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Matrine, Herbal Medicine, Natural Extracts manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Matrine, GMP, Anticancer, Alkaloids, Herbal Medicine, 100%Natural Bitter Ginseng Extract Matrine, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Matrine, GMP, Anticancer, Alkaloids, Herbal Medicine, 100%Natural Bitter Ginseng Extract Matrine

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 100000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Certification: RoHS, BRC, ISO, FDA, EU
Application Form: Tablet, Capsule, Pill
Application: Food, Health Care Products, Medicine
State: Powder
Extract Source: Root
Herbal Medicine: Pure Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYKS-NO: 01
Pure Natural Anticancer Drugs: Kill Cancer Cells, Anticancer, Prevent Cancer
Herbal Health Food: Enhance Human Immunity, Eliminate The Virus
Health Care Food: Safety, Do Not Harm The Body, No Side Effects
Raw Material: Herbal Medicine, Plant Drugs, Anticarcinogen
Pure Natural Material: Use Health Food, Medicine, Cosmetics, Food, etc
Trademark: IYOUTH/YIYU
Transport Package: Cardboard Barrels
Specification: 500ml*100Tablets/Bottles, 100Bottlse/Box
Origin: China

Product Description

Product name: 100% natural  Matrine(Sophocarpidine),Anticarcinogen,Alkaloids, Herbal Medicine,100%Natural Bitter Ginseng Extract Matrine 
Specifications: 50% ~ 98%(Matrine content);

Specification: 500mg * 100particles/bottle, 500mg * 200 particles/bottle.
                         200 bottles/Box, MOQ: 100 boxes
Chewable tablets: 500mg/tablet,1g/table,(100,200,300tablets/bottle;                                                                   100, 200bottles/box ; MOQ: 100Boxes.
Matrine, GMP, Anticancer, Alkaloids, Herbal Medicine, 100%Natural Bitter Ginseng Extract Matrine
Matrine is by leguminous plants Sophora flavescens dry root, plant, fruit made of extracted by organic solvents such as ethanol, alkaloids.Generally for sophora  total alkali, and its main components are matrine,sophocarpine, oxidation of sophocarpine, Allomatrine and so on many kinds of alkaloids, with matrine, With matrine, oxidation and matrinei content in the highest.Other sources for the mountains bean root and bean root part on the ground,98% pure  content  appearance is white powder.
The alias:Matricary alkali, bitter liquorice, sophora grass,  fenugreek root, west bean root, bitter hirako and wild Sophora japonica, dry ginseng, bitter bone.
Sources: Drying sophora root, plants, fruit by ethanol

Use: Diuresis effect, insecticidal, qushi, antivirus, antitumor allergy, etc

Agriculture: Matrine is a kind of botanical pesticides

Poison: Low toxicity pesticides.

New type biological pesticide, matrine + abamectin, etc.
The purpose of the matrine:
Clinical medicinal
1, Diuretic effect, Bitter ginseng as a medicinal plant, according to written records in China already has two thousand years of history, the main function has clear heat, diuresis, insecticidal, qushi effect and so on, at the same time also has a variety of action such as antivirus, antitumor allergy.

2, Resistance to pathogens Decoction in test tubes, high concentration (1:100) have inhibitory effect on bacteria.Decoction (8%) of the water decoction in vitro for some common skin fungus with different degree of inhibition.

3, Other matrine injection in rabbits, found the phenomenon of central nerve palsy, syngenetic convulsion, eventually die from breathing stops.Injection in the frog: early is excited, the paralysis, breathing becomes slow and irregular, finally go into spasm, so as to stop breathing, and die.The system is caused by spinal reflex spasm of attack.

4, Bitter and element alkali oxide bitter and anti-oxidation effect of hepatitis b and hepatitis c virus (HCV), alkali shown in in vitro and in animal models of HBV have strong antiviral activity, also has an anti HBV effect in human body, there have been many reports for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis.[1]
The application of agriculture:
Used in agriculture is actually refers to the sophora flavescens ait. Alkaloids extracted from sophora all substances, or bitter ginseng extract and total base.In recent years is widely used in agriculture, and have a good control effect, is a kind of low toxicity, low residue, environmental protection pesticides.Main prevention and control of all kinds of adult, tea caterpillar and caterpillar pests.With insecticidal activity, bactericidal activity, a variety of functions such as regulating plant growth [1]
The characteristics of the matrine as biological pesticide:
First of all, is a kind of botanical pesticides matrine, has the characteristics of specificity, TianRanXing, only to specific biological effect, can quickly decompose in nature, the end products for carbon dioxide and water.

Second matrine is for harmful organisms have the activity of plant endogenous chemical composition is not single, but chemical groups and chemical structure of similar results don't close the combination of multiple sets of complement each other, work together.

Third, matrine because of a variety of chemical combination, make it not easy to cause pests resistant, can use for a long time.Fourth, the corresponding pests will not completely poison directly, but to control pests biological population won't seriously affect the production and reproduction of plant populations.This mechanism and protective side effects in the chemical pesticide highlights after decades after the study of the principle of system for the prevention and control of pest control is very approximate.At four o 'clock in that matrine and general high toxicity, high residue of chemical pesticide has the obvious difference, it is very green, environmental protection.[1]

Appearance: Matrine is tasted for white powder.
Common agents: 0.3% matrine agent, matrine 1% alcohol solution and 1% matrine agent, 1.1% matrine powder, 1% matrine soluble liquid agent.
Product characteristics and the control object: matrine is a natural plant-based pesticides, low toxicity for human, is a broad spectrum insecticide, with tag and stomach poison.For all kinds of crops oriental armyworm  caterpillar, aphids, starscream has obvious control effect.

Chemical composition:
Began to study abroad in the early 30 s, Soviet union, China began in 1972, the focus of the domestic and foreign research on alkaloid, the current domestic from sophora plant extraction, isolation and identification of alkaloids mainly oxidation and alkali.
(oxymatrine,C15H24N2O2),(Matrine,C15H24N2O),(Iosmatrine,C15H24N2O),(sophor-anol),Sophocarpine,C15H22N2O),(N-oxysophocarpine,C15H22N2O2),(Sophoridine,C15H24N2O),(Aloperine),(sparteine),(N-methylcytisine),(anagyrine),(bap-iifoline),(sophocarpine),(d-Matrine),(d-isomatrine),(d-Oxymatrine),l-Anagyrine),(l-Methyleytisine),(Baptifoline),(kurarid-in),(Sophoranol, C15H24N2O2),(SophoranholN-oxide,C15H24N2O3),(N-methylcytisine,C12H16N2O),Such as alkaloids.

Flavonoids: sophora contains flavonoids are dihydrogen flavone and flavonol dihydrogen, also have yellow ketone, isoflavones, etc., chalcone from the separation of flavonoids flavonoids see table: go armour sophora ketone, etc.(,norkurarinone,C25H28O6),(kuraridinol),(kurarinol),(neo-kurarinol),(norkurarinol),(isokurarinon,C26H30O6);(maackiain,C16H12O5);(4-methoxy-maackiain,C17H14O6);(trifolirhizin,C22H22O10);(nor-anhydroicaritin,C20H18O6);B(sophoraflavanone B,C20H20O5);(formoronetin,C16H12O4);(Xanthohumol),(Isoxanthohunol),3,(3,4`5-Tri-7-Meth-8-prenylkeamferol;)Stems and leaves contain (Luteolin-7-glucoside).
Fatty acids and volatile oil: from sophora has identified 20 kinds of fatty acids composition, mainly for the unsaturated fatty acids, its content accounted for 72.79% of total fatty acids, in which the relative contents of linoleic acid was 48.95%, the bitter ginseng volatile oil has identified 47 ingredients.[1]

Sophora USES and features:
Western purpose: sophora alopecuroides crude extractings from sophora plants of the original plants and hot water applications have been for 25 years in the west.Initially contains 20% bitter and alkali oxide and matrine alkaloids of sophora alopecuroides extract by the window with the institute of medicine the introduction of the western market, form for oxidation of bitter and alkali tablets in the tablet form under the name Oxymatrine, went public in 1998.Its use and without any side effects.In China, sophora alkaloid usually adopt injection form, but in the west don't accept the method, but the oral form.After oral, the most bitter and alkali oxide was transformed into matrine;And if you need high blood concentrations of bitter and alkali oxide, must rely on injections.But bitter and alkali oxide in clinical trials of curative effect is better than matrine is unclear.Researchers in China also use tablet sophora alkaloid, the effect seems to be similar to those of the injection.Bitter arguments can also be used as a traditional Chinese medicine decoction.
Sophora containing a large number of alkaloid, is one of the highest content of matrine and bitter and alkali oxide, aggregation of sophora root dry herbs for 2% of the total weight (most of them in the form of bitter and alkali oxide), at the same time, there are other similar alkaloids: mainly ((Sophocarpine,C15H22N2O),Also contains a small amount of
sophoranol,sophoramine,(Sophoridine)allomatrine, (Iosmatrine)etc Other alkaloid composition.(see Figure 2).These ingredients first found in 1958 ~ 1978 from sophora.
Matrine, GMP, Anticancer, Alkaloids, Herbal Medicine, 100%Natural Bitter Ginseng Extract Matrine
Pharmacological effects
1. Diuretic effect: bitter ginseng decoction: contain of alkali to rabbit oral injection, all can produce diuretic effect, increase of urine before both the increase in the number of salt.But used in the experiment of rabbit number is less, and no water control of the situation, so some people think that needs to be studied further.
2. The antiviral effect:
Decoction in test tubes, high concentration (1:100) have inhibitory effect on bacteria.Decoction (8%), water decoction in vitro for some common skin fungus with different degree of inhibition.
3. Other effects:
Matrine injection in rabbits, found the phenomenon of central nerve palsy, syngenetic convulsion, eventually die from breathing stops.Injected into a frog, is excited at the beginning of the paralysis, breathing becomes slow and irregular, finally go into spasm, so as to stop breathing and die;The outbreak of the convulsion, fear is caused by spinal reflex.The minimum lethal dose of rabbit was 0.4 g/kg.
4. Bitter and alkali in the oxidation resistant effect of hepatitis b and hepatitis c virus (HCV).
Bitter ginseng element oxide base shown in in vitro and in animal models of HBV have strong antiviral activity, also has an anti HBV effect in human body, there have been many reports for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis.
China's clinical medical research report: sophora element injection treatment of 64 cases of chronic hepatitis b patients and the results are compared with a - interferon, sophora therapy for 3 months (600 mg time/day x 45 days, and then 400 mg time/day) x 45 days after the chronic hepatitis generally admire such as fatigue, poor appetite, and abdominal distention disappear proportion in 90%, part of the patients with liver and spleen enlargement also has different degree of retraction (rights and wrongs of 2.63% and 38.1% respectively).In addition to peripheral blood leukopenia and thrombocytopenia is higher.Good effect on the improvement of liver function, and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and total serum bilirubin (SB) compound Rate of 81.6% and 81.6%, often turn of HBeAg and HBV DNA Negative Rate (Negative Change Rate) of 44.4% and 45.3% respectively, and interferon treatment of HBeAg and HBV DN A Yin turn Rate were 46.0% and 48.0% respectively, sophora compared with interferon is A no difference, suggests that sophora element injection curative effect is ideal for the treatment of chronic hepatitis b viral hepatitis.In this study, with a few in the whole course of intramuscular injection in patients with local had mild pain, did not see other adverse reactions, showed that bitter ginseng injection have security, the research is only in the near future curative effect, exactly how the long-term curative effect, is yet to be further study.

China's clinical medical research shows that: sophora once A day, each time the intramuscular mg39 600 hepatitis b patients after 12 weeks of treatment of HBeAg and HBV DN A Yin turn rate were 44.4% and 50.0% respectively, ALT and AST of liver function improved significantly after treatment, the total effective rate was 70.0%, the results show sophora known as anti HBV and enzyme action.At the same time has good safety and tolerability, non-toxic side effects.
Another Case: the reported infectious disease hospital: sophora element to treat 42 cases of chronic hepatitis b patients, the results showed that sophora, general symptoms after treatment such as reduction, and weakness of the compound rate of 94.4%, often liver area pain and abdominal distention after often at a rate of 100%.Part of patients with liver and spleen enlargement also has different degree of retraction (30.0% and 30. 30.0%), with respect to the reduction of peripheral blood red protein, white blood cells and platelets, rising has certain effect.Sophora element compound of ALT, AST, SB usually at A rate of 71.4%, 61.9%, and 100% of HBeAg and HBV DN A Yin turn rate were 50% and 30.8% respectively, compared with the control group with significant difference.
Sophora, all kinds of preparation can improve the liver function of chronic hepatitis b patients, improve the Yin turn rate of HBeAg and HBV DNA, there are still persistent curative effect after drug withdrawal.
Sophora, besides of HBV resistance effect, the recent preliminary study showed that the HCV have inhibition.
Chinese clinical trial results: use of sophora, once per day, every time 600 mg of intramuscular injection treatment of 17 cases of patients with chronic HCV infection, after treatment the serum HBV DN A turn 8 cases by 47.1%.The control group 18 cases with serum HBV DN A turn in 1 case (5.6%).Comparing the two groups have significant difference, sophora treatment group after treatment 1, 2 month after serum ALT often rates are higher than the control group, the results show that sophora known as inhibition of proliferation of HCV, the rate of HBV DN A turn close to restructuring into A - 2 b interferon abroad. Therefore, sophora has become one of the effective means of anti HCV.
From the current study speculated that HBV and HCV resistance mechanism of sophora element may be as follows:
1) bitter and alkaline oxidation induced a substance in the cell cytokines (such as interferon), thus strengthening the degradation of HBV and HCV gene product;

2) oxidation bitter and alkali chemical structure and the structure of purine are similar, it can interfere with HBV and HCV in cells or body mechanism has yet to be for further research.
6. Liver fiber resistant Against Liver Fibrosis
Bitter and alkali oxide can inhibit the collagen activity and the prevention and treatment of liver fibrosis
Chinese clinical trial results: using carbon tetrachloride (CCL4) in rats with chronic liver damage fibrosis model, USES the foxy control at the same time, and dynamically observe the serum alanine transaminase (ALT), type IV collagen (IV - C), hyaluronic acid (HA), tumor necrosis factor (TNF alpha) level and liver tissue pathological changes, through the computer image analysis system, analyzing the hyperplasia of fibrous tissue in the liver, the results show that foxy treatment group serum ALT, IV - C, HA, TNF alpha level and liver tissue inflammation activity and the degree of fibrous tissue hyperplasia were lower than that of model group, and high-dose treatment group is lower than the low-dose treatment group, indicates a foxy reduce liver inflammation activity, inhibition of collagen synthesis in the liver and the function of liver fibrosis.
Chinese clinical trial results: NIH3T3 fibroblast cells as target cells, determined by MTT method, Northern blot hybridization and immune cells in chemical technology, the study found that when the foxy concentration is greater than 62.5 ug/ml, fibroblast proliferation activity was significantly inhibited, and a dose dependent inhibition of cell volume small, less cytoplasm, a fusiform or round, small nuclei, nuclear division stage cells.Foxy and can significantly inhibit fibroblasts before type III collagen mRNA and transforming growth factor (TGF - beta 1), above may be found one foxy inhibition mechanism of liver fibrosis.

7. To the regulation of the immune system function
Bitter about oxidation and alkali on the immune function and the effect of different reports.It is generally believed that it is a two-way immune regulator, in its low concentration can stimulate lymphocyte proliferation, inhibition of high concentration.But on the whole, give priority to with immune inhibition.
Clinical experiments show that: studies have found that the oxidation and alkali for lung cancer, gastric cancer cells can inhibit endothelial cell proliferation induced by, that bitter and alkali oxide has the potential to be therapeutic drugs for the prevention and control of tumor metastasis.

8, other aspects:
Bitter and alkali oxide anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effects:
Bitter and alkali oxide have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect, can regulate immune and elevated white blood cell.In recent years, studies have found that foxy and matrine Mat have anti-allergic effect, can inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators, adjustable in mice and rat peritoneal mast cells histamine release, which can effectively inhibit IgE crosslinking and media release of histamine, leukotrienes, and have stable cell membrane.Another reports 100 mg · foxy;1 kg - pigment particles can improve the liver cells P450 content, can activate the cell membranes of adenylate cyclase, so as to improve the level of intracellular cAMP, foxy 100 mg/kg have strong cholagogic effects on rats, this effect may be associated with elevated levels of calcium in cells.Foxy on the immune system with cell state is closely related to the influence of cell proliferation, elevated white blood cell function and suppress autoimmune can be applied to the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis and white blood cells and thrombocytopenia.

9, matrine on agricultural applications:
Matrine was caused by Chinese herbal medicine sophora root, stem and leaf fruits extracted by organic solvents such as ethanol, alkaloids, as a general rule, be bitter and total base, composition is mainly include matrine, oxidation alkali and alkali, fruit tree, fruit tree alkali oxide, huai alkali, etc., with matrine, the highest content of bitter and alkali oxide.Matrine is natural plant pesticides, insect pests once touch this medicine, or paralysis of the nerve center, and then make the insect body protein coagulation, barring the worm hole, make pests suffocated, this product low toxicity for human, is a broad spectrum insecticide, with stomach toxicity and tag.Conforms to the direction of agricultural sustainable development, the current domestic matrine formulation 0.3% matrine agent, 0.8% matrine lactone agent, 1% matrine solution, 1.1% matrine solution and 1.1% matrine powder, etc., these plant source agents have been used in the prevention and control of some vegetables, fruit trees, tea, tobacco and other crops pests achieve good control effect.
For vegetables sucking mouthparts insects, aphids, lepidoptera insects caterpillar, tea caterpillar, plutella xylostella, and small tea green leafhoppers, whitefly has the ideal control effect.In addition to vegetables, downy mildew, blight, anthracnose also have very good control effect.Is remarkable development.
Of the prevention and control of main insect pests
1. All kinds of pine moth, Yang Shuzhou moths, such as the United States Bai E forest defoliator in 2-3 instar larva stage, with 1% matrine soluble liquid agent 1000-1500 times liquid evenly spray.
2. Tea caterpillar, jujube 'butterfly, Jin Wen fine moth eat fruit trees such as leafy pests with matrine 1% soluble liquid agent 800-1200 times liquid evenly spray.
3. Caterpillar: 7 days after the peak of the fecundity, applying pesticide control larvae in the age of 2 to 3, with 0.3% matrine per acre 500-700 ml of water, add water 40-50 kilos to spray.This product for young larvae effect is good, poor sensitivity to 4-5 instars.
Matters needing attention It is strictly prohibited and a mixture of basic medicine, this product readily availability is poor, should do well the insect mood forecast, prevention and control of pesticide in the pest young period.[1]

Laboratory analysis:
Method name: compound toad venom capsule - determination of matrine - thin layer scanning method
Application: apply to this method adopts the method of thin layer scanning determination of the content of matrine in compound toad venom capsule.
This method is suitable for the determination the content of matrine in compound toad venom capsule.
Method principle: test samples after basification, chloroform extraction, dry, chloroform and ethanol constant volume, the point of sample, separation, with a thin layer of the scanner to scan, with visible detector, lambda S: 530 nm, determine the peak area of matrine, its content is calculated.
Reagents: 1. Benzene, 2. Glacial acetic acid, (3) ether, 4) methanol
Instruments and equipment:
A thin layer of the scanner:
1.2 thin layer plate, containing 0.2% sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as adhesive of silica gel G plate;
1.3 the visible detector
2 chromatographic conditions
2.1 an agent: toluene, acetone ethanol concentration ammonia (20:20:3:1), upward, exhibition of 7 cm.
2.2 color: chromogenic agent for secret test solution, potassium iodide to show after the orange red spots, and on the thin layer plate covering the same size glass plate, fixed with tape around after scanning.
2.3 scan parameters: single wavelength reflection zigzag scanning, lambda S: 530 nm;X = 3.
3. The soxhlet extractor
Sample preparation: 1. The preparation of the reference substance solution, precision weigh and matrine against 10 mg, put in 10 ml volumetric flask, adding ethanol solvent and thinner to scale, shake well, as a reference substance solution.
3. The preparation of test sample solution
Take this product about 2 g powder, precision said.Add 2 mL wet ammonia, buy soxhlet extractor, the chloroform moderate heat reflux extraction 6 h, extract transfer evaporating dish, extracted with chloroform washing 2 times, each time 5 mL, merger, chloroform liquid boil away.Residues and ethanol solution, quantitative moved to 5 mL volumetric flask, adding ethanol diluted to scale, shake well, as the test solution.

Note: "precision according to take" referred to alleged take weight should be accurate to take one over one thousand of the weight."Precision measuring" refers to the accuracy of measuring volume should comply with the national standards for the volume of pipette accuracy requirement.
Steps: matrine reference substance solution 2 ml, 5 ml of test sample solution, the point on the silica gel G plate.With toluene, acetone ethanol concentration ammonia (20:20:3:1), USES the method of thin layer scanning, lambda S: 530 nm, external standard method, quantitative calculate the content of matrine.

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