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Collagen, Hydrolyzed Collagen Fish Collagen, Dietary Supplements manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Health Food, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Halal, Collagen, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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Health Food, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Halal, Collagen

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Min. Order: 100 20KG
Production Capacity: 100000000tons
Transport Package: Bag/Box/Bottle
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Certification: ISO, HACCP, Halal, Kosher, SGS
Packaging Material: Bag
Storage Method: Normal
Extraction Process: Biological Hydrolysis Extraction
Application: Beauty, Medicinal, Edible, Beautiful Skin, Repair Damaged Joints, Lock Calcium
Raw Material: 100%Natural Health Food

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Basic Info

Pure Natural Collagen: Anticancer, Radiation Resistance, Anti-Aging
Health Food: Collagen Fit for Human Consumption CIQ
Pure Natural Health Food: Whitening, Remove Chloasma, Lock Calcium
Collagen: Collagen Fit for Human Consumption CIQ
Quality of EU Collagen: Repair Damaged Joint, Longterm Use, Make Skin Smooth
Specification: SGS EU
Origin: China

Product Description

Health Food, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Halal, Collagen
Product Name: SGS100%natural  Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen (From the marine fish scales or skin) ,Health food,HALAL,ISO,SGS Test No hormone, No heavy metal, No pathogenic bacteria,CIQ health certificate Fit for human consumption.

Specification:200g/bottle, 400g/bottle, 55bottles/box; MOQ:100Boxes;
                          600g/bottle,800g/bottle,20kg/bag or 25 kg per cardboard barrels

Ingredients: Fish Collagen
Use method: Two times a day, each time 3~5g.

More information is as follows:
Our high quality fish Collagen,Once as a delegate of guinea embassy and progress are (Beijing) international medicine research institute, as test drug, donated to guinea in Africa countries."Devastate ebola outbreak again and spread rapidly, Africa."Guinea in west Africa as one of the areas hit hardest by the ebola outbreak, the Chinese government actively advocating the social from all walks of life hand, walk with the guinean people hand in hand, spend the difficulties.As guinea medical supplies in emergency aid to Africa disease in China in the disaster areas, to guinea epidemic prevention and control work, can support and help.

Product details: 
Product Name: Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen
CAS NO: 9064-67-9
Content: : 98% over
Properties: white or kind of white powder
Molecular weight: ≤1000, ≤3000, ≤5000 Dalton 

PH product: 10% aqueous solution PH value in 5-7, reactions to acid and alkali stability
Solubility: products with good solubility and thermal stability
Chemical residues: the product adopts the international advanced enzymatic production, without any chemical residues
Appropriate crowd: No sugar, No fat, No add, Suitable for all kinds of people
Storage condition: ventilation, dry, avoid light under the condition of normal temperature preservation
Shelf life: 3 years
Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen of Life support:
Collagen is mainly distributed in the mammalian connective tissue, to animal and human body skin, blood vessels, skeletons, tendon and bone, teeth and the formation of cartilage was very important, is the main material basis of these connective tissue.A third is collagen protein of the human body, the body adults about 3 kg of collagen, as a result, we can literally, collagen protein is the life of all animals stand.
Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen is skin aging reason: as the growth of the age, the loss of collagen will gradually.At the age of 20 women have begun to aging, loss of collagen, content dropped year by year, 25 years old entering a peak of loss, at the age of 40, content is less than half of the age of 18, the elderly face GouGou KanKan wrinkles, it is because the collagen and water erosion, causing collapse of the skin.The loss of collagen lead to support the skin collagen peptide bond and elastic fracture, its spiral mesh structure was destroyed, skin tissue by oxidation, shrinkage, collapse, the skin can appear dry, aging phenomenon such as wrinkles, relaxation inelastic.So, to slow the aging must supplement the collagen.
Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen Application in the food:
1, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen add in all kinds of coffee products, cosmetic effect of ms coffee production.
2, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen added to a variety of athletes, sports drinks, food, fast supply protein and amino acids required for human body, protect the joints and improve performance.
3, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can also be added to the bread, and cakes and all kinds of snack, improve food nutrition structure and product quality.Made of its nutrient jelly for children and sick, poor digestion, absorption, excellent results;Products can also be added to various kinds of protein beverage made from senior drinks, protein strengthen physical health.
Because the Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen has excellent processing properties and physiological function effect, make its can be as a protein source is widely used in food industry, nutrition improve food nutrition value and healthy function;In meat products, spices and other products as a modifier, improve the taste, flavor;Improve the stability of emulsion in the drink.
Scientific research shows that the small molecules collagen hydrolyzed collagen peptide also has the protection of gastric mucosa, fight ulcer, inhibit blood pressure, enhance immunity, promote the skin and bone collagen metabolism, protect the joints and prevent osteoporosis and other physiological functions, had been used in a variety of nutritional health food and development and application of the functional beverage, especially in Europe and the United States and Japan have formed a mature market.
Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen In the application of cosmetics:
1, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can replenish tissue loss, promote regeneration of skin cells, restore skin elasticity, keep skin smooth and elastic.
2, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can strongly promote the metabolism of skin, hair, nails, nourish the connective tissue.Make the skin and breast support and flexibility.
3, effectively eliminate various skin spots, remove dark spots, age spots, wrinkles, beauty to raise colour.
4, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can improve hair quality, prevent hair bifurcate, make a hair pitch-black shine beautiful rich elasticity.
5. Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen Cooperate with VC take more has the function of whitening, eliminate spot.
Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen is the main element of the skin tissue, accounting for more than 70% of the protein content in the skin cell, when organizations after the loss of collagen in the skin will lose elasticity, wrinkles, spots and so on a series of aging.Also from animal skin hydrolyzed collagen skin nutrition repair function to the human body by the beauty industry more and more attention.
A. Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen of nutrition and repair efficacy: hydrolyzed collagen by oral and external use, can replenish collagen tissue loss, improving living conditions of the skin cells and promote skin cell metabolism, effectively accelerate the dermis cell growth, repair skin fiber structure, achieve the goal of anti-wrinkle moist skin, resist failure.
B. Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen of moisturizing effect: hydrolyzed collagen contains a large number of hydrophilic group (amino, hydroxyl, carboxyl, etc.), can absorb a large number of moisture, form the skin membrane, protect the skin, soft and moist skin.Because the collagen polypeptide and skin has the very good affinity and intermiscibility, can penetrate into the skin, combined with the water in the stratum corneum form a mesh structure, make the skin blood circulation acceleration, skin to moist.
C. Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen of whitening effect: hydrolyzed collagen can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, reduce melanin formation, thus reducing the occurrence of skin pigment spots, improve dull complexion, whiten skin effect. 
*Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen used in medicine and health products:
1, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen used for the prevention and therapy of arthritis and osteoporosis and other bone diseases, promote the absorption of calcium.
2, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can be used to produce plasma products - polymer gelatin peptides.
3, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can be used to care stomach, liver, and treatment of internal diseases (gastritis and hepatitis).
4, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can make the fat burning process of growth and extended, burn more fat so as to achieve the purpose of reducing weight, because of this function must be in sleep, so taking collagen, can lose weight in the sleep.
5, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can Lower blood pressure and blood clots. Have hemostatic effect, collagen protein and blood platelet response after production fiber, then grew up into a blood clot, over the wound to stop the bleeding.
6, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can make the function of the active cells, activate the function.
7, Collagen/Hydrolyzed collagen can enhance human immunity.

Because collagen and the human body has excellent compatibility, replenish collagen can make the skin young and healthy, so the collagen protein with pure natural moisturizing and whitening, nutrition, bright skin, anti-wrinkle, spot, in acne, in addition to the black rim of the eye, eye bags, and so on.
Can be applied to all kinds of?Gel, facial mask, eye mask, lotion, cream creams, lotions, essence, such as eye cream or shampoo, conditioner and mousse, hair film, etc.
Health care function embodied in hairdressing, hair care, anti-aging, repair function of intestines and stomach, etc.
1. Collagen can be used as food raw materials directly processed into granules, tablets, capsules, powder, oral liquid, beverages and other professional hairdressing health food.
2. Collagen as a food additive, texture soft, delicate taste, easy to digest, have strong hydrophilic, nutrition is rich in protein.So you can add to add in the milk, beverages, ham sausage, bread, candy, cakes and other foods.
3. Because the collagen membrane has the oxygen resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, portable antioxidant and antibacterial carrier, bao incense, etc;In addition, in the process of heat treatment, with the evaporation of moisture and grease, and melting, collagen is almost consistent with meat shrinkage rate.Therefore can be used for manufacturing casing can food packaging materials, etc
In Japan, collagen began in the 90 s, much attention has been paid to now, have been developed to what degree?You went to a ramen shop to eat noodles, the waiter will ask: do you want to add collagen?How wide the visible to its audience.
The principle;

Scientists of a number of studies show that collagen is the main component of skin collagen in the skin (70%), are about 80% of the dermal collagen, such as stents and "spring" supporting the skin.Once the "spring" is broken, dermal organization will collapse, wrinkles;Skin sagging and drooping;After skin give oil, enlarged pores due to decreased elasticity cannot recover retraction, pore becomes bulky;Free radicals and melanin in the skin of hole and crack accumulation...Three helical structure of collagen as reservoir dam, lock the skin moisture in the aquifer, make the skin shiny, moist and smooth.If the skin of the "reservoir" burst its Banks, the skin becomes dry, rough, dull without burnish.
Dr Collagen, the father of rand said: "the skin aging process, is the process of collagen protein loss."Women at the age of 25 collagen has begun to decline year by year, aging, loss, content and women due to physiological factors, such as menstruation and fertility loss of collagen is 2.5 times that of men.Fundamental solution, is through the oral collagen peptide, restore the skin young structure, exquisite and smooth, water embellish burnish, full of elasticity.

Collagen is the body skin, bones, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, such as an important part.The physiological functions of human body plays an important role, so called "bone of bones, and flesh of my flesh, the skin of skin", is worthy of the name "youth elements" and "life support"!It can be processed into a variety of health food products, in the form of different organs have different health care function to human body.

***Collagen for repair of the body:
1. Make organs more young, WanZhengHua: collagen is widespread human body each organ of internal and external walls;And separation of various organs in the connective tissue of the retina.Replenish collagen, can enhance the integrity of human organs, external virus defense force, maintain normal operation of the young.
2. To make bones stronger: the calcium in the blood to achieve bone cells, bone calcium and phosphorus deposition, need a glue, collagen is like the formation of the wall, requires mutual creamy bricks and cement to strong.Replenish collagen, effectively advance calcium loss increase bone density, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, can repair the damaged bone.And can increase the elasticity of the lubrication of cartilage and avoid the happening of arthritis.
3. Can make an eye more bright: corneal collagen in the present rules, not only can make the light through, transparent and bright.Replenish collagen peptide can make eyes pervious to light, corneal transparency.Pore membrane, the outermost layers of the eye QiuBi, composed of dense collagen and elastic fibers.Replenish collagen peptide is helpful for health, pore membrane tenacity, make a twinkle in his eyes.
4. Make the chest more compact, feng ting: collagen widespread mammary gland of connective tissue, the snare of the effective breast fat and glands, collagen is the most human body curve, reflect the material basis for the tall and straight posture.Replenish collagen peptide, can make a breast is more compact, beautify the chest.
5. All kinds of amino acids in the human body, its rich nutrition, make human body to normal gland secretion.Replenish collagen peptide, rich in amino acids can balance nutrition endocrine disorders caused by uneven phenomenon.
6. Optimize the female reproductive tissues, relieve PMS: collagen is widely exist in female pelvic organizations, the uterus wall.Enough replenish collagen peptide, can strengthen the pelvic organization flexibility;Repair birth, abortion and weak uterine wall, and can effectively eliminate the accumulated womb of all kinds of toxins, so as to ease menstrual syndrome.
7. Strengthen the male reproductive function: all contain in collagen peptide arginine, can effectively enhance the male sperm activity, improve the quality of sperm.
 8. The human body hair of  health source:Around of core hair the human body , head widely exist in the cortex under the collagen, and role. Adequate intake of collagen peptide, can make the hair more shiny and elastic, slow dry, biforked hair.
9. Make nails stronger: nail subcutaneous collagen in the dermis, provide the nutrients necessary to nail.Replenish collagen peptide, can make the nails stronger, and rich luster and toughness.
Collagen to the skin nourishing * * *
The nutrient source of skin: The growth of the trees on the fertile land, complete and normal metabolism of skin architecture, depends on the content of collagen in the dermis, collagen supplements can make our skin ruddy and luster of the nature.
2. The skin cells of surfactant: achieve ideal skin delicate, soft, is the key to the normal operation of metabolic cycle, dermal collagen is epidermal cells used in the new essential less material, replenish collagen peptide can repair the skin problems, at the same time can prevent blain blain, sunburn, sensitive and other problematic skin.
3.The secret of eternal water embellish skin collagen contain hydrophilic group (hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, can firmly the adsorption of moisture in the skin and blood, solve the change garments according to the time, skin peeling, dry season cause itching, etc.
4. The skin tight and elastic magic weapon: the collagen dermal structure is a special elastic mesh structure, net, supporting the whole skin.Collagen peptide can make collagen fibers, elastic fibers have complete resilient, make a mesh structure more compact, the skin elastic and thereby reduce wrinkles, relaxation phenomena affect the appearance.
Build healthy circulation, anti-aging from inside to outside***
Collagen in human body. small to hair, big to blood capillary, tissue, organ, bone, skin. Effectively replenish collagen peptide, can improve the inside and outside the human body health, enhance immunity, prevent all kinds of aging problem caused by various diseases, Middle-aged and elderly people long-term use to can be to achieve prolong life.
*Collagen peptide Q&A
Q1, What person suitable for replenish collagen peptide?
A: currently, we are in A s environmental damage is aggravating, industrial pollution, emissions and food toxins such as damage, make A lot of people an excessive free radicals in the body, immune suppression, supplement nutrients to enhance physical fitness is very important at this time.Collagen peptide is can reduce the external environment of "damage" to the human body.Therefore, the prevention of chronic diseases in the elderly, urban professionals, menopausal women, adult male and field staff and plateau area, pay attention to maintenance, replenish collagen peptide is very necessary. 
Q2, intestines and stomach bad to can by taking collagen peptide recuperated?
A: collagen peptide for gastrointestinal tract regeneration and repair, improve the intestinal function, promote the composition of the of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, restore human intestinal flora balance, improve human body bowel function;Moreover, this change is helpful to restrain the breeding of harmful bacteria, eliminate corruption bacteria produce toxins, achieve to remove intestinal garbage, help to prevent and relieve constipation.People affected by the factors such as age, pressure, the stomach contains collagen gradually reduce, due to weak surface, combined with the corrosion of acid, it forms ulcer, and collagen peptide supplementation can repair the ulcer surface, and increase the stomach wall thickness and strength, therefore, reasonable replenish collagen peptide can help improve and prevent the happening of the gastric ulcer.
Q3, Fish collagen peptide to eat every day how many appropriate?How to eat?
A: According to age and physical condition, daily intake of 6-10 g is more appropriate, warm water if it is advisable to 70 degrees Celsius.How to eat it a lot!Such as: added to drinks, fruit juice, milk, soup can.The simplest way is to water a blunt. 
Note: Do not put in tea, because tea leaves contain a precipitant.May cause collagen peptide of the nature of the change.
Q4, Can to taking collagen peptide cause side effects  ?
A: Fish collagen peptide is adopting international advanced bionic enzymolysis extraction and purification technology will be high quality collagen degradation as A kind of small molecules can direct participants of somatic cell metabolism active substances.Of human body with super absorbability, the absorption rate can reach: 95-100%, not cause protein deposition, also won't cause metabolism of liver and kidney burden.Together with ingredients extracted from natural, homologous with food, so, taking collagen peptide won't produce side effects.
Q5, My skin is dry, should eat collagen peptide can be improved?
A: Fish Collagen propped up the skin like A skeleton, to keep its elasticity, but less than the hyaluronic acid moisturizing effect;The collagen in the dermis is mainly to provide the support of the skin, while hyaluronic acid is responsible for the absorption of moisture.The focus of many people think that skin maintains only whitening, anti-wrinkle, often ignored the crux of the problem in the skin lacks water, if the lack of skin moisture, moisturizing ability is limited, can cause dull, the appearance of wrinkles.Collagen peptide of small molecule structure, do not need the intestinal digestion can be directly absorbed by human body, greatly increased its moisturizing effect on skin, can make skin water retention capacity of 30 times.If you want to solve the problem of water shortage of skin, in addition to food intake collagen peptide, again tie-in hyaluronic acid are used together, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
Q6, Gelatin and collagen peptides have to differ?Is the same thing?
A: In principle, gelatin and collagen peptide amino acid composition in much the same.But the gelatin is does not have three helix structure of collagen peptide, which is due to high temperature, or be destroyed in the process of manufacturing;The difference is that collagen peptide molecular weight is 3000 Dalton the following;The larger molecular weight is differ, gelatin, millions of Dalton, some only a few tens of Dalton, its use value to the human body physiology, health improvement, cannot collagen peptide.
Q7, External use collagen peptide maintain article, can complement the collagen in the skin?
A: Fish Collagen peptide unique molecular structure of small, if the external use, can be directly ACTS on the epidermis layer, and can be part of the deep dermis.Replenish collagen has certain effect to the skin.Contains collagen peptide maintain article covers on the skin, can prevent water evaporation from the surface of the skin, has a good moisturizing effect;And as the carrier of other skin care products, carrying the active ingredients into the skin, then released from collagen, maintenance.Though topical collagen peptide didn't eat collagen peptide is better, but for dry skin and cause wrinkles, and long-term in a dry environment, including climate, people be necessary to use collagen.
Q8, When new maintain article change every time, all feeling effective at the beginning, can improve the skin, but for a while after that, even if not happened, don't know whether oral collagen peptide also have this kind of phenomenon?
A: when we use in almost every kind of maintain article has this kind of phenomenon, this is because just started to use, the skin is dry, loose, dark phenomenon can be improved by effective components of maintain article, skin become tender, delicate.But after using for a while, the nutrition for the skin in the supplement to a certain degree, can further improve the place becomes limited, so will feel maintain article effect of stagnation, actually effect is sustainable.Human aging is inevitable, of course, everyone is faced with wrinkles, aging phenomenon gradually, but often taking collagen peptide, indeed helps retard aging, to keep the good states of the skin and body effect, that is the benefits of taking collagen peptide.
Q9, Someone says she ate collagen peptide supplements after bosom greaten, which contains the hormone ingredients?Hyperplasia of mammary glands or patients with uterine fibroids can eat?
A: collagen peptide mainly from animal bone, cartilage, fish scales and skin extract, almost does not contain any fat and hormone ingredients, there is no after taking collagen peptide can stimulate the medical records of hyperplasia of mammary glands, hysteromyoma, don't worry about it.Taking collagen peptide think breast enlargement, the reason for this research are as follows: the breast is mainly composed of gland, fat, and connective tissue and adipose tissue in there are different direction of the connective tissue fibers, to support breast and fixed position, avoid deformation and relaxation.But as the growth of the age, the body's collagen decreases, the outer skin and breast support breast connective tissue gradually relaxed.Taking collagen peptide, can nourish the connective tissue, make it more strong, also makes the skin, enhance the effect of breast against gravity.Taking collagen peptide can restore the original curve and full breasts, so feel breast is bigger do happen.
Q10, should eat how long just can feel the fine lines on the face disappeared, symptoms improve?
A: our skin metabolism, constantly replenish collagen peptide, also have to wait until after the completion of the round metabolism to see results.Under normal circumstances, the base layer of cells will slowly from the inside out, moving up from within, granular layer about 2 weeks or so to arrive, change a cutin, after 2 weeks or so to dry, into flake (dirt) and peeling off gradually, the whole process of metabolism of about 28 days.So taking collagen peptide need to 28 days after 14 days to see results;If supplementary way right, the quantity is enough, the skin's moisture content will increase, wrinkles and thus improved, skin becomes bright beautiful, delicate skin, your the surrounding people can perceive your skin from Inside Out of improve and beautiful!

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