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Vitamin a, Vitamin, Food Additive manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Vitamin A, Top Wine, EU Organice Cherry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok and so on.

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Product Description

Product name: Vitamin A
Other name: Retinol
Content: 99%
Specification: 25 kg/barrel

All β Purple rose ketone derivatives generic terms. A kind of fat-soluble vitamins on the structure and carotene related. Including vitamin A1 and A2 two kinds of vitamins. And different from the carotenoids, has the very good variety of all trans retinol biological activity. For certain metabolic process, especially the necessary visual biochemical processes.

Pharmacological function
After this article take orally extremely easy absorption, mainly in liver storage. Almost all in body metabolism, beta carotene is vitamin A precursor, in the animal intestinal mucosa can be transformed into active in vitamin A. Mainly by urine, fecal excretion, and breast milk only a very small drainage.
Beta carotene is fat soluble antioxidant. Facklman (1990) studies showed that beta carotene can prevent obstructive atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and so on the many kinds of senile disease, they think beta carotene has stop LDL oxidation form oxidation type LDL role, and the toxicity of LDL oxidation type can lead to vascular epithelial cell damage, thus they can accelerate the lipid in damage parts of the deposit formation plaques that clog arteries and cause obstructive atherosclerosis and other diseases.
Vitamin A can cure xeroma, corneal osteomalacia, dry skin and night blindness, etc. In addition, the hot, frostbite and ulcer has curative effect.
Vitamin A can increase the sheep red blood cells or protein immunity of mice spleen number of PFC, enhance non T cells rely on antigen in the production of antibodies. It also can strengthen people peripheral blood lymphocyte of PHA reaction and the activity of NK cells, improve the macrophages activity, stimulate the T cell proliferation and IL 2 produce.

The function of vitamin A
1. Which can adjust the skin and cuticle metabolic effect, can be anti-aging, and to wrinkles.
2. Can reduce sebaceous overflow and make the skin elasticity, and at the same time, desalination spot, smooth skin.
3. Help protect skin, mucous membrane from bacteria violations, healthy skin, prevent skin cancer.
4. Prevent nyctalopia, eyesight decline, the treatment of various eye disease, make the woman good eyes.
5. To promote bone growth, help teeth growth, regeneration.
6. Effectively prevent obesity, keep women slim figure.
  Medical  new  function:
In  recent  years,   along  with  the  clinical  pharmacology  continuously  go  deep  into  of  the  research,   people  found  that  vitamin  A  to  various  diseases  have  the  therapy  effect.
Vitamin  A  to  the  human  body
  Treating  ulcers
Mainly  for  the  peptic  ulcer,   stress  ulcer
Vitamin  A  participation  in  the  gastric  epithelial  tissue  of  normal  metabolism,   and  participate  in  the  epithelial  tissue  stroma  mucopolysaccharide  synthesis  of  gastric  mucosa  has  protective  effect.   Usage:   in  the  gastric  ulcer  conventional  treatment  process  to  add  vitamin  A,   50000  units  each  time,   3  times  one  day.   With  vitamin  A  to  reduce  blood  concentration  of  stress  ulcer  patients,   oral  or  vein  give  high  doses  of  vitamin  A,   daily  100000  ~  400000  units,   can  reduce  the  stomach  bleeding  patients.
1.   Prevent  nyctalopia  and  decreased  visual  acuity,   helpful  for  the  treatment  of  A  variety  of  eye  diseases  (vitamin  A  can  promote  intraocular  photosensitive  pigment  formation);
2.   Have  resistance  to  respiratory  system  infection  action;
3.   Help  the  immune  system  function  normal;
4.   Sick  can  recover  soon;
5.   Can  keep  tissue  or  organ  surface  health.
6.   Help  to  dispel  the  senile  plaque;
7.   To  promote  development,   strong  bones,   maintain  the  skin,   hair,   teeth,   gums  health.
8.   For  external  use  help  for  the  treatment  of  acne,   pustule,   furuncle  boils,   the  skin  surface  ulcers  wait  for  disease  treatment;
9.   Help  to  emphysema  emphysema  pulmonum,   thyroid  gland  treatment.

  Treatment  for  benign  breast  tumor
Vitamin  A  compounds  and  regulating  cell  growth  metabolism  related,   to  cell  membrane  and  lysosome  membrane  have  promote  lysis,   can  inhibit  cancer  cell  proliferation  and  to  promote  cancer  cell  to  normal  tissue  differentiation.   Usage:   daily  15000  units,   oral,   continuous  taken  for  3  months.   Auxiliary  treatment  measles  children  due  to  the  body  the  utilization  rate  of  vitamin  A  increased,   leading  to  acute  lack  of  vitamin  A.   A  large  number  of  vitamin  A  can  reduce  the  mortality  rate  of  children.
Usage:   in  the  conventional  therapy  based  upon  with  plenty  of  vitamin  A,   200000  units,   oral,   repeat  the  next  day,   reduce  in  the  later  days.
  Using  Vitamin  A  eyedrop  in  the  treatment  of  12  patients,   the  results  83%  is  effective.   Methods:   vitamin  A  match  into  500  units,   ml  or  1500  units/ml  preparation.   Eye  drops  four  times  one  day.   Or  through  the  bright  music  brand  natural  beta  carotene  soft  capsule  complement  vitamin  A.   But  do  not  recommend  taking  vitamin  A  directly,   through  the  use  of  the  fruits  and  vegetables  are  rich  in  vitamin  A  or  taking  beta-carotene  (A  precursor  of  vitamin  A  ,   can  be  automatic  into  vitamin  A  in  the  body)  intake  of  vitamin  A.

  Treatment  for  verruca  plana
verruca  plana  is  by  papilloma  virus  infection  caused  by  skin  tumor,   this  virus  maturity  and  cell  keratin  relevant  degree.   Vitamin  A  can  through  changing  skin  mature  process,   the  infection  of  the  virus  particles  in  the  nuclei  the  harmful  effect,   or  inhibit  the  replication  of  the  virus  particles,   leading  to  plana  disappear.   Usage:   vitamin  A  50000  units  each  time,   3  times  one  day,   oral,   general  treatment  1  ~  4  weeks.

  Absorption  metabolism
Vitamin  A  in  the  digestive  tract,   the  stomach  in  almost  not  be  absorbed,   in  the  small  intestine  and  bile  acid  fat  decomposition  product  together  was  emulsified  by  intestinal  mucous  membrane  absorption.   Vitamin  A  human  body  storage  with  age  increasing,   to  old  age  is  obviously  lower  than  young  people,   different  gender  storage  also  different.   Vitamin  A  in  the  body  average  half  life  for  128  ~  154  days,   in  the  absence  of  vitamin  A  intake,   daily  hepatic  loss  (catabolism)  rate  is  about  0.5%.  
  Treatment  for  menorrhagia  disorder
Menorrhagia  is  one  of  the  important  factors  is  vitamin  A  deficiency,   this  is  because  the  vitamin  A  is  necessary  to  produce  steroid  hormone  A  coenzyme.
Usage:   vitamin  A  25000  units  each  time,   2  times  one  day,   oral,   continuous  taken  15  days.
  Baby  choke  milk
When  lack  of  vitamin  A.   Epiglottis  epithelium  hyperkeratosis.   The  baby  swallowing  the  epiglottis  closed  is  not  complete,   thus  happen  choke  with  milk.   There  are  reports  treatment  45  ill  babies, with  vitamin  A2(500  units  )  and  vitamin  D  (500  units  )  injection,   continuous  5~7  days.   The  symptoms  after  improved  to  suit  cod  liver  oil,   the  result  2-3  days  choke  milk  will  reduce,   4-7  days  basic  disappear.
  The  prevention  and  control  of  premature  dysplasia
Preterm  application  after  mechanical  ventilation  can  cause  premature  infant  bronchial  -  pulmonary  dysplasia  disorder.   And  vitamin  A  can  promote  tissue  damage  produce  new  cilia  and  no  ciliary  columnar  epithelial  cells,   has  protective  effect  on  respiratory  tract.
Usage:   vitamin  A  daily  1500  ~  2800  units/kg,   oral  feeding.
  Squamous  follicular  keratosis,   acne
Large  quantity  of  vitamin  A.   100000  units  every  day.   Continuous  for  six  months.   For  ordinary  sex  acne  has  good  curative  effect,   but  a  long  time  use  will  easily  produce  side  effects.   Another  useful  vitamin  A  every  time  50000  units  add  vitamin  E100mg.   3  times  every  day.   Treatment  for  squamous  follicular  keratosis  patients  35  cases.   Cure  rate  91.4%.
    Modified  protein  kinase  function
  Data  show  that.   Partial  application  of  vitamin  A  acid.   Some  precancerous  lesions.   For  example,   actinic   keratosis,   basal  cell  tumor  sample  variable.   10%  ~  40%  of  the  patients  symptoms  disappear  completely.
    Children  repeated  respiratory  infection
  When  lack  of  vitamin  A.   Respiratory  ciliated  main  shape  epithelial  ciliated  disappear,   and  appear  squamous   metaplasia.   The  researchers  found  that  have  repeated  respiratory  infection  children.   Every  two  months  muscle  injection  vitamin  A.   Continuous  for  six  times.   Compared  with  the  control  group.   Vitamin  A  injection  group  blood  serum  lg  is  obvious  increase.

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