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Aphrodisiac Desertliving Cistanche, Dietary Nutrition Supplements/ Health Food, Natural Food Organic Food manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Health Food, Top Rare, 100% Natural Organic Wild Desertliving Cistanche Extract, Chewable Tablets, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Health Food, Top Rare, 100% Natural Organic Wild Desertliving Cistanche Extract, Chewable Tablets, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes,25KG
Port: Xiamen, China
Transport Package: Bottle/Box
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Certification: ISO, FDA, HACCP, SGS
Packaging Material: Bottle/Box
Storage Method: Cool and Dry Place
Extraction Process: Biological Extraction
Application: Beauty, Medicinal, Edible, Nourishing Kidney and Fixing Sperm
Raw Material: Raw Material and Chewable Tablets

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYRCRP-NO: 01
Health Food: Pure Health Food, Nourishing Kidney, Fixing Sperm
Wild Health Food: Rare and Precious, Prolong Life
Pure Natural Medicine Food Homology: Pure Natural Aphrodisiac
100%Natural Aphrodisiac Food: an Aphrodisiac, Nourishing Kidney and Fixing Sperm
Top Natural Aphrodisiac: Enhance Immunity, Enhance Sexual Desire
Specification: 100Tablets/bottle
Origin: China

Product Description

Product name: Top Rare, 100% natural organic wild desertliving cistanche extract and tablets- Medicine food homology,Pure natural aphrodisiac

Specification: 5: 1, 10: 1, 20: 1, 30: 1(Extract powder);
                        250mg/500mg/ Tablets /Chewable tablets,                                                                                                                   100 ,200,300tablets/Bottle,100Bottles/Box;MOQ:100Boxes

Health Food, Top Rare, 100% Natural Organic Wild Desertliving Cistanche Extract, Chewable Tablets, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac
100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche/c. Deser-ticola is essential nourishing, genghis khan's bag in the compendium of materia medica > is known as "desert ginseng", but in the past, people just Listening speaking, and don't see. But Today this desert elves to original features stand out. Can enhance immunity, and other significant efficacy of antiviral ability, spread so far, more than 2000 years. The world's top desert plant kingdom; Pure rare pollution-free top tonic.

Suits the crowd 100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche:
1. The immunity is low, the elderly, physical weak crowd, effectively restrain human aging speed;
2, stubborn sex constipation, chronic constipation, functional constipation and other kinds of constipation crowd;
3, menoxenia, palace cold infertility, not temperature limbs, waist and knee pain of women;
4, kidney Yang deficiency, lumbar debility, not fatigue resistance, feel weak, limbs cold, like hot and afraid of cold crowd;

*100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche desert several main efficacy
(1) Increase the body's immune function;
(2) Adjusting the neuroendocrine;
(3) The kidney, improve sexual function;
(4) Life extension and anti-aging;
(5) Runchang purge, elimination of waste.
(6) Enhance physical strength and fatigue resistance;
(7) Protect liver, anti-tumor, resist radiation;
(8) Enhance memory ability;
(9) Treatment of prostatitis.
(10) Against atherosclerosis;
(11) To protect ischemic myocardium;
(12) To promote wound healing;

Product description:

100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche: Alias: Land water dragon/water primrose/Plesioth/Ludwigia adscendens, goblins, , in the original ecological plant medicinal materials, the most magical to belong to the growth in China's Inner Mongolia la shan la shan in the desert cistanche deserticola (All previous dynasties as a "Tribute"). La shan commonly known as " The sea of death ", climate winds that blow all day long, dusty, summer, burning sun pawn, blisteringly hot, the surface temperature as high as 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, and drought anomalies, 20 times years of evaporation is precipitation, as if no signs of life, but, in this life the strongest plant h. Ammodendron suffering c. Deserticola and desert shrubs, it is the "sea of death" in the "Handsome siblings. C. Deserticola has a tenacious life, its seeds, protect against the can after years on the desert floor deathless, it absorb the essence of the big desert, the essence of heaven and earth, like a desert is to survive, for it is no wonder that the local Mongolia called it
" The earth of essence "

100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche/C. Deserticola is orobanchaceae endangered species, C. Deserticola is a parasitic trees parasitization of root parasitic plants in the desert, absorb nutrients and moisture from sacsaoul host, Known as "Desert ginseng", has a very high medicinal value, is a traditional Chinese rare traditional Chinese medicinal materials. C. Deserticola, sweet in taste and warm in property, with kidney strong sun, complete complementary marrow, nourishing blood dryness, the look of joyous expression and Prolong life etc efficacy.

100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche/C. Deserticola medicine and food, long-term consumption can increase physical strength, increases endurance, and resistance to fatigue, also can enhance the capacity of human and animal sex and fertility. C. Deserticola in history was the west as a tribute court's treasures, also is the most useful in kidney strong sun type of prescription of one of the tonic medicines.

100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche/C. Deserticola is discovered so far the only one cell apoptosis of material can effectively curb the nervous system.Health Food, Top Rare, 100% Natural Organic Wild Desertliving Cistanche Extract, Chewable Tablets, Pure Natural Aphrodisiac
 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche/C. deserticola is discovered so far the only one cell apoptosis of material can effectively curb the nervous system.The development and utilization of c. deserticola is completely overcome human sexual dysfunction due to nerve cell apoptosis.
100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche/l C. deserticolain h. ammodendron old tree deep in the desert, with a nourishing essence and blood, but, nourishing and don'tendogenous dryness of characteristics, a la shan 1994 special nucleoside substance found in c. deserticola, the international medical community named la shan c. deserticola glycosides (Acteoside), it can effectively prevent the excessive apoptosis of nerve cells, it is the world's only can curb excessive apoptosis of nerve cells in the material, thoroughly overcome because of nerve cell apoptosis and form of sexual dysfunction, provide the basis for human life limit.
100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche indications :
Kidney impotence, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, female infertility, liver and kidney deficiency physique weak impotent, waist and knee pain, geriatrics, frequency of urine, intestinal dry constipation, lower limbs are cold, palace cold infertility, leukorrhagia, menoxenia, anemia, forgetfulness, hearing impairment, neurasthenia.Especially suitable for middle-aged and old afterbody virtual human body weak and disease, regular consumption can drive disease, physical fitness, prolong life.

100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche:
Desertliving cistanche is rare traditional Chinese medicine, has economic value. It is also the ancient Mediterranean relic plants, for the study of desert flora in central Asia has a certain scientific value, belongs to the endangered species. Desertliving cistanche caused by a large number of excavation, to sharply reduce its quantity. According to the survey, per thousand plant parasitic plants in h. Ammodendron suffering, only 7 strains of c. Deserticola. Of h. Ammodendron is camel fine fuel feed and local people, therefore, overgrazing and a large number of cutting or digging h. Ammodendron, Also prompted c. deserticola in emergency extinction of situation.
100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche ingredients:
Contains rich alkaloids and crystalline neutral substances, amino acids, sugars, trace elements, vitamins and other ingredients.

For Inner Mongolia la shan au acura c.deser-ticola, grow for many years in the arid desert in 20 degrees below zero to 50 degrees centigrade for decades is not out of the ground can survive!- so la shan au desert cistanche is as the world's top congrongtongbian!Because of scarcity, has been listed as endangered plants, and the world at the national level to protect medicine!

What has100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanchethe functions?
1,100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche can significantly improve the intestinal propulsion speed, shorten the purge time, the moisture absorption of e. also has obvious inhibitory effect, thus promote the wetting and excretion of feces, a real runchang purge role.

2,100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistancheis contained in glucoside (Actooside) (in 1994, the international medical community in a la shan found in c. deserticola can effectively curb excessive human nerve cells die material, and it is named c. deserticola glucoside, this kind of material is currently found only in the world can curb the excessive the death of nerve cells in the material, to human senescence, challenge the limit of life provides scientific basis) was no other material composition.It to the human body under the pituitary gland and the gonads, thymus and other parts of the aging has obvious delay effect.

3,100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistancheis rich in alkaloids, crystalline neutral substances, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, etc.Can tonickidney, Beneficial sperm blood, inhibit the emergence of Yang deficiency symptoms, palace cold kidney for women, men, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation symptoms have more apparent effect.
100%Natrual wild desertliving cistanche /C. deserticola efficacy:
Starting in the 1980 s, a lot of work on at home and abroad on the composition of c. deserticola, of which Japan started earlier, with the rapid development of separation and detection technology, has been isolated from various types of material, can be mainly divided into phenethyl alcohol glycoside, cycloalkene ether terpenoids, lignans, polysaccharides, such as more than ten kinds of amino acids, a variety of alkaloids, rich in trace elements necessary for human, total glycosides of benzene ethanol is the main active constituents of c. deserticola has improve male sexual function, the treatment of women palace cold infertility, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, improve immunity, enhance memory, and other functions.
Enhance immunity
Forced the anti-aging
Forced to improve impotence premature ejaculation
Forced the fatigue
Forced to protect the liver
Forced the cardiovascular protection
Forced the runchang detoxification
1. 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche can enhance immunity, c. deserticola belongs to a kind of excited the pituitary gland, adrenal cortex, or a similar adrenal cortical hormone kind function, regulate the body's immune function of rare medicinal herbs, sugar content is higher in the extraction of species, polysaccharide immune enhancement role in c. strong and tonic effects may play a major influence.

The scientific literature:

A:100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistancheergosterol research also shows that ergosterol can promote lymphocyte proliferation, improve the cellular immune and non-specific immune regulating function, by improving the T cells to produce L - 2, strengthen the elderly mice immune function, so as to achieve the effect of delay the ageing of the immune [excerpt holden zhang, etc of c. deserticola ergosterol on aging mice of telomerase activity and the influence of the immune function.

B: Xiao-yan jiang and other studies have found that radiation exposure can cause humoral immune function, cellular immune function in mice, nonspecific immune function and survival rate decline;C. deserticola total glycosides can promote the recovery of the above indicators, antibodies to injury mice, peripheral blood T lymphocyte number, delayed   type   hypersensitivity , abdominal macrophage phagocytosis function has obvious protective effect, and can improve the illuminated mice spleen index, thymus index and survival rate.Showed that c. deserticola total glycosides on radiation damage the immune function of mice with strong protection.[excerpt xiao-yan jiang et al., <desertliving c="" cistanche="" damage="" glycosides="" hematopoietic="" mice="" on60="" protection="" ray="" research="" system="" total="" y="">Chinese pharmacological bulletin 2000]

2. 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche anti-aging: In1993, in the international medical association annual meeting in Geneva bursts out a news: la shan au ZhaGanXi hot among China
The longevity of the township.Suddenly, ZhaGanXi heat become focus of attention.Investigation team composed of Chinese and foreign experts at 4 months investigating ZhaGanXi heat.They found that only 139 people ZhaGanXi hot (GaZha) centenarians of the village of the 4 people, average life expectancy of 87.5 years.High blood pressure, stomach disease, kidney disease, the incidence of common diseases such as prostate enlargement is extremely low.The panel found that local residents to diet structure, of which the people here is stewed mutton habits in c. deserticola, and drinking home-brewed c. deserticola wine.

*The scientific literature:

A, increases with age, the body's immune function decreased gradually, especially the T cell function decrease, the body prone to various diseases.C. deserticola can excited the pituitary gland, a similar adrenal cortical hormone kind of effect, can regulate the phagocytosis of macrophage, the polysaccharide adjustable lymphocyte immune function in mice.[Excerpt qun-li zeng et immune function and active mechanism of polysaccharide cistanche deserticola journal of zhejiang university (medical edition) 2002]

B, Xue Dejun and others will be made anti-aging agents, desertliving cistanche extracts on the human body to eliminate peroxide ester in the blood.The results show that the anti-aging granule can significantly improve the symptoms of the body's aging, restore the old energy, physical strength and vitality, has good anti-aging effect.[excerpt Xue Dejun et al. Studies of c. deserticola extract anti-aging effect to human body in Chinese modern applied pharmacy 1997] 3, 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche improve impotence premature ejaculation :
"Ben gleanings" in the tang dynasty once recorded: "c. deserticola three money, three Fried a system, hot YinFu, penis for life long".Modern medicine should be card that contains a large number of amino acids in c. deserticola, cystine, rare nutrition nourishing ingredients, vitamins and minerals for male kidney, testis, penis, sponges and other organs have great tonic effect, also can improve the quality of sperm vitality and effectively.

The scientific literature:

A: Wang Dejun etc with c. deserticola water decoction lavage male mice after 2 to 3 weeks, the mice sperm count, live rate increased significantly, sperm speed faster, and sperm deformity rate declined;Morphological observation showed that the treatment group testicular sperm production function strengthen, epididymis pipe micro environment improved, fructose content increased;Histochemical studies have shown that succinic acid deoxidizing enzyme (SDH) and nonspecific lipase (NSE) reaction is strong positive.Certify that c. deserticola can promote function of testicular sperm production, improve the epididymal microenvironment.
[Excerpt Wang Dejun etc of c. deserticola in mice testis and epididymis morphological and histochemical solution plane studies 2000]

B: c. deserticola is rare tonic, kidney, impotence hepatorenal easy essence etc.The study found that c. deserticola plays the active components of kidney strong sun is ethanol nucleoside composition, such as echinacea glycosides, the clove phenol glycosides.It mainly through two ways to work: first, enhance the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal function, promote the related the release of neurotransmitters and hormones in the body, enhance sexual desire;Secondly, resist fatigue, improve physical skills.
[Excerpt Li Fuxiang etc the pharmacology research status and development of c. deserticola anhui agriculture bulletin 2006]
4. 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche resistance to fatigue :
Renal Tibetan essence, the main bone marrow, is the foundation of the birth, is the driving force and source of energy to produce.Movement for a long time, much overwork causes blood testosterone decline when the body movement ability and the main factors of the recovery process to extend.C. deserticola can control movement results in the decrease of blood testosterone, promote pituitary gonadal hormone secretion, accelerate fatigue recovery, improve exercise capacity.Still can make quantitative load after exercise, blood lactic acid accumulation is reduced, removal is accelerated, acid-resistant ability raise.

The scientific literature:

A: 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanchewater decoction can prolong the swimming time in mice, and reduce the load movement after the serum creatine kinase and BUN rise, increase glycogen reserves, reduce muscle protein breakdown after exercise, improve the condition of the ultrastructure of liver disorder, prolong the survival time of hypoxia in mice, the traditional Chinese medicine development to enter the international market, has great commercial value.
[Hai-tao zhou etc. Journal of Chinese experimental pharmacology 2012]

5. 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche to protect the liver :
100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanchehas the protection of ischemic myocardium, fall hematic fat, resisting atherosclerosis and thrombosis, decrease peripheral vascular resistance, step-down, fatty liver, and anti-tumor and other pharmacological activities.

The scientific literature:

A: Wu Yu research such as c. deserticola echinacea glycosides on the protective effect and mechanism of rat acute liver injury, showed that c. deserticola echinacea glycosides have very good control effect to acute liver injury and its mechanism may be related to echinacea glycosides can effectively reduce the free radicals and lipid oxidation resistance.[Excerpt Wu Yu etc the echinacea glycosides in rats with acute liver injury protection "gastroenterology and liver disease magazine 2008]
6.100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistancheprotect heart head blood-vessel
A lot of people to cold feet, and cold limbs and a late autumn, in particular.Effective contents of c. deserticola benzene ethanol total glycosides have improve microcirculation, soften blood vessels, increasing heart, brain and limbs peripheral vascular circulation, protect cerebral blood and the function of the nervous system.

The scientific literature :

A: so far, there are nearly 70 of the separated compounds from plants of the genus cistanche deserticola, which clearly have nerve protective effect of monomer has four, and contains the monomer composition such as c.deser-ticola total glycosides, phenylethyl alcohol glycosides and polysaccharide also showed neuroprotective activity.
[Excerpt fu-chun jing and other neural protection research progress of c. deserticola matter Jane national physician its 2006]
7. 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche runchang detoxification :
TCM holds that c. deserticola in kidney and large   intestine   channel , Nourishing kidney to help Yang to Nourishing dryness and purge.C. deserticola drugs water decoction has obvious laxative, can improve intestinal peristalsis, inhibit moisture absorption, shorten defecation time.For the old habitual constipation, fatigue constipation and maternal postpartum constipation curative effect is distinct.
Take method:
1: cut into filaments or slices, boiling water when the tea, each about 15 grams, but right amount add sugar honey
2: take congrongtongbian 200 grams into the two kilos of rice wine drinking 7 to 15 days later, applies to pure grain liquor, every time a drink for 10 ~ 30 ml
3: after bubble water till soft, in the porridge, dishes, pure lamb or chafing dish with food
4: would be taken and other nourishing kidney Yang class compatibility

1. Avoid is used a copper, iron, cook1
2. All the kidney Yang deficiency, ill see male impotence, infertility, and female uterus Jian infertility, appropriate and medicinal indianmulberry root, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, fructus schisandrae compatibility;If the kidney Yang deficiency, insufficient JingXie, constipation impassability, wu with angelica, achyranthes, cultivated land;If senile, habitual constipation, appropriate to be Shared with cassia seed and honey;If jin kui and qi stagnation, acerbity, big constipation with aloes.Loose stools with caution.

Note: Belong to Yin deficiency constitution, strong fire, defecate have diarrhoea People avoid taking

How to eat it-c. deserticola?
Tea: c. deserticola piece can be in direct bubble water to drink, tea or 10 grams per day, daily use can anti-aging, enhance immunity.
Wine: c. deserticola 30 grams, 20 g Chinese cynomorium, liquor 1 catty.7 to 15 days after drinking, every 10 to 30 ml and 50 ml every day.Long-term regular drinking, health care effect is obvious.
Soup: after the water softening, slice or silk or desert cistanche powder, doing all sorts of timely into the soup.
Stew: storage, poultry and fish stew when put 20 grams per kilogram, good health care function.
Cooking: after use bubble soft, shred or slices, cooking food, every 10 to 20 grams;In the 20 grams of edible when cooked porridge.
Medicine: bubble wine take per 200 g bubble liquor 10 jins, suitable for 50 to 60 degrees of pure grain liquor, 7 to 15 days after drinking, 10 to 30 ml each time.Can match the lock Yang 100 grams, gastrodia elata, 30 grams, 50 grams of medlar, the effect is much better.

Effect of consumption of c. deserticola cross-references :
Day 1-5: the lower abdomen fever, waste discharge, increased appetite, sleep improved markedly, much dream phenomenon disappeared.
Day 6-10 : lumbar debility, god exhausted force of symptoms, such as increased activity, no fatigue, appear normal sexual arousal, insomnia symptoms disappear.
11-15 days : mental healthy and vigorous, waist and leg, rosy, natural sexual desire to release.
16-20 days: sexual function returns to normal, disease-resistant ability enhanced obviously, significantly lower the frequency of colds and other infections, blood pressure returns to normal, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease such as improved significantly, often eat, memory, resistance, athletic ability, visceral function is improved, skin restore luster and elasticity, normal sexual nature, stability, high spirit, full of energy.
Often secret: secret tonic qi, nourishing and strong, resistant to decay prolong life, enhance resistance, especially suitable for the elderly.
How is 100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche/C. deserticola is mining:
C. mining is very difficult, is to use the most primitive method - "mining".Every year in July 5 - the local herdsmen to open an suv, ride a camel walk hundreds of miles to thousands of miles, through the gobi desert, the oasis, dry food with tents, braved the heat surface of 60-80 - c, camping at the destination, like looking for treasure record to find the elves of the desert, the essence of heaven and earth, lost or thirst starve to death will happen to them at any time, especially after finding, it is different from the earth and the mountains of digging, quicksand and physical challenges will threaten their life, after a few days for labor and production, herdsmen to dig to c. deserticola on a piece of the original brew dry desert, when July comes, facing food and water dried up, people would take the fruit of hard work, singing the triumph of the desert ancient songs, riding camels back.
100%Natrual wild dsertliving cistanche/ c. deserticola age limit of divide:
The roots of c. deserticola diameter: 3 NianGen 1 ~ 2 cm diameter;5 NianGen diameter 2 ~ 3 cm;7 NianGen diameter 3 ~ 4 cm;10 NianGen 3 ~ 6 cm in diameter
Fresh c. deserticola appearance: ivory, similar to bai luobo, moisture is very high, in the dry desert environment, fresh c. deserticola moisture to evaporate rapidly, very thick very strong contraction, the proportion of total fresh c. deserticola reached 10 jins to dry the proportion of 1 kg.Sugar and trace element is the color of c. deserticola change from white to yellow - brown - brown, black.

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