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Top Bee Pollen Tieguanyin, Pollen Natural Bee Pollen, Honey Food Tablets Powder manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top Pollen 100%Natrual Tea Tieguanyin Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Nourish Internal Organs, Prolong Life, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Bee Pollen Top Pollen 100%Natrual Tea Tieguanyin Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Nourish Internal Organs, Prolong Life

Top Pollen 100%Natrual Tea Tieguanyin Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Nourish Internal Organs, Prolong Life

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: 1000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Type: Irregular Particles
Style: Pure
Form: Irregular Particles
Processing Type: Pure
Health Food: Pure Natural Health Food, Beauty Skin, Whitening
Pure Natural Bee Pollen: Promote Sleep, Pure Natural Breast Enlargement

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYFHF-TGYNO: 01
Bee Pollen Tea Tieguanyin: Anticancer, Weight Loss, Resistance Radiation
Top Bee Pollen: Promote Sleep, Enhance Immunity, Prolong Life
Health Care Food: From The Gift of Nature, Rare and Precious
Top Pollen: Nourish The Internal Organs
Bee Pollen: Pure Natural Breast Enlargement Health Food
Transport Package: Bottle/Box
Specification: 500g/Bottle
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name:Top Bee Pollen, 100%Natrual Tea (Tieguanyin)Bee Pollen Particles, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria,Concentrated natural nutrition treasure, concentrated natural drug  treasure,  condensed the whole nutrition foods, oral cosmetics, nourishing the internal organs, enhance immunity, anti-cancer, anti-radiation, promote sleep, spot, whitening skin, wrinkles, anti-aging and other long-term use, prolong life.,Health Food

Specifications: 200g,400g,600g,800g,1000g/bottle(Irregular particles);
Chewable tablets: 540mg * 185Tablets / 100 g/bottle; 120bottles/box;
                500mg* 200Tabltes / 100 g/bottle; 120bottles/box;
 MOQ: 100Cartons
Top Pollen 100%Natrual Tea Tieguanyin Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Nourish Internal Organs, Prolong Life
If the bees in the world suddenly disappear in the earth, so humans can live how long?
Diligence cute little bee, although their life is very short, but offers great contribution for human!
Without bees, how long can humans still exist?
Einstein predicted: "If the bee disappears from the world, humans will also be only the four years of time!"Because, in the 1330 crops are used by the human, has more than 1000 need to bee pollination. If the bee too little, people will say goodbye to the number of grain, oil, melon and fruit? French science and life magazine published an article, the title is "bees reduce, induce ecosystem upheaval".The article said, buzzers populations, could trigger chain rupture.Experts also said that in our country, the bee has a balanced role on our country's ecology, especially to the alpine region of the population.Without bees, alpine region of pollination is affected, by the plant species to plant the monotony of the developments of shaws Lin transformation.The decrease of plant diversity, will cause to reduce insect species plants as the prerequisite for the survival, to further reduce birds, etc...Think about it, this is how sad.
100% natural tea (Tieguanyin)bee pollen nutrition value and function:
Tea pollen:Amino acid content is pollen, trace elements manganese, cobalt, aluminum, and nicotinic acid content are higher than normal pollen.So for health and medical preferred pollen.For high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic constipation and neurasthenia have obvious curative effect.

Tea bee pollen also have clear leader, except polydipsia, phlegm, xiaoshi, diuresis, the efficacy of detoxification.In addition, the organic material such as rutin in tea pollen can enhance the intensity of capillary wall in the body and prevent the capillary permeability barriers, especially to prevent cerebral hemorrhage of knowledge workers, vascular sclerosis, age-related diseases such as hypertension, stroke sequela.Tieguanyin tea bee pollen for headache, confused, upset and thirst, food retention of phlegm stagnation syndrome, especially on the knowledge workers and the elderly have a diet and cancer prevention, are white-collar workers, knowledge workers and the elderly health food of choice.This product can also be generally bee pollen to eat.Suitable for young and middle-aged women and older men.

100% natural tea pollen and function
1.Enhance human immunity
Contains a lot ofin tea pollen to make new cells protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and vegetable fat, timely supplement because of mental Labour and physical Labour and consumed by a large number of cells.

2.Gain weight, lose weight
Tea pollen is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and nucleic acid, can promote the metabolism of fat in the human body, into energy release, is the "balance" of human body.

3.Lower blood pressure, protect the heart:Tea pollen of selenium, active enzyme, biotin (vh), copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, titanium, such as calcium can enhance the detoxification of the cell to gobble up ability, ability, coordinating ability, strengthen the body's resistance to harmful substances.Nucleic acid can protect the normal cells in the pollen, repel cancer cells, is the "patron saint" of the body's immune system.

4.The platoon poison to raise colour
Tea rich in pollen of nucleic acid, can improve liver function, increase the manufacturing ability of nucleic acids, amino acids, can enhance the capacity of liver cells detoxified.

5.Adjust the endocrine, improve the symptoms of menopause
Research shows that women in menopause, as a result of ovarian hormone secretion disorder, are prone to boredom, irritation, vomiting, fatigue, the symptom such as sweat, tea pollen have very good improvement effect of the above.

6.The failure, anti-aging
Tea pollen contains many elements required in the human body, can increase the activity of sod in the human body, promote the synthesis, eliminate toxin, anti-aging, beautiful young man.

7.Improve intelligence, improve sleep, improve memory tea pollen in a variety of unsaturated fatty acid, phosphate, active substances, such as to nourish and improve the function of nervous system, can promote the development of the nervous system of teenagers, enhance memory, effectively prevent brain function decline, effectively improve the symptom such as insomnia, forgetfulness, headaches, nervous.

8.Prevent stomatitis, oral infection, the flu
Tea pollen of vitamin b group, contain nicotinic acid nutrients, has special effects to prevent stomatitis, oral inflammation, nucleic acid ability mouth necrotic cells regeneration, wound healing effect is remarkable.Vitamin c in pollen cells connected each other, help collagen synthesis, can prevent the virus invades, prevention of influenza.
Top Pollen 100%Natrual Tea Tieguanyin Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Nourish Internal Organs, Prolong Life
9.Hematopoietic, improve the symptoms of anemia
Tea pollen is rich in copper, iron, magnesium,
 9. Hematopoietic, improve the symptoms of anemia Tea pollen is rich in copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and other hematopoietic substances, which can effectively improve the pale, anemia symptoms such as tiredness. 10. Remove fatigue, supplement energy Tea pollen needed to make new cells are rich in protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and vegetable fat, timely supplement because of mental Labour and physical Labour and sports consume a lot of energy. 11. Strengthen the digestive function, runchang, cure constipation Foreign scholars after long-term clinical trials showed that tea pollen on the digestive system of gastrointestinal dysfunction, chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer has the good auxiliary curative effect, the senile or stubborn sex constipation. Also suitable for young and middle-aged people eat to treat constipation. 12. Hair care Regular consumption of tea pollen can make a hair pitch-black shine. Especially suitable for hair loss, hair, much dust and oily hair or hair quality is poor, tea pollen can also be used for washing. 100% natural tieguanyin tea and function and effect  :
1. The tieguanyin tea anti-aging effect
Some scientific studies have shown that both at home and abroad, and aging of the unsaturated fatty acid in the body of excess oxygen effect, and the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids is associated with the role of free radicals.High chemical activity of free radicals can make excessive unsaturated fatty acid oxidation, make cell function mutation or recession, proliferation and necrosis caused by disease and kill people.Lipid over oxidation is the evil human body health, but the culprit is free radicals, just get rid of free radicals, can cause the cells to get the normal growth and health and longevity.
Usually, the commonly used the antioxidants of vitamin C, vitamin E, they can effectively prevent the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid.Researchers in Japan shows that tieguanyin tea polyphenol, polyphenol compounds in has a strong resistance to oxidation and biological activities, is human body free radical scavenger.According to the related departments to study prove that 1 mg excess tea polyphenols remove to human body harmful free radicals efficiency is equivalent to 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase (SOD), compared with other similar material.Tea polyphenols have blocking lipid peroxidation, clear the role of the active enzyme.According to Japan's Mr Tian Tayong test results to confirm the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols than 18 times more vitamin E.
2. The tieguanyin tea anti cancer effect
Cancer is a serious threat to people's health today "incurable disease".So the tea anti-cancer has attracted great interest and attention.A few years ago, there was a report, Shanghai residents make esophageal cancer reduced year by year with tea, the tea can prevent the occurrence of cancer a fact that has caused great sensation all over the world.Now drinking tea can prevent cancer, cancer has been recognized by the world in the tea anti-cancer anti-cancer effect is the best tieguanyin.
As early as in 1983, Mr Tian Ta male okayama university professor had dozens of plant polyphenol compounds for cancer screening effect, results show that catechins (EGCG) has a strong anticancer activity.Other scientists in the study of confirmed tieguanyin resistance variation, think tieguanyin tea polyphenol is the role of the main active ingredients;In the study of chemical carcinogen, definitely the tieguanyin tea polyphenol prevent cancer.In addition, tieguanyin tea of vitamin C and vitamin E can prevent carcinogenic substance, the synthesis of nitrosamines, the prevention and treatment of cancer have larger role.
3, Tieguanyin tea of hardening of the arteries
Tea polyphenols on the human body fat metabolism plays an important role.Human body of cholesterol and triglyceride content high, the lining of blood vessels of fat deposition, vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation after the formation of atherosclerosis plaques and other cardiovascular disease.Tea polyphenols, catechins of tea polyphenols in ECG and EGC theaflavins and their oxidation products, etc., help to make this kind of porphyritic hyperplasia is restrained, make blood clot formed enhanced viscosity reduced fibrinogen, blood coagulation clearing, thus inhibiting atherosclerosis.
On May 31, 1999, held in Tokyo, Japan's fourth seminar oolong tea and health, and fujian province Chen ling, deputy director of institute of traditional Chinese medicine reported they had 25 hyperlipidemia obese people as the object of clinical observation, to explore drink oolong tea tieguanyin to inhibit blood in the oxidation of low density lipoprotein and improve blood lipid metabolism.Research proves that the tieguanyin tea polyphenol compounds and vitamins can inhibit the blood in the oxidation of low density lipoprotein.Japan's mitsui institute of agriculture and forestry Dr Who, after years of study also confirmed that tea polyphenol compounds can not only reduce the cholesterol in the blood, and can obviously improve the ratio of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (hdl-c) and low density lipoprotein in the blood.
According to the coronary heart disease prevention and control of fujian medical university research team in tieguanyin tea areas of China in 1974, when investigating 1080 farmers found that the incidence of not drinking tieguanyin tea is 3.1%;Occasional drink is 2.3%;Drinking all the year round (3 years) of 1.4%.Thus, people often drink tieguanyin than not drinking tieguanyin low incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD).

4, Tieguanyin tea of prevention and treatment of diabetes
Diabetes is a worldwide disease.There are around 200 million people with diabetes worldwide, China has more than three thousand ten thousand people with diabetes.Diabetes is a predominantly glucose metabolic disorder systemic chronic progressive disease.The typical clinical manifestations as "a little" sanduo, is more drinks, polyuria, polyphagia and angular, weak body.The disease of traditional Chinese medicine called "excessive", belongs to the category and hardness.Disease is the main reason of the lack of polyphenols in the body, such as vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, phosphoric acid, salicylic acid methyl ester composition such as, make the sugar metabolic disorder, a surge in blood sugar levels, metabolism.
Japan, m.d., Ph.D., ogawa/seven lang and others Clinical trials confirmed that often drink tea can seasonable compensatory human body of vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, phosphoric acid, salicylic acid methyl ester and polyphenols, can prevent the occurrence of diabetes.For moderate and mild diabetes can make blood sugar, urine sugar to a few, or completely normal;For patients with severe diabetes, can reduce blood sugar, urine sugar, all kinds of main symptoms.

5. Tieguanyin tea fitness effect reducing weight
Obesity is a kind of with people's living standard continuously improve and nutrient loss of tonal symptoms, it is because of too many nutritional intake or body store enough energy to use.Obesity not only give people bring many inconvenience in daily life, but also one of the reasons that cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes.
In 1996, fujian institute of traditional Chinese medicine to 102 patients with simple obesity in adult men and women, drinking tieguanyin. Study of effects of weight loss.Studies have shown that the tieguanyin contains a lot of tea polyphenols, not only can improve the effect of adipose decompose enzyme, and can improve the metabolism of the organization of neutral lipase activity.So drinking tieguanyin can improve the size of obese, reduce subcutaneous fat and waist circumference of obese people, so as to reduce the weight.
Quanzhou city in fujian province people's hospital USES the tieguanyin tea for treatment of obesity among 164 people, serving tea 12 ~ 14 grams per day, 15 days for a period of treatment.After two courses of observation, patients have significantly lower blood lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol, there is less weight, the total effective rate of more than 70%.

6, Tieguanyin tea of prevention and control of caries
People generally think that harm human teeth has two big disease, one is the dental caries and periodontitis.Cavities commonly known as tooth decay, dental common frequently-occurring disease.Caries occur for many reasons, one of the important reason: poor dental calcification, texture hard enough, easy to damage.Drinking tea can protect teeth, ancient has already been applied in our country.In song dynasty, su dongpo cloud in the tea said: "strong tea gargle, both to boring, and can strong teeth, thief."Modern scientific analysis, tieguanyin contains rich fluoride, fluoride and general food rarely.Tieguanyin fluoride in about 40% ~ 80% dissolved in water, is easily combined with calcium in your teeth, the tooth surface to form a layer of calcium fluoride, have the effect of acid resistant caries prevention.
Japan had in two adjacent villages made investigation for school children's dental caries rate, the results show that drinking tieguanyin has good effect on prevention and treatment of dental caries.Each school children every day to drink a cup of tieguanyin, calculated on fluoride 0.4 mg, last year, the risk of dental caries in children is half cured.Japanese statistics for 100 patients with dental caries in the primary school students, complemented by drinking tieguanyin, of which 55% of dental caries condition significantly reduce students.Thus, drinking tieguanyin of dental caries of prevention, to caries had therapeutic effect.
7, Tieguanyin tea sterilization check flow field
In anxi folk have adopted early tieguanyin approach for the treatment of diarrhea and abdominal pain.Ancient Chinese medical books, there are many use of tea to treat bacterial diarrhea, dysentery, white diarrhoea, acute enteritis, acute gastritis.Why do tieguanyin can have check flow field sterilization effect?Mainly tea polyphenol compounds.Due to the tea polyphenols enter the gastrointestinal tract, can make the nervous function of the bowel flabby, ease bowel movement;At the same time, and make the intestinal protein coagulation, because the bacteria itself is composed of protein, tea polyphenols after an encounter with bacterial proteins, bacteria is death, have played an important role in protection of gastrointestinal mucosa, so they have the effect of treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

8, Tieguanyin tea, clear heat send fire effect
Tea is a good drink cooling purposes.Li shizhen "compendium of materia medica" load: "tea bitter cold,... most can send fire, fire for all ills, fire down is qing yi.... drink warm fire down due to cold, hot drinks, by anger rise."In summer dog days, cool day, heat aggressive, drink a cup of cool and refreshing tieguanyin or a hot cup of tieguanyin, will feel cool of body and mind, oneself has soared.This is because the beverage containing tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectin, vitamin and so on with the saliva in the mouth up a chemical reaction, moist mouth, so can have the effect of thirst quenching.At the same time, 

9, Tieguanyin tea refresh the role
Drinking tea can refresh the thought almost everyone knows.Used a lot in the past dynasties, the letters, the monk will wave moved, tea refresh the thinking of the work.Bai juyi grants the east king thirteen poems said: "hand in hand to pool, opening the wind takes * * ta. Drive sorrow rear, broken sleep see tea."The poem clearly mentioned tea refreshing broken sleep.Su dongpo poem yue: "build tea 30 piece, how not careful taste, virtue package householder, monk room sandman."He said send package build tea, let its drink in zen meditation can avoid nodding off.Drinking tea can benefit, so popular with people, especially for some writers, poets and other knowledge workers in love.Such as France's giant Balzac, Chinese American woman writer han suyin was and the famous writer Yao Xueyin etc are fond of drinking tea in our country, to help Vince.

10, Tieguanyin tea from ingesting the enemy smoke effect
Tea can sober enemy smoke, it is also a well-known fact.After the Ming dynasty neo-confucianism wang yangming's "as a circle, from ingesting but tea" of a sentence, illustrate the effect of tea therapy was recognised by our people.The ancients often "drinking", "sober" with tea.Tang dynasty poet liu yuxi, drunk one day, thinking of bai juyi have "six tea" can solution wine, he doth send content in tea, was later generations pass for tea.Ingredients are mainly alcohol wine, a glass of wine contains 10% ~ 70% of alcohol.And tieguanyin tea polyphenol can and ethanol (the main ingredient in) offset each other, so drinking tea can solution wine.
* Tieguanyin tea has five more valuable:
China tieguanyin is both a precious natural drinks, have very good hairdressing health care function.Through scientific analysis and the practice has proved, tieguanyin contains high amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols and alkaloid, has a variety of nutrition and efficacy of ingredients, with quiet your, antiseptic antiphlogistic, hairdressing reducing weight and slow the aging, prevent cancer, blood fat, lower cholesterol, reduce the effect such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, well-known, best-selling Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States and other places, are popular among consumers.Taken together, there are five big effect remarkable efficacy:

The value 1: Detoxification to greasy xiaoshi
Tieguanyin tea has a long history of China, tieguanyin is called Chinese tea "old" of the family.Value effect, "can be detoxified xiaoshi to oil".Tea is widely regarded as man's best health drink, as early as the western han dynasty "the cold-induced febride is" day in seventy-two, tea and solution of "records.In the 20th century, scientists found that there is a called flavonoids in tea mixture of sterilization detoxification.
Value of 2: beauty lose weight anti-aging
Medical research has shown that tieguanyin crude catechin combination, with strong resistance to chemical activity, can eliminate reactive oxygen molecules in cells, which makes human body against aging diseases.Tieguanyin of manganese, iron, fluoride and potassium and sodium content than, higher than other tea, notably the high-fluorine topped the tea's, for prevention and treatment of dental caries and senile osteoporosis bone effect is remarkable.Twice in 1979 and 1984, Japan has "oolong tea is hot", tieguanyin is known as the "beauty tea", "tea".

The value of 3: dating raises a gender in a good mood
Chinese tieguanyin as a high quality tea, in terms of hospitality, dating, and personal cultivate one's morality raises a gender, unique effect.Article said, tieguanyin need to brew, entertain guest to boil water to wash cup, be caring and attentive. The preparation process, it makes the situation;Guests tea while catch up with the master, the process is very good affinity, and brew drinks the stylized, make the person raises to Harbin for chief use for delight.

Value 4: Anti-cancer, increase intelligence, a man wise
Scientific research achievements, said China's tieguanyin tea selenium content is very high, in the front rank in the six major tea.Selenium stimulates the immune proteins and antibodies against the illness, inhibit cancer occurrence and development.At the same time, tieguanyin to gain wisdom and efficacy.Wen British scientists found that human brain fluid acid and alkaline associated with intelligence.Tea is alkaline beverage, tieguanyin alkaline significantly, so often drink can regulate acid-base balance, improve IQ.In addition the article also says, the vitamin in tieguanyin, amino acids, minerals, high content of tea polyphenols, such as rich, these substances are also scientific research has confirmed that is close to brain development, and good effect to improve people's intelligence.

Value 5:
*The content of protein and amino acid in bee pollen is higher than that of many kinds of food, especially rich in nutrition. It can provide enough nutrients for the cell and tissue of human body, containing rich vitamin, especially vitamin B. As is know to all, vitamin is indispensable substance for human life, most of which can't be synthesized by human body, but rely on food supplement. Pollen can help maintain normal metabolism of human body, resist aging and regulate blood pressure in two-way etc., thus it is called "tiny natural nutrition library", "the most perfect food in nature". American famous sports coach Alex Woodly says after practice that the function of pollen is perfect. It can enhance 25% of some super athletes' ability. British famous dietitian Doctor Lyall once said "The super stars in the sports and entertainment world all take pollen". Pollen can enhance human comprehensive immune function. Pollen polysaccharide can activate the gobble up activities of the macrophages and improve human body's disease resistance ability. It can also enhance physical fitness, eliminate fatigue and improve immunity. Anti-aging and beauty treatment: Bee pollen has nutritional beauty functions. The Chinese National Sports Commission officially makes pollen as Chinese athletes' health food. Method of use of the bee pollen

1. Direct edible, method is to use morning and evening it is ok to take with the warm boiling water, if it tastes bad, can add honey or milk.

2. Direct daub, at bedtime, pollen will be diluted, then wipe on the face, gently massage, wash in the morning, for the treatment of the face of all kinds of spot is good

3. The available water swallow;Cocoa entrance also chew, and then rinse with water;

4. The pollen is mixed with honey with warm water after a blunt;
Generally in the hollow when taking the best in the morning and at night, if before the stomach feel uncomfortable after taking bee pollen, can change taken within half an hour after supper

5. Bee pollen will also be ground into powder, available volume with warm boiled water or blunt with honey water, can get satisfactory result.

6.To take the sick person, dose is different from person to person, due to illness, to observe and make appropriate adjustments, such as diabetes, prostate hypertrophy, dose can be slightly large, for the frail elderly or just after the surgery should start from small doses, gradually to adapt to it.


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