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Organic Black Rice Wine, Wine Health Food, Organic Wine Dietary Supplements manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top EU Organic Black Rice Wine, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Top EU Organic Black Rice Wine, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 1000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Function: Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke
Certification: ISO, HACCP, QS, KOSHER, SGS EU
Age Group: Adults
Type: Oral Liquid
Gender: Unisex
Feature: Organic, Vitamins, Low-Fat, Sugar-Free, Decaffeinated, Low-Salt, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Flavonoids, Protein

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYHMJ-NO: 01
Packaging: Bottle
Storage Note: Mildew Proof
Logo Printing: With Logo Printing
Product Type: Health Food
Organic Black Rice: Pure Natural Health Food
King of Anthocyanins: Anthocyanins Content Best High
Magical Effect: Anticancer, Antitumour, Resist Radiation
Health Food: No Pollution, No Heavy Metal
Pure Natural Food: No Pathogenic Bacteria, No Artificial Colors
Organic Food: EU Quality
Organic Health Wine: From King Rice of World -Black Rice
Trademark: IYOUTH/YIYU
Transport Package: Bottle/Carton
Specification: SGS EU
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name: EU quality  Organic Black Rice wine From King Rice Of World - Organic  Black Rice, Contains  Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids,  flavonoids, protein,A variety of vitamins and minerals,Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic,Prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, prevention of ischemic stroke, etc..Prolong life. No pollution, No pesticides, No heavy metal, No pathogenic bacteria,Health food. 

375ml/bottle, 32bottles/box
Our top organic black rice wine from China foreign county only is crested ibis habitat on the world
In the 1980 s, in order to protect the rare bird live breeding crested ibis world, China has banned all the crops in the county shall not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides.With the world's only in the paradise, and China's national animal the giant panda, golden monkey, antelope in the zero pollution ecological wild survival in the natural environment.This is the miracle of the world!

EU Top Organic black rice - ecological planting raw materials, is China's only organic black rice of original protection. Very rare and precious.Advantageous geographical environment, the sunshine time is long, pure natural mineral water irrigation, no pollution, no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no harmful material such as plant growth regulator. And got organic certification.
King of rice in world - Organic black rice protein content is 37% higher than ordinary rice, rich in 16 kinds of amino acids, on average 15.8% higher than that of ordinary rice.Therefore, organic brown rice enjoys - king of  rice the world.
Hot same has distinct seasons, rain, warm, humid unique climate characteristics of rainfall, for organic rice growth provides a unique original ecological conditions, 3.78% of organic matter, PH7.4 slightly, boron, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper and other trace elements.Soil green color black, the production of black rice jet black and bright, the quality fine, contains rich anthocyanin.Has the very high nutritional value and medicinal value.
Top EU Organic Black Rice Wine, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke
Our top organic black rice wine unique charm and advantage:
EU top quality organic black rice wine is a unique nutritional health wine, is also a kind of natural health medicinal liquor.Its not copy one characteristic is "organic" : the same latitude on earth the best organic production base of the growth of pure black rice (zero pollution, zero to add, pesticide residues), through ecological organic brew, achievement incomparable excellent quality of health.And the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition rich, also has created the "health and nutrition wine" reputation: the 19 species that are rich in essential amino acids, vitamin B1, B2 and trace elements iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, germanium and other nutrients, is very rare and precious natural nutrition nourishing health wine.

Organic black rice wine nutritional value:
Organic black rice through traditional fermentation at low temperature, low temperature raising culture, low temperature cold storage.Besides containing HuaQing glycosides of brass material in outside, still contain 19 amino acid, total up to 9133.5 mg/L, amino acid content is beer may be, 4 times of that of the wine, sake of 2.18 times, 2.8 times that of Chen cylinder wine total amino acid content is much higher than other wines.And organic HeiMiJiu contains 7 kinds of organic acid content (Oxalate10.5 g/l ;Tartaric Acid 0.81 g/l ; Malic Acid 75.6 g/l; Lactic Acid357.5 g/l ; Acetic acid 147.5 g/l; Citric acid 6.10 g/l; Succinic Acid (0.005 g/l;)
6 kinds of vitamins (VEa 20.35 ug / 100 ml; VE71.123 ug / 100 ml; VB1 25.70 ug / 100 ml;  VB2 45.00 ug / 100 ml; VB5 197.10 ug / 100 ml; VB6 179.60 ug / 100 ml)and minerals (Potassium 35.75 mg / 100 ml; Magnesium 14.75 mg / 100 ml; Zinc 0.61 mg / 100 ml; Selenium 0.50 ug / 100 ml)Total flavonoids and 7.56 mg / 100 ml;0.8 g / 100 ml glucose;Soluble solids 10.5 g / 100 ml;Such as nutrients,this is very rare and precious.

Organic black valley organic wine - Anthocyanins health drink
Black is a kind of connotation, composed a black food energy, on behalf of black food outside with organic  black rice, antioxidant ability, resistance mutation, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, against free radical damage to human body.
Organic brown rice contains 16 kinds of amino acids, but natural fermentation after, reached 19 kinds of amino acids, essential amino acids are complete.Contains rich anthocyanin, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium and other inorganic salt content high, than rice contains more rice lack of VC, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotene level of special nutrients such as cardiac glycoside.
Top EU Organic Black Rice Wine, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke
Organic  black rice contains rich anthocyanin black rice anthocyanins in outer cortex, have very strong anti-aging, anti-oxidation, the brass type of bioactive substances is white rice is five times as much, to prevent arteriosclerosis, heart cerebrovascular disease has very good efficacy.Lysine content is 2.5 times that of the normal white rice, manganese, zinc, copper and other minerals content in 1 ~ 3. Times higher than ordinary rice.Potassium, magnesium and other minerals beneficial to control blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
<Compendium of materia medica>and <Shennong's Herbal>recorded in, black rice haveenriching yin and nourishing kidney, tonifying spleen and appetizers, tonifying middle-Jiao and Qi, salubrity,improving eyesight activating blood circulation to dissipate stasis
and so on.Black rice and brown rice content is very rich in dietary fiber.Dietary fiber can lower blood cholesterol levels, can help prevent coronary atherosclerosis caused by heart disease.
Organic black  rice in addition to rich nutrition, with Chinese medicine theory, according to the theory of five elements - black into the kidney, so any black food, have the magical efficacy of nourishing kidney.A person's lifespan, mainly related to the kidney.Because the kidney is congenital, hidden in the kidney essence, decided to people's life vitality, therefore, suggest that often eating black food and drink black  rice brewing wine, can prolong life.
BLack grain brewing top wine -Enrich the blood, Strong kidney ,Anti-aging, prolong life
Production - The entire organic - No adding - Pigment, No heavy metals, Pathogenic bacteria
Unique three principles - 1. The origin of rare organic brown rice, AAAAA level of plant and animal sanctuary in China natural mineral water, pure organic material.
(2) By pure breed fermentation using pure natural biological process, make the organic nutrients to get play and retention of black rice.
3. The production environment, production base and fermentation containers, filling equipment cleaning and hygiene, the whole production process in accordance with GB/T1960 "organic food" processing standard production.
Unique three low process:
1. Low temperature fermentation - effective control of infectious microbe, reduce evil foreign flavour and vinosity of the pure, wine body harmonize. Taste good, no acerbity feeling, have natural rice fragrant wine. and rich.
2. Low temperature cultivate of fermented grains, organic black rice, effectively retain nutrients and ascension style protrude .
3. Low temperature freezing storage - to enhance the stability of wine body quality and taste, lower wine body is not content, vinosity pure and bright and soft.
 History of black rice wine : China is make wine One of the earliest countries in the world.
From the archaeological data, it is generally believed in BC 2800 -2300 years of longshan culture period has appeared.
History corded more than 3000 years of cultivation history.It not only with color and aroma tempting, more with its rich nutrition, is famous for their nourishing and pharmacologic effect, therefore, be in imperial palace of the tributes.Because of the rare and precious, so it has a black pearl  laudatory name.
However, in one of the cradles of the Chinese nation - The hanshui river basin of the county in southern shaanxi, the latest archaeological discoveries and research proves that in the crested ibis habitat, panda breeding, rice hometown, CAI lun was buried, CHUKOT/a person of great wisdom and resourcefulness station troops, liu bang and rejuvenating the country's ancient and magical land, history not only has a highly developed agriculture, also is the cradle of Chinese wine culture.
In the family of the Chinese wine, in addition to white wine, rice wine, fruit wine, alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice, medicinal liquor history is very long. Especially the medicated wine, originate from the Warring States Period, there is the "medical root wine said,.This 2000 years ago, in ancient medical books<The Internal Canon of Medicine > Have decoction soup undecanted wine andsweet wine discussed, undecanted wine andsweet wine is healing medicinal liquor. age-old medical professionals cure hurt, refers to Medications wine to fill by Wound. Doctor is not leave wine ,important position of wine is medical skill in ancient, .Ancient medical professionals injury, drug use wine to cure the wound, medical from wine, so the traditional "d" word from the unitary (Wine).Visible in the important position in the ancient medical alcohol.After the founding of new China, China's wine industry development, its development trend is gradually from the gloss to low-alcohol liquor;Distilled spirits to brew wine;Food to fruit wine wine;Ordinary wine to quality change;Drink wine to medicinal health wine.Producing high quality natural health wine, meet the needs of domestic and global markets.
Organic rare black rice wine , using organic black rice as raw material, through combining the traditional craft and modern biological technology, pure natural brew.By famous Chinese wine experts, light ministry high Zhu Mei and national rice wine, under the guidance of experts, postdoctoral Xu Hongshun Liang Yanzhang by state-level ZhaiYing snow Dr Has outstanding contribution expert, rice wine, begin from 1984, in the inheritance, on the basis of traditional craft, excavated from the French, German, Japan and other countries advanced science and brewing technology, adopt special starter propagation making and fermentation and saccharify, Distillation, aging and blend.
Top organic black rice wine of effect :
Organic brown rice is a kind of more precious rice varieties, present a violet black color, very sweet, and it is rich in nutrition, taste mellow, sweet can stimulate the digestive gland secretion, increase appetite, help digestion.Organic brown rice through natural fermentation, black rice nutrients fully promoted, and the body to absorb nutrients more easily, is the elderly, women and weak people of tonifying qi and blood.
With organic rice stew meat can make the meat more tender, easy to digest.Glutinous rice wine and refreshing refreshing, quench thirst, promote blood circulation, blood hematopoietic, moisturizing effect.Also has some effect of the following symptoms: colour of face no splendid, spontaneous perspiration;Frail, dizziness or always eye dazzling, sallow complexion, less fatigue, empty stomach pains, and then clear, etc. Black rice wine  belong to the low wine, and it is rich in nutrition, long-term consumption can promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, strong bones and muscles, enhance physical fitness, prolong life

TOP Organic Black Rice wine  appropriate crowd:
 Healthy people and sub-health people. AndBlack glutinous rice wine cold drink with the food product and sedation, to the person of indigestion, or have the symptom such as anorexia, tachycardia, be agitated people have curative effect;Hot hot drink cold clearing damp, huoxue huayu, for low back pain, extremities numbness and tremors, rheumatoid arthritis and injuries;Like to cook with eggs, brown sugar, or a blunt, fill in yiqi, strong bones and muscles, to prevent neurasthenia, thinking trance, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc;Such as respectively with longan and litchi, red jujube, walnut, ginseng, and bring, help Yang strong force, the effect of nourishing qi and blood, virtual failure on fitness, strength loss, anemia, etc. Eat rice wine for everyone, replenishing qi, tonifying qi to raise colour temperature, more suitable for the elderly, women and weak people.But black rice wine although degree is not high, but the staying power is larger, so it must pay attention to the right amount to drink.Care dose every time drinking 30 ml ~ 50 ml.
Warm prompt: Any wine not excessive drinking ,must acording to the dosage, good health and keeping in good health, drinking too much, bad for your health.
Modern people found that although antibiotics and vitamins research has very deep, but also won't solve such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and other modern diseases and sub-health condition, more can't solve the problem of people, anti-aging, prolong life.Scientific research: if can solve the problem of the violation of free radicals, then human cells can truly free growth, life expectancy will reach the age of 125.So people's lifespan is directly depends on the strength of the antioxidant ability to resist free radical, people and anthocyanins found for people around the world have found the easiest and most effective way of antioxidant anti-aging.
Anthocyanins of the discovery and application of human from the 20th century era of antibiotics, vitamins, into the 21st century era of anthocyanins.
With the development of science and technology, people on the safety of food additives is more and more attention, the use of synthetic pigment type and the number has dropped substantially, therefore, the development and application of 100% natural pigment has become a general trend of world food coloring.

Top organic black rice wine contains rich anthocyanin magical role:
1.Help prevent many diseases associated with free radicals, including cancer, heart disease, premature senility and arthritis
2. By preventing stress reaction and smoking causes platelet aggregation to reduce the occurrence of heart disease and stroke.
3. The ability of the immune system to resist cancer-causing substances
4. Reduce the number of colds and shorten the duration;
5. Have the function of the resistance mutation so as to reduce the formation of carcinogenic factor
6. Has the anti-inflammatory effect, and thus can prevent inflammation, including arthritis and swelling;
7. To alleviate hay fever and other allergies
8. Increase the elasticity of arteries, veins and capillaries;
9. Protect the artery wall
10. Maintaining the flexibility of normal blood cells to help red blood cells through the tiny capillaries, thus enhances the whole body blood circulation, for each part of the body organs and systems to bring direct benefits, and enhance the vitality of cells
11. Relax blood vessels to promote blood flow and prevention of high blood pressure, fall blood pressure efficacy);
13. Prevent kidney releases of angiotensin converting enzyme caused by high blood pressure (another fall blood pressure efficacy)
14. As a barrier to protect brain cells, prevent the formation of amyloid beta, glutamic acid
Salt toxicity and free radicals attack, thus to prevent alzheimer's disease
15. Based on the inhibition of collagen enzyme and elastase, makes skin smooth and elastic, from internal and external and prevent skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure, and so on.
16. Anthocyanins also has the effect of radiation, anthocyanins color due to the PH change, most of the anthocyanins has good stability, light, heat, PH value for white collar or prolonged sun exposure, the electric radiation environment of the crowd, the effect of anthocyanins is indispensable.
17. Anthocyanins can promote the rhodopsin in retinal cells regeneration, prevent myopia, improve eyesight.

Top organic black rice wine contains rich anthocyanin magical efficacy:
1, Cancer prevention:Cancer is caused by free radicals damage to genetic material (DNA).Through the protection of the genetic material, anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) will be able to indirectly protect us against cancer.Although it is long, but anthocyanin (Anthocyanosides) does the indirect protection.Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) the effect of scavenging free radicals, may also make cancer cells can't spread smoothly, to protect healthy cells from the cancer cells more erosion.On the other hand some cancer through dissolving organization form and the material of the cell tumor, the cancer cells produce dissolved enzymes and protein enzymes, and anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) can protect the protein from the effects of protein enzymes.Like the pathogenic mechanism of breast cancer is so, so taking anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) can have good inhibitory effect to the development of breast cancer.

2, Improve vision:
Clinical reports of blueberry anthocyanin can promote the retinal cells covering violet (Rhodopsin) generating, can prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, and can improve eyesight.
Flower pigment can improve the vision in the dim light;The drivers for the night, a person who spends a lot of time looking at the screen and so on all have help.Flower pigments are good for the eyes has attracted scientists extensive research, due to the British royal air force pilots during world war ii bombing missions in the night before, will ration diet containing blueberries.Research shows that: anthocyanins of blueberry can accelerate the rhodopsin regeneration ability, to improve visual acuity, it often needs visual flight, vision is very harsh pilots is a big help.
Anthocyanins is a powerful antioxidant, can maintain normal cellular links, the stability of the blood vessels, promote the tiny blood circulation, improve the flow of the capillaries and veins.In mature violet black berries blueberry, there are more than 15 kinds of anthocyanins, can effectively inhibit the enzyme of eye cells, which illustrates the blueberry why are beneficial to the health of the eyes.
3, Oral skin cosmetics:
Anthocyanins in Europe, known as oral skin cosmetics, can prevent skin wrinkles early generation, which is one of nature's most effective antioxidants.It can not only prevent skin wrinkles early generation, more can supplement nutrition and eliminate harmful free radicals in the body.In pure cranberry extract, 95% of the ingredients is a natural substance called anthocyanins.Decades of research found that anthocyanins has many benefits to the health of human body:
Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) is a natural sunshine cover, can prevent ultraviolet enroach on the skin.Belong to the connective tissue, skin hard which contains collagen and elastin play an important role for the entire structure of the skin.Dr Finnish estee (Dr. A H Arstilla) found in the experiment, the sun can kill 50% of the human skin cells.But if use anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) to protect it, is about 85% of the skin cells can survive the death.
4, In the body by scavenging harmful free radicals:
Free radicals is one of the important reasons for the cause of aging and many diseases, it is estimated that about 80% - 90% of the aging and degenerative diseases are related to free radicals, including cancer, alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, skin spots deposition, cataracts, heart disease and so on.So to eliminate harmful free radicals is very important to keep the body healthy and young.Sources confirmed that vitamin before arriving at your work place is oxidation and some lose activity, anthocyanins can maintain and enhance the activity of the vitamin in the body, is vitamin synergistic agent.Blueberry anthocyanins belong to small molecules, water soluble substances, oral dosage forms, easily absorbed by human body quickly and can quickly after oral 45 minutes into the human body tissues and organs.Anthocyanins has good bioavailability in the human body, the connective tissue affinity is strong, stable in acidic environment, long half-life, up to 27 hours, efficacy lasting.Blueberry good safety has been detected and recognized national authoritative department, according to the experiments show that: a man of about 70 kg even for six months a daily dose of 35000 mg of anthocyanins found no adverse reactions.And its ability to fight free radicals of flower pigments 50 times stronger than vitamin E, 20 times stronger than vitamin C.
5, Improve sleep:
As people life rhythm speeding up and work pressure increased, people's normal biological clock will change from time to time, such as continuous work overtime, etc., make people's life habit had to accept change, so often generates the problem of insufficient sleep.Make people can't get enough rest, resulting in a decline in the body's immune regulating function, endocrine disorders, a large number of free radicals in the body.It is the body's immune function decline, the activity of free radicals, make its can continue to damage the parcel on the nerve myelin and hardening, cause the antioxidant enzymes, glutathione, phthalein peroxidase activity levels, causing the brain allergy.Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) has a deep cells protect cell membranes from the role of free radical oxidation, has powerful antioxidant and antiallergic function, can cross the blood brain barrier, can protect brain from oxidation, stability of brain function, protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins.This function is proved why people always said after taking the anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) mind was awake, radically improve the root cause of sleep.
6, Strengthening blood vessels, improve circulation:
Anthocyanins can improve blood circulation and restore lost capillary effect, strengthen the fragile blood vessels, thus blood vessels more elastic.Procyanidins is called "the Antidote against Atherosclerosis" (Atherosclerosis Antidote).Inadequate for venous insufficiency, procyanidins can effectively relieve symptoms such as pain, swelling, night cramps so European doctors often suggest that patients with varicose veins diets rich in anthocyanins blueberry (Anthocyanosides)etc food.

Top EU Organic Black Rice Wine, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke
China's qinling mountains, China's green lung, negative oxygen ion library, natural oxygen bar, WWF called - a gift to the earth.Across the field between sichuan and integrating ecology, natural barrier harassment of modern industrial civilization, the complete preserved the one thousand years of the original ecosystem, maintain the natural, green, the original ecological environment, left only original pure land in the world, more saw the long-standing ecological miracle.
World wild crested ibis, known as the Oriental gem.Only live in China, pure pollution-free qinling.Crested ibis, endangered species in the world, and China's level of endangered animals, once widely distributed in east Asia, because of the global natural environment deterioration, a cross the extinction.
In 1981, the Chinese team after 3 years, travel thousands of miles, finally found the world in China ocean county in hangzhong crested ibis.Then, the Chinese people's government at the county set up crested ibis nature reserve, it is strictly prohibited pesticide chemical fertilizer, in order to protect the last piece of pure land of crested ibis.Crested ibis ocean county by local is regarded as the symbol of auspicious in China.
The world's rare and endangered crested ibis - Oriental gem
A feather as white as snow, the underside of the two wings and circular part of the tail is shine with the brilliance of the scarlet, appear elegant and beautiful.As a result of the crested ibis docile personality, Chinese folk are as auspicious symbol, known as auspicious birds.Oriental gem.
Bird is a lifelong monogamy, crested ibis is a bird of love loyalty!
eserve, it is strictly prohibited pesticide chemical fertilizer, in order to protect the last piece of pure land of crested ibis.Crested ibis ocean county by local is regarded as the symbol of auspicious in C

Black rice the effect and function:
Black rice is a kind of medicine, food combination of rice, rice quality and taste is very good, very pure.Black rice cultivation has a long history, is China's ancient and rare rice varieties.According to legend the emperor from two thousand years ago, they were first identified by looking at hou zhang qian.Think black rice has significant Chinese medicinal value, GuNong used: black rice enriching yin and nourishing kidney, fitness warm stomach, bright eye and invigorate the circulation of blood, removing heat from the liver and lubricate the intestines,clearing damp and boost essence, tonifying lung slow tendon etc; Can be used as a medicine into the meat, and of dizziness, anemia and white hair, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, night blindness and tinnitus disease, curative effect is  especially good.Long-term edible that can prolong life.As a result, people commonly known as: Medicine rice, longevity rice.Because it is the most suitable for pregnant women, such as maternal blood, also known as the  childbirth month rice , enrich the blood rice, etc.China folk have meet on the black must nutritious.
Every emperor also for  it as palace keep in good health treasures, known as the kongmy.
<Compendium of materia medica>and<Shennong's Herbal> recorded in, black rice haveenriching yin and nourishing kidney, tonifying spleen and appetizers, tonifying middle-Jiao and Qi, 
activating blood circulation to dissipate stasis
and so on.Black rice and brown rice content is very rich in dietary fiber.Dietary fiber can lower blood cholesterol levels, can help prevent coronary atherosclerosis caused by heart disease.

The nutritional value of black rice
1, Black rice contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and other nutrients, rich nutrition;
2, Black rice, scavenging free radicals, improve iron deficiency anemia, resistance to stress response and immune regulation, and other physiological functions;
3,In brass compounds in black rice can maintain normal osmotic pressure of blood vessels and reduce blood vessel brittleness, prevent hemal rupture and bleeding;
4, Black rice has antibacterial, the effect of lowering blood pressure, inhibit cancer cell growth;
5, Black rice also have improve myocardial nutrition, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, etc
Organic black rice food therapy role :
Confirmed that modern medicine, organic brown rice have ziyin kidney, spleen and liver, warming benefit spleen and stomach, yiqi huoxue, nourishing the liver clear vision, etc.Regular consumption of black rice, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of dizziness, dizzy, anemia, hair, eye disease, lumbar debility, phlegm-heat type. Cough, constipation, urination, kidney empty edema, loss of appetite, spleen and stomach weak, etc.As black rice nutrients contained more gathered in the black layer, therefore should not be processed, third meters advisable to eat brown rice or standard.According to the nutrient expert li millet well study, organic brown rice vitality index is 7.7021, prevention and management of food index is 36.05, the strong health care function.
   Organic black rice nutritional analysis:
Black rice proteins, carbohydrates, B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other nutrients, rich nutrition.Compared with ordinary rice, black rice and brown rice protein content is high, not only the essential amino acids to be complete, also contains a lot of natural black rice pigment, a variety of trace elements and vitamins, particularly rich in iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc.
Organic brown rice contains manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salt generally 1 ~ 3 times higher than rice;More contains rice lack vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotene and special ingredients such as cardiac glycoside, and black rice more nutrition than ordinary rice.Feed more black rice with appetizing yi, spleen and liver, warm eyes, invigorate the circulation, slippery acerbity and replenish the essence, for young white hair, women postpartum frail, body deficiency and anemia, kidney deficiency after illness has the very good effect.
Edible value is high, in addition to the porridge, also can make all kinds of nutritious food and wine.Modern medical science has confirmed that black rice have ziyin kidney, spleen and liver, improving eyesight, invigorate the circulation of warm curative effect, etc.
The color of black rice was different from other meters, mainly because of its external cortex contains anthocyan pigments, this kind of pigment itself has a strong anti-ageing effect.Research shows that both at home and abroad, the color of rice, the greater the anti-aging effect of skin pigment, the effect of black rice pigment was the strongest in all sorts of color of rice.In addition, this also is rich in flavonoids active material in the pigment, more than 5 times that of white rice, has a great role in preventing atherosclerosis
People since ancient times, black rice was as a tonic and health products. <Red mansions>What is said in imperial tian rouge rice precisely for atropurpureus black sticky rice.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, black rice have enriching yin and nourishing kidney, tonifying spleen and warm liver, improving eyesight and invigorate the circulation of blood of function , can cure anemia, dizziness, vision is not clear, early white hair, and other disorders.
Black rice because of black rice contains more dietary fiber, starch digestion speed is slow, blood sugar index only 55 (White rice is 87), therefore, not like to eat white rice so cause sharp fluctuations in blood glucose. 
In addition, the potassium, magnesium and other minerals in black rice and conducive to control blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.Therefore, patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease can edible black rice as part of the diet aftercare.Black rice porridge or boring meals can yet be regarded as an ideal tonic food.
Top EU Organic Black Rice Wine, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke
The world's endangered species extinction, influence on human and results:
[ One biological extinction spectrum evolution of the end or the death of the whole spectrum ]
Refers to extinction came species on the earth is no longer exists.Since 3.5 billion years ago in life on earth, over 500 million species, most now have faded.Extinction as a natural phenomenon in the evolution of life on earth, this is a normal event, such as trilobites, 250 million years ago, 65 million years ago, dinosaurs have to dust.However, since the dawn of the industrial society, cavalierly participate in nature after the transaction, make the extinction greatly ahead of schedule.

[One biological extinction spectrum evolution end or the death of the whole spectrum ] extinction consequences:
Extinction consequences: because as the earth absolute advantage of natural populations of our life road interference, the environmental damage, excessive development, blind introduction, a combination of factors, such as environmental pollution, a lot of wild species extinction, some large vertebrate species were recorded, since 1600, a total of 720 species of extinct animals.Without being recorded species, especially invertebrates, much more.Toothless manatee was discovered in the 27 years later they were extinct (in the bering strait in 1854).More species have not been our cognition, then quietly gone.To this end, we will set up a proper, mourning for the extinction of unknown.
Nature of sentient beings after ten million years of evolution, evolution, properly placed, according to the energy flow of the biosphere, material circulation, information transmission process plays a different role, play their own roles, the so-called "inherent my material will be useful", abnormal extinction of any one species, for us, are irreparable damage.The disappearance of a species, at least means a complex, the destruction of the unique gene pool, is equivalent to our children and grandchildren and a less of the seeds.
Survival of a species at the same time also affects the associated with the ebb and flow of multiple species.According to research, each kill 1 plant, there will be 10-30 attached to its other plants, insects, and the higher animals then found.Mauritius dodo was killed the last 17 century, not several years, the island's big Lu olive tree also gradually disappeared, because this kind of tree seed must be through the digestive tract can sprout in the transitional dodo, initiation.
The tapestry of life, interlocking, filar silk, both predator and prey, producers and consumers, and disintegrator, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, mutual restrict, so as to achieve dynamic balance, relatively stable, as in gothic puts it: Everything in to living, living beings and mutual benefit".When a species of local extinction greatly change and influence the population size of other species, will chain, a cumulative, potentially resulting in spate of extinction of other species.This is our dominoes image is presented to you.
In deer garden of extinct animals cemetery, a pressure to a stone fell, in turn according to the extinction of a chain reaction.To this, we will make such a question to the public: when the extinction of dominoes fell in succession, as one of the human, you will be able to survive, in the disaster and flee?
Since 3.5 billion years ago in life on earth, more than 500 million kinds of creatures, most now have faded.Extinction as the evolutionary history of life on earth has a natural phenomenon, this is a normal event, such as trilobites, 250 million years ago, 250 million years ago, dinosaurs have to dust.However, since the dawn of the industrial society, cavalierly participate in nature after the transaction, make the extinction greatly ahead of schedule.Geological times the speed of species extinction is very slow, the average extinction 1 300 species, 1 kind of beast average extinction in 8000;By the year 1600 to 1700, every 10 years 1 kind of extinction;From 1850 to 1950, the average extinction rate for birds and animals every year one, i.e. there are more than 100 animals extinct, and the extinction still existed in the trend of acceleration.Since 1600, the recorded information of extinct animal already staggering: 120 species of animals and 250 species of birds no longer exists.According to a report by the United Nations environment programme (unep) said: 1 species extinct every minute in the world, every day, 1 species extinction, this is much higher than the natural rate of extinction "background" thousands of times, the situation is serious on the quality of life of the planet and warning!
Poland's original extinction, 1627, 1780, Pacific fai starlings extinct, in 1876 the fukushima dieb extinction, 1860 South Africa quagga extinction, 1914 north American tour pigeon extinction, Australia tasmanian tiger extinction in 1948, the Caribbean monk seal extinction in 1952, the 1964 Asian crown sheldrake extinction...It is no wonder that a United Nations official says: if Darwin alive today, his work can be focused on species obituary, instead of on the origin of species.

100% natural EU 100%natural organic black rice wine chinese patent/Sweet is beneficial to human body.
All red including organic black rice wine red wine/ fermented natural contains the body of the three major nutrients necessary to sustain the life activities: vitamin, sugar and protein.Glucose is the human essential nutrients to sustain life, strengthening the body, is the main source of energy.Any  red wine fermented by natural usually contains rich amino acids, 18 ~ 24 kinds of amino acids, is human body essential nutrients.Organic acids in wine also many, such as grape acid, citric acid, malic acid, mostly from grape juice, can effectively mediate the nerve center, relaxing tendons, for mental and manual workers, are all essential nutrients.Dry red wine also contains Ve, Vb, VB2 and so on a variety of vitamins and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and other minerals, including minerals together with a variety of trace elements, has the very high nutritional value and effect.

Women and men can drink pure natural fermented (such as wild rose wine and roses pomegranate wine grapes, natural red wine, natural Chinese wolfberry wine, natural pomegranate wine, natural wine, natural sea buckthorn wine, natural ginseng wine, natural organic black rice etc.) of 11 major benefits:
Both for men and for women, through the biological natural fermented fruit wine, contains rich amino acids, it by promoting metabolism, to clear oxygen free radicals, nutrition skin, make the person's skin is more delicate, more vitality, more show radiant presence, can raise colour beauty.
 2, Helps to improve memory
Scientists published experimental results show that moderate drinking natural fermentation brewing technology of all kinds of red wine, help to improve the brain memory and learning ability.Two from doctors at the university of milan the into a large number of experiments found that moderate drinking wine will promote certain chemicals in the brain, this kind of material can promote the generation of a related to nerve cells in the memory.According to measurement: this generation is not after drinking wine drinkers to enhance the brain's memory and learning ability.Another doctor found that obese patients lose weight during the appropriate drinking wine, will keep exuberant energy, not depressed, as the diet causes memory loss.
3, Anti-aging
The body just like metal, in nature will gradually "oxidation".Oxidation of the human body the culprit is not oxygen, but the oxygen free radicals, is a kind of cell nucleus containing unpaired electrons the activity of genes.The unpaired electron is very easy to cause chemical reactions, damage to DNA  proteins and lipids, and other important biological molecules, and, in turn, affects the cell membrane transport process, make the function of each tissue and organ damage, promote the body's aging.Red wine contains more antioxidants, such as phenolic compound, tannic acid, flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, microelement selenium, zinc, manganese, etc., can eliminate or against oxygen free radicals and so - with the role of the old disease.
4, Beauty to raise colour effect
Since the ancient times, red wine as a beauty to raise colour, very popular.Often drink red wine.Delicate skin, moist and full of elasticity, red wine can prevent failure anti-aging, make the skin have fewer wrinkles.In addition to drink, there are many people like to red cha in the face and body, because of the low concentration of fruit acid has anti-wrinkle cleansing effect.Although, the benefits of drinking red wine very much, but with the amount limit.Experts believe that drinking red wine, calculated at 12% alcohol content, every day should not be more than 250 ml, otherwise it will harm to health.
5, Prevention of cancer
Grape skins contain resveratrol, anti-cancer properties in hundreds of the best in the human often feed plants.Can prevent normal cellular canceration and inhibit the spread of cancer cells.Among various kinds of wine, the highest content of resveratrol in red wine.Because resveratrol can make cancer cells lose activity ability, so red wine is smoked in the cancer prevention.
6, Inhibit fat absorption
Japanese scientists have found that red wine can inhibit fat absorption, there are mice in test, rats drinking wine after a period of time, found that the intestinal absorption of fat warming and make clinical trials on people, also get the same conclusion.
7, Prevent breast cancer
The latest experimental results shows: the wine beverage, feeding has induced mice had cancer, found that wine has a strong inhibition of cancer.American researchers at the university of Illinois, pharmaceutical, choose the mulberry, peanuts, in the grape skins - most anti-cancer activity.American scientists recently now, wine contains a kind of chemicals can prevent breast cancer, a San Francisco wine institute, Roy Williams told a press conference in Washington, they found in red wine and white wine, a kind of the material that has the effect that prevent breast cancer.This material so have this effect, because it can anti-estrogen, while estrogen associated with breast cancer.
8, The prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Red Wine in the original flower pigment, can stability of various membrane collagen fiber, reduce the permeability of blood vessel walls to prevent hardening of the arteries.In addition, the original flower pigment infarction mortality risk.According to the medical research council statistics show that love drinking low-alcohol wines of France, Italy, the lowest death rates for heart disease, and drink liquor, wine fewer americans, finns heart disease mortality rate is very high.
9, Prevention and treatment of retinal degeneration
Harvard University study found that red wine has the role of preventing macular degeneration (see meat film).Macular degeneration is due to the harmful free oxygen, make the macular damaged inside the body, and wine, especially red wine contains can eliminate oxygen swim - from base material -- Bai Li reed alcohol, can protect the visual Shen Jiao from its harm.Test has proved that drinking a small amount of red wine, often risk of macular degeneration 20% lower than the drinker.
10, Prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis
White hellebore is contained in wine, it is a phytoalexin, inhibition of platelet aggregation.Experiments show that: although red wine will be diluted 1000 times, still effectively to inhibit platelet aggregation, inhibition rate was 42%, and can reduce the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis.
11, The prevention and treatment of kidney stones
German scientists in the study found that moderate drinking wine can prevent kidney stones.Munich university institute of medicine doctors recently pointed out: the more drinking beverages can prevent kidney stones tradition is not science, nor comprehensive, the most - the important thing is to see, what kind of drinks through the clinical observation of 45000 healthy people and patients, the researchers confirmed that often drink appropriate of red wine, not easy to get kidney stones.
Red wine is good, but can't be too fond of drink! Before drinking at the same time, should also pay attention to choice of red wine, can the be fond of according to oneself to choose to buy. After opening, one-time drink as much as possible.If deposit needs to be edible natural wax sealed bottle, the most ideal.Didn't open the red wine storage need drop down /prone to deposit.
12. Drink Natural fermented wine/red wine can prevent women ischemic apoplexy
Women drink red wine after a meal a long time ,can reduce the occurrence of ischemic apoplexy.
U.S. researchers in 224 happened in ischemic stroke, aged from 15 to 45 years old woman, in the process of research, the researchers for their drinking condition and lifestyle visit investigation.
Results show that, compared with teetotal women, women who drink two glasses of wine a day on average, in the risk of ischemic stroke by 40% to 60% less in the red wine is rich in flavonoids ingredients, the French because long-term likes to drink red wine, the chance of cardiovascular disease is lower than other countries, in addition to the red wine, red grape juice also similarly have similar health care function, grape juice, the enrichment of its ingredients have to strengthen the blood vessels, the effect of the prevention of cardiovascular disease, red wine and red wine grape juice contains very rich in all kinds of antioxidants, so is very helpful to fight free radicals, especially to prevent cardiovascular disease and alzheimer's disease, such as slow sexually transmitted disease, because they can remove free radicals,warm prompt: Although red wine contains antioxidants flavonoid, but the content of alcohol also let a person cannot drink much, especially not drinkers, drink red wine in moderation, every time not exceeding 100 ml. this is beneficial for your health.
Top EU Organic Black Rice Wine, Rich Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Stroke
What is ischemic apoplexy?

Ischemic apoplexy is caused on the basis of cerebral thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis cerebral infarction, cerebral hemiplegia and disturbance of consciousness caused by blocked arteries.Cerebral thrombosis in 50 years after onset, more men, more often to rest, rest or sleep onset of symptoms, incidence is bleeding in the brain is slow.Common premonitory symptoms, such as dizziness, numbness or weakness on one side of the body, are more likely to occur when blood pressure is low.A few patient can have shallow, moderate coma, about 24 hours gradually awake, cerebrospinal fluid examination is normal.Clinical manifestations of different lesion blood vessel position varies, cerebral thrombosis in within a few days after the onset of the illness is more stable, 2 to 3 weeks due to edema subsided and collateral circulation establishment that the lifting.Cerebral embolism patients often have heart disease, fracture, tumor and some clinical operations such as intravenous injection, the influence of the artificial pneumothorax, abdominal gas, such as cerebral angiography, neurological symptoms occur suddenly, we must consider to have cerebral embolism.

 Ischemic apoplexy, ischemic apoplexy clinical symptoms:
1. Suddenly a side face, upper or lower limbs numbness, weakness, crooked mouth, mouth water.This is because of a shortage of supply, the damaged brain governs neural pathways in the trunk.
2. A sudden trouble speaking, or don't understand what others say.This is caused by a lack of cerebral blood flow, influence the language center.
3. Suddenly feel dizzy, flutter instability.This is due to the small brain, affecting the balance function.The warning can be temporary, later on will disappear, also may break out repeatedly, or aggravate gradually.
Ischemic apoplexy:
A few patient can have shallow, moderate coma, about 24 hours gradually awake, cerebrospinal fluid examination is normal.Clinical manifestations of different lesion blood vessel position varies, cerebral thrombosis in within a few days after the onset of the illness is more stable, 2 to 3 weeks due to edema subsided and collateral circulation establishment that the lifting.Cerebral embolism patients often have heart disease, fracture, tumor and some clinical operations such as intravenous injection, the influence of the artificial pneumothorax, abdominal gas, such as cerebral angiography, neurological symptoms occur suddenly, we must consider to have cerebral embolism.Cerebral embolism abruptly, can have a brief disturbance of consciousness, often occur in small and medium-sized cerebral artery, can appear the limitations hemiplegia, aphasia, or epilepsy.Embolus cerebral embolism may be blood flow to the distal arteries, or washed broken and scattered into the smaller arteries, so the signs and symptoms in the short term there were improved markedly.

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