical scavenging agent. It can protect cells from free radical damage, prevent gene mutations that cause cancer. The Russian people first learned of the grape seed protective function. the former Soviet Union astronauts long-term take a kind of plant drink that is rich in procyanidins in order to protect them against the damage of space radiation rays when they are on space flights.

6. Protection to heart and blood vessel
Foreign relevant research shows that grape seed has anti-aging and other functions. When grape seeds enter into the human body, it is easy to be absorbed. There were 85% bioavailability. Therefore, the Europeans generally call grape seed as natural cosmetics.
1. It can restore collagen vigor, make the skin smooth and elastic.

2. Grape seed is also natural sunshine coverings. It can prevent skin uv rays. The sun can kill 50% of human skin cells, but if take grape seed to protect, about 85% of the skin cells can be saved from death, it can effectively "sun block".
The main ingredients of the grape seeds extract: OPC can also repair injured collagen and elastin fibers. When using in summer, it has the best effect, can make skin white and healthy.

Since 1970, the researchers found, grape seed contains a substance called grape procyanidins , also called anthocyanosides (OPC). It has very strong antioxidant effect. OPC has the ability to help skin to enhance oxygen exchange. It can effectively resist skin oxidation aging. Its resistance to free radical oxidation is 20 times that of vitamin C, 50 times that of vitamin E.
Procyanidins are beneficial to the formation of skin protein, can protect the skin's elasticity and gloss, since then OPC won the good name "oral cosmetics" in the 1980s. French scientists Dr. Jacque Masqulier found that OPC can effectively remove the excessive free radicals in the body, the high effect is amazing!

Grape seed contains a kind of natural material that human body cannot compound-Anthocyanosides (OPC). It is a kind of substance that has strong antioxidant effect. Because of its small molecular structure can penetrate the blood brain barrier and provide and strengthen the function of the brain antioxidant, therefore its antioxidant efficiency is 18 times higher than vitamin C; 50 times higher than vitamin E. And it is easy to absorbed quickly by human body. It is helpful for reuse vitamin C, effectively remove surplus body free radicals and improve human immunity. OPC is also the patron saint of blood vessels, it can protect the vessel elasticity, stop LDL cholesterol cornered in blood essel walls and reduce platelet aggregation. For skin, it has protective function to collagen, it can enhance skin’s ability to resist ultraviolet ray, prevent collagenous fiber and spandex degeneration, making the skin keep the deserved elasticity and tension.
The powerful antioxidant effect of OPC can make radicals and other strong oxides to lose activity before they cause damage to human body, making the body organ system maintain healthy and young status, delay the recession and the ageing of human body function, keep aboundant vigor.

In Europe, grape seed is known as "oral skin cosmetics". Time magazine discuss and elect it as one of the 10 most popular nourishments in the world. Known as "oral skin cosmetics", it is the most effective antioxidant compound in nature. It can not only prevent the early generation of skin wrinkles, but also supplement nutrition and digest the free radicals  that are harmful to body.

The major components of the pollen:
Bee pollen is the high quality nutrients that nature bestows human. It contains all kinds of human useful component. Its composition is very complex. There are now 200 kinds of pollen known by people. It generally contains 20% ~ 25% protein, 40% ~ 50% carbohydrate, 5% ~ 10% fat, 2% ~ 3%minerals, 10% ~ 15% lignin and some other such as trace elements, vitamin, nucleic acid, enzyme, hormone, etc. So it is also being known as "miniature nutrition warehouse".
American famous sports coach Alex Woodly says after practice that the function of pollen is perfect. It can enhance 25% of some super athletes’ ability.
British famous dietitian Doctor Lyall once said “The super stars in the sports and entertainment world all take pollen”
Pollen can enhance human comprehensive immune function. Pollen polysaccharide can activate the gobble up activities of the macrophages and improve human body’s disease resistance ability. It can also enhance physical fitness, eliminate fatigue and improve immunity.
Anti-aging and beauty treatment: bee pollen has nutritional beauty functions.
The Chinese National Sports Commission officially makes pollen as Chinese athletes’ health food.

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