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Bee Honey Top Honey Ripe, Dietary Supplements Organic, Nutrition Nutrition Food Pure Honey manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Honey King, Organic, Rare Precious Wild Osmanthus Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Royal Tribute in Ancient China, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Honey Honey King, Organic, Rare Precious Wild Osmanthus Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Royal Tribute in Ancient China

Honey King, Organic, Rare Precious Wild Osmanthus Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Royal Tribute in Ancient China

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Type: Honey
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King of Honey: Health Food, Rare and Precious
Top Honey: Pure Health Food

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Organic Honey: Prolong Life, Royal Tribute in Ancient China

Product Description

Product name: Honey King,Organic, Rare Precious Wild Osmanthus Honey,No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria,Prolong Life,Royal tribute in ancient China, Navel Orange Honey,No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Long-term of edible ,Prolong Life, Health food

Product type: YYFJYC-NO:01  
1, Top natural honey;2.Super natural honey

Specification:200 g/bottle, 400 g/bottle, 600 g/bottle, 800 g/bottle, 250 g/bottles, 500 g/bottle, 750 g/bottle, 1000 g/bottle(Conform EU PET)About annual total 10 to 20 tons.
100% natural wild osmanthus honey (also known as mount laurel, winter sweet osmanthus, suzuki osmanthus)
Honey King, Organic, Rare Precious Wild Osmanthus Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Royal Tribute in Ancient China
It is a rare kind of honey.From few original ecology of the south China region, in November, wild osmanthus honey bees gather in winter (not see the sweet osmanthus and ordinary osmanthus), for the three precious honey winter in southern China (the other two are loquat honey honey, wild duck feet wood), fragrant sweet, pure and elegant, fresh taste cool and clean, refreshing, liquid light amber, clear and transparent, but because of the honey contains more than 180 kinds of nutrients and chemical composition, because of a physical change, after the crystallization become exquisite and grease, become a milky white or beige color, top tribute honey, known as the king of "honey".Very rare and precious.In ancient times is the palace tribute honey.
Efficacy: 100% natural mountain osmanthus honey efficacy: osmanthus-scented honey honey, rare fragrant sweet, pure and elegant, fresh taste cool and clean, sweet and not greasy, crystallization is exquisite. Is known as "the king of honey". Mountain osmanthus honey: aromatic jianwei, whiten skin, promote metabolism, vitamin C.
Brief introduction:
A rare kind of honey. Collected from wild mountains to winter flowering secrete honey osmanthus honey, fragrant sweet, pure and elegant, fresh taste cool and clean, sweet and not greasy, colour and lustre is white transparent water, crystallization is exquisite. Is known as "the king of honey".Eurya latifolia osmanthus is also a kind of rare Chinese herbal medicine. "Big Chinese medicine dictionary" record: LingMu osmanthus "functions of dehumidification, cure joint pain..." Its effective ingredient chrysanthemum glucoside has proved to have good nutrition health care function. Osmanthus-scented honey as well as clear heat, fill in, detoxification, the effect such as dryness, loved by people at home and abroad, in ancient times is the palace tribute.
The effect and function of 100% natural wild osmanthus-scented honey:
Runchang purge, throat embellish lung, skin beauty, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, promoting tissue regeneration, promote digestion, improve immunity, promote longevity, improve sleep, protect liver function, anti-fatigue, and promote the growth and development of children, protect cardiovascular, runfei cough, etc.
The effect of wild sweet osmanthus honey one: skin care cosmetic
Fresh honey, daub on the skin, can play a role moisture and nutrition, make skin fine, smooth and elastic.
The effect of wild sweet osmanthus honey 2: runchang purge.
For constipation of prevention and control.Have all sorts of honey that effect the efficacy, but ripe honey and not mature, concentrated and pure natural honey honey honey, there is a huge difference, we are pure natural honey, far above the usual supermarket enrichment and honey.
The effect of wild honey osmanthus three:
My throat runfei.Wild osmanthus-scented honey, honey, natural soil for throat runfei has very good effect, caused by fog and dust dry throat, pain, dry, just contain a natural ripe honey and slowly swallow, poling effect can be in 2 to 5 minutes.
The effect of wild honey osmanthus four:
A cough.Wild osmanthus-scented honey lemon slices, have very good effect on cough.
The effect of wild honey osmanthus 5:
Solution wine.Drink drink 2-3 cup of honey water, and before going to bed drink a spoon juice honey, can prevent a hangover.
The effect of wild honey osmanthus 6:
Antibacterial anti-inflammatory, promote tissue regeneration, high quality honey placed several years at room temperature will not corrupt, show that the corrosion protection is extremely strong.Experiments confirmed that honey of streptococcus, corynebacterium diphtheriae gram-positive bacteria have a stronger inhibitory effect.
The effect of wild sweet osmanthus honey seven:
Promote digest, studies have shown that honey have a regulatory role on gastrointestinal function, can make gastric acid secretion.Animal experiments confirmed that honey have enhance the effect of intestinal peristalsis, can significantly shorten defecation time.
The effect of wild honey osmanthus 8:
Enhance immunity, honey contains many minerals, enzymes and after synergy, can enhance human immunity.Experimental research proved that feeding mice with honey, can improve the immune function of mice.
The effect of wild honey osmanthus 9:
Promote longevity, the former Soviet union scholars researched the old man over the age of more than 200 hundred, of which 143 people as beekeepers, confirm their longevity related to often eat honey.Honey promote longevity mechanism is complex, is the comprehensive recuperation of human body, rather than simply apply to a particular organ.
Note Drinking any pure natural honey, don't use boiled water brew wild osmanthus-scented honey, otherwise it will damage the active ingredient, and produces acid.
Our 100% natural wild osmanthus - raw honey, without any processing of pure natural honey.No pollution, no pathogenic bacteria, no antibiotics, no heavy metal.Top quality.
Note: if you have the taste of osmanthus-scented honey like the cultivation of the fragrance of osmanthus, is false osmanthus-scented honey, because there is no nectary, ordinary osmanthus bloom, is rich in dry osmanthus flowers, honey.
False osmanthus-scented honey is to use common honey, add sweet osmanthus fragrance or boil into a composite honey osmanthus juice mixture.Is not the natural wild osmanthus-scented honey, can't be honey.So, 100% natural wild osmanthus-scented honey, is different from ordinary osmanthus.Ordinary osmanthus bloom, contains no honey.Osmanthus is rare plants, producing area, less resources are scarce, very precious, a leading producer in the world is only in the southern area of China.Deep mountains wild osmanthus flowers grow from the original forest, unique, rare, and blooming flowers can honey, wild osmanthus-scented honey has the title of the king of honey.
Please see as follow: Ordinary osmanthus, This kind of common osmanthus, Bloom flowers, It only is rich in dry osmanthus flowers, No nectary, Don't flow honey oh!

Honey King, Organic, Rare Precious Wild Osmanthus Honey, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Royal Tribute in Ancient China
*Pure natural entirely bees make honey:
Honey bees are insects to be picked from flowering plants flower nectar made from honey in the honeycomb.Bees taken from plants flower water content is about 80% of the honey or secretions, in his second in the stomach, in the body under the action of invertase after 30 minutes of fermentation, returned to the hive spit, hive temperature often remain at about 35 ºC, over a period of time, water evaporation, become a water content less than 20% of honey, storage to the hole in the nest, wax seal.Honey ingredient in addition to glucose, fructose also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.1 kg of honey contains about the quantity of heat of 2940 kilocalorie.Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, low temperature crystallization can be created and generate the crystallization is glucose, do not produce crystal part mainly fructose.Honey can hairdressing to raise colour.

The function of Honey:
(1) Skin care and beatify the feature
When daubing honey over the skin, it can moisten and nourish, making skin exquisite, smooth and fully elastic.

1.Honey Mask:Add 2-3 times of water to dilute the honey.Spread on the face everyday.You can also use oatmeal and protein with honey to make mask for spreading on the face.When using, do a facial massage for 10 minutes to make the nutritious content permeate into skin cells.
100% natural organic honey unique charm:
Top pure natural honey, 17.6~20% in basic moisture(Because source different flower seeds honey , so, water is different).natural baume degree 41.5 ~ 42(Usually understood as the concentration of honey); because the source of Chinese unique original ecological environment, rich in abundant biological active enzymes, has the rich nutritional value and medicinal value, it is rare and honey.
Our natural baume degree 39,40,41,42 pure natural honey, and natural baume degree 39 honey of various index Fully meet the indicatorsEurope and the United States, and, our pure natural honey baume degree 39 of amylase value in 20 ~ 30, three to four times higher than international index (amylase value of 8.0), the main is our pure day honey baume degree, without any added, condensed water without any processing, preservation of the nutritional value and efficacy of pure honey, but warm prompt: Because amylase value is bioactive substances, for the temperature changes, such as environment and biological active enzyme value reduces gradually, however, pure natural honey will not lower than the international index, and 1 ~ 2 times higher than international index. Accord with standard of Europe and the United States (8ml/g), times,(Our top honey beyond Europe and the United States index 1 times (biological activity of amylase value that the highest can reach 19 .3ml/g.h, - from Japan customer test analysis report,If you need to test report, please send  to us, we will send you Japanese inspection report a timely). 
So, Our Pure Natural Honey is very best-selling Europe and the United States, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia,Japan and the world.
(Warm prompt: The baume degree is high, it also is not necessarily the natural ripe honey - top honey, to pretend to be the top honey, will not be ripe honey (2 ~ 3 days to collect honey) water is very high, through the high temperature steam evaporation, reach 42 baume degree, however, because of the high temperature destroyed the bioactive substances of honey, so the activity of amylase value is very low,High temperature processing of honey, losing the nutrition value and efficacy of honey. So, the activity of amylase value is very low, less than 8%. Usually around 5% (False honey that there is no amylase activity the value compositiony), so, the biological activity of amylase value high and low top is to identify pure natural honey and after high temperature and evaporation, and fake honey best way. So, top natural honey and super natural honey much higher nutritional value and medicinal value of grade 1 honey. 
So, Different levels of natural honey value Color, baume degree, effectis also different.
Some in pursuit of high profits, By hook or by crook,in order to pretend to be the top level honey,
can be immature evaporate through high temperature, reduce the water, some honey reduced to below 17%, even as low as 14~15%water. so how many consumers do not have enough honey to identify knowledge, thought that the lower the moisture content, the better. This is mistake understand.
In fact, it is high temperature processing of honey, destroy the nutritional value and effect of honey, has been basically no nutritional value and effect of garbage and honey. Actually this kind of honey biological activity is very low, very low.Because, Man-made destruction, solet person feel veryregrettable^^
Note: Information source that decades of rich experience of beekeeping expert, 500 grams of natural honey, bees gather 500000 times need to form bee hard).
*Therefore, real Top natural honey of the biological activity of Amylase activity is high and low to identify top natural honey and by high temperature and evaporation, and false honey is best method.
Warm prompt: Because the top pure natural honey,super natural honey ,Level 1 natural honey, because rare and precious,in order to ensure that your purchasing quantity, so if youdetermine the purchase,Please must be 1 ~ 2 months in advance reservation.

Top honey, 100% of the natural organic honey have antitumor and significant anti-tumor activity, to enhance the cyclophosphamide and the antitumor efficacy of 5 - fluorouracil, can reduce its toxic effects, in addition to the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, promoting wound healing, and so on role .

Usage and dosage: Take orally: 15 ~ 30 g, below 60 degrees c warm boiled water to  drink Or the do pill, paste. External use: Right amount, apply the affected area.

Cancer treatment prescriptions: clinically often used to treat esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and cancerous tumors of spleen and stomach weak class Cancerous and tumors.
1. Esophageal cancer
(1) Ginger, brown sugar, honey each 250g, will mashed ginger, Extruded ginger juice, add brown sugar, honey into the crock pot, add water to 1000 ml, heated to melt into the sealed bottle, placed in the refrigerator and save reserve. Oral, 30 ml each time, 3 times a day.(New antitumor drug handbook)
(2) Clematis root, honey each 30 g, water decoction, a daily dose,  in the morning and evening take it, take 1 week.(Effective folk prescription of the cancer secret)
2. The cancer of the stomach
1) cattle saliva, honey  each 300 g,  Momordica cochinchinensis 30g, triturate, loading brasen pot steamed, oral, 20 ml each time, 3 times a day.(" The practical anticancer prescription ")
(2) honey 10% ~ 20%, rice vinegar 30% ~ 40%, water 40% ~ 60%, according to the proportion of the above drink, eat for a long time. Enhance immunity, resist disease, prevent cancer, prolong life
What is 100% natrual honey?
100%Natural Honey(Bees make honey)
Honey bees are insects to be picked from flowering plants flower nectar made from honey in the honeycomb.Bees taken from plants flower water content is about 80% of the honey or secretions, in his second in the stomach, in the body under the action of invertase after 30 minutes of fermentation, returned to the hive spit, hive temperature often remain at about 35 degrees Celsius, over a period of time, water evaporation, become water content less than 20% of honey, storage to the hole in the nest, wax seal.Honey ingredient in addition to glucose, fructose also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.1 00g of honey contains 2940~3000over  calories.Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, low temperature crystallization can be created and generate the crystallization is glucose, do not produce crystal part mainly fructose.

Honey bees gather nectar, the natural fermentation of yellow-white viscous liquid.Honey is known as "the most perfect nutrition food in nature", the ancient greeks put honey as "God-given gift".China since ancient times human beekeeping honey, honey is good medicine, and great drinks, can prolong life.
The main composition of honey is carbohydrates.The solid material is 95% - 99.9% sugar.Honey sugar in 70% ~ 80% of total composition.Honey in the sugar is given priority to with simple sugars (glucose and fructose), usually accounts for more than 65% of total honey.Followed by disaccharides, disaccharides in sucrose landslide, from a fraction of its content to 8%, the rest of the maltose, qu disaccharide, isomaltose, Amy polumbo trehalose, pine disaccharide, kelp disaccharide, aspergillus Niger, two sugars, gentiana two sugar, etc.In addition, there is a small amount of polysaccharides, such as pine three sugar, malt sugar, 1 - three sugar cane fruit, cotton seed three sugar, fructose, maltose, five different malt sugar, four different malt sugar, etc.

Glucose and fructose i n honey because it has a reducing, so called reductive sugar, they are come from the nectar of glucose and fructose, sucrose is the most important source of nectar through bee secretion of the role of invertase and the glucose and fructose.The two kinds of sugar which accounted for more than 65% of the total honey..Bound it with sweet taste of honey, the moisture absorption and the value of the energy and physical features.

In the general case, glucose and fructose content in honey is roughly same, but the high fructose content to some, only those crystals soon honey, such as rape honey its glucose levels higher than fructose.Most content in honey is less sugar don't exist in nectar, they may be in the process of brewing honey through a variety of enzymes and formed under the action of acids.Honey sugar and water in a different country or the same in the different parts of the country as a result of the honey plants is different, different environment and climate, its content is also different, some difference is very big.

Fructose, a left-handed ketose, colorless, from fruits and honey syrup sample liquid.It also produced in the intestines, and often found in the urine.Conventional sucrose by digest sugar into dextrose and left-handed.Left-handed sugar also called fructose. So can absorb from fruit to fructose, but honey fructose fructose is a special, because of the special, so have only honey.
100%natrual honey bees gather the nectar of honey plants or nectar, honey dew, add nutrients into its secretion is produced over and over again in the hive, for transparent or translucent, contain a variety of ingredients of supersaturated sugar solution.
(1)     Honey has the characteristics of crystallization, the most easily crystallization in 13, 14 degrees,usually by the following up gradually, some full crystallization, some part of the crystallization, amounts of glucose in the honey, the more the more the number of crystal nucleus, the faster the rate of crystallization, such as the amount of glucose in the rape honey was 42.2%, and the most easily crystallized, and glucose levels such as ocean HuaiMi less easy crystallization.The crystallization of honey is actually glucose precipitate was separated from honey a physical phenomenon, it has nothing to do with the stand or fall of quality, and absolutely no crystallization of honey.
(2) The color of honey: because the kinds of honey plants is different, different color, aroma and taste of honey, there is water white, milky white, white, amber and shallow, shallow deep amber, amber, amber.Generally light-colored honey fragrance is pure, strong dark honey fragrance.Honey has a strong fragrance, aromatic, fougere and insipid, such as different flavor.Light-colored honey color the more light that the purity, the better,the deeper the dark honey color purity, the better, such as jujube nectar.
How to distinguish the honey is no add fructose?
The color of honey Light is preferred;False honey colour and lustre bright-coloured, usually yellow or dark yellow.Look at the shape: true honey is flexible Filament, don't stop.Fake honey have suspended solids or precipitation, the drip down, is to stir up the block.Read labels:

Ingredients in the table indicate the composition such as white sugar, fructose syrup, shall be the fake honey.

2 it is to smell, true honey have light plant to smell flowers;Fake honey smell pungent odor or fruit flavor.

Three is tasted, true honey is sweet, slightly weak acidity, crystalline teeth is crisp, containing the melt;false

Honey is an indication or chemical odor, not aromatic flavour, ingot chew such as sugar, crisp loud.

Four is "hot water soluble," put a spoonful of honey in a cup, add four to five times more hot water to melt, let stand for three

To four hours later if no precipitation occurred as pure honey and honey.
Honey crystallization is honey of natural phenomenon.Glucose from honey crystallization, is essentially a phenomenon and process of the precipitate was separated.From molecular theory point of view, in honey glucose molecules was moving without any order, but honey glucose over its solubility, becomes supersaturated solution, is a part of glucose molecules in honey began to exercise regularly, align, forming a tiny crystal nucleus, became the center of a crystal, more glucose molecules are regularly arranged on its surface, gradually form a larger crystals, separated from honey, this is the crystallization of honey.
The main ingredients: honey for saccharides, 60% ~ 80% is easy to absorption of glucose and fructose in human body, mainly as a nutritional supplements, medicinal and processing preserves food and brewing honey wine, also can for sugar as a condiment.
Honey is a natural food, honey is made up of monosaccharide glucose and fructose, can be directly absorbed by human body, without the need for enzyme decomposition.Honey than sugar (sugar ingredient) simple sugars contained more easily absorbed by the body, don't need the digestion can be absorbed by human body, for women, especially the old man has good health care effect, therefore is called "the old man's milk".
Honey is a kind of nutritious natural nourishing food, is also one of the most commonly used tonic.According to the analysis, contains over close to human serum concentration of inorganic salt and vitamin, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and other organic acids and trace elements that are good for the health of human body, and fructose, glucose, amylase, oxidase, reductase, etc., with a nourishing, dryness, detoxification, raise colour, whitening, runchang purge the effect of cough treatment effect is very good for the children.Can enhance immunity, resist the virus, Promote children's growth and development, often taking, healthy body, prolong life.
*What is a fake honey ?
False honey low cost, high profits, in the interests of the temptation, honey fraud momentum of development is swift and violent, honey fraud in some areas has formed scale, specialization, counterfeiting technology widely. Counterfeiting honey probably has three conditions: one is to use sugar add water to boil and sulphuric acid, the role of with acid solution to sugar decomposed into monosaccharides, disaccharides molecules to fake honey; Secondly, use malt sugar, syrup, etc to pretend to be honey; The third is the use of food crops into syrup (also called fructose syrup) ACTS as the honey. Fraud molecules also joined in fake honey thickening agent, sweeteners, preservatives, fragrance and pigment chemicals.Fake honey cause great harm to human body, can cause cancer.
How to identify fake honey?
Fake honey no biological activity, no amylase value
Identify fake honey there are a lot of ways, including false cost is lower than true honey, honey all false honey biggest characteristic is: the lower the price, quality, the more cheating. False honey look very clear and transparent; And true honey because it contains protein, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and nectariferous plant pollen and so on, so is not very clear. Fake honey faint chemical odor or fruit flavour, taste sweet single; True honey is pure natural green full-bodied, long aftertaste, has a mild scent Plants flower fragrance. Fake honey after crystallization, sediment density, not easy to use chopsticks inserted, twist with your fingers are gravel sense; Really honey soft after crystallization, chopsticks inserted, easily on the finger is easy to twist. Some false honey and honey really very close, only by using precision electronic instruments can be identified.
We are honest company and abide by the promise and quality guarantee is the foundation of enterprise survival and development, we provide to any customers any products are able to guarantee quality,By our sincerity and action, get recognition and trust of partners from around the world. and become to trust each other and long-term win-win cooperation partners.

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