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Pine Pollen, Health Food, Pine Pollen Extract manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Pine Pollen Extract, Health Food, Top Wine, EU Organice Cherry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok and so on.

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Pine Pollen Extract, Health Food

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Product Description

Pine pollen was ranked as first grade by Shennong Ben Cao Jing in Han Dynasty of China, in which records: "Pine pollen tastes sweet, nature and non-toxic. It is mainly for curing chills, fevers and other pathogenic factors of heart and belly and is beneficial for urine and extravasated blood elimination. Taking for a long time can relax body, improve physical strength and prolong life. " Tang Materia Medica of Tang Dynasty records: "Pine pollen, like pollen typhae, can relax body if taking for a long time, the curative effect of which is better than rind, leaf and juice. " Compendium of Materia Medica of Ming Dynasty records: "Pine pollen, is sweet, mild and non-toxic. It can moisten heart and lung, benefit vital energy, relieve rheumatic pains, stop bleeding and be used for making wine. " The modern A Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine records: "Pine pollen, has a nature of tasting sweet and mild. It can relieve rheumatic pains, benefit vital energy, stop bleeding and cure dizziness, stomach ache, dysentery, sore and trauma. " The famous Empress Wu of Tang Dynasty and Empress Dowager Cixi of Qing Dynasty all had the habit of taking pine pollen for retaining youthful looks and longevity.

IYOUTH Super-micro wall-broken pine pollen tablet use the pollen from Chinese native particular tree species: Horsetail pine trees (a kind of Pinus Lambertiana) that are grown in the 1, 000 to 1, 500 meters high mountainous area. It is the only pine pollen that is proved to be assured edible and that is successfully industrialized developed. It possesses the advantages as follows: Single flower source, pure quality, stable composition, no pesticide residues, not any animal hormones, etc. It has high health care value. The active constituent of pine pollen are quite complex and of high content. Pine pollen is rich in over 200 kinds of nutrition constituents. The protein content is 7-10 times that of eggs. The iron content is 20 higher that of spinach. The carotene content is 20-30 times higher than carrot.

Health care effect:

Nowadays there are many countries appearing health care heat. It is mainly because that pine pollen has close contact with longevity. Pine pollen can balance nutrition for human body.

Su Dongpo, a famous literati in the Northern Song Dynasty, once said,

"Smash the mix of pine pollen (500 kg), pollen typhae (250 g) which should not be fried, sophora japonica(15.125 g), apricot flowers (15.125 g), and whitish honey (1 kg). Eating it or using it for bath can make your appearance tender and rosy till old. "

Delay aging:

Pine pollen is rich in antioxidant compositions such as vitamin E, Beta carotene and trace element: Se. These elements can avoid the lipid and protein in body from peroxidating too quickly, thus delay senile.

Embellish your look:

Pine pollen is rich in amino acids, a variety of enzymes, natural vitamin a, b, c and e, phosphatide and the important stay-young material: Nucleic acid. The VC in pine pollen can slow or block the synthesis of melanin, making the skin fair-skinned. Pine pollen can active skin sells, keep SOD at a high level in human body, thus prevent the formation of chloasma and clear away the melanin in skin, making skin pure white in ruddy health, strengthen the elasticity of the skin and delay skin aging. In abroad, pine pollen is called the source of youth and health.

Pine pollen is high in vitamins, mineral zinc and magnesium. It has very good effect onwhelk and other skin diseases such as dandruff and cosmetic allergy. Vitamin A can nourish pore while vitamin b6 can promote the supersession of saturated fatty acid, avoiding skin from being greasy and reducing whelk.
  Through the further scientific process to the pine pollen, improve on the content of effective substances (protide, enzymes, active substance, vitamins, mineral substance and carbohydrate, etc), good absorption and good curative effects.
Confirmed by science, it is found surprisingly that after the Chinese pine pollen cell-wall breaks, it contains more than 200 kinds of active nutrient substances, including 5 types:
More than 20 kinds of amino acids, including 8 essential amino-acids for human; 14 kinds of vitamins; 30 kinds of mineral elements; Nearly 100 kinds of enzymes and active substances; Nucleic acids, lecithin, cellulose, unsaturated fatty acid, flavonoids, choline, etc. Pine pollen can help us supplement the lack in everyday foods, can let us keep balanced nutrition, can improve our life quality. Pine pollen not only contains fully species of the nutrition, but also with very high content. The total protein content is 7 to 10 times that of beef and eggs; the iron content is 20 times higher than spinach; the Va prototype carotene is 20 to 30 times that of carrots.
The pine pollen nutrition content is with reasonable proportion. For example: 8 essential amino acids, some human needs more, some needs less. The World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization made a rule on their demand contents. And the content of pine pollen is basically the same with the rule. The human high-tech can finally close to nature!

Pine pollen has fully nutrients. It can build up your strength and energy. It can recover comprehensively your fatigue. More and more athletes from different countries often take pine pollen to enhance exercise tolerance. Those who take pine pollen generally reflect to be full of energy and not feel fatigued any more. The legs are more and more powerful and physique is greatly improved.
The function similar to aloe: regulation of gastrointestinal function and constipation
Pine pollen contains fully and natural nutrition. It makes stomach in a normal condition and let numerous nutrients effectively absorbed. Pine pollen can let the gastric juice excrete normally and activate intestine functions. The dietary fiber in pine pollen has important functions to the cleansing of intestinal tract, it can shorten the time the excrement stay in colon. Moreover, it can regulate and improve the supersession of colonic, in favor of prevent colon cancer.
Protect liver, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
Pine pollen can promote liver cell viability, making choleresis normally. If taken before drinking, it can prevent liver from hurting by liquor. If taken after drinking, it can be helpful to the detoxication and recovery of the injured liver. Pine pollen contains lots of natural nutrition. Magnesium can activate enzymes system. Flavonoids can reduce blood fat and cholesterol. Various vitamins can increase blood vessel wall elasticity. So pine pollen has health care function to the cardiovascular.
The food that anemia patients should choose:
Pine pollen contains iron, copper and protein. It can promote hemopoietic function and the increase of red blood cells. It can increase about 20% of red blood cells, thus can effectively cure anemia.
Modern science proves that pine pollen has these functions:
It can scavenge free radical and delay aging. It can strengthen the cell vitality, increase the strength of the capillary and protect Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular Activate the liver cell and protect liver. Improve micro circulation of skin and remove senile plaque.

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