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Honey Top, Honey Pricklyash Peel, Queen of Honey manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Honey Top100%Natural Pricklyash Peel Honey/Queen of Honey,Rare,Precious Anticancer,Antiaging,Nourish Blood,Antioxidation,Therapy Asthma and Anemia,Prolong Life, Top Wine, EU Organice Cherry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Honey Honey Top100%Natural Pricklyash Peel Honey/Queen of Honey,Rare,Precious Anticancer,Antiaging,Nourish Blood,Antioxidation,Therapy Asthma and Anemia,Prolong Life

Honey Top100%Natural Pricklyash Peel Honey/Queen of Honey,Rare,Precious Anticancer,Antiaging,Nourish Blood,Antioxidation,Therapy Asthma and Anemia,Prolong Life

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 100000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Type: Honey Top
Style: Pure
Form: Liquid
Processing Type: Pure
Top Honey: Anticancer, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics
Top Pricklyash Peel Honey: Therapy Asthma and Anemia, Sterilize Bacteria

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYGSWBZ-NO: 01
Health Food: No Pathogenic Bacteria, Antiaging, Prolong Life
Queen of Honey: Nourish Internal Organs, Very Rare and Precious
Pure Honey: Gift of Nature, 100%Natural, No Any Add
Trademark: IYOUTH/YIYU
Transport Package: Bottle/Box
Specification: EU SGS
Origin: China

Product Description

Product name: Honey Top 100%Natural Pricklyash Peelhoney/Queen Of Honey,Rare,Precious Anticancer,Antiaging,Nourish Blood,Antioxidation,Therapy asthma and anemia, Anticancer, Sterilize bacteria,Beauty Skin,Antiaging, No Pollution,No Heavy Metal,No Antibiotics,Nourish Blood, Promote Sleep,Prolong Life,Health food;

Product type: 
1, Top Pure natural honey;Pricklyash Peel honeyy/Queen Honey,Rare,Precious
Specification: Specification: 200 g/bottle, 400 g/bottle, 600 g/bottle, 800 g/bottle, 250 g/bottles, 500 g/bottle, 750 g/bottle, 1000 g/bottle(Conform EU PET). 

Top 100%natural pricklyash Peel Honey/Queen of Honey,Rare,Precious, except to pure natural honey has more than 180 kinds of nutrients and active enzymes,and has Pricklyash Peel unique Nutritional value and effect, deep amber color or dark brown, taste fragrance, sweet, has clearing away heat and toxic materials, nourishing tonifying middle and  benefiting vital energy, invigorating stomach, warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold, nourishing the blood, the anemia has very good efficacy, especially treating senile asthma,Suitable for all peopleAnd anemia crowd is very suitable for use.
Pricklyash Peel pharmacology: Inhibition of smooth muscle movement and resistance to gastric acid
, and asthma.Pricklyash Peel and volatile oil,geraniol all have obvious inhibition of gastric bowel movement, has spasmolysis and analgesic effect on gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm.Zanthoxylum oil spasmolysis effect of airway smooth muscle has a strong, stronger than aminophylline, thus has relieving asthma effect.Zanthoxylum oil and relieving asthma effect also with inhibit lung mast cells generate, and it can sterilization, whitening, anti-cancer, anti-aging, promote sleep, moisturizing, nourishing the body organs, long-term use of prolong life.
Chinese prickly ash pharmacological effects:
The bacteriostatic experiment: Chinese prickly ash of bacillus anthracis, hemolytic streptococcus,
corynebacterium diphtheriae, pneumonic diplococcus, staphylococcus aureus, lemon and white staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis and other 10 kinds of gram positive bacteria, and e. coli, song negroponte dysentery stem flute, proteusbacillus vulgaris, typhoid and paratyphoid bacillus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, vibrio cholerae and other intestinal pathogenic bacteria all have obvious inhibitory effect.1:4 water infusion cartesian bacteria have inhibition to star slave.According to animal experiments, and a small amount of continuous development can promote the metabolism of glands development , more amount could improve the reproductive glands of development. It is proved that the ancients warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold, warm tonic  (Heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney)cognition.
Clinical application :
(1) In treatment of ascaris intestinal obstruction
10 g ~ 20 g with sesame oil, put the pot, put Chinese prickly ash, 15 g ~ 20 g to micro focal or remove to abandon;Stay zanthoxylum oil once finished lukewarm. Treatment of 8 cases of children patients, all stop abdominal pain medication after 15 to 30 minutes, then bowel movements, or discharge the worm. At the same time if obstruction for a long time, the poisoning symptoms, bowel necrosis or epityphlon worm may, bel not suitable take.
(2) The treatment of schistosomiasis:
Trial in the middle of the early, schistosomiasis, would be helpful to the improvement of symptoms, increased appetite after taking medicine, liver and spleen have varying degrees of narrowing. Usage: Fried peppercorns to grind into powder capsule, adult 5 grams per day, three times. 20 ~ 25 days for a course of treatment.
(3) Treatment of enterobiasis
Chinese prickly ash 50 grams, 1 kg of water, boil 40 ~ 50 minutes, filtering. Take lukewarm filtrate 25 ~ 30 ml retention enema, 1 times a day, 3 ~ 4 times in a row. Treatment of 108 cases of infantile pinworm disease, clinical symptoms disappeared, dung inspection three eggs are negative.
(4)It is used to the stop pain
Chinese prickly ash peel made 50% of injection, painful intramuscular or acupuncture point injection, each 2 ml. Observe 266 cases, including abdominal pain (ulcer pain, intestinal cramps, biliary colic) 246 cases, 240 cases of effectively;Liver area shall remain valid in 4 cases;Low back pain in 3 patients, 2 cases effectively;Of 13 patients with angina pectoris, etc.) other pain (headache. Effective in 5 cases. 266 cases of cancer pain relief in 186 cases, partial in 68 cases, 12 cases were invalid. General 10 ~ 15 minutes after injection of pain relief, sustainable 2 ~ 4 hours. No side effect in the cure process.
(5) It is used to back to milk
Prickly ash 10 ~ 25 grams, 400 ~ 500 ml of water, after soaking decoction reduced to 250 ml, then add brown sugar (sugar the effect not beautiful) 50 ~ 100 grams, strike one take, on the date of weaning, once a day for about 1 ~ 3 times back to the milk. The vast majority in milk is a significant reduction in medication after 6 hours, 2 days disappear breast swelling or pain relief.
The details of the Pricklyash Peel /Chinese prickly ash:
Loranthus sp is a deciduous shrub, 3 to 7 m high, stem usually have increased skin;Branches gray or brown gray, with small lenticels and slightly oblique upward prickle;in 1 ~ 2 is connected to the spherical fruit, or cracking into base connected only two petal shape.4 ~ 5 mm in diameter.The pericarp surface red, purple, or red brown, shrinking, and have many protuberance and concave under the oil glands, endocarp smooth, pale yellow, some residual black spherical seeds.Strong frangrance, taste spicy and lasting. Flowering for 3 to 5 month, fruiting 7-9 months.Like light, suitable to warm and humid soil deep rich loam, silty loam, shoot, hardy, drought-tolerant, disease-resistant ability.No waterlogging resistance, short-term water can cause death.
1,<Shennong's Herbal>, Main pathogens cough inverse, warm the middle warmer, expel scleromere  skin's muscle death  , cold dampness rheumatism pain , expel flatulence .
2, <Compendium of materia medica> Pricklyash Peel , pure Yang Food, its  acrid flavour and spicy , its air temperature as heat. Into the lungs, cold disperse ,  cure cough; into the spleen dehumidification,  cure wind-cold-wetness bype of arthralgia , edema and diarrhea, and into  right kidney to fill up the fire, cure( Heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney) weak urinate number, weak foot, lingering dysentery all symptoms .
100% natural Pricklyash Peel acrid flavour, hot in nature, fell under to the spleen, the stomach channel;Has Fragrant invigorating stomach, warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold dehumidification and stop pain and relieve diarrhea, insecticide and detoxification,  the efficacy of relieving itching and relieving fishy smell;The main treatment of vomiting,wind-cold-wetness bype of arthralgia, tooth pain, disease etc .warm the middle warmer stop pain;killing parasites to relieve itshing.The main deficiency-cold in spleen and stomach of stomach duct and abdomen crymodynia;The roundworm stomachache;Vomiting diarrhoea;Lung cold cough and gasp;Caries toothache; down leucorrhea pruritus vulvae ;Eczema and cutaneous pruritus.
100% natural Pricklyash Peel nutritional value:
The Pricklyash Peel  pericarp main the containing volatile oil, the oil of main components for limonene, cuminol, Geraniol.In addition and contain phytosterols and unsaturated organic acids and other various compounds.
100%Natural Pricklyash Peel nutritional value table (Per 100 g):
A (Calories) 258;Protein (g) 6.7;Fat (g) 8.9;Carbohydrates (g) 66.5;Dietary fiber (g) 28.7;Vitamin A (MCG) 23;Carotene (MCG) 140;Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.12;Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.43;Nicotinic acid (1.6 mg);Vitamin E (2.47 mg);Calcium (mg) 639;Phosphorus (69 mg).Potassium (mg) 204;Sodium (47.4 mg);Magnesium (mg) 111;Iron (mg) 8.4;Zinc (mg) 1.9;Selenium (MCG) 1.96;Copper (mg) 1.02;Manganese (mg) 3.33;Water (g) 11.
100% natural Chinese prickly ash effect  and function:
1. To increase appetite:Chinese prickly ash, but in addition to all kinds of meat XingShan odor, can promote the secretion of saliva, increase appetite.
2. A drop in blood pressure: One study found that Chinese prickly ash can expand blood vessels, which could have the effect of lowering blood pressure.
3. The insect repellent: Cooking Chinese prickly ash water can remove parasites.
4. Grain Food insect-Resistant: Storage of food is decayed, with dozens of grain on the prickly ash into cloth, and worm will run away or die.
5. Grease prevent  oxidative deterioration :At the end of oil put the right amount of Pricklyash, can prevent oil change taste.
6. Cabinet prevent termite:Within the cabinet placed dozens of fresh Chinese prickly ash, ant it dares not enter.
7. Food fly:Put some Chinese prickly ash, next to the food and meat flies would not climb.
8.Boiling oil  prevent  spill:Fried food, if oil heat to boiling point, can overflow from the pot, but if after a few Chinese prickly ash, into the boiling oil immediately down.
9. The toothache prevent:If it is hot and cold food caused a toothache, with a grain of Chinese prickly ash on the teeth of pain, the pain will slowly disappear.
 Edible methods Of Pricklyash Peel :
1. Stir fry, put a few Chinese prickly ash, heat oil in pan out after dark, cooking oil, fragrance greens is assail the nostrils.
2. Fry chili oil when the oil temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant.
3. Heat the Pricklyash Peel, vegetable oil, soy sauce, sprinkle on the salad, fresh and delicious.
4. when do Preserved turnip strip put in Pricklyash Peel, superexcellence flavour 
Taboo crowd: Pregnant women, 
Appropriate crowd: The general population are edible.Suitable for rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal pain, loss of appetite.
100% natural Pricklyash Peel /Chinese prickly ash pharmacological effects:
1. The effects on the digestive system.
1.1. The impact on the experimental gastric ulcer, Chinese prickly ash water extract 5 and 10 g/kg have significant resistance to mice under water stress ulceration, and ether extract is only suppress tendency.Chinese prickly ash water extract 10 g/kg have significant inhibition of indole beauty, the ethanol ulceration caused by mice, but the inhibition rate (22%) is not high.Chinese prickly ash ether extract 3.0 ml/kg significantly inhibit acid salt ulceration of rats (P < 0.01).Chinese prickly ash water extract 5 g/kg can obviously inhibit the ligation of pylorus ulcer formation in rats.
1.2. On carbon tetrachloride induced acute liver damage in the rat serum GPT and GOT the influence of Chinese prickly ash aqueous extract of 5.0 g/kg can rise against carbon tetrachloride GPT effect (P < 0.05 =, and presents the dose dependent, but GOT no protection against the rising.
1.3. Effects of drug-induced diarrhea in mice prickly ash ether extract 3. O and 6.0 ml/kg can be against diarrhea caused by castor oil in mice, role in not only fast, and durable.Of 3.0 ml/kg group can also cause diarrhea occur delayed 2 hours (control group 1.2 hours for the incidence of 5/12 and 11/12, Chinese prickly ash ether extract of 3.0 ml/kg group is 0/12 and 5/12 respectively, P values were < 0.05).Chinese prickly ash water extract 5 or 10 g/kg against mice diarrhea caused by senna, slow effect, but persistent (P < 0.05).4. The movements of ink gastrointestinal propulsion in mice mice stomach prickly ash water extract 10 g/kg can obviously inhibit gastric bowel movements, P < 0.05).
2. On experimental thrombosis and the effect of coagulation system: Using electrical stimulation rats caused by plaque build-up experimental thrombosis in vivo, and synchronization measure its influence on blood coagulation function.The experimental results show that: Chinese prickly ash water extract 10-20 g/kg and prickly ash ether extract 0.3 ml/kg doses of thrombosis in rats have obvious inhibitory effect (P < 0.01 and P < = 0.001, can obviously prolong the experimental thrombosis, suggesting the role of preventing thrombosis. Chinese prickly ash water extract 10 g/kg and ether extract, 0.15 to 0.3 ml/kg dose of anticoagulant effect, anticoagulant effect is stronger than ether extract aqueous extract. Anticoagulant effect may, Chinese prickly ash antithrombotic and platelet function of vascular endothelial cells of anticoagulant composition, because of Chinese prickly ash water extract of ADP and collagen induced platelet aggregation has obvious inhibitory effect, the inhibition rate were 50.4%, 88.3%. This product contains bergamot lactones have against the anticoagulant effect of heparin and hemostatic effect.
3. Analgesic action, Chinese prickly ash water extract 5-10 g/kg 3.0 6.0 ml/kg and ether extract in mice body torsion reaction caused by acetic acid had obvious inhibition, water extract P < 0.05, 3.0 ml/kg ether extract (P < 0.05), 6.0 ml/kg ether extract (P < 0.01), of which the effect of ether extract from water extract is strong, and a dose dependent.
4. Bacteriostatic action: this product naphtha 11 kinds of skin tinea bacteria and 4 kinds of deep fungus all have certain restrain and kill effect, and red hair wool sample microspore fungi versicolor bacterium is the most sensitive, MIC is lower than 0.1 ml/HL, MFC 0.1 HL/ml.Experiments have established that azone and dimethyl sulfoxide can promote the essential oil into a fungus accelerate cell death in the cell.
5. Insect repellent effect: prickly ash content of volatile oil in heat preservation of miss ren liquid can enable pig tapeworm severe poisoning.
6. Other effects: this product contains skimmia alkali have sample effect, but the strength is weak, can increase anesthesia cat blood pressure, enhance nictitating membrane contraction, strengthen the adrenaline on blood pressure and the role of the uterus, strengthen the cat or rabbit in uterine contractions, inhibition of small intestine contraction and expansion of coronary blood vessels, improve the striated muscle tension, strengthen the excitability of spinal reflexes.Have strong antibacterial function. 

The shelf life of honey:
Scientific research and practice has proved that top level honey has a strong antibacterial ability,
 it is the only food that does not corrupt spoiled in the world.In 1913, American archaeologists in Egypt pyramid tomb found an altar honey, 
identified the honey has lasted for more than 3300 years, but not bad, still can eat.But, because of the food safety law provisions of the state,
 any food need to tag shelf life.So, honey according to different levels, shelf life usually have 18 months, 2 years, 5 years, etc. In fact, only top level honey can be long-term preservation.
Note: Information source that decades of rich experience of beekeeping expert, 500 grams of natural honey, bees gather 500000 times need to form bee hard).
 If the bees in the world suddenly disappear in the earth so humans can live how long?
Diligence cute little bee, although their life is very short, but offers great contribution for human!
If the bees in the world suddenly disappear in the earth, so humans can live how long?
Diligence cute little bee, although their life is very short, but offers great contribution for human!
Without bees, how long can humans still exist?
Einstein predicted: If the bee disappears from the world, humans will also be only the four years of time! Because,in the 1330 crops are used by the human, has more than 1000 need to bee pollination. If the bee too little, people will say goodbye to the number of grain, oil, melon and fruit?

French science and life magazine published an article, the title is bees reduce, induce ecosystem upheaval.The article said, buzzers populations, could trigger chain rupture.Experts also said that in our country, the bee has a balanced role on our country's ecology, especially to the alpine region of the population.Without bees, alpine region of pollination is affected, by the plant species to plant the monotony of the developments of shaws Lin transformation.The decrease of plant diversity, will cause to reduce insect species plants as the prerequisite for the survival, to further reduce birds, etc...Think about it, this is how sad.

Top natural organic honey unique charm:
Top pure natural honey, 17.6~20% in basic moisture(Because source different flower seeds honey , so, water is different).natural baume degree 41.5 ~ 42(Usually understood as the concentration of honey);Amylase value activity of 8 ~ 18ml/g.h over, accord with standard of Europe and the United States (8ml/g), and Even beyond the EU indicators more than 1 times,(Our top honey beyond Europe and the United States index 1 times (biological activity of amylase value that the highest can reach 19 .3ml/g.h, - from Japan customer test analysis report,If you need to test report, please send EMAIL to us, we will send you Japanese inspection report a timely).Best-selling Europe and the United States and Japan. , because the source of Chinese unique original ecological environment, rich in abundant biological active enzymes, has the rich nutritional value and medicinal value, is rare and honey.
So, only top level and super level 100%natrua ripe honey all the indexes accord with Europe and the United States, Japan index. Our Level 1 honey, because of the high moisture top honey and super honey factors, therefore,level 1 honey is not in conformity with the European and American, however, our level 1 honey amylase value completely beyond Europe and the United States, because without any processing. Save the natural nutritional value and medicinal value. The main function lies in its efficacy and pure natural honey active enzyme values.

(Warm prompt: The baume degree is high, it also is not necessarily the natural ripe honey - top honey, to pretend to be the top honey, will not be ripe honey (2 ~ 3 days to collect honey) water is very high, through the high temperature steam evaporation, reach 42 baume degree, however, because of the high temperature destroyed the bioactive substances of honey, so the activity of amylase value is very low,High temperature processing of honey, losing the nutrition value and efficacy of honey. So, the activity of amylase value is very low, less than 8%. Usually around 5% (False honey that there is no amylase activity the value compositiony), so, the biological activity of amylase value high and low top is to identify pure natural honey and after high temperature and evaporation, and fake honey best way. So, top natural honey and super natural honey much higher nutritional value and medicinal value of grade 1 honey. 
So, Different levels of natural honey value is also different.
Some in pursuit of high profits, By hook or by crook,in order to pretend to be the top level honey,
can be immature evaporate through high temperature, reduce the water, some honey reduced to below 17%, even as low as 14~15%water. so how many consumers do not have enough honey to identify knowledge, thought that the lower the moisture content, the better. This is mistake understand.
In fact, it is high temperature processing of honey, destroy the nutritional value and effect of honey, has been basically no nutritional value and effect of garbage and honey. Actually this kind of honey biological activity is very low, very low.Because, Man-made destruction, solet person feel veryregrettable^^
Note: Information source that decades of rich experience of beekeeping expert, 500 grams of natural honey, bees gather 500000 times need to form bee hard).
*Therefore, real Top natural honey of the biological activity of Amylase activity is high and low to identify top natural honey and by high temperature and evaporation, and false honey is best method.
Warm prompt: Because the top pure natural honey,super natural honey ,Level 1 natural honey, because rare and precious,in order to ensure that your purchasing quantity, so if youdetermine the purchase,Please must be 1 ~ 2 months in advance reservation.
*A new study in the Netherlands proved that external use pure natural honey can kill that resist antibiotics in vitro cultivation of bacteria, and prevent the bacteria reproduce on healthy skin.
Who led the study, academic medical center in Amsterdam expert Dr Sebastian zatlers, said that the external use pure natural honey can be used for the prevention and treatment of skin infections, burn and injury, because it has the convergence effect and other pharmaceutical ingredients can penetrate into the skin.
Firm, points out that, at present developed the antibiotics were rare in the world, and the bacterial drug resistance is the enhancement;Pure natural honey was used to treat wound infections in long ago, there has been no report that bacteria have resistance to honey.
The team at standard temperature indoor external use pure natural anti-bacterial effect of honey after analysis found that there are several kinds of cultivating bacteria that resist antibiotics laboratory after contact with pure natural honey will die within 24 hours.
They also observed that pure natural honey can reduce the ability of these bacteria on the skin in a healthy person, the plaster arm with bacteria on the skin apply honey 48 hours, reduced to 1% bacteria's ability to reproduce.
Given the good experimental results, the researchers believe that pure natural honey may be used for the treatment of sepsis, this potentially fatal infections are usually caused by bacterial skin.
1. The child drink pure natural honey can cure cold:
Child drink honey can cure cold, for a child cold and cough, drink more honey drink during the daytime, not only good for the body to absorb more, best cough antibechic and antiinflammation effects, and can provide a weak body with more abundant nutrients and energy, help to recover at an early date.But honey is not suitable for children under the age of 1.
2. Milk and pure natural honey cure anemia in children
Some pediatricians through New Jersey recently, a study has found using simple therapy with honey, milk can make children anemia is greatly improved.Experts have suggested that children with anemia should choose color deeper honey to eat, because the deeper color, contain minerals also more, curative effect is better.
Children anemia symptoms of general performance, children often irritable or depressed, inactive, loss of appetite, pale skin and mucosa, with oral, oral mucosa, and nail bed and the palm is most obvious, preschool and school-age children can complain of tiredness.
The anemia children eat what is good, recently the United States, New Jersey some pediatricians through a study has found that the use of the simple milk and honey, can make children anemia is greatly improved.
Experts said, they gave more than100 children, 5 to 9 years old children with anemia for 20 days to drink honey milk (100-150 grams per day),the results with the red blood cell and hemoglobin in the blood are increased, the symptom such as dizziness, fatigue, significantly reduce, also began to emerge color in the face.Experts have suggested that children with anemia should choose color deeper honey to eat, because the deeper color, contain minerals also more, curative effect is better.For example, deep colour and lustre of buckwheat honey contains manganese, copper and other trace elements, is higher than that in the clover honey color slants shallow 24 times more.Milk and honey are nutritious food, at home, will they match together eat less, but in Germany, they are essential to the breakfast food, even the German chancellor gerhard schroeder told the press, his standard breakfast: Milk +  Honey +Bread.
German nutritionist ancient tesla professor pointed out that the honey is a must-have in the breakfast, associated with its nutritional value.The German nutrition society clinical experiments showed that honey contains glucose, fructose, proteins, enzymes, vitamins and a variety of minerals.Its color is more deep, contains minerals, often eat can improve human immunity, prevent anemia, neurosis, liver disease, heart disease, intestinal tract disease, etc.
Ancient tesla professor, told reporters that the bible said heaven, is the place with milk and honey.Pure natural honey and milk collocation edible, can have the best complementary effect.Pure natural honey as monosaccharides, containing high heat energy, can be directly absorbed by the body.And milk, though high nutritional value, low heat, odd drink enough to maintain normal life activities.Using milk add honey to do breakfast, the body can absorb enough heat energy, not only the supplement of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other healthy material also more comprehensive, can let a person spirit all morning.And are found in milk and honey can cure anemia in minerals such as iron, the molecular structure of the two will not against each other, but can well combine, effectively improve the number of hemoglobin, and produce harmful bacteria enzymes to break down the body, enhance immunity, have the effect of activate cells.
In Germany, pure natural honey how to eat a lot of, can and milk, bread, fresh vegetable juice, tea, juice, rice porridge, soup, soy milk and so on almost any kind of breakfast to eat.Among them, the most common is to apply a thick layer of cream on sliced bread, then coated with full of honey;Or will, strawberry, banana, honey and almond milk into the blender mixing juice consumption;And the europeans like to add some honey and lemon in the tea, drink it while it's still hot, is added to rich in vitamin C, can treat a cold again.Due to the pure natural honey is good digestion, the germans used almost all use it instead of sugar.Professor ancient tesla reminded, however, pure natural honey, afraid of high temperature, heating is better to no more than 60 ºC, otherwise it will damage the biological active enzyme, reduce its nutritional value.
3. Best nutrition complementary breakfast milk add pure natural honey:
In the morning hollow drink a cup of honey water cleaning intestinal tract, prevent constipation, a glass of milk for breakfast can warm up strong bone, nourishing the stomach, but few of them match together to eat.
Many countries in Europe and the milk + natural honey + breakfast bread is indispensable to three details.Actually, at the breakfast milk Riga spoon honey, can take the effects of two kinds of food developed to get incisively and vividly, but also can have the best nutrition complement each other.
Pure natural honey as monosaccharides, containing high heat energy, can be directly absorbed by the body.And milk, though high nutritional value, low heat, odd drink enough to maintain normal life activities.
When drinking milk add pure natural honey, the human body can absorb enough heat energy, not only need health material such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals and more comprehensive, can let a person spirit all morning.And contain rich minerals in milk and honey, the molecular structure of the two will not against each other, but can well combine, effectively improve the number of hemoglobin, and produce harmful bacteria enzymes to break down the body, enhance immunity, have the effect of activate cells.
In addition to milk, on the bread, fruit juice, can put honey in the porridge.Honey was afraid of high temperature, however, can't put in too hot milk, otherwise it will damage the biological active enzyme, reduce its nutritional value.
4. Milk add pure natural honey helps to sleep, Fatigue resist, Allergy resist, Eliminate retention of food:
Pure natural honey is rich in nutrients in the food, so far, the detection of the material in the pure natural honey has more than 180 kinds, main component is made up of monosaccharide such as glucose and fructose (75%), it is easy to be absorbed by human body, it also contains all the nutrients needed for human body, at the same time can produce a lot of heat without contain fat, is a good tonic and natural medicines, nutrition including biological active enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc. The old man often eat honey, can quickly replenish physical strength, also can improve the resistance to disease, even in the case of patients with infectious diseases, the disease will also ease, after illness also recover faster,Pure natural honey glucose, vitamins, and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other substances can nourish nerve, adjust nerve system, so as to promote sleep.About in the former Soviet union scholars in his book "honey health performance, said: "the neurasthenia, as long as a day before sleep oral a spoonful of honey can promote sleep.
The countries all over the world have long records about honey cure.Some scholars think, neurasthenia patients, in every night before sleep, oral a tablespoon of honey, can promote sleep.Honey contains a large number of simple sugars, vitamins, has a good protective effect on the liver.
New York Roosevelt medical centers in the United States had test, the results show that appropriate to eat before you go to sleep have a hypnotic effect, patients with eating before sleep, the first night of sleep is not eaters 4 times.The hypnotic effect is the best food of hot milk with honey.Dr Parker in the United States add 1 ~ 2 teaspoons of honey to half a lemon juice.Give a nervous insomnia patients drink it before sleep, the hypnotic effect is better than any other drug
5. Pure natural honey can solution wine, can repair the alcohol liver cell damage
 a special kind of fructose in the honey, can promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption, and relieve symptoms of headache, at the same time honey on the liver protective, can repair of liver cell damage caused by alcohol.
Usage: after drinking, blunt a cup of honey water, much more concentrated than usual drink.
6. Pure natural honey allergy: honey have the effect of anti-inflammatory, expectorant, runfei, cough
Spring recovery, allergic source, easy cause special physical allergies.And honey since ancient times was considered to be a kind of nutritious food and medicine.Honey has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, runfei, cough, can also be caused by allergies, such as pollen treatment long-term use, can also relieve asthma attacks.Loquat honey cough effect is best, can use a snow pear, thinly slice to eat honey, several times a day.
7. Pure natural honey can prevent colds, improve human immunity, promote children's growth and development and promote intellectual development a balanced diet.
Pure natural honey contains a variety of enzymes and minerals, they occur in the body can improve the function of human body immunity.When many people around you have a cold, you can use honey to prevent colds.
Usage: have a glass of water, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 slice fresh lemon, take 3 to 4 cups a day.
8. Pure natural honey is the best honey is beauty: Promote epithelial tissue regeneration
Pure natural honey is one of the most ideal skin care products.It can make skin elastic, the nutrient supply skin can kill or inhibit bacteria attached on the surface of the skin, still can eliminate skin pigmentation, promote epithelial tissue regeneration.
The most simple to use: Eggs, a spoonful of honey, stir well, daub on facial massage skin, after 15 minutes, remove with clean water.Twice a week.
9.  Pure natural honey therapy the elderly  to frequent micturition in night, children enuresis treatment is effectively.The function of astragalus/  Wild red RADIX ASTRAGALI has invigorating gass for strengthening superficies, take off sore and promote tissue regeneration, has sedation effect; Radix Codonopsis features in the treatment of pixu (Insufficiency of the spleen), tonifying qi, weakness of limbs, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dry mouth, spontaneous perspiration, etc disease.
Recipe: RADIX ASTRAGALI /Astragalus membranaceus honey 250 grams, Radix Codonopsis honey 250 grams. Two flavor honey mixed bottling standby application. Three times a day , Each time for 2-3 TBSP, orally for 10 days.Weak, frequent urination at night, after taking effect obviously, the original up urinate 4-5 times a night, taking over recipe 10 days become effective, now a night is 1-2 times a night. 
The recipe treatment of child bed-wetting/enuresis, take dosage halve, 10 days effect obviously.
  Top honey, 100% of the natural organic honey have antitumor and significant anti-tumor activity, to enhance the cyclophosphamide and the antitumor efficacy of 5 - fluorouracil, can reduce its toxic effects, in addition to the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, promoting wound healing, and so on role .
Usage and dosage: Take orally: 15 ~ 30 g, below 60 degrees c warm boiled water to  drink Or the do pill, paste. External use: Right amount, apply the affected area.
Cancer treatment prescriptions: clinically often used to treat esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and cancerous tumors of spleen and stomach weak class Cancerous and tumors.
1. Esophageal cancer
(1) Ginger, brown sugar, honey each 250g, will mashed ginger, Extruded ginger juice, add brown sugar, honey into the crock pot, add water to 1000 ml, heated to melt into the sealed bottle, placed in the refrigerator and save reserve. Oral, 30 ml each time, 3 times a day.(New antitumor drug handbook)
(2) Clematis root, honey each 30 g, water decoction, a daily dose,  in the morning and evening take it, take 1 week.(Effective folk prescription of the cancer secret)
2. The cancer of the stomach
1) cattle saliva, honey  each 300 g,  Momordica cochinchinensis 30g, triturate, loading brasen pot steamed, oral, 20 ml each time, 3 times a day.(" The practical anticancer prescription ")
(2) honey 10% ~ 20%, rice vinegar 30% ~ 40%, water 40% ~ 60%, according to the proportion of the above drink, eat for a long time. Enhance immunity, resist disease, prevent cancer, prolong life
 What is 100% natural honey?100%Natural Honey(Bees make honey)
Honey bees are insects to be picked from flowering plants flower nectar made from honey in the honeycomb.Bees taken from plants flower water content is about 80% of the honey or secretions, in his second in the stomach, in the body under the action of invertase after 30 minutes of fermentation, returned to the hive spit, hive temperature often remain at about 35 degrees Celsius, over a period of time, water evaporation, become water content less than 20% of honey, storage to the hole in the nest, wax seal.Honey ingredient in addition to glucose, fructose also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.1 kg of honey contains 2940 calories.Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, low temperature crystallization can be created and generate the crystallization is glucose, do not produce crystal part mainly fructose.
Honey bees gather nectar, the natural fermentation of yellow-white viscous liquid.Honey is known as the most perfect nutrition food in nature,  the ancient greeks put honey as "God-given gift".China since ancient times human beekeeping honey, honey is good medicine, and great drinks, can prolong life.
The main composition of honey is carbohydrates.The solid material is 95% - 99.9% sugar.Honey sugar in 70% ~ 80% of total composition.Honey in the sugar is given priority to with simple sugars (glucose and fructose), usually accounts for more than 65% of total honey.Followed by disaccharides, disaccharides in sucrose landslide, from a fraction of its content to 8%, the rest of the maltose, qu disaccharide, isomaltose, Amy polumbo trehalose, pine disaccharide, kelp disaccharide, aspergillus Niger, two sugars, gentiana two sugar, etc.In addition, there is a small amount of polysaccharides, such as pine three sugar, malt sugar, 1 - three sugar cane fruit, cotton seed three sugar, fructose, maltose, five different malt sugar, four different malt sugar, etc.
Glucose and fructose i n honey because it has a reducing, so called reductive sugar, they are come from the nectar of glucose and fructose, sucrose is the most important source of nectar through bee secretion of the role of invertase and the glucose and fructose.The two kinds of sugar which accounted for more than 65% of the total honey..Bound it with sweet taste of honey, the moisture absorption and the value of the energy and physical features.
In the general case, glucose and fructose content in honey is roughly same, but the high fructose content to some, only those crystals soon honey, such as rape honey its glucose levels higher than fructose.Most content in honey is less sugar don't exist in nectar, they may be in the process of brewing honey through a variety of enzymes and formed under the action of acids.Honey sugar and water in a different country or the same in the different parts of the country as a result of the honey plants is different, different environment and climate, its content is also different, some difference is very big.
Fructose, a left-handed ketose, colorless, from fruits and honey syrup sample liquid.It also produced in the intestines, and often found in the urine.Conventional sucrose by digest sugar into dextrose and left-handed.Left-handed sugar also called fructose. So can absorb from fruit to fructose, but honey fructose fructose is a special, because of the special, so have only honey.
100%natrual honey bees gather the nectar of honey plants or nectar, honey dew, add nutrients into its secretion is produced over and over again in the hive, for transparent or translucent, contain a variety of ingredients of supersaturated sugar solution.
(1)  Honey has the characteristics of crystallization, the most easily crystallization in 13, 14 degrees,usually by the following up gradually, some full crystallization, some part of the crystallization, amounts of glucose in the honey, the more the more the number of crystal nucleus, the faster the rate of crystallization, such as the amount of glucose in the rape honey was 42.2%, and the most easily crystallized, and glucose levels such as ocean HuaiMi less easy crystallization.The crystallization of honey is actually glucose precipitate was separated from honey a physical phenomenon, it has nothing to do with the stand or fall of quality, and absolutely no crystallization of honey.
(2) The color of honey: because the kinds of honey plants is different, different color, aroma and taste of honey, there is water white, milky white, white, amber and shallow, shallow deep amber, amber, amber.Generally light-colored honey fragrance is pure, strong dark honey fragrance.Honey has a strong fragrance, aromatic, fougere and insipid, such as different flavor.Light-colored honey color the more light that the purity, the better,the deeper the dark honey color purity, the better, such as jujube nectar.
How to distinguish the honey is no add fructose?
The color of honey Light is preferred;False honey colour and lustre bright-coloured, usually yellow or dark yellow.Look at the shape: true honey is flexible Filament, don't stop.Fake honey have suspended solids or precipitation, the drip down, is to stir up the block.Read labels:
Ingredients in the table indicate the composition such as white sugar, fructose syrup, shall be the fake honey.
2 it is to smell, true honey have light plant to smell flowers;Fake honey smell pungent odor or fruit flavor.
Three is tasted, true honey is sweet, slightly weak acidity, crystalline teeth is crisp, containing the melt;false
Honey is an indication or chemical odor, not aromatic flavour, ingot chew such as sugar, crisp loud.
Four is "hot water soluble," put a spoonful of honey in a cup, add four to five times more hot water to melt, let stand for three

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