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100% natural Canavaliae Semen extracts, Canavaliae, Canavaliae Semen extracts manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 100% natural Canavaliae Semen extracts, Top Wine, EU Organice Cherry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok and so on.

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100% natural Canavaliae Semen extracts

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Product Description

Product name: 100% natural Canavaliae Semen extracts
Proportion: 10:1, 20:1, 50:1, 100:1
Test method: HPLC
Specification: 25kg/barrel

Product description
Canavaliae Semen leaf and seed form
Canavaliae Semen
2.the explanation nameThe shape of the pod like a knife, so named sword bean. March seeding, the climbing can grow to be just a little long, the leaves as cowpea leaves, but more than a little longer than cowpea leaves, bigger, June or May open the purple flowers like moths, pod, its pod long close to a foot, a bit like Chinese honey locust

Source: Canavaliae Semen is Leguminosae, belongs to the annual winding resistance herbaceous plants, Canavaliae Semen dry mature seeds, other name is sword jack bean seed , big sword bean. Cosmetic uses the dry seeds.

The Canavaliae Semen seeds contain protein 28.75%, starch 37.2%, soluble sugar 7.50%, plants 1.36%, fiber 6.10% and ash content 1.90%, still contain canavanine, common bean four ammonia, Concanavalin and agglutinin etc.

Medicinal value
Collect and process 9-11 month spot mature pods, drying and pick off the seeds.
Chemical composition: including common bean ball wan (canavaline), common bean guanidine acid, etc.
Property and Flavorwarm in nature, neutral in nature,sweet flavour, non-toxic.
Function indications lower gas temperature. Good for the intestines and stomach, stop vomiting, and benefiting kidney tonifying primordial qi.
Preparation to remove impurities, pounding when using.
Flavor and Meridian tropism sweet,warm. To the stomach and kidney.
Function indications
Seed: warm the middle warmer, lower qi, check well, fill the kidney and spirit. Used for virtual cold hiccups, vomiting, kidney empty, waist pain, stomach pain.

Fruit shell: normal menstruation invigorate the circulation of blood, antidiarrheal. Used for lumbago, lingering dysentery, amenorrhea.

Root: scattered stasis pain. Used for damage, lumbago.

The medicine (poison) physical with Gold field mouse embryonic for test, concanavalin to
with virus or chemical carcinogenic agent after processing the deformation cell toxicity, more than the normal cell toxicity.
The usage and dosage seeds 6 ~ 9 g. Fruit shell and root 1 ~ 2 tael;.
Storage put in the ventilated and dry place, moth-proofing.
Extract "Chinese pharmacopoeia"
Contraindication in using herbs the Sichuan Chinese medicinal herbal record: the stomach hot filled do not taking.

Pharmacological effects
Have found Canavaliae Semen have lipoxygenase activate effect, its effective component is common bean toxin. Common bean toxin daily intraperitoneal injection of 50 μ g/kg, 100 μ g/kg or 200 μ g/kg to medicine, can cause the female rats in plasma luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels rise suddenly, progesterone level no change, prolactin (PRL) is lower. 200 μ g/kg estrogen group the frequency and weight gain weight increased significantly, jotham uterine and ovarian weight have no change. The above FSH and LH with fat oxygen enzyme activation function is consistent, but prolactin level lower reason is still unknown.

Con A isa kind of phytohemagglutinin, has the strength to promote mitotic effect, have good promoting lymphocyte transformation reaction effect, its promoting lymphocyte transformation optimum concentration is 40 - 100 μ g/ml, can precipitate of hepatic glycogen, agglutination sheep, horses, dogs, rabbit, pig, rats and mice, guinea pigs and other animals and human red blood cells. It can also be used in selective activation inhibitory T cells, to regulate the body's immune response plays an important role. Therefore, through the use of Con A to activate pathological (or older) of Ts cell this method, is expected to change some autoimmune disease, or even graft rejection or malignant tumor prevention prospects.
Heat  (kilocalorie) 36 B1  thiamine  (mg)  : . 05 CA    (mg) 49
Protein  (g) 3.1 B2  riboflavin  (mg)  : . 07 MG    (mg) 29
Fat  (g) . 3 B5  nicotinic  acid  (mg)  : 1 FE  (mg) 4.6
Carbohydrates  (g) 5.2 VC  vitamin  C  (mg)  : 15 MA    (mg) . 45
Dietary  fiber  (g)  : 1.8 VE  vitamin  E  (mg)  : . 4 ZN    (mg)  : . 84
Vitamin  A  (MCG) 37 Cholesterol  (mg)  : 0 CU    (mg)  : . 09
Carotene  (MCG)  : . 6 Potassium  (mg)  : 209 P  (mg)  : 57
Retinol  equivalent  (MCG)  : 89 Sodium  (mg)  : 8.5 SE  (MCG)  : . 88

Chemical  constituents  of  traditional  Chinese  medicine  (TCM) 
1.   Canavaliae  Semen  seeds  containing  protein  28.75%  ,   starch  37.2%,   soluble  sugar  7.50%,   lipid  1.36%,   6.10%  and  1.90%  ash  fiber.   Also  contains  canavanine,   canavalmine, γ -guanidinooxyproprlamine, aminopropylcanavalmine, aminobutylcanavalmine.   The  seed  contain  concanavaline  A  and  agglutinin.

Left  is  common  bean  gibberellin  I,   right  is  common  bean  gibberellin  II.

2. The  Canavalia  ensiformis  seeds  contain  starch  50%,   protein  31.00%-31.54%  ,   lipid  3.48%  -  4.14%,   fiber  8.44%  -  9.24%,   ash  content  2.85%  -  3.04%,   total  sugar  2.48%-2.75%  and  reducing  sugar  0.26%  -  0.40%.   Seed  degreasing  by  analysis  including  oleic  acid  , linoleic  acid,   etc. fatty  acid,   and  not  saponification  department  including  lupeol,   stigmasterol  and  β -sitosterol.   Seeds  contain  saponins,   namely  lupeol  -  3  -  O  -  beta  D  -  xylopyranosyl  (1,   4)  -  O  -  beta  D  -  glucopyranoside,   concanavaline  B,   canatoxin.   Leaf  contains  rutin  and  quercitrin.

Healthcare  value 

Usage:   Fried  soup,   cooking,   or  grind  powder  taking.  

Nutritional  analysis 
Canavaliae  Semen  contains  urine  poison  enzyme,   hemagglutinin,   common  bean  acid,   etc.;   In  recent  years,   and  in  the  tender  pod  found  common  bean  gibberellic  I  and  II  etc,   healing  hepatic  coma  and  anticancer  effect.   Canavaliae  Semen  on  human  calm  also  have  very  good  effect,   can  enhance  the  brain  cortex  inhibition  process,   make  the  mind  clear,   energetic.

Nutritional  ingredients
Every  100  grams  contain  protein  28.7g,   starch  37.2g,   soluble  sugar  7.5g,   lipid  1.36  g  and  6.1  g  fiber,   ash  content  1.9g.   In  addition,   still  contain  canavanine,   common  bean  four  amine,   reported  guanidine  oxygen  base  c  amine  and  ammonia  propyl  sword  bean  four  amine  and  ammonia  butyl  sword  bean  four  amine,   common  bean  gibberellin,   common  bean  hemagglutinin  and  other  material.

Food  therapy  effect 
1. Enhance  the  capacity  of  resistance  Canavaliae  Semen  contains  composition  can  help  maintain  normal  metabolism  of  human  body  function,   promote  human  body  a  variety  of  the  activity  of  the  enzyme,   thus  improving  antibody  immunity,   improve  people' s  resistance.
2.   Antitumor  Canavaliae  Semen  contains  common  bean  gibberellin  and  common  bean  hemagglutinin  can  stimulate  lymph  cell  into  a  lymphatic  mother  cell,   have  antitumor  action;   Hemagglutinin  with  virus  or  chemical  carcinogenic  agent  after  processing  the  modified  cell  toxicity  is  greater  than  the  normal  cell  toxicity,   still  can  make  some  tumor  cells  to  restore  to  the  normal  cell  growth  state.

Health  diet 
1. Canavaliae  Semen  ginger  old  sword  bean30g,   ginger  3  piece,   brown  sugar  amount.   Put  the  Canavaliae  Semen,   ginger  washed,   adding  300  ml  water,   boil  for  10  minutes,   to  slag  and  take  soup,   add  brown  sugar,   mixing  well  become  namely.   Every  day  2-3  times,   suit  to  drink  soup.   This  soup  has  the  temperature  drop  back,   stop  well  stop  bring  effect,   suitable  for  virtual  cold  sex  disease  such  as  vomiting,   hiccups.

2. Canavaliae  Semen  rock  sugar  water  Canavaliae  Semen  50g,   rock  candy  right  amount.   First  cleaning  the  Canavaliae  Semen,   adding  500  ml  water,   decoction  about  10  minutes,   to  slag  and  add  rock  sugar,   three  times  daily  drinking.   The  sugar  water  has  gas  under  the  effect  of  cough  relieving  asthma,   the  pediatric  whooping  cough,   older  much  sputum  asthmatic  cough  disease  such  as  effective.

3. Canavaliae  Semen  flour,   Canavaliae  Semen  150  g,   clean  dry  mortar  powder,   boiled  water  a  blunt,   three  times  a  day,   every  time  4.5g  This  powder  has  the  merit  of  scattered  pain,   to  pediatric  hernia  pain.

4. Simmering  Canavaliae  Semen  pig  waist  Canavaliae  Semen  20  grains,   the  pig  kidneys  with  one.   First  the  pig  kidneys  into  two  group,   such  as  the  rule  of  law  net,   and  then  the  Canavaliae  Semen  put  them,   and  two  kidneys,   fold,   external  package,   lotus  leaf  into  carbon  ashes  simmering  cooked  pig  kidneys,   remove  Canavaliae  Semen,   the  pig  kidneys  section  can  be  installed  dish.   Eat  less  when  add  seasoning,   taste  more  delicious.   This  meat  has  kidney  health  waist  of  the  work,   it  is  suitable  for  kidney  empty  lumbar  debility,   pain  activity  in  patients  eating.

Canavaliae  Semen  warm  in  nature,   the  stomach  hot  filled  do  not  taking.

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