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Blaeberry/Raspbe Fruit Dietary Supplements, Dietary Nutrition Supplements, Mulberry Bee Powder Bee Pollen manufacturer / supplier in China, offering EU Quality, GMP 100%Natural Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspberry Fruit Juice, King Anthocyanins, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Anti-Aging,Killer of Liver Cancer, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Emodin and so on.

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EU Quality, GMP 100%Natural Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspberry Fruit Juice, King Anthocyanins, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Anti-Aging,Killer of Liver Cancer

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: Over 1000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Certification: ISO, FDA, HACCP, SGS EU
Storage Method: Normal
Application: Food, Health Care Products, Anticancer, Anti-Aging, Killer of Liver Cancer
State: Liquid
Extract Source: Organic Wild Blaeberry
Type: Red Anthocyanins, Amino Acids, Flavonoids

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYFPZGZ-NO: 01
Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspbe: Pure Natural Health Food
King of Anthocyanins: Anthocyanins Content Best High
Magical Effect: Anticancer, Antitumour, Resist Radiation
Health Food: No Pollution, No Heavy Metal
Pure Natural Food: No Pathogenic Bacteria, No Artificial Colors
Organic Food: Killer of All Kinds of Cancer
Food: EU, Top Quality
Extraction Process: Physical
Packaging Material: EU Bottle Glass/Lead-Free
Raw Material: 100%Natural Health Food
Trademark: IYOUTH
Transport Package: Bottle/Box
Specification: 500Ml/Bottle, 1000Ml/Bottle
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name: Killer of liver cancer,EU Quality, GMP 100%Natural Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspbe Fruit Juice, King Anthocyanins beverage,Anticancer,Radiation resistance,Anti-aging, Remove Chloasma,Whitening,No pollution, No pesticides, No heavy metal, No pathogenic bacteria,Health food. Prolong life. Dietary nutritious supplementary- Oral liquid.100% natural wild  Blaeberry/Raspber juice drinks, No adding( Artificial colors,Essence and spice)No added preservatives,
No sugar, diabetes can take it.


Ingredients:  Blaeberry/Raspberryfruit juice, fruit virgin pulp, mineral water,have rich anthocyanins, xylitol,
EU Quality, GMP 100%Natural Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspberry Fruit Juice, King Anthocyanins, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Anti-Aging,Killer of Liver Cancer
100% natural source of raspberry juice pollution-free ecological industry base in China (by organic food certification center certification of organic food, and through the international GAP, HACCP certification), the famous Chinese experts carefully study your rainbow berries r&d center development, using the traditional process and advanced biotechnology to manufacturing;Retain the raspberry fruit itself color, aroma and nutrients, this internal rich tanning the acid soluble fiber, SOD, raspberry ketone, and the human body needs many kinds of trace elements are not damage and loss.Natural organic health drink, without any added, no preservatives, no pigment, no essence.

Organic raspberry belong to precious rare berries, was identified as the third generation of international food and agriculture organization (Fao) golden fruit.Raspberry fruit tender, juicy, bright color, aroma fragrant and sweet.The raspberry fruit contains in addition to the regular sugar, acid, VC, VE, and abundant mineral elements, also contains a lot of tanning acid and natural plant SOD (Superoxide dismutase), raspberry ketone, salicylic acid, raise colour beauty, anti-cancer, anti-aging, antihypertensive lipid and prevent anemia, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular disease and other health care efficacy.Japan scientist called the fruit of life.

EU Quality, GMP 100%Natural Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspberry Fruit Juice, King Anthocyanins, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Anti-Aging,Killer of Liver Cancer
100% pure natural raspberry is regarded as the Killer of liver cancer/ The killer of all kinds of cancer
Raspberry also calls the raspberries, tray, raspberry, of rosaceae suspension hook is a perennial deciduous small shrubs, there are more than 750 kinds of, because of its fruit type, color, flavor and strawberry similar but grow on trees, so the object naming tree blackberry. Its fruit color has red, yellow, purple and dark red.Which red dominated, called red raspberry, commonly known as red raspberry. The fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, E, superoxide dismutase (sod), Y - aminobutyric acid, such as anti-aging substance, and tanning acid and other anti-cancer substances, including vitamin E and tanning acid content for all fruit.In the United States, red raspberry is regarded as cancer Nemesis, people praise it as "ruby".
Tanning acid and liver cancer cells from the raspberries mixed culture, tanning acid can inhibit tumor growth.In the future, humans can use of raspberry extract to produce pharmaceutical preparations or oral liquid, for the use of yi people at high risk of liver cancer prevention.

Modern research:
Chemical composition:
Framboise contain organic acids, sugars and a small amount of vitamin C, and gallic acid, ellagic acid), beta sitosterol, beta sitosterol, fructus rubi acid (fupenzic acid).Palm Ye Fu basin contain organic acids, sugars and a small amount of vitamin C.
Pharmacological effects:
2. The estrogen-like effect of rat, rabbit vaginal smears and endometrial biopsy and other indicators show that fructus rubi have estrogen-like effects.
Tree berry suit a crowd:
1. Suitable for liver deficiency, impotence, spermatorrhea, infertility, urinate frequently, look at unclear person of thing.
2. The kidney empty fire, urine short red, early pregnancy women's clothing.

Framboise diet: fructus rubi taste sweet, sour, lukewarm;Belong to the liver and kidney meridian;Fragrant air qualitative leap, drop in liters
Has a tonic liver and kidney, solid essence shrinks the urine, the effect of improving eyesight ufa.
Authority and with turbidity infertility semen leakage impotence, kidney frequent urination, urinary incontinence, visual dark, weigh, early white.

Raspberry as rosaceae Rasaceae raspberries genus Rubus. L subshrub of berry plants, the fruit tender, juicy, sweet and fragrant, rich in a variety of vitamins and mineral elements, especially rich in SOD, anti-cancer, anti-fatigue material such as tannin acid, americans call it "the fruit of life" [1].In addition to the table, fruit jam, fruit wine, fruit juice beverage is suitable for processing. And Raspberry processed products everywhere can smell the fragrance in daily life, from the milk, bread, to ice cream after the meal, snack sandwich, various beverages.At the same time, the health care function of raspberries, also made a lot of research, extracting the raspberry flavor, tanning acid, SOD (superoxide disproportionation enzyme), and other high-tech products.
In addition, raspberry fruit, stem and root can be medicine, has the very high medicinal value.Through the mice tumor experiment, this study discussed the antitumor function of the changbai mountain area introduction raspberry.
Raspberry on cancer using raspberry fruit has strongly inhibited the growth of the cancer cells function, its main ingredient is the fruit contains acid tanning.Tanned in raspberry fruit acid content is 1.5 ~ 2 mg / 100 grams of fresh fruit, is first of all kinds of food.Will be the bane of raspberry as cancer in the United States, the United States at the university of Minnesota and the medical university of south Carolina He Ling cancer center research confirmed that the tree blackberry is a kind of effective food to prevent cancer.
Red raspberry with antitumor activity.
CTX significantly decreased the thymus and spleen coefficient, raspberry juice and extract each dose group of thymus and spleen coefficient has a tendency to reduce, but significantly higher than that of CTX group, there was no significant difference compared with model group, showed that red raspberry have certain tumor suppression effect, and almost no side effects on the immune system.South Korea life science research institute for the commission to the author had red raspberry juice and extracts in vitro antitumor experiment, that is determined by MTT method is used to observe the red raspberry juice and extracts of growth HePG2 liver cancer cell lines proliferation, the influence of the results are not directly inhibit or kill tumor cells.Clinical and experimental research proved that [2], can delay the tumor development or inhibit tumor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), mainly through improving the function of the body, improve immune function, rather than to kill cancer cells directly.Regulate the body's immune function, to strengthen the body's anti-tumor immune function, is one of the important mechanisms of TCM anticancer.Red raspberry juice and extracts may also by enhancing the body's immune system function play a certain role of anti-tumor.
The economic value of raspberries:
Raspberry nutritional value: people often will pear, apple, citrus, peach, apricot, grape, etc. Is called the first generation of fruit.Kiwi fruit, strawberry and hawthorn is called the second generation of fruit.Seabuckthorn, blueberries, raspberries, etc for the third generation of fruit.The characteristics of the third-generation fruit is rich nutrition, the main consumption way is processed into a variety of food.Raspberry fruit soft and juicy, rich fragrance, colour and lustre is pleasant.Amino acid content is higher than that of apple, grape, common there are as many as 19 kinds of amino acids, it has a higher than any other wild fruits and the existing fruit of vitamin E, SOD9 (superoxide enzyme disproportionation), Y - aminobutyric acid, enzymes, anti-aging material such as free radical scavenger.Especially anticancer substance tanning acid content is rich.Red raspberry sugar can reach 10%, mainly is for the body to absorb glucose and fructose, organic acid content more than 2%, citric acid and malic acid.    
Raspberry medicinal value: 
1. The red raspberry in the use of the human body health care raspberry fruit contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body.With potassium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, etc are enzymes cofactors.Calcium play an important role to the human body skeleton development.Raspberry fruit is also high, anthocyanins content in red raspberry contains 30 ~ 60 mg / 100 grams of fresh fruit.Anthocyanin exists not only make the raspberry fruit color and pleasant and has anti-aging effect.Raspberry contains flavonoids, salicylic acid and caffeic acid and other nutrients.These materials have the function of the cardiovascular disease resistance.The active components of aspirin is salicylic acid.Raspberry fruit per 100 grams contains 0.5 to 2.5 mg of salicylic acid, can be used as a diaphoretic, is the treatment of colds, flu, sore throat, good thermal reduction medicine.Root leaching liquor can be relaxing tendons, red detumescence, stem leaf and water can wash piles, etc.Red raspberry fruit cellulose content is rich.High content of cellulose in food might protect against heart disease, still can reduce the cholesterol in the blood, cellulose also contribute to the prevention and treatment of diabetes, maintain the level of glucose in the blood.Because the raspberry fruit contains the ingredients, make tree berry is advantageous to the prevention and cure of health food.
EU Quality, GMP 100%Natural Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspberry Fruit Juice, King Anthocyanins, Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Anti-Aging,Killer of Liver Cancer
100%Natural Organic Wild Blaeberry/Raspberry contains abundant bioactive flavonoids:
Pharmacological effects of flavonoids compounds(Also call  flavonoids total / research progress:

This paper expounds the mechanism of the pharmacological effects of flavonoids, and its research is reviewed and prospects:
What is the flavonoids compounds(Also called general flavone)
Flavonoids flavonoids for short, refers to two benzene ring through the central three carbon chain knot each other and become a series of C6 C3 - C6 compounds, is mainly refers to color 2 - phenyl ketone of the original for a class of compounds, the parent nucleus is widespread in nature phenolics, belongs to the plant secondary metabolites, it widely exists in higher plants and fern plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, vegetables, fruit, etc, in the form of free or combined with sugar for glycosides, not only the number of variety, and structure types of complex and diverse, has identified more than 8 million kinds of separation, flavonoids are nature medicinal plants yellow is always one of the main active ingredient.Show a variety of pharmacological activities.At present flavonoids content can be divided into more than 10 categories, flavonoids, flavanols, isoflavone, double hydrogen flavone, flavonol double hydrogen, rang out, flavanone, design and color village, chalcone and chromogen ketone, flavonoids research increasingly deepening, but reports on flavonoids radiation resistance is less, is the study of flavonoids radiation resistance were summarized.
In the study found that many kinds of flavonoids has obvious radiation effect, its mechanism may be related to the protection of hemopoietic system function, the protective function of the immune system, scavenging free radicals, protecting DNA, to disease prevention and control of cardiovascular system and respiratory system diseases, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, fall blood sugar, antioxidant, anti diabetes, r
esistance to radiation, anti-cancer, anti-tumor and enhance the pharmacological effects, such as the immunity ability.Physiological activity of flavonoids, closely related with its unique chemical structure, along with the in-depth study of the structure-activity relationship, discovered the mechanism of action of some pharmacological effects, for its application in the field of medicine and food provides the theoretical basis, to speed up the development and utilization of flavonoids.
1. At home and abroad in recent years, such as tea polyphenols, ginkgo flavonoids of pharmacological and nutritional extensive studies and clinical trials, confirmed that the flavonoids is both pharmacological factors, nutritional factors is important for a newly discovered nutrients, have important physiological health care effect to human body.
In recent years, due to the progress of the free radicals of life science, to have strong antioxidant and eliminating free radical effect of flavonoids by the unprecedented attention.Flavonoids are involved in the phosphoric acid and arachidonic acid metabolism, protein phosphorylation, the transfer of calcium ions, the removal of free radicals, anti-oxidation activity enhancement, REDOX, chelation and gene expression.They have: (1) The health benefits of anti-inflammatory;(2) Allergy;(3) Inhibiting bacteria;(4) inhibition of parasites;(5) Inhibit the virus,(6) Prevention and treatment of liver disease;(7) Prevention and treatment of vascular disease;Prevention and treatment of vascular embolization (8);(9) Pevention and treatment of heart and cerebrovascular disease;(10) Ati-tumor;(11) Rsistance to chemical poison;(12) Against diabetes.
Many pharmacological effects and efficacy.Especially in recent years, the flavonoids in antiviral (HIV, influenza viruses, etc.) to reverse multi-drug resistance in tumor cells, inducing tumor cell apoptosis research showed significant activity greatly attracted people's interest to this kind of natural compounds and recognition.
Natural sources of biological molecular weight is small, flavonoids can be quickly absorbed by human body, can pass the blood-brain barrier, can into the adipose tissue, which reflects the following function: helps protect the body radiation, eliminate fatigue, protect blood vessels, prevent hardening of the arteries, capillaries and dredge microcirculation, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, cough, eliminating phlegm, diarrhea, relieve spasm, cholagogue function, protect liver to improve memory, the function of the activation of the brain and other organs cells, fat oxidation resistance, anti-aging.

2. The pharmacological effects of flavonoids:
Cancer anticancer 2.1: flavonoids mainly through three ways to prevent cancer, anticancer effect, namely the resistance against free radicals, inhibit the growth of cancer cells directly and carcinogenic factor etc. Physical and chemical carcinogenic factor led to the enrichment of free radicals in the body, such as cause lipid peroxidation, destruction of cell DNA and cause cancer. Flavonoids are quenching free radicals and antioxidants, can effectively prevent cell damage caused by lipid peroxidation, anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect. In the study of quercetin from free-radical effect found that when the concentration of quercetin in m mol/L will have anti-cancer effect, is an effective scavenger of free radicals and antioxidants.Quercetin can through three forms have the effect of resistance to free radicals, which combined with super oxygen anion to reduce the generation of oxygen free radicals;With Cu2 +, Fe3 +, Mn2 + complex blocks the formation of hydroxyl free radicals;And the lipid peroxidation (ROO) inhibit lipid peroxidation reaction.Flavonoids can also be applied to the tumor cell stage of M or S, to interfere with the cell cycle of tumor cells to suppress tumor proliferation.Such as, ketone inhibits the activity of protein kinase C (PKC), change of cell protein phosphorylation process to inhibit the growth of tumor cells.Baicalin can strongly inhibit three kinds of hepatocellular carcinoma cell line zhe isomerase activity, and can suppress liver cancer cell proliferation.The study found that celery glycoside ligands with induction of C50 and 308 skin cells in mice and human leukemia HL 60 cell cycle arrest in G2 / M phase, which have the effect of inhibiting tumor cell proliferation.This role in 24 h after removing the celery glycoside ligands can be reversed.Brownson D M study soybean genistein and daidzin in ordinary food also has the biology active of inhibit cancer cell growth.In addition, flavonoids and flavonoids derivatives for some carcinogenic factor has inhibition or antagonism effect, the results show that quercetin can effectively induced microsomal aromatics hydroxylase, epoxide hydrolase, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and benzopyrene and other carcinogenic substance through hydroxylation, hydrolysis lose carcinogenic activity, anticancer effect. 

2.2. Antitumor, antibacterial and antiviral effect of flavonoids have got the affirmation of the medical profession, its antitumor effect mainly through the induction of apoptosis, promote the resistance of tumor cell proliferation, cell signal transduction and intervention to promote tumor suppressor gene expression and so on.Although flavonoids exert antitumor activity, has A ring with receptor negative charge center, C ring and the receptor positive center in combination with other parts, through hydrogen bonding with receptors in common, but because of their different substituent on the benzene ring with different antitumor activity.Like different sugars instead, anti-tumor, antioxidant effect of the difference will be large.Silvia, etc.
By CoMFA analysis model design nine flavonoids derivatives were synthesized, and its biological activity test, expected the development of a number of novel nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors.The results showed that compound 4 f the inhibitory effect of cytochrome P450 is a little better than commercially available drug law stubborn azole (fadrozole).
2.3. Resistance to disease of heart head blood-vessel, flavonoids can treat some diseases of cardiovascular system, have the effect of the fall hematic fat, cholesterol, also can inhibit thrombosis and expansion of coronary artery, and so on.Can be used to treat high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis.First found that the blood pressure drugs was rutin, has found that baicalin, Chinese flowering crabapple, acacia glycosides, mignonette element - 7 - glucoside are effective antihypertensive agents, additional quercetin, puerarin, galangal, radix scutellariae and tea polyphenol, rutin cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Flavonoids can block the beta receptors at the subcellular level of mitochondrial can produce positive effect and can inhibit the heart 2 the activity of lipase (PDE) and phosphate with chronotropic to adjust the action of myocardial contraction.Heart piece of main components in soybean flavonoids, can obviously increase coronary blood flow and cerebral blood flow, and a slow heart rate, lessened the myocardial contraction force and lower blood pressure, and so on.To improve the balance of myocardial oxygen consumption and support [12] can effectively control hypertension and coronary heart disease (CHD).
2.4. Anti osteoporosis: compounds can be used in the treatment of bone diseases and conditions such as osteoporosis, its mechanism is that: first, it can inhibit collagen synthesis of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) increases, can inhibit collagen synthesis of PGE2 may reduce again, by adjusting the content into balance, thus can be used in the treatment of bone disease;Second, it can improve the sensitivity of estrogen, thyroid make thyroid C cells secrete calcitonin, eventually inhibit bone resorption and treatment of osteoporosis: third, it can also inhibit calcium and vitamin D in the diet caused by the decrease of bone mineral density and bone calcium content.
.to eliminate free radicals and antioxidant activity, free radicals is degenerative diseases such as cancer, aging, cardiovascular source of evil. Free radicals in the body can be directly or indirectly play a role of strong oxidizer and the nucleic acid, and the combination of nucleoprotein and fatty acids in the body and into the oxide or peroxide, make the loss of activity or degeneration of the cell function disorder, cause the body gradually aging or diseased. Free radicals have in common of the body: super oxygen anion free radical (O2 -), hydroxyl free radical (forced OH), silane oxygen free radicals (RO forced), etc.Sadik etc. Research shows that flavonoids has the function of scavenging free radicals and antioxidant activity.Studies have shown that flavonoids could inhibit the formation of free radicals, reducing lipid peroxidation and stimulate the role of the antioxidant enzymes. The mechanism is that it can effectively prevent free radicals in the body to produce three stages, namely react with O2 - to prevent free radicals cause;Chelate with metal ions to prevent the production of · OH;With lipid peroxidation ROO forced to prevent lipid peroxidation reaction process.
2.6. Resistance to radiation, electrical radiation effects on organisms produce free radicals caused easily make the cell damage, the structure and function of the flavonoids because - with the role of the base and therefore has the ability of resistance to radiation.Protecting DNA - is an important target of radiation damage DNA molecules, radiation biological effect mostly by DNA damage.DNA but not direct acting targets, wild radiation produced by free radicals attack one of the goals of the indirect, eventually cause DNA, gene mutation and recombination, cell transformation and cell death.Therefore, to reduce radiation on DNA damage is an important content of radiation protection.
Brass compounds against radiation mechanism:

The protective effects of flavonoids of hematopoietic system:
Hematopoiesis is radiation gao min, radiation attack the main target cells of the hematopoietic stem cells, progenitor cells, red blood cell precursors, radiation for the damage of hematopoietic system mainly inhibit or destroy the hematopoietic stem cell pools and proliferation cell proliferation, radiation often cause bone marrow suppression, microcirculation, white blood cells decline and hematopoietic microenvironment destructive damage, bioactive substances may be through the body to adjust hematopoietic cytokine secretion, promote the recovery of hematopoietic system.At the same time increase the body's ability to remove ROS, reduce hematopoietic tissue damage, thus to reach the effect of radiation.
2.7. The immune system of protection:
The body's immune system is sensitive to radiation damage, the highest sensitivity of T lymphocytes.The body produces state of immune dysfunction due to radiation damage, characterized by the decrease in the number of immune active cells, antibody formation inhibition or disorder, adjustment disorder cytokine network.Make the patients at long-term immune dysfunction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and other factors of gao min, aggravating illness, leading to premature aging and death.For the treatment of radiation damage the immune system is a key link in the process of radiation sickness treatment.Many researchers from the aspects of induce and regulation of cellular network to study the protection of natural medicine radiation damage the immune system.

Flavonoids research progress on animal experimental liver injury protection:
Abstract  : All kinds of flavonoids such as flavone, flavonol, flavanone, isoflavone, flavanone class of chemical liver damage, such as drug-induced liver injury, autoimmune liver injury, alcoholic liver injury, and hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury and so on experimental liver injury have different levels of protection.This kind of the protective effect of flavonoids compounds such as elimination of free radical, antioxidant, anti lipid peroxidation and regulating immune function and so on.Study the effect of various kinds of flavanoids on animal experimental liver injury has important significance for the development of drugs for prevention and treatment of liver diseases.In this paper, in effect of flavanoids on animal experimental liver injury of research progress were reviewed.

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