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Wine Wild Rose Grape Wine, Dietary Nutrition Supplements, Organic Wine Dietary Supplements manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top Rose Wine, EU Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent/Brut, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Top Rose Wine, EU Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent/Brut, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 1000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Type: Amino Acids, Flavonoids
Alcoholicity: Low-degree
Producing Method: Fermentation
Main Ingredient: Amino Acids, Flavonoids, Anthocyanins
Taste: Sweet and Fragrant
Packaging: Bottle

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYMPSJ-GNO: 01
Wine Rose Grape Wine: Pure Natural Health Food
King of Anthocyanins: Anthocyanins Content Best High
Magical Effect: Anticancer, Antitumour, Resist Radiation
Health Food: No Pollution, No Heavy Metal
Pure Natural Food: No Pathogenic Bacteria, No Artificial Colors
Organic Food: EU Quality
Organic Health Wine: 100%Natural Fermented Wine
Top Rose Wine: Pure Natural Health Wine
Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine: Health Wine, Rich Amino Acids, Flavonoids
Raw Material: Rose, Carnelian Pomegranate, Cabernet Sauvignon
Transport Package: Bottle/Carton
Specification: SGS EU
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name: Top EU 100%Natural Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent /Brut, Natural fermentation,Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic keep in good health and beauty skin,clearing and activating the channels and collaterals,invigorate the circulation of blood and replenishing blood,Prolong Life. With the scent of roses, delicious No pollution, No pesticides, No heavy metal, No pathogenic bacteria,Health food. Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine/Agate pomegranate are aphrodisiacs.
750ml/bottle,16bottles/box; 375ml/bottle, 32bottles/box
Ingredients:Wild roses, Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes ,Agate pomegranate ( More Than 25Years of Agate Pomegranate Tree)
Normal : Juice content: 100%
Types: Brut Type
Taste:  Soft sweet and fragrant
Alcohol: 12 Degrees
Expiration Date: 10Years

Top quality:
Using Chinese original ecological environment, pollution-free desert rose, after experimental test, China's xinjiang hotan wild roses geraniol, geraniol content is the judgement of roses quality important reference basis.China's xinjiang hotan wild roses geraniol content is 8.3 times that of Bulgaria rose,  France rose 5.6 times, and geraniol content is 249.8 times that of Bulgaria rose France rose 124.9 times.
Top Rose Wine, EU Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent/Brut, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine
100% natural wild rose wine:
100% natural wild rose wine, rose wine beginning - China in tang dynasty, the Ming dynasty, has a history of about 1400 years ago.100% natural wild rose wine -Origin: Rose wine comes from the tang dynasty, the Ming dynasty in 1326, the literature records. Since the tang dynasty rose wine has always been the palace noble drinks, commonly used in many literary works are mentioned, in ancient times, such as A Dream of Red Mansionsunfortunately Spread Monk Jigong, and so on, modern, such as Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon, Spread mohandas karamchand gandhi and so on.
From the tang dynasty set up in 618 to 907, have been around for two hundred and eighty-nine years. Is the most prosperous in China's most prosperous, opening to the outside world and economic prosperity in the tang dynasty, with the world closer together into a new stage of development of commodity economy, the famous road - the silk road, the silk road "refers to began in ancient China, connection of Asia, Africa and Europe ancient road and maritime trade route), agricultural, commercial, tang poetry, science and technology, culture and art is extremely prosperous, has the characteristics of diversification. Datang - tang dynasty reputation far and overseas, and South Asia, west Asia and European countries have contacts. After more said overseas Chinese tang dynasty tang dynasty . Tang dynasty cultural eclecticism, acceptance of various ethnic and religious, communicate, became open international culture.
100% natural wild rose wine by generations of ancient brewing technology, combined with international advanced brewing technology, extraction of natural wild rose petals protoplasm as raw material, will be the natural beneficial ingredients of wild rose and rose pleasant aroma into in wine, taste palate, mellow soft incense, sweet and not greasy aftertaste.keep in good health is the world's unique wild rose wine.At the end of the qing dynasty, made of rose wine is famous for its sweet taste.Chinese pingyin rose wine production, during the period of the republic of China was in aroma pure and sweet, was awarded the international exposition gold medal and diploma in leipzig, Germany, panama international exposition silver MEDALS and certificates.Drink the wine with beauty, raise colour, and invigorate the circulation of blood and disperse stasis, clearing brain, the effect of enriching yin and nourishing kidney, tonifying spleen, benefit stomach, is the best of nourishing health food.
100% natural wild rose wine - efficacy:
1.100% natural wild rose wine - Colour crystal clear transparent, liquor and liquor taste, aftertaste long belt, full-bodied sweet cotton soft, sweet and delicious.Aromas of sweet, roses, flower bouquet humorous attune.Drink out of the mouths of bright, cheerful and comfortable.
Enhance the immune:
2. 100% natural wild bifidogenic factors of  rose wine can inhibit the growth of the bacteria and corruption bacteria, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, improve the body to absorb, have antitumor activity, strengthen the body's immune function.
 Remove cold and depressurization:
3.100% natural wild rose wine also has the functions of  dispel the wind and cold, hypotensive,enriching yin and nourishing kidney, refreshing,restoring consciousness, improve endocrine, etc., especially for disease of department of gynaecology have magical effects.
In China, since ancient times is useful for keep in good health, beauty rose.
Tang dynasty empress wu zhou,every day and drink rose dew, night apply rose petals, although Over her sixtieth, still face like the peach blossom; Qing dynasty empress dowager cixi with rose bath, beauty, to die for the youth.
Roses have a high medicinal value.Chinese pharmacopoeia Supplements to Compendim of Materia Medica, Chinese materia medica Compendium of justice, Property of a medicine the potency test and so on are all about roses promoting qi circulation and removing obstruction in the collateral, and adjust vitality and disperse stagnate, and regulate the flow of vital energy and resuscitation, remove obstruction toit and begin to understand effect and so on has carried on the comprehensive interpretation.Rose wine is the medicine of the treatment of gynecopathy, ,cardio-cerebrovascular disease,injuries from falls , fractures , contusions and strains good medicine.

100% Natural roses, red roses, roses, flower, wei rosaceae dry flower bud of rose is a perennial shrub rose,Roses scent and color bright, have always loved, rose essential oil is elegant, soft, delicate, if sweet sweet honey, most fragrance of roses, the fragrance.2 drops can be made into 1L good perfume, the price is expensive.A liquid gold.In spice seasoning is the most important, the most commonly used rare fragrance raw materials.Widely used in food, in the high-end cosmetics and tobacco. rose bud can wine, sugar, making a cake, pit tea, and daily chemical process manufacturing balsam, perfume, toothpaste, high-end cosmetics ingredients.Roses wen gan, slightly bitter, into the liver, spleen by.With medicinal history of more than 2000 years in China.Is a common and qi medicine, facilitating resolve depression, activating blood stasis, liver pain, convergence anti-diarrhea and pharmacological effects such as blood regulate the menstrual function.For liver stomach pain, gas food ou evil, menoxenia, fell on pain and so on, the rose has a very wide range of pharmacological effects, especially for cardiovascular disease, various kinds of inflammation, cancer, diabetes, etc. Has a good effect.
Roses have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-tumor, antioxidant effect.
The rose water extract has obvious antioxidant effect, can improve the activity of SOD, can have the effect of anti-aging.
Roses ethanol extract has the central nervous inhibition activity.And such extensive pharmacological effects of rose, may be caused by its chemical components have different biological activity.
Roses contained components is very rich, has more than 300 chemicals, besides contains rose oil, rich in the human body essential amino acid and protein, tannic acid, vitamin, pigment, brass, polysaccharide and other chemicals.Roses are rich in flavonoids compounds, mainly leather and gallic acid, etc.Among them, the brass glycosides and polysaccharide is a hotspot of research in recent years.Flavonoids as functional component of all the time, have many beneficial biological activities, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, immune regulation, fall blood sugar, anti-bacterial anti-virus, antioxidant, anti-aging and extensive pharmacological activities, such as radiation.Is an important functional food additive, the natural antioxidants, natural pigment, natural sweeteners, etc.Brass, phenolic acid compounds has obvious antioxidant activity, clinical survey data show that diets rich in brass, phenolic acid compounds of fruits and vegetables to reduce some related to free radicals metabolism imbalance the happening of the disease.The curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of some diseases are considered closely related with its antioxidant activity.Therefore, medicinal value greatly the rose shang tone contain ingredients like brass.In addition, roses are rich in glucose, xylose, cane sugar, citric acid, etc.Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of polysaccharide at home and abroad to study more, and the polysaccharide is one of the stage play efficacy material foundation of roses in health care products, medicines in the field of development and utilization to provide certain theoretical basis.Therefore, rose brass class and polysaccharide contained substances and has development value.
Shrub rosaceae plant rose flowers.Because the rose has the property of cold and heat resistance, and bud XiangNen, moist, as early as in the Chinese all previous dynasties to sui and tang dynasties, is highly court the favour of people.Beauty Lady Yang tang dynasty has been the great secret of can keep skin tender luster, it is said that in her bath huaqing pool, soak the fresh rose bud for years.Rose petals can bath can also protect skin to raise colour, is a kind of natural beauty.Rose oil has the effect of promoting bile secretion.
Top Rose Wine, EU Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent/Brut, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine
Roses with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) chemical composition:
Rose Flowers contain volatile oil, containing mainly contain Linalool, Linalyl formate, β-citronellolM, Citronellyl formate, Citronellyl acetate, GeraniOl, Geranyl formate, Geranyl acetate, Phenylethanolm, Merol and 3-methyl-1-butanol, Trans β-ocimene, Pentadecane, 2-tridecanone, 1-pentanol, 1-hexanol, 3--Hexenol, Hexyl acetate,  3-hexenyl acetate, Benzyl alcohol, Eugenol,  Methyl eugenol etc.
Volatile ingredient of Rose pollen: 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one, Lemonol acetate, Neral, Geranial , Lemonol, Citronella acid acetate, Acetic acid etate, Geranyl acetone, Pentadecane, 2-undecanone, 2-Tridecane, 2-pentadecanone, Tetradecanal, Hexadecanal, Tetradecyl acetate, β- phenethyl alcohol, Eugenol, Methyl clove oil phenol, β-phenylethyl acetate. Trace components  for an important role on rose aroma:β-damascone, Rose oxide, A-naginatene. Quercetin, Cornflower cyanin, Organic acid, β-carotene, Fatty oil etc. 
Rose Receptacle containing tannin ingredient: rose tannins A,B,C,D,E,F,G,  Isostrictinin, pedun culagin,Casuarictin, Tellimagrandin I and II,1,2,3-tri-O-galloyl-β-D-glucose, 1,2,6-tri-O-galloyl-β-D-glucose;The thistle aristolochic element and new Tellimagrandin I has the effects of antiretroviral
Rose fruit contains citric acid, malic acid,quinic acid, ascorbic acid, quercetin, Isoquercetin,
Plant phytoxanthin, rubixanthin, lycopene hydrocarbon,γ-carotene, glucose,fructose, xylose, sucrose etc.
Rose seed contain more unsaturated fatty acids, and contain β-Sitosterol, seed contain vitamin E and F. 
Rose cauline leaf contain quercetin, rutin etc flavonoid constituent . leaf contain Isoquercetin , apigenin
Etc flavonoid constituent and 6-demethoxy-4-O-methylcapillarisin,6-demethoxycapillarisin etc chromone
Constituent. And contain a variety of sesquiterpenoids composition:Rose terpene aldehydes/ rugosal
A,D,surface Rose terpene aldehydes/epirugosal,rugosic acid,A,B,C,D,1, carota-l,4-dienal,1, carota-1,4-dienoic acid,rose myrrh bisaborosaol, A,B1,B2,C1,C2,D,E1,E2,F2,hamanasic acid, 
A,carrot olefine aldehyde,epoxy carrot olefine aldehyde/epoxydaucenal, A,B,isodaucenal,isodaucenoic acid,ll-hydrox-12-hydroisodaucenal,11,12-dehydrodaucenal, 11,12-dehydrodaucenoic acid,hydroxyisodaucenal, isodaucenol, carotarosal)A, rosacorenone, rosacorenol, secocarotanal,daucene, isodaucene, carota-l,4-diene, accra-3(4),8(15)-diene, acora3(4),7(8)-diene. Also contains ester compounds: 4-hydroxy-cis-cinnamic acid docpsul ester, 4-hydroxy-2,3-dihydrocinnamic acid pentacosyl ester), 4-hydroxy-cis-cinnamic acid hexacosyl ester, 4-hydroxy-cis-cinnamic acid octacosyl ester.
ROSE ROOT contain quercetin, catechin,daucosterol, campesterol glucoside,tormentic acid 28-O-glucoside), euscaphic acid 28-O-glucoside, aujunic acid 28-O-glucoside.
Pharmacological effects:
1. The antiviral effect Rose extract on human immunodeficiency disease virus (HIV), leukemia virus and T cell leukemia virus disease resistance Poison effect. Thistle that its contain long peduncle aristolochic element and new sunray element I for on infected mice leukemia  on virus cells Reverse transcriptase has inhibitory effect, the IC50 of mu g/ml and 0.04 respectively 0.10 mu g/ml, mice take this two ingredients LD50 were greater than 100 mg/kg.
2. The other role Rose water decoction can relieve oral meglumine antimoniate toxic effects in mice, but only the oral antimony potassium tartrate effectively, and at the same time make its resistance to schistosomiasis effect disappeared, so this effect may be due to the roses decoction changed antimony potassium tartrate Caused by structure.Rose oil to have promote the secretion of bile in rats.Catechu fine chemicals with niacin sample effect, can be used in the comprehensive treatment of radiation sickness, and has anti-tumor effect. Having itching effect, dermatology for erythema, skin disease all t initial portion.
Drug compatibility:
With rhizoma cyperi: Soothing the liver and regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction toit, harmonious bloom and disperse stagnate, regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction toit and eliminating stagnation; 
With fry fructus Aurantii: promoting the circulation of qi and harmonious bloom. soothing the liver and regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction toit,; With Angelica sinensis: soothing liver-qi stagnation, armonious bloom and disperse stagnate;

Drug properties: Sweet; tiny bitter; warm; non-toxic; 
Channel tropism: Liver; the spleen channel.
Effect: Regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction toit; harmonious bloom and regulating menstruation.
Effect classification: Qi-regulating drugs; soothing the liver; invigorate the circulation of blood and removing stasis drug.

Indications: Stagnation of liver qi be caused by chest and diaphragm full frowsty, gastral cavity and swelling pain, breast expand, menoxenia, dysentery, diarrhea,  leucorrhea, traumatic injury and carbuncle and turgescence.
Usage and dosage: Take orally: Warm drink 30 to 60 g.
Contraindication: Fire excess from yin deficiency careful take it.
Nutrition Beauty to raise colour:
Roses contains 18 kinds of amino acids required for human body, there are 7 kinds of amino acids to human body, which nmda, glutamic acid, proline, leucine content is higher;Threonine, serine, glycine, alanine, glycine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, lysine, arginine content is time, cystine, histidine, methionine content is low.
In addition, the roses contain trace elements necessary for human body, the determination results, the highest iron, manganese, zinc, content is higher, and content copper, cobalt, selenium etc.
Roses rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannic acid, can improve endocrine disorders, can also help to eliminate fatigue and wound healing.Restrain circulation, regulate female physiological problems, promote the blood circulation, hairdressing, regulate the menstrual function, diuretic, moderate gastrointestinal nerve, prevent wrinkle, prevent frostbite, raise colour beauty.Physical fatigue, soreness, take some to massage also quite appropriate.
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine:

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, roses, GanWei bitter in taste and warm in property, the most obvious effect is facilitating resolve depression, invigorate the circulation of silt and regulate the menstrual function the pain.In addition, the medicinal properties of roses is very gentle, can warm the heart and blood of nurturing, yu air ventilation, calm, calm, antidepressant effect.Women in the menstrual cycle before or during menstruation often some mood be agitated, drink some roses can play a regulatory role.In today's work and life pressure is more and more big, if not the menstrual period, also can drink more roses, calm, stable mood.
The role of 100% natural rose:
1, 100% natural beauty roses: roses beauty tea, tea is a new generation of beauty, it has obvious elimination effect to freckles, and at the same time, raise colour, diminishing inflammation, the characteristics of the throat.Drinking method: take 4-5 roses into the cup, flower floats on the surface of the water, it looked thin, elegant smell, is a beauty, ideal health drinks.Rose tea is suitable for mild nature, men and women.Mood, balance the endocrine, blood gas, beauty skin care, on the function of liver and stomach has tonic, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness A rose scented tea and digestion, eliminate the effect of fat, so can reduce weight, the most suitable for female endocrine disorders and obesity, the qi and blood, regulate female physiological problems;The most important is it to raise colour beauty effect, often drink can remove spots on the skin, make the skin whiten naturally, can help prevent wrinkles.Liver depression and qi stagnation type of weight loss can drink, can help you to lose weight;Have the breast enhancement menstrual function;Still can runchang purge.Functions of thin body.Due to the rose tea has a strong fragrance, bad breath treatment effect is very good also, long-term drinking can improve sleep.Rose tea taste elegant fragrance, after dinner drink the best effect.Because of roses have convergent effect, such as constipation is unfavorable and overmuch drinkable;Pregnant women should avoid taking rose tea.
2, 100% natural medicinal roses:
Rose by a system of aromatic oil, for senior spices.Take medicine, the function and qi blood, liver resolve depression, attending liver stomach pain, eat less gas ou evil, menoxenia, iron damage, etc.
Roses as edible drugs, in compendium of material medica, food folk common sugar blunt boiled water, rose is sweet and delicious, and blood circulation;With the roses bubble wine, relaxing tendons, joint pain can be cured.Since ancient times the roses made pure by the method of distillation, smell fragrant, curative effect is remarkable.Supplements to Compendim of Materia Medica said: rose hydrolat fragrant and tasteless light, to blood and calm the liver, nourishing the stomach wide chest disperse to depression.
3, 100% natural rose dye USES :
Dye used parts: foliage. Rose main ingredients, including tannins, quercetin, carotene, quercetin, etc, has the function of dyeing dye through the test, found that it has good dyeing effect.In rose leaves dyeing, silk and cotton cloth color is consistent, without mordanting and aluminum, tin, lime mordanting shows flavours of green, brown with yellow, with lime mordanting concentration is higher, and the copper mordant dark yellow brown, slightly purple taste of iron mordant in dark grey.
The effect of 100% natural rose:
Obvious effect is facilitating resolve depression, invigorate the circulation of silt pain and regulate the menstrual function. In addition, the medicinal properties of roses is very gentle, can warm the heart and blood of nurturing, yu air ventilation, calm, calm, antidepressant effect.Women in the menstrual cycle before or during menstruation often some mood be agitated, drink some roses can play a regulatory role.In today's work and life pressure is more and more big, if not the menstrual period, also can drink more roses, calm, stable mood.Blood circulation, huayu, the action of harmonic viscera.
If symptoms persist, can make physical and mental illness, pale face.Want to improve symptoms and relieve the mood, can eat roses.Roses taste bitter, warm, is a famous ease emotional traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and activating blood regulate the menstrual function, beauty spot, lipid-lowering diet etc.Li qi, blood, and the wind bi, ease the pain.
Roses and plants have convergence, can be used for women's menorrhagia, leukorrhea with reddish discharge, enteritis and diarrhea, intestinal bleeding red half, etc.
regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction toit and dispel melancholy, 
 and harmonious blood and disperse stasis. Attending stomachache due to emotional depression and the hyperactive liver-qi attacking thestomach,  new and long wandering arthritis, Vomiting blood haemoptysis, menoxenia,leukorrhea with reddish discharge, dysentery, breast carbuncle, swollen poison.

A Study on the Processing Technique of Rose Flowers-Comprehensive Use of the Residues of Processed Rose Flowers
Abstract: On the roses processing waste liquid after pilot test, chemical composition and analysis of the nutrition composition of the flower residue, the results showed that the wastewater contains flavonoids, organic acids, phenols, tannins, alkaloids, sugar, amino acid and protein, etc.;Extract yield for more than 6.795%, diffuse the flavonoids content as high as 8.165% in cream;Roses slag nutrition is rich, is a worthy of further development and utilization of natural ingredients.
The extraction of flavonoids ingredients in roses and performance study oxidation resistance 
Abstract : The rose is a kind of high edible value and medicinal value of flowers and plants,  after rose  the extraction of essential oil  that it can produce a lot of residue roses  , residue rose does not contain any harmful elements, and are rich in flavonoids matter, natural raw materials is a kind of nutrition is very rich, is worth further development and utilization.This article mainly removed by DPPH · ability to evaluate the antioxidant effect.Roses slag antioxidants in the extraction process of organic solvent extraction and ultrasonic extraction were compared.Using orthogonal experiment method of ultrasonic extraction technology optimized selection, determine the best technology of ultrasonic extraction, ethanol concentration is 75%, and solid-liquid ratio is 1:15, ultrasonic power is 70 w, extracting time for 30 min.Compared with organic solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction has the advantages of time saving, high efficiency, energy saving advantage etc.
Qualitative chromogenic reaction can be judged by the flavonoids extract of roses may contain flavonoids, flavonol, dihydrogen flavonoids flavonoids, etc.By ultraviolet spectrophotometry determination of total flavonoids in roses slag content was 3.30% on average.By DPPH radical scavenging system, linoleic acid and oil oxidation system, on the antioxidant activity of rose slag and radical scavenging ability of comprehensive evaluation, the results show that the roses have strong DPPH · scavenging ability, with the increase of concentration, slag rose extract DPPH · free radical scavenging ability strengthen gradually, the DPPH · free radical clearance rate higher than that of VE, but lower than that of Vc, the removal of DPPH · free radicals IC50 alue concentration of 10.20 mu g/mL.Slag rose extract and VE, Vc can effectively inhibit linoleic acid peroxide process, the inhibition effect and VE quite is slightly lower than Vc.In addition its autoxidation of animal lard and peanut oil also has obvious inhibitory effect, but the antioxidant effect of lard is better than peanut butter.In adding 0.04% lard residue rose extracts antioxidant effect is better than 0.02% VE, when extract content 0.06% of the sample, the antioxidant effects and 0.02% Vc.With AB 8 macroporous adsorption resins for roses slag purification of flavonoids in the sample of the purified by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy analysis, the results show that the sample contains rutin.
 Flavonoids compounds is one of the main active ingredients of roses, antioxidant, anticancer, protect liver, protect the cardiovascular system and similar to estrogen.According to reports, a rose with oral liquid (uygur medicine) treatment of cardiovascular disease, preserving tonic, acetanilide detumescence, curative effect is distinct, may be associated with higher brass content in roses.
The study on chemical component of roses :
3. In vitro bacteriostasis experiment:
Pharmacological effects of roses is widespread, especially in the cardiovascular disease, the treatment of immune inflammation and anti-tumor, antioxidant, cholagogue function, detoxification has effect.Rose water decoction of golden staphylococcus aureus,  and n/med tuberculosis bacili have inhibition: rose extract on human immunodeficiency disease virus, leukemia virus and T cell disease poison has antiviral effect.In addition, roses have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
Roses is contained in a variety of active substances, but, at present for the effect of each active research very little rose.On the basis of the author in the literature, in vitro antibacterial experiments of roses effective parts (Pipe adjustment method Pipe adjustment method) were studied.Found roses crude extract has good antibacterial activity, in order to further the roses active tracking its chemical composition provides basis and guidance, and to provide the basis for a comprehensive development and utilization of the rose.
Bacteriostatic effect through pipe adjustment method: experimental conclusion surface: roses ethanol extract with different subjects strains has very good antibacterial activity, antibacterial activity but for the bacteria is different.Among them, expression of common proteus strongest antimicrobial activity;E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, tzu chi's blessing hayes bacteria is highly sensitive to liquid.
Roses have a spectrum of antimicrobial activity.Caused by staphylococcus aureus is bacterial food poisoning and nosocomial infection has been the important pathogenic bacteria, and is one of the most easy to drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria, roses, roses bioactive ingredients of staphylococcus aureus have strong inhibitory effect, adumbrative development possibility of active ingredient as a source of plant antimicrobial agent rose.
Top Rose Wine, EU Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent/Brut, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine
100%natural wild rose Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes contain rich  flavonoids of activity biological
Pharmacological effects of flavonoids compounds(Also call  flavonoids total / research progress:
Abstract: What is the flavonoids compounds?
Flavonoids flavonoids for short, refers to two benzene ring through the central three carbon chain knot each other and become a series of C6 C3 - C6 compounds, is mainly refers to color 2 - phenyl ketone of the original for a class of compounds, the parent nucleus is widespread in nature phenolics, belongs to the plant secondary metabolites, it widely exists in higher plants and fern plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, vegetables, fruit, etc, in the form of free or combined with sugar for glycosides, not only the number of variety, and structure types of complex and diverse, has identified more than 8 million kinds of separation, flavonoids are nature medicinal plants yellow is always one of the main active ingredient.Show a variety of pharmacological activities.At present flavonoids content can be divided into more than 10 categories, flavonoids, flavanols, isoflavone, double hydrogen flavone, flavonol double hydrogen, rang out, flavanone, design and color village, chalcone and chromogen ketone, flavonoids research increasingly deepening, but reports on flavonoids radiation resistance is less, is the study of flavonoids radiation resistance were summarized.
In the study found that many kinds of flavonoids has obvious radiation effect, its mechanism may be related to the protection of hemopoietic system function, the protective function of the immune system, scavenging free radicals, protecting DNA, to disease prevention and control of cardiovascular system and respiratory system diseases, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, fall blood sugar, antioxidant, anti diabetes
Resistance to radiation, anti-cancer, anti-tumor and enhance the pharmacological effects, such as the immunity ability.Physiological activity of flavonoids, closely related with its unique chemical structure, along with the in-depth study of the structure-activity relationship, discovered the mechanism of action of some pharmacological effects, for its application in the field of medicine and food provides the theoretical basis, to speed up the development and utilization of flavonoids.

1. At home and abroad in recent years, such as tea polyphenols, ginkgo flavonoids of pharmacological and nutritional extensive studies and clinical trials, confirmed that the flavonoids is both pharmacological factors, nutritional factors is important for a newly discovered nutrients, have important physiological health care effect to human body.
In recent years, due to the progress of the free radicals of life science, to have strong antioxidant and eliminating free radical effect of flavonoids by the unprecedented attention.Flavonoids are involved in the phosphoric acid and arachidonic acid metabolism, protein phosphorylation, the transfer of calcium ions, the removal of free radicals, anti-oxidation activity enhancement, REDOX, chelation and gene expression.They have: (1) The health benefits of anti-inflammatory;(2) Allergy;(3) Inhibiting bacteria;(4) inhibition of parasites;(5) Inhibit the virus,(6) Prevention and treatment of liver disease;(7) Prevention and treatment of vascular disease;Prevention and treatment of vascular embolization (8);(9) Pevention and treatment of heart and cerebrovascular disease;(10) Ati-tumor;(11) Rsistance to chemical poison;(12) Against diabetes.
Many pharmacological effects and efficacy.Especially in recent years, the flavonoids in antiviral (HIV, influenza viruses, etc.) to reverse multi-drug resistance in tumor cells, inducing tumor cell apoptosis research showed significant activity greatly attracted people's interest to this kind of natural compounds and recognition.
Natural sources of biological molecular weight is small, flavonoids can be quickly absorbed by human body, can pass the blood-brain barrier, can into the adipose tissue, which reflects the following function: Helps protect the body radiation, eliminate fatigue, protect blood vessels, prevent hardening of the arteries, capillaries and dredge microcirculation, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, cough, eliminating phlegm, diarrhea, relieve spasm, cholagogue function, protect liver to improve memory, the function of the activation of the brain and other organs cells, fat oxidation resistance, anti-aging.
 2. The pharmacological effects of flavonoids,
Cancer anticancer 2.1: flavonoids mainly through three ways to prevent cancer, anticancer effect, namely the resistance against free radicals, inhibit the growth of cancer cells directly and carcinogenic factor etc. Physical and chemical carcinogenic factor led to the enrichment of free radicals in the body, such as cause lipid peroxidation, destruction of cell DNA and cause cancer. Flavonoids are quenching free radicals and antioxidants, can effectively prevent cell damage caused by lipid peroxidation, anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect. In the study of quercetin from free-radical effect found that when the concentration of quercetin in m mol/L will have anti-cancer effect, is an effective scavenger of free radicals and antioxidants.Quercetin can through three forms have the effect of resistance to free radicals, which combined with super oxygen anion to reduce the generation of oxygen free radicals;With Cu2 +, Fe3 +, Mn2 + complex blocks the formation of hydroxyl free radicals;And the lipid peroxidation (ROO) inhibit lipid peroxidation reaction.Flavonoids can also be applied to the tumor cell stage of M or S, to interfere with the cell cycle of tumor cells to suppress tumor proliferation.Such as, ketone inhibits the activity of protein kinase C (PKC), change of cell protein phosphorylation process to inhibit the growth of tumor cells.Baicalin can strongly inhibit three kinds of hepatocellular carcinoma cell line zhe isomerase activity, and can suppress liver cancer cell proliferation.The study found that celery glycoside ligands with induction of C50 and 308 skin cells in mice and human leukemia HL 60 cell cycle arrest in G2 / M phase, which have the effect of inhibiting tumor cell proliferation.This role in 24 h after removing the celery glycoside ligands can be reversed.Brownson D M study soybean genistein and daidzin in ordinary food also has the biology active of inhibit cancer cell growth.In addition, flavonoids and flavonoids derivatives for some carcinogenic factor has inhibition or antagonism effect, the results show that quercetin can effectively induced microsomal aromatics hydroxylase, epoxide hydrolase, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and benzopyrene and other carcinogenic substance through hydroxylation, hydrolysis lose carcinogenic activity, anticancer effect. 
2.2. Antitumor, antibacterial and antiviral effect of flavonoids have got the affirmation of the medical profession, its antitumor effect mainly through the induction of apoptosis, promote the resistance of tumor cell proliferation, cell signal transduction and intervention to promote tumor suppressor gene expression and so on.Although flavonoids exert antitumor activity, has A ring with receptor negative charge center, C ring and the receptor positive center in combination with other parts, through hydrogen bonding with receptors in common, but because of their different substituent on the benzene ring with different antitumor activity.Like different sugars instead, anti-tumor, antioxidant effect of the difference will be large.Silvia, etc.
By CoMFA analysis model design nine flavonoids derivatives were synthesized, and its biological activity test, expected the development of a number of novel nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors.The results showed that compound 4 f the inhibitory effect of cytochrome P450 is a little better than commercially available drug law stubborn azole (fadrozole).
2.3. Resistance to disease of heart head blood-vessel, flavonoids can treat some diseases of cardiovascular system, have the effect of the fall hematic fat, cholesterol, also can inhibit thrombosis and expansion of coronary artery, and so on.Can be used to treat high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis.First found that the blood pressure drugs was rutin, has found that baicalin, Chinese flowering crabapple, acacia glycosides, mignonette element - 7 - glucoside are effective antihypertensive agents, additional quercetin, puerarin, galangal, radix scutellariae and tea polyphenol, rutin cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Flavonoids can block the beta receptors at the subcellular level of mitochondrial can produce positive effect and can inhibit the heart 2 the activity of lipase (PDE) and phosphate with chronotropic to adjust the action of myocardial contraction.Heart piece of main components in soybean flavonoids, can obviously increase coronary blood flow and cerebral blood flow, and a slow heart rate, lessened the myocardial contraction force and lower blood pressure, and so on.To improve the balance of myocardial oxygen consumption and support [12] can effectively control hypertension and coronary heart disease (CHD).
2.4. Anti osteoporosis: compounds can be used in the treatment of bone diseases and conditions such as osteoporosis, its mechanism is that: first, it can inhibit collagen synthesis of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) increases, can inhibit collagen synthesis of PGE2 may reduce again, by adjusting the content into balance, thus can be used in the treatment of bone disease;Second, it can improve the sensitivity of estrogen, thyroid make thyroid C cells secrete calcitonin, eventually inhibit bone resorption and treatment of osteoporosis: third, it can also inhibit calcium and vitamin D in the diet caused by the decrease of bone mineral density and bone calcium content.
2.5 .To eliminate free radicals and antioxidant activity, free radicals is degenerative diseases such as cancer, aging, cardiovascular source of evil. Free radicals in the body can be directly or indirectly play a role of strong oxidizer and the nucleic acid, and the combination of nucleoprotein and fatty acids in the body and into the oxide or peroxide, make the loss of activity or degeneration of the cell function disorder, cause the body gradually aging or diseased. Free radicals have in common of the body: super oxygen anion free radical (O2 -), hydroxyl free radical (forced OH), silane oxygen free radicals (RO forced), etc.Sadik etc. Research shows that flavonoids has the function of scavenging free radicals and antioxidant activity.Studies have shown that flavonoids could inhibit the formation of free radicals, reducing lipid peroxidation and stimulate the role of the antioxidant enzymes. The mechanism is that it can effectively prevent free radicals in the body to produce three stages, namely react with O2 - to prevent free radicals cause;Chelate with metal ions to prevent the production of · OH;With lipid peroxidation ROO forced to prevent lipid peroxidation reaction process.
2.6. Resistance to radiation, electrical radiation effects on organisms produce free radicals caused easily make the cell damage, the structure and function of the flavonoids because - with the role of the base and therefore has the ability of resistance to radiation.Protecting DNA - is an important target of radiation damage DNA molecules, radiation biological effect mostly by DNA damage.DNA but not direct acting targets, wild radiation produced by free radicals attack one of the goals of the indirect, eventually cause DNA, gene mutation and recombination, cell transformation and cell death.Therefore, to reduce radiation on DNA damage is an important content of radiation protection.
Brass compounds against radiation mechanism:
The protective effects of flavonoids of hematopoietic system:
Hematopoiesis is radiation gao min, radiation attack the main target cells of the hematopoietic stem cells, progenitor cells, red blood cell precursors, radiation for the damage of hematopoietic system mainly inhibit or destroy the hematopoietic stem cell pools and proliferation cell proliferation, radiation often cause bone marrow suppression, microcirculation, white blood cells decline and hematopoietic microenvironment destructive damage, bioactive substances may be through the body to adjust hematopoietic cytokine secretion, promote the recovery of hematopoietic system.At the same time increase the body's ability to remove ROS, reduce hematopoietic tissue damage, thus to reach the effect of radiation.
2.7. The immune system of protection:
The body's immune system is sensitive to radiation damage, the highest sensitivity of T lymphocytes.The body produces state of immune dysfunction due to radiation damage, characterized by the decrease in the number of immune active cells, antibody formation inhibition or disorder, adjustment disorder cytokine network.Make the patients at long-term immune dysfunction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and other factors of gao min, aggravating illness, leading to premature aging and death.For the treatment of radiation damage the immune system is a key link in the process of radiation sickness treatment.Many researchers from the aspects of induce and regulation of cellular network to study the protection of natural medicine radiation damage the immune system.

Flavonoids research progress on animal experimental liver injury protection
Abstract  : All kinds of flavonoids such as flavone, flavonol, flavanone, isoflavone, flavanone class of chemical liver damage, such as drug-induced liver injury, autoimmune liver injury, alcoholic liver injury, and hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury and so on experimental liver injury have different levels of protection.
Top Rose Wine, EU Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent/Brut, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine
100% natural agate pomegranate nutritional ingredients:
Heat of 63 kilocalorie; Thiamine 0.05 mg; 6 mg calcium; 1.6 grams of protein; Riboflavin 0.03 mg; Magnesium 17 mg; 0.2 grams fat; Nicotinic acid 0 mg;Iron 0.4 mg; 13.7 grams carbohydrates; Vitamin C 5 mg; 0.17 milligrams of manganese; 4.7 grams dietary fiber; Vitamin E2.28 mg; 0.2 milligrams of zinc;Vitamin A0 micrograms;0 mg cholesterol;Copper 0.15 mg;0.6 micrograms of carotene; Potassium 231 mg;Phosphorus 70 mg. Retinol 79.2 micrograms; 0.7 mg of sodium; Selenium 0 micrograms;
Agate pomegranate nutritional ingredients: 100 g of the nutrient content of edible part.
Food department: for every 100 grams of edible food part (Non-edible parts including skins, seeds, etc.).Content: Nutrient conte for 100g edible parts .
 100 % natural agate pomegranate diet value:
Agate pomegranate juice contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, aid digestion, resisting gastric ulcer, soften blood vessels, reducing blood fat and blood sugar, cholesterol and other functions.Can prevent coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, can achieve good refreshing, strengthen the effect of the appetite, longer live, for drink beyond one's capacity, dispel the effects of alcohol be a miraculous effect.
Agate pomegranate is the whole body is treasure, peel, root, flower can be used as a medicine.Its peel contains the composition such as malic acid, tannins, alkaloids, according to the experimental results show that agate pomegranate peel had obvious bacteriostasis and function of convergence, convergence, can make the intestinal mucosa secretion of intestinal adhesion la decreases, so can effectively treat diarrhea, diarrhea disease, such as for dysentery bacillus, escherichia coli has good inhibition.In addition, agate pomegranate peel contains alkaline substances, insect repellent efficacy;Agate stones pomegranate has hemostatic function, and agate stones pomegranate bubble water to wash the eye, and the effect of improving eyesight.
Efficacy: Beneficial cardiovascular, Beauty skin care body care, through  blood, and can aphrodisiac.
Appropriate disease: sudden death of coronary heart disease, gastric ulcer, diabetes and high blood pressure, diabetes in the elderly, occlusive arterial stiffness.
Appropriate symptoms: resistant hypertension, viral diarrhea, high blood pressure, heart palpitations with high blood pressure, chronic diarrhea.
100% natural pomegranate/agate can aphrodisiac
Pomegranate fruit is very beautiful, just like agate.And pomegranate itself is also high medicinal value.Not only can prevent the female menopause obstacles.At the same time, pomegranates are natural aphrodisiacs!
Pomegranate can aphrodisiac
The study involved 58 participants 21-64 years old.Researchers let each participants everyday drink a cup of pomegranate juice, and then test their testosterone levels and blood pressure, and to measure the l1 mood changes, including fear, grief, guilt and shame and self-confidence and so on.Two weeks after the test found that men and women all participants of male hormone levels were significantly increased, amplitude ranged from 16% ~ 30%.In addition, the positive emotions of these people has also been enhanced.
For men, the improvement of male hormone levels mean that men more obvious signs of performance, such as beard more thick, deep voice and sexual desire is stronger.Female adrenal gland and ovary also can produce certain male hormones, which can improve the female sexual desire, strengthen bones and muscles.In addition, pomegranate to help prevent heart attacks and improve blood circulation, it can also help improve sexual ability.
Androgen deficiency or increase the risk of diabetes:
A British study found that low levels of testosterone in men with diabetes risk may be higher, because male hormone function inhibition can cause insulin resistance, and insulin function is normal plays an key role in diabetes.
Researchers at the university of Edinburgh to handle some mice, male hormone is difficult to play a role, they will soon show symptoms of yi island element tolerance.People usually believe that obesity is the important cause of diabetes;But from the point of the study results, no matter how much weight, low testosterone levels can lead to increased risk of diabetes.
Testosterone suggests that life and death:
According to a study, if a man's testosterone level is low, it means that he may die soon.Research shows that three types of the lowest levels of testosterone men's risk of dying in the next four and a half years at least 68% larger than normal men.Researchers studied 858 women aged 40 or above army veterans, including 166 people than normal testosterone level is low, and 35 people died during the study phase, the normal testosterone levels in men's mortality rate is only 20%.According to researchers at the university of Washington said Molly sholes, when a person suffering from serious illness, his testosterone drops, after the disease rehabilitation, testosterone love will recover.But health condition if not improving health, Testosterone levels will not rebound.
Pomegranate wine also can drink 50~100 ml before going to bed every day, for the treatment of male impotence premature ejaculation effect more magical, agate pomegranate is pure natural aphrodisiacs.So the agate pomegranate wine is pure natural aphrodisiac wine.

Top Rose Wine, EU Wild Rose Grape Pomegranate Wine Chinese Patent/Brut, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac Wine
Drink Natural fermented wine/red wine can prevent women ischemic apoplexy

Women drink red wine after a meal a long time ,can reduce the occurrence of ischemic apoplexy.
U.S. researchers in 224 happened in ischemic stroke, aged from 15 to 45 years old woman, in the process of research, the researchers for their drinking condition and lifestyle visit investigation.
Results show that, compared with teetotal women, women who drink two glasses of wine a day on average, in the risk of ischemic stroke by 40% to 60% less in the red wine is rich in flavonoids ingredients, the French because long-term likes to drink red wine, the chance of cardiovascular disease is lower than other countries, in addition to the red wine, red grape juice also similarly have similar health care function, grape juice, the enrichment of its ingredients have to strengthen the blood vessels, the effect of the prevention of cardiovascular disease, red wine and red wine grape juice contains very rich in all kinds of antioxidants, so is very helpful to fight free radicals, especially to prevent cardiovascular disease and alzheimer's disease, such as slow sexually transmitted disease, because they can remove free radicals.


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