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Ginseng Wine Top Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine, Aphrodisiac Wine Ginsenosides, Ginseng Ginseng Root manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine, Anticance, Protect Liver, Nourishing Blood Hematopoiesis, Anticance, Enhance Memory, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Food, Prolong Life, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Organic Ginseng Top Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine, Anticance, Protect Liver, Nourishing Blood Hematopoiesis, Anticance, Enhance Memory, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Food, Prolong Life

Top Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine, Anticance, Protect Liver, Nourishing Blood Hematopoiesis, Anticance, Enhance Memory, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Food, Prolong Life

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 10000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Certification: ISO, FDA, HACCP, SGS EU
Application: Food, Beauty, Medicinal, Edible, Nourishing Blood, Strengthen Body, Prolong Life
Sensing,Ginseng Wine: Promoting Meridian and Blood, Prolong Life
Top Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine: Protect Live, Enhance Memory, Antitumor
Health Food: Strengthening Tendons and Bones, Antiaging
Aphrodisiac Wine: Enhance Sexual Desire, Nourishing Kidney

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYRSDGJ-NO: 01
Ginseng Tonic Wine: Nourishing Blood and Hematopoietic, Anticancer
Pure Natural Ginseng Wine: Clearing and Activating Channels and Collaterals
Storage Method: Normal
Packaging Material: Bottle Glass
Extraction Process: Traditional Craft and Modern Biology
Raw Material: Pure Natural
Transport Package: Bottle/Box
Specification: SGS EU
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Description
Product name:Top EU Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine,Anticance,Protect liver, nourishing blood hematopoiesis,Anticance,  Enhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting meridian and blood,Resistance to disease, Anticancer, Antitumor,Antiaging, Enhance immunity, Nourishing blood and hematopoieticPure natural biological brewing, No pigment, No preservatives. Health food,Prolong life.
125ml/bottle; 48bottles/box
250ml/bottle; 24bottles/box
500ml/bottle; 18bottles/box
750ml/bottle; 16bottles/box
Taking method and dosage: Once or twice a day, each time 10 ML ~ 30ML.
Suit  the crowd: Adults, Male and female
Forbid the crowd: Children and pregnant women
Top natural ginseng angelica tonic wine adopt China clean original ecological environment to the survival of the rare, precious changbai mountain 6 years organic ginseng root and 100% natural Chinese angelica, barbary wolfberry fruit, pure food, through the unique traditional craft and modern biotechnology wine brewing.Keep the bioactive and angelica medlar, ginseng essence, has the unique ginseng fragrance and mild full-bodied medicine Smell and taste.Rich ginsenoside in nutritional value very high, the vinosity fragrance , vinosity ginseng yellow, limpidity and transparent, taste mellow.
China's changbai mountain ginseng is well known in the world, and past dynasties for the king of  all kinds of grass ginseng, ginseng drink often intellectual man fit body, resistance to disease, and kidney, protect the liver, enhance immunity,  Improve the quality of sex life,resist radiation, anti-cancer, enhance memory, Nourishing blood and hematopoiesis, Improve sperm count and vitality, Eliminate free radicals, clearing and activating the channels and collaterals and magical effect, since ancient times have a prolong life good reputation.No pathogenic bacteria, no antibiotics, no heavy metal, no pesticide residues, no pigment, no preservatives.100% pure natural health tonic.Best-selling all over the world.
Top Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine, Anticance, Protect Liver, Nourishing Blood Hematopoiesis, Anticance, Enhance Memory, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Food, Prolong Life
Organic ginseng - From ancient times to the present, it is very rare, treasure top ingredientsm, in <Shennong's Herbal>Record, Ginseng can nourishing the five internal organs ( heart,liver,spleen,lungs and kidneys ),pacify spirit, stability the spirits and animal forces of man,to cherish the valuable top ingredients, recorded in the cold-induced febride, ginseng - fill five zang-organs, spirit, soul, and prevent the fright, Prevent fright, remove to  pathogenic factor, improving eyesight and happy  and alpinia oxyphylla, Long-term use, the body relaxed, promoting longevity .Li shizhen in the <Compendium of materia medica> task ginseng  can to cure male and  female all deficiency syndrome.
We the only sources of top quality organic ginseng original ecological environment suitable for the growth of km above sea level of pollution-free ecological base of changbai mountain, changbai mountain, with deep, surrounded by deep and clear changbai mountain tianchi, perennial moist climate, shady cool and cold, there is a large number of rare biological resources, organic ginseng rely solely on natural law, absorb the essence of the sun, And all year by one of the world s three big alkaline mineral water of production place, China's changbai mountain tianchi water nourish,Tianchi alkaline mineral water limpidity and sweet, rich in minerals, a variety of active ingredients in plant fully accumulate in the body. It contains more than 300 kinds of nutrients, which can effectively promote the blood circulation, promote bone marrow hematopoietic function, fill gas blood tonic, enhanced physique and immunity.Ginseng have prevent virtual body, enhance memory, strong heart, resist fatigue, resist radiation, anti-cancer effect, such as neurasthenia, menopausal syndrome, activate cells, anti-aging and other magical effect, No pollution, do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, no growth hormone.No harm, do not use the chemical additives, preservatives, non-gmo. Won the domestic and international several organic certification authority. 

China organic ginseng live advantageous geographical environment, the unique source of water, the unique climate, unique environment, the details are as follows:
1. Unique Source of water: One of the world s three big alkaline mineral water of production place , China's deepest lake, changbai mountain tianchi, located in southeast China, jilin province, is China and north Korea's tianchi lboundary lake, north of the lake in jilin province, is the source of the songhua river. Because it's position is high, the water surface elevation 2150 meters, so called Tianchi.
Along with the Alps in Europe, Russia Caucasus mountain enjoy equal popularity, spread all over the rich selenium mineral spring, for organic ginseng transport nutrients. 
Pour down from tianchi changbai waterfall fly, the biggest fall of volcanic lake is one of the world, it rumble like thunder, The water splashed in all directions, fog is cover sky. jinjiang waterfalls is located in royal crown south, Two fall converge into a mighty torrent, droped trough, heartquake, with tianchi waterfall a north and a south , echo each other at a distance, the spectacular. Vividly the reappear suspected order Longchi of spray auspicious snow, it like the sky hang flight flow torrents "magical realm, swimmers be personally on the scene, can produce fine rain drift, The ease of ice-cold heart be pleased feeling.
2.Unique Of Climate: China's Changbai mountain known as: one thousand snow  cover and selaginella tamariscina, straight up first on the highest peak reputation in the world.A year for 7 ~ 8 months is covered by snow, the minimum temperature of 40 degrees below zero, has produced more purity of the original ecological environment in low temperature.
Perennial original forest floor timeout and thick accumulation of leaves natural fertilizer, not only suitable for ginseng growth, also all kinds of rare wild edible fungus growth.
3.Unique Of Environment: One of three natural resources treasure in China, in 1980 to join the United Nations - man and biosphere, reserve network, to become the world's great natural original ecology environmental protection one of the best reservation, known as the natural museum.
Ginseng, perennial herbaceous plants, like a cool, moist climate, more than in 500 ~ 1100 meters above sea level mountain of small temperature difference between day and night in gentle slope or the slope of mixed needle or miscellaneous wood in the forest.Because the root hypertrophy, shape if the spindle, often have split ends, all seemingly people head, hand, foot and limbs, so called ginseng.Ginseng growth in one thousand, is extremely rare, very high medicinal value.

Top organic Ginseng nutrition value:
Red ginseng(Also called cooked gingeng), sun-dried ginseng  or white ginseng of the a total extract more than 30 kinds of ginsenoside (can be divided into three groups, namely oleanolic acid group, the protopanoxadiol group and raw panaxatriol group), respectively called ginseng saponins (Ginsenoside) - RX (Note: X = 0, a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3, c, d, e, f, g1, g2 and g3, h1, h2, h3, s1, s2), there are fake ginseng saponins F11, etc. Ginsenoside for ginseng physiologically active material basis , When the separation aglucone ,due to the effect of dilute acid, molecular side chain of hydroxyl and olefinic bond cyclization and Ginseng two alcohol and ginseng three alcohol, Ginseng two alcohol and ginseng three alcohol all are triterpene compounds.
      Because of their different structure ginsenosides have formed different saponins monomer, the effect of different monomer is different.
Rh2: has the inhibition of cancer cells to other organs, enhance immunity, quickly restore the function of the constitution.On the transfer of cancer cells has obvious effect, but with surgery to take to enhance the healing of the wound after the operation, and the strength.
 1. Rg1: can quickly restore fatigue, improve the learning and memory, anti-aging, have excited central nervous function, inhibit platelet aggregation function.
 2. Rg2: have anti-shock effect, rapidly improve myocardial ischemia and hypoxia, treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease.
 3. Rg3: G2 reproductive cycle can be applied to cells, inhibit cancer cell mitosis prophase, the synthesis of protein and ATP that the proliferation of cancer cells to grow at a slower pace, and can inhibit cancer cell infiltration, antitumor cell transfer and promote tumor cell apoptosis and inhibiting tumor cell growth.
 4. Rb1: American ginseng, American ginseng, most influential potential animal testicles, will also affect the embryonic development of mice, has the function of enhancing choline system increase acetylcholine synthesis and release, and improve memory.
 5. Rb2:s much-publicised: DNA, RNA synthesis promoting effect, can inhibit the central regulation of central nervous system, reduce the intracellular calcium, antioxidant, remove free radicals and improve myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury, and so on
 6.  Rc: ginseng saponins, sterols in the Rc is a kind of ginseng.Can inhibit cancer cell function.Can increase sperm motility.
 7. Rb3: can enhance myocardial function, protect the body's own immune system.Can be used in the treatment of various causes of failure of myocardial contractility. Rh: has the inhibitory effect of central nervous, hypnosis, analgesic, sedative, antipyretic, promote the synthesis of serum protein function.
 8. Rh1: how to promote the role of DNA synthesis promoting hepatocyte proliferation, can be used for the treatment and prevention of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.
 9. Ro: have diminish inflammation, detoxification, antithrombotic effect, inhibition of acid of platelet coagulation and anti hepatitis activated macrophages.
Among them especially antitumor effect of RH2 ginsenosides in which is the strongest, enhance immunity, relieve fatigue effect is best, in the medical journal has published its efficacy. But RH2 ginsenosides in ginseng content rarely, very expensive.
Pharmacological effects: ginseng total saponins from five plus the ginseng root, the stem leaf extract refined but become, rich in 18 kinds of ginseng saponins monomer, water soluble in 80 ° C, easily soluble in ethanol. Mainly applied to coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, heart rate is too slow, too fast, premature ventricular bo, blood pressure disorder, neurasthenia, menopausal syndrome, excessive fatigue, illness, postpartum, postoperative symptoms such as weak; after long suit can lengthen your life, and can enhance physical strength, the treatment of cancer caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with low immune function disorder; resistant to heat and cold stress. At the same time with strengthening the vitality of the body surface cells and inhibiting aging, etc.

Organic acids and esters are: Citric acid, Isocitric acid, Fumaric acid, Ketone glutaric acid, Oleic acid, Linoleic acid, maleic acid, malic acid, pyruvic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, ginseng acid, salicylic acid, vanillic acid, hydroxy cinnamic acid, triglyceride, palmitic acid, three hexadecanoic acid glyceride, α,γ-Two palmitic acid glyceride, trimethylene triolein, glycosyl diacylglycerol.
Vitamins are vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, nicotinamide.
Sterol and their glycosides are: beta sitosterol, stigmasterol, daucosterol, campesterol, ginseng saponins P and ester sterol.
In addition, ginseng is still contains: adenosine invertase, L - aspartate enzyme, beta amylase, sucrose invertase;Maltol, including alkanes, kaempferia galanga phenol, ginseng flavone glycoside, and copper, zinc, iron, manganese and other 20 kinds of trace elements.
Saponins of ginseng stem leaf, and root are consistent basically.Ginseng, ginseng buds, and leaves, and flowers, and fruit, such as the content of total saponins, is higher than the root, is worth further use.

The effect of Organic ginseng and function:
1, Organic ginseng taste sweet, bitter, lukewarm, spleen, lung, heart, kidney meridian, qi male body, up more than drop;Can fill gas solid, spleen profit lung, calming nerves and mind, the effect of yangxue fluid.
2, Organic ginseng attending a serious illness, a long illness, caused by loss of blood, fluid energy to take off, god exhausted micro pulse;Temper of food less tired, vomiting, diarrhea;Lung qi weakness shortness of breath, palpitations, cough weakness;, insomnia of deficiency of heart failure were horrified forgetful, body deficiency sweat;Jin kui thirst, thirsting disorder;Blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness;Kidney impotence, urinary frequency, qi deficiency diseases.
China organic ginseng ingredients:
Derived from the original ecology, China - changbai mountain ginseng contains the most varied assortment of ginseng saponins, has been isolated over ten, according to the basic structure, the classification: Glycols, Tirol,Oleanane kind,
, each are not identical, its pharmacological effects.  in terms of its structure, any other ginseng kind of plants all do not match.
China's changbai mountain ginseng organic also isolated ten more variety Poly has acetylene compounds, the compounds can inhibit cancer cell reproduction, with antiplatelet effect and antioxidant effect, its high content of too much of other plants, also contain life defense function of protein, polysaccharide, acidic polysaccharides and resistance to complement active polysaccharide bodies.Body of acidic polysaccharides can promote fat, decomposition of toxins, and enhance immune function.
China's changbai mountain ginseng organic of polyphenol compounds containing a large number of related to the inhibition of aging inhibition of lipid peroxidation and sexual material, anti-aging effect to human body.And normal components of the protein, coarse weave dimension, as well as the total amino acid content than other classes, especially the threonine, glutamic acid, proline, gration, alanine, cystine, lysine, volatile oil, the content of phenol of malt is far more than other classes.Traditional Chinese medicine research institute of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine NiMuYun experts such as test changbai mountain ginseng organic results: 10.9059% of the total saponins content, volatile oil content is 0.042%, malt 0.2738% phenol content, free amino acid content in the water decoction of 2.9160%...
China organic ginseng efficacy:
Modern scientific research results show that ginseng medicinal effect is various, in addition to the ancient medical literature related content is consistent, the modern clinical practice has proved that ginseng has a strong heart, calm mind, adjust the action of the central nervous system;Improve physical and mental work, enhance memory function;Fatigue effect;Have anti-cancer effect and enhance the body immunity;Promote metabolism, endocrine system active;Can enhance liver detoxification function;Improve the content of hemoglobin in the blood and bone marrow hematopoietic capacity;Resistant to radiation efficiency;Have to regulate blood sugar lowering cholesterol,
Weight loss lipid-lowering effect and so on.In terms of beauty, ginseng has reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, remove spots, soft hair and prevent hair loss, and so on ginseng effect on the treatment of diseases and health care efficacy are various, while the strangest is the function of bidirectional regulation and constant function to sustain life.Long take ginseng can strengthen body and  can enhance sexual function , prolong life.

Is wine good for health or harmful?
This problem should be scientific and objective to treat. Actually drink need reasonable, scientific and healthy dose of drink.In general, a small amount of alcohol is good for body health, a large number of drinking is harmful to the body.Is the key to the amount of alcohol, the alcohol can not too much, usually  drinking methods every time: Natural tonic health wine, ginseng tonic wine( Once or twice a day, every time10ML~30ML); high liquor and liquor drink( Once or twice a day, every time50ML), red wine( Once or twice a day, every time100ML),  beer( Once or twice a day, every time300ML), this is good for your health.
If a small amount of drink, wine can keep out the cold cold, open main and collateral channels, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and dispel damp, displacement solution of fatigue. Eliminate fatigue, and prolong life.
Compendium of materia medicaRecord:Wine can promoting qi to activate blood,clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, carry drug properties to disease position of lesions, also can adjust of emotions, appetizers and tonifying spleen...it serves to show, wine is to be able to produce some beneficial effects to the human body.In addition, the wine can make people happy of heart, wine can help people  melancholy forget sorrow, let a person be in uplifting in spirit, to get rid of distress and sorrow.
Warm prompt:
Scientific conclusion: 
White wine can not drink and beer at the same time, because although beer is low alcoholic beverages, but it contains carbon dioxide and water in great quantities, so, after they drink beer and liquor blending, will accelerate the osmosis of alcohol in the body, in the liver, stomach and kidney organs such as the strong stimulation and harm, affect the production of digestive enzymes, reduce gastric acid secretion, can cause stomach cramps and bleeding caused by acute enteritis and the harm of cardiovascular is bigger.Therefore, should not be beer and liquor mixed drink. And beer can promote human body to absorb alcohol drunk more easily .Mixed with white wine and beer drinking consequences:
More easily drunk: mainly because of white wine and beer is different nature of the wine. White wine is distilled wine/ liquor,beer is fermented wine, so both wine composition is different. Except a small amount of fusel oil in liquor might be mainly ethanol, and contain many elements such as carbon dioxide in beer, peptides and amino acids, inorganic salts, vitamins and antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols, there are some material can promote the absorption of alcohol. So the mixed liquor and beer drinking, it is easier to get drunk, it is easier to vomit, and finally suffered significantly greater than that of single drink a drunk feeling, make the tipsy feeling coming ahead of time, cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even cause other symptoms. Even damage the liver.So every time drinking must limit the dose.
As long as the moderate drinking every day, is helpful for heart health.The King 's College and st. Thomas Hospital, experts said in a study of young men and women want to maintain robust bone is one of the best ways: every day to drink a glass of beer.Every day to drink beer, can provide a large number of natural sources of silicon, are very helpful for healthy bones.In addition, make beer would taste bitter HOP (Lupulus) is a kind of female hormone, contain this kind of composition of beauty and reduce stress.
However, excessive drinking adverse to the body what are the consequences?
Anything to eat and drink too much, will be harmful, the wine is no exception.
Drinking too much can't ignore the harm of human body:
1. Drinking too much can make you susceptible to many other diseases, people suffering from kidney and liver disease to drink too much higher than normal.Alcohol poisoning, and excessive drinks, can damage the central nervous system, and even lead to delayed cerebral palsy;Inhibiting secretion of gastric juice, pepsin activity, stimulate the gastric mucosa, chronic gastritis, bring great harm to human body.
2. Mainly drinking too much alcohol will also reduce the mean men's - the level of testosterone, affect male fertility, and their children's health.
(3) for male adolescents, drinking too much can mature, which functions.
4. Pregnant women drinking to excess, may enable the baby deformity, mental retardation, and even death.
5. In patients with liver disease, drinking too much can accentuate the stimulation of alcohol liver burden, aggravating illness.For high blood pressure patients are taking antihypertensive drugs, alcohol will not only reduce the effectiveness of drugs, but also the instant the shell of slow release drugs, make it flashy too hard life threatening.
In general, people every time drinking, when the alcohol concentration in the liquid is 0.05-0.2%, a decrease in the inhibitory function of the brain, memory loss, discrimination, concentrated force, understanding declined obviously.At this point, the drinkers often lost their usual civilization and manners, become rough, talkative, talk the talk, host west slanting, or even fight.When a person's blood alcohol concentration 0.4%, lethargy, drinkers would be in a coma, pale face, breathing slowly, hypothermia, and even loss of life, long-term a large number of drinking, also can cause chronic alcoholism, mental decline, chronic gastritis, degeneration, such as liver, heart, kidney disease such as cirrhosis, multiple neuritis.
Often excessive drinking, often do not pay attention to the nutrition of the food, and alcohol can consume the body of thiamine (vitamin B1), and nicotinic acid (pellagra vitamin resistance), which contribute to mental and organs produce barriers, cannot inadvertent.
The people often malnourished phenomenon of drinking too much.The experimental results show that the long-term alcohol drinkers because of lack of vitamin B1, will suffer from serious amnesia.
And do not recommend a variety of mixed drink wine , it is suggested that separate take a kind of wine a day, and according to the dosage take it, more healthy.Otherwise,it is bad for your health.
The four cornerstones of health: rational diet, exercise, quit smoking alcohol, psychological balance.
According to the definition of the world health organization (WHO) : 65 age before is middle-aged people, 65~ 74age is the aged in youth  , 75-90 age is real old people. But now primary school students have high blood pressure, high school students began to hardening of the arteries, now we have more and more, not least because the economy developed the rich life, but because of lack of spiritual civilization, due to the lack of health knowledge.Director-general of the world health organization said, as long as take preventive measures can reduce half of death.Many people not died from disease, but died of ignorance.Influence our physical health is mainly: cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, tumor, diabetes.These chronic diseases in the internal cause (genetic) does not account for the role of the main, only accounted for 20%, 80% because of external factors (Environment).External cause can be control in a scientific way of life to help reduce disease.The key to the "health into his own hands."High-tech treatment well below the usual standard prevention, therefore, we must change the idea, the shift from treatment to prevention, to fully realize that now so many various kinds of disease, in the final analysis is a way of life is not civilized diet and nutritional deficiencies and disadvantages, if you insist on civilized and healthy lifestyle, dietary nutrition supplements, reasonable diet, the good life habit, the reasonable work, exercise and rest, can avoid and reduce a lot of disease, and can prevent the root cause of various diseases and viruses.According to the dosage of 100% pure natural ginseng tonic wine for a long time, can be a strong body, enhance immunity, enhance memory, promote the blood circulation, blood and blood, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging, high spirit, etc., can improve the quality of sexual life, enjoy life, prolong life!

Top Ginseng Angelica Tonic Wine, Anticance, Protect Liver, Nourishing Blood Hematopoiesis, Anticance, Enhance Memory, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Food, Prolong Life
Top pure natural Ginseng Cordyceps sinensis Wine/ginseng aphrodisiac tonic wine/ Ginseng tonic wine rare Chinese herbal medicine and details are as follows:

100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine - Chinese angelica:
The property and flavor to channel tropism: warm in nature, sweet flavour, pungent. 
To return Liver, heart, the spleen channel.
Functional indications: invigorate the circulation of blood and regulate the menstrual function pain, runchang purge.The enrich the blood and invigorate the circulation of blood, regulating menstruation and relieve pain, relaxing bowel, use etiolate deficiency of bloodpalpitation,dizziness and palpitation ,irregular menstruation, amenorrhea,dysmenorrhea, rheumatism, deficiency-cold and abdominal pain, constipation due to intestinal dryness, rheumatism pain ,fall on the injury, ulcer and skin and external diseases.
100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine - Chinese angelic
1. The blood tonic:
Angelica is good at blood tonic, the effective medicine of enrich the blood. its nature sweet and warm and nature smooth, can be used in the treatment of deficiency of blood caused by many diseases, such as blood deficiency leads to sallow complexion, blood deficiency cannot moisten the mind caused by insomnia, heart palpitations, etc.In addition to fill gas drug compatibility when used can be a very good therapy side qi-blood deficiency the disease.
2. Regulate the menstrual function analgesic
Angelica gan and sheen, not only good at blood tonic, analgesic, and can invigorate the circulation of fluid line is used in the blood and invigorate the circulation, regulate the menstrual function of department of gynaecology the pain of important medicinal materials, are often used to treat menstruation to be not moved, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc.And because of the temperature, for a women with blood deficiency, blood stasis has cold particularly appropriate.
3. Promoting blood circulation to arrest pain:
Angelica pungent carry out
warm and smooth, can invigorate the circulation of blood and enrich the blood, eliminating cold to stop pain, it is the medicine of the invigorate the circulation of blood and carry out stagnate .Can be used in the treatment of cold damage of abdominal pain, rheumatic pain, injure tumble certification, skin and external diseases ulcers, etc.disease.
4. Runchang purge
Angelica can runchang purge through enrich the blood, more suitable for blood deficiency caused by intestinal dry constipation symptoms.

100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine - Angelica role:
1. The blood and hematopoietic system:

Traditional Chinese medicine think that angelica have good blood, blood tonic effect, modern research has shown that Chinese angelica has obvious inhibition to the platelet aggregation, can reduce thrombosis.In angelica angelica polysaccharides can increase the white blood cells and reticulocyte, of RBC, hemoglobin, white blood cells and femoral nucleated cell count could obviously promote the recovery of function, can strengthen haematogenous function.
2. Protection of heart head blood-vessel
1), 100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine of angelica extract can significantly expand coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, enhance the ability to resist myocardial ischemia.
), 100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine of angelica ferulic acid sodium has obvious antagonistic effect to arrhythmia, can effectively resist arrhythmia.
), 100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine angelica injection can speed up the brain blood circulation, improve metabolism of neurons, have protection on ischemic brain damage.
), 100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese angelica ferulic acid can inhibit the liver synthesis cholesterol and protect blood vessels, inhibit lipid deposition in the vessel wall, at the same time, Chinese angelica antiplatelet aggregation function can prevent the mural thrombus formation, angelica has good reducing blood fat and reduce the effect of hardening of the arteries.
3. Adjust the immune
100% natural rare angelica decoction of Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese angelica polysaccharides can increase the total number of spleen cells, improve the phagocytosis of mononuclear phagocytes, significantly promote the nonspecific immune function.It is important to note that the activity of angelica sinensis polysaccharide on the immune system is related to such factors as the dosing dose, route, dose is too small, on the other hand, does not stimulate the immune effect, large doses can cause immune attack.
4. Adjust the uterus
100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine of angelica sinensis can inhibit the uterus and excited two-way adjustment function, when the house is not pressure, angelica has mild inhibitory effect to the uterus, make uterine muscle relaxation, blood flow, can improve local nutrition.Uterine contractions when intrauterine pressure, but hey no rhythm into a rhythm, and rhythm slow, can get sufficient rest, make uterine muscle contraction force.
5. Protect liver, cholagogue:
100% natural rare Chinese herbal medicine angelica can significantly reduce the content of collagen, relieve liver fibrosis.Angelica water extract and volatile oil can obviously promote the secretion of bile, and can increase the solid matter and bile acid in the bile excretion, have very good cholagogic effect that protect liver.
6. Anti-aging
100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine angelica can remove oxygen free radical and lipid peroxide reaction resistance, have the effect of anti-aging.
7. Radioresistance
100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine of angelica sinensis polysaccharide has the function of anti radiation damage can significantly reduce the radiation damage of the chromosome aberration rate, reduce the side effects of radiation, strengthen the body's immune surveillance work ability, improve the efficacy of cancer chemotherapy.
8. Antitumor
100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine in angelica angelica polysaccharides have good antitumor effect, and less side effects, can be long-term use.Moreover angelica can layer in a certain degree can enhance immunity, reduce the side effect of chemotherapy drugs, prevent leukopenia caused by chemotherapy.
9.Anti-inflammatory analgesic:
100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine and water decoction can significantly inhibit various inflammatory agents cause acute and chronic inflammation, is good for its anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.
10.100% natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine - Angelica antibacterial effect:
Angelica to on in vitro dysentery, typhoid and paratyphoid, bacillus, corynebacterium diphtheriae, vibrio cholerae and hemolytic streptococcus a, B, etc all have antibacterial activity.Po only can reduce capillary permeability in mice.For external use can accelerate the rabbit ear wound healing, make local hyperemia, white blood cells and fibers infiltration, new epithelial regeneration, bleeding and strengthening peripheral circulation for local tissue.Angelica has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects.Can be used for clinical suppurative maxillary sinusitis, acute nephritis, skeletons phlebitis, scleroderma and conditions such as psoriasis.Angelica hot water extract of chronic rheumatic disease experimental animal model in the adjuvant arthritis had obvious inhibitory effect on acute attack.


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