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100% natural spirulina essence tablets, spirulina, spiral seaweed manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 100% natural spirulina essence tablets, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Emodin and so on.

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100% natural spirulina essence tablets

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Product Description

Product name: 100% natural spirulina essence tablets
Specification: 100g/0.25g/400 pills/bottle, 500g/0.25g/2000 pills/bottle

Efficacy: increase immunity, improving sleeping, antifatigue, anti-aging, inhibition of iron deficiency anemia, protect liver, inhibiting tumor, cancer, prevent diabetes, prevent cardio-cerebrovascular disease, improve anorexia and malnutrition, etc.

Usage, dosage:

Usually health care: three times a day, each time 4-5 pills or 2-3g, before or after meal all can.

Adjuvant therapy: three times a day, each time 8-10 pills, before meal taking is better.

Anorexia, malnutrition, anemia is: three times a day, each time 7 -8 pills, after meals taking is better;

After illness recovery: three times a day, each time 8-10 pills, after meal taking is better.

Product description and nutritional value is as follows:

100% natural spirulina essence tablet is using 100% pure natural spirulina and refined organic health food.

Spirulina is a kind of more than 3.5 billion years form of algae, it can be said is the most ancient creature in the earth, it higher protein content, rich and balanced nutrition and efficient health care function characteristic, has caused the world's attention, is known as "the 21st century human being's best health care products".

Spirulina is in the food chain and animal proximal old plant, its unique cell structure make it can directly be human digestion and absorption, without after a series of conversion process, so to have all kinds of chronic disease, constitution is bad, bad intestines and stomach function also can be a very good digestion and absorption; At the same time, spirulina is alkaline of natural plant food, continue taking can make human body change acid, keep alkalescent constitution. So as to better promote the immune function play a role, in the world there is no cure every kinds of disease's medicine, but all ills are active. Spirulina is from sources, help to eliminate all kinds of causes, prevent all kinds of disease risk, it is the magic effect, is it can comprehensive regulate the function of the body, improving cell metabolism ability.

100% natural spirulina the second generation of spirulina because of its rich nutrition and balanced, can effectively change old people's acidic, delay atherosclerosis, enhancing metabolism ability, to achieve the purpose of anti-aging, to the children have promoting development, ascending children height, strengthen children' constitution's function.

100% natural spirulina features of the condenser, separation, funded by domesticated world leading technology, making its protein content, active nutrient content is far higher than the general spirulina, digestion absorption rate reaches as high as 95%, can quickly added the human body needs every kinds of nutritional ingredients, adjusting the human body physiology balance, improving human immunity.
100g spirulina essence tablets main nutrients
Plant protein  60-70g  Zinc  200-300mg
Fat  6-9g Potassium  1000-2000mg
Polysaccharide 10-15g Selenium 0.03-0.05mg
Fiber  2-4g Vitamin B1 1.5-4.0mg
Beta-carotene 500-900mg Vitamin B2 3.0-5.0mg
Chlorophyl α 800-2000mg Vitamin B3 14-200mg
Phycocyanin 6000-11000mg Vitamin B6 0.5-1.0mg
Gamma-linolenic acid 800-1500mg Vitamin B12 0.05-0.2mg
Calcium  600-1200mg Vitamin E 5-20mg
Magnesium  200-600mg Inositol  50-100mg
Iron  50-150mg    

According to medical experts research shows that:

1.Effective inhibition of iron deficiency anemia 
100% natural spirulina essence tablets contains rich organic iron, iron content is spinach 23 times. Experiment proof: spirulina iron bioavailability than ferrous sulfate as high as 60%, and will not cause adverse reactions; In addition, spirulina is the most food VB12 content (more than pork liver in the content of VB12 high 3 times), VB12 is human hematopoietic important catalyst, therefore, 100% natural spirulina fine piece of prevention and control of iron deficiency anemia is the best nutrition food.

2.Improve anorexia, regulate the malnutrition 
100% natural spirulina essence tablets contains eight kinds of essential human body and can't synthesis of amino acids, vitamins, and biological iron, zinc and the proportion of basic human nutrition need to agree, it is easy to be absorbed by human body use, can quickly improve anorexia, improving appetite, and can complement quickly for anorexia and lack of nutrition, enhancing immunity.

3.Prevent diabetes 
100% natural spirulina essence tablets contains rich gamma-linolenic acid and zinc, magnesium element, can promote the body insulin synthesis, and a lot of potassium, can prevent diabetes and acidosis. High quality protein and rich in vitamins, trace elements, low carbon compounds are diabetic patients the most ideal nutrition health food, so the 100% pure natural spirulina essence tablets in diabetes in nutrition and efficacy both, to supplement and complement each other.

4.Prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel
 100% natural spirulina essence tablets fat content is only 6%, almost does not contain the cholesterol, but the linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid content is very high, these substances such as reducing blood fat, cholesterol, adjusting blood pressure, reducing blood viscosity, improving tissue blood circulation, maintaining vessel elasticity, preventing arteriosclerosis, such as effectiveness.

5.Ease chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer
Most patients with stomach disease is due to the acidity and cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and stomach trouble. 100% of the natural spirulina essence tablet is basic health care food, neutralize too much stomach acid, and it contains rich chlorophyll, algal blue element, beta carotene, gamma-linolenic acid, these material has good mucosal inflammation, repairing cell damage and restoring normal secretory function of efficacy.

6.Maintenance of liver function, repairing liver cell tissue 
100% natural spirulina essence tablet contains high quality protein, amino acid, vitamin, trace element, these substances is to maintain the liver function and repair the best tonic organization, and it contains abundant polysaccharide and beta carotene, can improve the body immunity, killing hepatitis virus in order to achieve the purpose of cure.

7.Inhibiting tumor, cancer 
100% natural spirulina essence tablet contains rich beta-carotene, content is the carrot 15 times, still contain SOD, algal blue alga protein, and other biological active substance, to various kinds of tumor has inhibitory effect of alga, and with radiation injury and improve put, chemotherapy cause side effects.
In addition, 100% natural spirulina essence tablets also can prevent obesity, osteoporosis; To eliminate the mercury and drug-induced renal toxin; Also can enhance the person's eyesight; Keeping the skin, hair and teeth health, of beauty and anti-aging effect; Accelerating wound healing, shorten the time needed for the sick; Eliminating constipation, acne effect is obvious; Promotion of growth, enhancing endurance, fatigue; Improving lose eye and nerve disorder also has certain effect.

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