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Carrageenan Food, Food Addtive, Irish Moss Gelatin manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Carrageenan, Seaweeds Extract Natural), Food Additive, Food, Top Wine, EU Organice Cherry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok and so on.

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Carrageenan, Seaweeds Extract Natural), Food Additive, Food

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Min. Order: 25 KG
Production Capacity: Over 10000000tons
Transport Package: Box
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Certification: FDA, HACCP, ISO, SGS
Packaging Material: Box
Storage Method: Normal
Application: Baked Goods, Meat, Drinks, Yogurt, Jelly Soft Sweets, Jelly/Ice Cream, Flour Products, Condiment
Food Addtive: Pure Health Food
Carrageenan: Top Quality, Halal, Kosher, ISO

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYKLJ-NO: 01
Health Food: Pure Natural Extract
Fao, W.H.O and Uecfa Identified: Safe and Non-Toxic Characteristics
Shelf Life: 24months
Main Active Ingredient: Carrageenan
Trademark: YIYU
Specification: SGS
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name: 100%NaturalCarrageenan, Health food.Food Addtive

Carrageenan Spections:
Carrageenan specifications: 25KG/Carton or Bag(Double composite brown paper bag)

Carrageenan grade: Refined and half refined carrageenan -- Medicine grade  foodstuff grade and feed grade.We can also produce according to customers' standard.

Carrageenan product description:
The English name of Carrageenan
The alias Aquagel.Gum department carrageenan
Product name carrageenan
The CAS NO: 9000-07-1
EINECS registration number 234-350-2

White refined carrageenan, pale yellow is half- refined carrageenan

Carrageenan, Seaweeds Extract Natural), Food Additive, Food
Carrageenan production of raw materials

Carrageenan (Carrageenan), also known as eucheuma glue, plastic AGAR weed, pelvetia silquosa glue, carrageen glue, because Carrageenan from red algae eucheuma, AGAR weed and pelvetia silquosa seaweed extracted hydrophilic colloid, its chemical structure is composed of galactose and dehydration galactose polysaccharide sulfate calcium, potassium, sodium, ammonium salt.Because of the difference of the sulfuric acid ester combination form, can be divided into K type (Kappa), type I (Iota), L (Lambda).Widely used in the manufacture of jelly, ice cream, cake, jelly, canned, meat, rice pudding, tremella bird's nest, soup, cold food, and so on.AGAR in the chemical industry, medical research, as a medium, ointment and other USES.

Physical properties
Different types of thickening and gelling properties of carrageenan are quite different.For example, kappa carrageenan and predominate potassium ions to form solid gel, and ι and lambda There was a slight influence.ι carrageenan and calcium ions as formed in soft, elastic gel, but salt for lambda type had no effect on the properties of carrageenan.In most cases, lambda and kappa type predominate in the milk system used to obtain a suspending liquid or cream gel together.Carrageenan and its mixture with a lot of beneficial substances in a wide range and complex commercial products to meet the unique comprehensive performance is most suitable for a particular application.

One, the solution properties
All carrageenan soluble in hot water, but only the kappa and ι predominate sodium salt soluble in cold water.Usually in the salt concentration in food can not be type of lambda carrageenan effect;Viscosity in cold water and milk, while a higher viscosity, if the solution is a heating and cooling.When pressure or mixing type lambda carrageenan solution form of shear thinned pseudoplastic or solution.The solution is typically used for thickening, especially in dairy products, to provide a viscous, creamy texture of the system.
Temperature is an important factor to determine what type of carrageenan is used in the food system.All the carrageenan hydrate is suitable for high temperature and kappa and ι predominate especially show the lower the viscosity of the liquid.Cooling, the carrageenan between 40-70 ºC in the formation of a series of gel type depends on the type and the concentration of the cationic carrageenan.
Second, the acid stability
When carrageenan solution at PH 4.3, under the condition of heat will lose viscosity and gel strength.This is because the carrageenan hydrolysis in low PH value, will be 3, 6 - dehydration - D - galactose disconnected (Hoffmann, etc., 1996).Under the high temperature and low cation concentration, degree of hydrolysis increased.However, once the temperature of the solution is lower than the gel temperature, potassium ion can be combined with carrageenan on sulfate groups, this can prevent the phenomenon of hydrolysis.
In order to minimize the effect of hydrolysis, the proposal, where possible, carrageenan should be dealt with under neutral conditions, and the acid should be added immediately in front of the food storage and filling.In acidic foods, carrageenan polymer should be added before the end of the production in order to avoid excessive decomposition.
Three, gel characteristics
Kappa and ι carrageenan predominate the hot solution under the condition of cationic exist, cooled to 40-70 ºC, the formation of a series of gel texture, popular solution.Carrageenan gel showed hysteresis, the difference between environment and melt temperature.The gel stability at room temperature, but heating for gel 5 to 20 ºC above the melting temperature.When cooling, a neutral system can form gel properties of similar.You have to remember that in acid products, gel strength and quality of a material by hydrolysis of heating and cooling effect.
Ion ingredient in a food system is very important to the effective use of carrageenan.For example, kappa carrageenan and potassium predominate role, forming the gel of hard and brittle.ι type of carrageenan choose sodium in forming a bridge between adjacent chains, typical soft and elastic gel.
The presence of these ions, hydration temperature of carrageenan and its environment and melting temperature also has a dramatic effect.ι type of carrageenan, for example, in the water under the environment temperature of hydrolysis, but add salt gel point can be improved so that the solution into a has obvious point of reversible gel, in the cold salad sauce production by the nature of development and utilization.

Chemical characteristics:
Low solubility: insoluble in cold water, but can be swelling gel block, insoluble in organic solvents, soluble in hot water into a translucent colloidal solution (above 70 ºC hot water dissolving speed;
Low gelling property, in the presence of potassium ions can generate heat reversible gel;
Low thickening: low concentration when low viscosity of sol formation, close to the Newtonian fluid, levels high viscosity of sol formation, is a non-newtonian fluid.

Low collaborative: with locust bean gum, konjac gum, xanthan gum, colloidal generate synergy, can improve the elasticity of gel and water retention;
Low health value: carrageenan has the basic characteristic of soluble dietary fiber, in the body after degradation of carrageenan complex can form soluble fibrin and blood.Can be colon glycolysis bacteria into CO2, H2, biogas and formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid, such as short chain fatty acids, become a probiotic sources of energy.

Application in the food
Ice cream, ice cream) : prevent whey separation, slow melt. 
Sweet jelly, YangGeng: gelling agent.

Meat: thickening water, fat check to take off the liquid contraction, binder, improve the product section and elastic.
Chocolate milk: suspension, add texture. 
Juice drinks: make small pulp evenly, suspension, add flavor.
Resin milk: smooth, increase the simple sense. 
Jelly: excellent gelling agent.
Condensed milk, emulsion stability. 
Bread: increase the water retention capacity, delay to harden
Processed cheese: prevent to take off the liquid contraction. 
Pie: paste effect, increase the simple sense.
Baby milk powder: prevent degreasing and whey separation. 
Condiments: suspending agent, excipients, bring bright feeling.
Milk pudding: gelling agent, increasing the quality. 
Canned food, gelling, stable fat.
Freeze foaming pastry: prevent fat separation and liquid contraction phenomenon, is not easy to deformation.
Shake: suspension, add texture.
Beer industry: clarifying agent, stabilizer.
Acidified milk: add texture, satiny
Toothpaste: bonding
Carrageenan - use limited
GB 2760-96: all kinds of food, the limit of GMF. 
The FAO/WHO (1984 g/kg) : green beans, yellow sword bean, sweet corn, mushroom, asparagus, green beans, 10 (cream is contained in the goods, or any other oil);Processed cheese 8, other general cheese 5;Make baby food, regular milk and soybean as the basic material products. 300 mg/kg, products based on hydrolysis of protein and amino acid 1;The ham, pork shoulder meat (in GMT).Sardines, mackerel and its products, canned fish 20 (only in soup);Pickled cucumber 500 mg/kg;Canned carrot 10;Broth, soup with 5000 mg/kg;Low power concentrated milk 150 mg/kg;Fresh cream 5 (only for pasteurization or whipped cream for uht cream, whipped dozens disinfection cream);After fermentation by the heat treatment of flavoured yoghurt and its products, 5000 mg/kg;Cold drink 10.
The USDA, § 318.7 (2000) : restructuring meat products 1.5%.
The FDA, § 172.620 (2000) : can be used in food safety, is limited to GMP

Carrageenan - category
Toxic substances
Carrageenan - toxicity grading
Carrageenan - acute toxicity
Vein - rabbit LDL0:5 mg/kg.Vein - guinea pigs LDL0:20 mg/kg
Carrageenan - flammability hazard characteristics
Thermal decomposition of acrid smoke
Carrageenan - storage features
Warehouse ventilation, dry at low temperature
Carrageenan - fire extinguishing agent
Water, carbon dioxide, foam, dry powder
Carrageenan - safety information
WGK Germany: 2
RTECS number: FI0700000
Carrageenan - upstream and downstream product information
Downstream products
The KAPPA - carrageenan selenide
The upstream raw materials
Isopropyl alcohol - > methyl cellulose detergent - > cream milk -> polysorbate 80 biochemical > plant gum -> collagen - > cocoa alkaline earth metal liquid detergent - > stripping agent.

Carrageenan, Seaweeds Extract Natural), Food Additive, Food
* * * * The carrageenan of purpose:
It is a superior quality of food additives.
With a strong and high viscosity characteristics, the formation of the gel satisfactory flexibility, transparency and solubility.
Stability is very good, even if the place for a long time to also won't reduce the gel strength and viscosity of the medium and even heating is not hydrolyzed in alkaline solution.
Has the good and the nature of the protein, with positively charged ions is formed between protein molecules, the interactions between the reactivity of this unique is unique in all the colloid.
With ι - locust bean gum, carrageenan, konjac gum and xanthan gum, exert effect obvious synergy, mix can obviously change the gel properties of the gel tend to be full of flexibility and reduce bleeding phenomenon.
The use of non-toxic safety has was confirmed by the UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) and the world health organization.
Carrageenan in food, medicine, daily chemical, biological, chemical, architectural coatings, powder, weaving and dyeing and agricultural use is very extensive.
In the food industry as a gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer, suspending agent and clarifying agent.Can be used for jelly, jelly, sausage, canned meat, ice cream, beverages, condiments, chocolate milk, milk pudding, simulation food, desserts, jam, mi YangGeng, beer, bread, meat, fish food, pet food, etc.
In daily chemicals used in toothpaste, detergent, cosmetics and air freshener.
In biochemistry used for microbial suspending agent, barium sulfate dispersant, capsules, etc.
Used as a carrier and microorganism immobilized cells in biological chemical carrier and so on.
Used as the coating industry in other ways, water-based paint thickener, to ceramic glaze can be used as a thickener, watercolor paint thickener, graphite suspending agent, textile and paper sizing agent, agricultural herbicides and pesticides on suspending agent, etc.
The company selects the import high quality algae extraction and purification of raw materials, the use of advanced technology, production of high quality and low price of carrageenan rolls for grain pure many varieties and specifications of distribution of products.Include high strength, high viscosity and high transparency of the refined carrageenan, semi refined carrageenan, jelly powder, jelly powder, meat powder, ice cream emulsifying stabilizers, such as air freshener varieties and specifications.Can meet the requirements of different customers to a great extent, but also all-round to provide customers a variety of product application technology services.

The main purpose
Carrageenan in food industry --gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer, suspending agent, clarifying agent and so on

Daily chemical --Toothpaste, detergent, cosmetics and air freshener
Pharmaceutical drugs--- suspending agent, barium sulfate, dispersant, capsules, etc
Biochemistry---- Microbial , carrier and immobilized cell carrier
Other industria----l coatings water-based paint, ceramic glaze, watercolor, thickener, graphite suspension, textile and paper sizing agent and agent of herbicide on agriculture and suspending agent, etc

Carrageenan stability is strong, dry powder placed for a long time not easy degradation.It is also stable in neutral and alkaline solution, hydrolysis and even heating can not, but in acidic solution (especially pH 4.0) or less carrageenan prone to acid hydrolysis, gel strength and viscosity decreased.It is worth noting that under the condition of neutral, if carrageenan in high temperature and long time heating, also can be hydrolyzed, results in the decrease of strength of the gel.All types of carrageenan can dissolve in hot water and hot milk.Soluble in hot water can form a sticky transparent or light milky liquid solution.Carrageenan can swell and can't dissolve in cold water.

Based on the properties of carrageenan has, in the food industry usually it is used as thickener, gelling agent, suspending agent, emulsifier and stabilizer, etc.And the production application of carrageenan and its rheological properties are larger, and accurately grasp the rheological properties of carrageenan and its change rule under various conditions is of great importance to production.

Role Jelly:
Concreting carrageenan as a kind of very good, can replace the usual AGAR, gelatin and pectin, etc.Made of AGAR jelly elasticity is insufficient, the price is higher.Made with gelatin jelly disadvantage is that the solidification and melting point is low, preparation and storage of all need low temperature cold storage;With pectin disadvantage is that the need to add high solubility sugar and adjust the proper pH value can be set.Carrageenan without these drawbacks, made of jelly with carrageenan elastic and not from the water, so its become the gels of the jelly.

Carrageenan in jelly application should pay attention to the following:

A system is due to carrageenan belongs to the konjac gum, its solubility is relatively high, therefore must carry on the insulation.Such as the holding time is insufficient, dissolved incompletely, jelly to taste is bad, serious can cause jelly is very tender not forming;But at the same time, heat preservation time is too long, carrageenan and alkali or joined the sodium citrate buffer, is likely to happen to the acetylated degeneration, produce the phenomenon of "egg drop soup", jelly still may not be forming.So don't heat preservation after summer boil, 10 min after boiling heat preservation in winter, the spring and autumn season somewhere in between.

2. It is because of carrageenan don't acid, acid, the lower the temperature, the better, usually before 70 ºC to 80 ºC jelly filling or according to the actual process conditions, otherwise the temperature, the higher the carrageenan is easy to be damaged, affect the taste, suggested to add after citric acid soluble in water at the same time, lest cause local acid;Adjust pH value is generally not less than 4, need more acid taste should use other colloidal auxiliary;Pasteurized affect taste, also need to adjusted according to the actual situation.

3. It is filtered.After boiling, the use of mesh filter material liquid, its purpose is to get rid of the konjac gum grain, unable to dissolve a relatively transparent jelly, such doing can get some high-grade jelly transparent effect.

The application of fudge
Made transparent carrageenan fruit jelly have production in our country, the fruit fragrant, moderate sweetness, and refreshing non-stick teeth, and the transparency is better than AGAR, the price was lower than those of AGAR, added to the common hard candy and jelly with smooth taste, can make the product more flexible, small viscosity, higher stability.
Carrageenan in jelly should be paid attention to: when using a predominantly carrageenan jelly powder under the high concentration of sugar is not easy to dissolve, so suggest to dissolve the water first, otherwise easy to generate "trachoma", that is, a grain of a grain of small colloidal particles.The second is reducing sugar content is too low, long storage time, easy sand return;When cook sugar reducing sugar content is too high, easy to injection molding molding.Three is can add design and color at the end of the boil glue materials, such as carrots sauce, but to compute the proportion of good jelly powder.
Used in ice cream
*In ice cream and ice cream production, carrageenan can make the fat and other solids distribution even, to prevent the milk composition separation and increase ice crystals during manufacture and storage, it can make ice cream and ice cream is exquisite, smooth and delicious.In ice cream production, carrageenan and the cation in milk, produce distinctive gelling properties, can increase the formability of ice cream and melting resistance, improve the stability of the ice cream in the temperature fluctuation, also not easy to melt when placed.
In ice cream production, carrageenan, although does not give priority to stabilizing agent, but it is in very low concentrations can serve as a good prevent auxiliary stabilizer using whey separation.Because although carrageenan can increase the viscosity of system, but can't tolerate enough glue to stabilize the system.Locust bean gum, guar gum, carboxymethyl cellulose is used alone or in combination with the good Lord stabilizer, however they have the same faults, which can lead to whey separation in ice cream mixture.So add carrageenan can inhibit the occurrence of this phenomenon.
Carrageenan used in ice cream should be paid attention to: one is to add a small amount of starch, the quantity is powder texture, poor taste.Second, carrageenan dosage is less, more for agitation after aging process.
Carrageenan, Seaweeds Extract Natural), Food Additive, Food
Health Aspect:
People from hundreds of years and the commercial application proves that this kind of thing is not harmful to human body material.Or foreign powers would have stopped using.Front has said the British algae on the milk boiling, cooling after a block.In fact he is equal to a kind of edible seaweed and milk the combination of the two kinds of nutrition.Experimental evidence indicates that the degradation of carrageenan (plygeenan) can improve the body's immune.Carrageenan is thickening machine itself, but it is not derived from industrial, but plants derived from the sea, so has a certain nutritional value.

Have Carrageenan side effect? 
NO ,Carrageenan (also called pelvetia silquosa glue or antlers algin) from red algae polysaccharide of natural plant gum, widely used in food industry, chemical industry, and in the field of biological and medical research.Carrageenan with hydrophilic colloid formation, gel, thickening, emulsification, film, stable dispersion characteristics, and therefore is widely used in dairy products, ice cream, juice drinks, bread, water gel jelly (water), meat, spices, canned food, etc.Can allocate jelly powder, jelly powder, pudding powder, love jade powder, western-style ham mixing powder, etc.Its unique performance can't be replaced by other resin, makes the carrageenan industry rapid development, now the world of carrageenan production has far more than the output of AGAR.Carrageenan has a good water soluble, begin to dissolve in 70 degrees, 80 degrees is completely dissolved.Dry powder of carrageenan is stable, long-term place not quickly hydrolysis, than the stability of pectin or algin, sugar.Carrageenan is also stable in neutral and alkaline solution, even heating is not hydrolyzed.Due to many physical and chemical properties of carrageenan, satisfactory elasticity, transparency and expands the application range of carrageenan solvability; Safe and non-toxic characteristics has been the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) and the world health organization jecfa (UECFA) identified.Therefore, in recent years, carrageenan developed rapidly at home and abroad, has boosted demand.


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