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Bee Pollen Queen Pollen, Health Food Top Bee Pollen, Chinese Herbal Medicine Bee Pollen manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top 100% Wild Rose Bee Pollen- Queen Pollen,No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Whitening, Anti-Aging,Prolong Life,Health Food, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Emodin and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Bee Pollen Top 100% Wild Rose Bee Pollen- Queen Pollen,No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Whitening, Anti-Aging,Prolong Life,Health Food

Top 100% Wild Rose Bee Pollen- Queen Pollen,No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Whitening, Anti-Aging,Prolong Life,Health Food

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 1000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Type: Health Food,Bee Pollen
Style: Pure
Form: Particles
Processing Type: Pure
Health Food: Whitening,Remove Chloasma,Weight Lose
Queen of Pollen: No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYYSMGF-NO: 01
Wild Rose Bee Pollen: Top Quality, No Pathogenic Bacteria
Pure Health Food: No Pesticide Residues
Anticancer Food: Invigorate The Circulation of Blood,Prolong Life
Anti-Aging Food: Natural Breast Enhancement
Transport Package: Bottle Glass(EU Lead-Free)
Specification: 200g/bottles
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Name:Top level,100%Natural  Wild Rose Bee Pollen-,Queen in Pollen No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Whitening, Resist radiation,Anti-aging,Prolong Life, Health Food

Warm prompt::Total number of about 1 ~ 2 tons every year ,it is very rare and precious,Queen in Pollen.

Specifications:200g, 400, 600g, 800g, 1000g/bottle;100bottles,100bottles/box, 50bottles/box,

Top 100% Wild Rose Bee Pollen- Queen Pollen,No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Whitening, Anti-Aging,Prolong Life,Health Food
100% natural  wild rose pollen source of Chinese original ecological environment, no antibiotics, no heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria.5 ~ 6 months a year, gorgeous roses, cup yan, aroma pubi, bees from the rose flower essence, both adhering to the medicinal value, medicinal rose resolve depression, qi and blood stasis, and do not break traditional bee pollen nutrition health care, he is in good cosmetic effect, because contain alone of the active material, invigorate the circulation in the tune, comfortable ease effect, can effectively remove free radicals, remove the brown pigment, called a youthful vitality.Because of the pollen is plant male reproductive cells.To invigorate the circulation of hysteresis, and detoxicating detumescence, it can eliminate caused by endocrine disorders more acne, etc;In addition, the rose pollen on liver stomach pain, gas, nausea, vomiting, indigestion and the symptom such as menstruation to be not moved people have good conditioning effect.Rose pollen can invigorate the scattered hysteresis and detoxicating detumescence, it can eliminate more acne caused by endocrine disorders, etc.Actually eating out rather than everything to make up the natural makeup.Its cosmetic effect is good, for the "Pure natural cosmetics" favored by women.

100% natural  wild rose bee pollen, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis regulating endocrine wild Roses rich in vitamins a, c, b, e, k, and tannic acid, can improve endocrine disorders, can also help to eliminate fatigue and wound healing.Restrain circulation, regulate female physiological problems, promote the blood circulation, hairdressing, regulate the menstrual function, diuretic, moderate gastrointestinal nerve, prevent wrinkle, prevent frostbite, raise colour beauty.Aromatic oil derived from roses best-selling domestic and foreign markets, rose essential oil is the world's most expensive oil, not only for the world's rare spices, also has the effects of beauty to raise colour, anti-aging.

The essence of the rose flower, the frozen in the pollen and pollen by a bee when gathering flowers into glutinous rice dough, bee pollen is a natural edible.It contains the essence of flowers, completely retained the pollen nutrition effect on the human body, each component of bee pollen is beneficial to human body.And original ecological pollution-free roses base is derived from the plateau, and often eat not only can embellish skin bright, also can recuperate from within the body, regulating endocrine disturbance to women, have a great effect for activating blood circulation and make women anti-aging, bloom charm.

Available lukewarm water when eating, and cocoa chew taking directly, stir in the pollen is mixed with honey or edible, pollen and honey in a ratio of 1:3 to reconcile.Health Care dose 5-10 grams, treatment dose of 15 to 25 grams.Taking bee pollen 1~2 times a day, usually in the morning and evening take best on an empty stomach, if before the stomach feel uncomfortable after taking bee pollen, can change taken within half an hour after the meal, with food or at the same time taking.

Warm prompt:
1.Pregnant women to prohibit taking bee pollen of roses, prevent miscarriage.Because rose bee pollen has invigorate the circulation of efficacy.
2.100% natural bee pollen is not special effects drug, it is pure natural health food, and thus can't expect immediate, should adhere to the continuous long-term use, gradually play its effect.General should take more than three months.Long-term use, anti-aging, enhance immunity, resist virus, energetic, prolong life.

Wild Rose pollen efficacy:
Whitening, moisturizing, raise colour, blood, Liver, Resolve depression, Lipid-lowering diet, Skin beauty,Anticancer, Resist radiation, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis blood and so on.Especially for women's menstrual cramps, menstruation to be not moved has a magical effect.Taking it can rise to blood relating, nourish the face.Flowers can extract rose oil, dried flowers can be used as a medicine. Reagan has clear heat, fire suppression, the wonders of beauty to raise colour.

100% natural  wild Rose bee pollen of efficacy:Whitening, moisturizing, raise colour, regulate endocrine, huoxue huayu
Top 100% Wild Rose Bee Pollen- Queen Pollen,No Antibiotics, No Heavy Metals, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Anticancer, Whitening, Anti-Aging,Prolong Life,Health Food
100% natural Rose bee pollen of efficacy: Whitening, moisturizing, raise colour, regulate endocrine, huoxue huayu.
Wild Rose bud picking rosaceae plant deciduous shrubs, flowers purple, aromatic smell. Because rose has the property of cold temperature, and flower buds *Shrub rosaceae plant rose flowers. Because the rose has the property of cold and heat resistance, and bud fresh  and  tender, moist, as early as the sui and tang dynasties in China, it is the favour of palace noble...The   secret of Yang Geifei   has been to keep skin tender luster, it is said that in her bath huaqing pool, soak the fresh rose bud for years. Rose petals can bath can also protect skin to raise colour, is a kind of natural beauty. Rose oil has the effect of promoting bile secretion. Rose petals can bath can also protect skin to raise colour, is the beauty product in the new century.
The main function of   Rose  bee pollen: The rose is the beauty of gather heaven and earth reiki, absorb essence of earth and sun. For hundreds of years of women raise colour beauty facial. Can improve the menstruation to be not moved, and qi, detoxification and appearance. Glossy faces
Wild Rose 100% natural bee pollen function analysis:
(1). Help beauty: rose in bee pollen contains rich amino acid can be absorbed by skin, and skin cells need natural vitamins, all kinds of active enzyme and plant hormones, which can promote the metabolism of skin cells, improving nutrition, enhance skin vitality, delay skin aging cells, increase skin elasticity, make the skin soft, delicate, and can remove all kinds of brown spot, reduce wrinkles, so is known as " the source of beauty" . Because of the pollen is edible and can be used to wipe; Can not only cure table, but also cure, so is the world recognized as a natural beauty.
(2). Rose 100% natural bee pollen and removing: women freckles, chloasma is caused by endocrine disorders and pigmentation of the skin. Many diseases are likely to be can appear this kind of spot, general with pregnancy women to see more. It show that the changes in hormone levels in the human body. Pollen by adjusting the balance of the nervous system to regulate endocrine disorders.
(3). Wild Rose 100% natural bee pollen and weight loss: pollen in bioactive substances to the body' s physiological activities of all kinds of physiological functions, each organ system has the very good adjustment function, make person' s normal metabolism. Modern research found that obesity is caused by the B vitamins are in short supply, because of B vitamins is the medium of the body fat into energy. Pollen contains rich B vitamins, and can make the fat into energy, and be able to release, lead to reduce fat, thus received the effect that reduce weight.
(4). Wild Rose 100% natural bee pollen and health wise: bee pollen contains rich proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements and other nutrients, also contains the neurotransmitter synthesis raw material. So the pollen can provide the growth and physiological activity of brain cells with rich nutrients, promote brain cell growth and metabolism, enhance the function of the central nervous system and adjust the balance, to keep the brain active, improve memory function, enhance the intellectual, and has good control effect on alzheimer' s disease.
(5). Wild Rose 100% natural bee pollen beneficial stomach: pollen can increase appetite, and can enhance digestive function. For poor appetite and digestion and absorption ability of poor thin can effectively recover, at the same time the pollen of gastrointestinal dysfunction, ulcers, constipation, also has a good therapeutic effect.
(6) Wild Rose 100% natural bee pollen profit liver: pollen can prevent fat accumulation in the liver, has good protective effect on the liver. Pollen is a senior nutrition agent, restore liver function of hepatitis have good curative effect. Pollen of this feature with pollen contains vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and a variety of trace elements. The root cause is pollen can improve the immune function.

(7) Wild Rose 100% natural bee pollen beneficial blood vessels: pollen contains rutin and flavonoids substances, these substances can significantly reduce blood lipid levels, preventing cardiovascular sclerosis, hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, varicose veins, apoplexy sequela etc. Pollen contains niacin, it have the function of the lower cholesterol, niacin is clinically expansion around the blood vessels and drugs for the treatment of vascular diseases. Pollen contains vitamin C, can increase the density of capillaries, reduce the permeability of blood vessels and brittleness, is a clinical drug for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Pollen contains magnesium, essential fatty acids and so on also has the effect of lowering cholesterol, and therefore can have the effect of prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

(8) Wild rose 100% natural bee pollen anti-aging: pollen elements not only for human nutrition, increase metabolism, regulate endocrine function, increase the stress ability, these aspects are beneficial to delay aging. In recent years, studies have shown that superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the human body, material (IPO) and lipid peroxide brown mass content associated with aging. Increase SOD activity, IPO and fat brown qualitative content reduce, helps the body senescence. Because in pollen contains nutrients help to improve the activity of SOD, and reduce the IPO and fat contents of brown, thus has enhanced physique and anti-aging effect.
(9) rose 100% natural bee pollen and cancer: pollen can activate the immune system, enhance immunity, induce interferon; Increased serum immunoglobulin, activated macrophages, thus improve the body' s immune ability for cancer, inhibit cancer cell DNA synthesis, prevent oncogene activation; Remove foreign oncogene toxicity; Enhance the body' s natural ability to adapt, DNA damage repair cells; Prevent cancer cells divide and grow, and thus make the pollen showed good anti-cancer effect.
(10) rose 100% natural bee pollen and antibodies: pollen contains REDOX ability to enhance and improve tissue cells, accelerate the speed of impulse transmission between nerves and muscles, and improve the athletes reaction ability. Athletes eat bee pollen, back muscles strong, grip strength, improve cardiopulmonary function, and can enhance physical strength, endurance and the explosive force, increase lung activity, quickly eliminate fatigue and keep a good competitive state, is a kind of ideal improver. Can also be when gill red and bath with oh -
Rose face; Rose petals and rose bee pollen and half cucumber stir into a paste, then mix 3 tablespoons pearl powder, apply is on the surface. Wash off after 20 minutes. Function: more suitable for oily skin with acne, can diminish inflammation, remove the oil, the oil, white.
100%Natural Wild Rose bee pollen main function:
With the fragrance of roses, taste sweet,
Men and women all appropriate. Mood, balance the endocrine, blood gas, beauty skin care, on the function of liver and stomach has tonic, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness, and relieve depression, can improve endocrine disorders, relieve back pain, to eliminate fatigue and wound healing, nourishing raise colour, skin care cosmetic, activating blood, protect the liver, stomach and liver, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation function. Can treat chronic gastritis and hepatitis. Liver resolve depression, spleen and send a fire and blood silt etc, can treat stomach pain, stomach huan indigestion cold, anterograde flesh, sedative, aperient, internal heat, can regulate blood gas, promote the blood circulation, can promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, can ease emotional, adjusting endocrine, aid digestion, eliminate the effect of fat, so can reduce weight, fight free radicals, anti-aging, long-term use, longer live.

The effect of  wild roses:
1. Performance: the taste acrid   flavour, sweet, nature of tepid. regulate  the  flow  of  vital  energy  and  remove  obstruction  toit and   resolve depression, resolving  dampness and regulating  the  middle  warmer, invigorate  the  circulation  of  blood and disperse (  Of  blood  )  stagnate. Containing volatile oil ( Rose   otto ), mainly for the geraniol and nerol, clove oil, phenol, phenylethyl alcohol, nonyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, linalool, phenyl ethyl acetate, and the antioxidant glucoside, bitter, tannic acid, gallic acid, carotene, red pigment composition such as. Used in stomach, liver pain, rou GUI stuffy chest, vomiting and eating less, or diarrhea; Woman menstruation to be not moved, injuries, bruising pain; Blood stasis bleeding, vomiting blood, haemoptysis. Carbuncle swollen or early breast carbuncle.

2. Rose as a medicine, its flowersshade dry, qi, blood, convergence effect, high vitamin C content in fruit, is to extract the raw material of natural vitamin C. Rose sending cool and refreshing, clear heat leakage fire, heart, skin disease have good effect, lily has the same effect, but lily go lung, good effect on lung fire and dry. The qi, blood, the wind bi, ease the pain. The roses and plants have convergence, can be used for women' s menorrhagia, leucorrhea with red and enteritis, diarrhea, intestinal bleeding from the red half, etc., facilitating resolve depression and blood stasis. Attending liver stomach pain, gas new long bi wind, vomiting blood haemoptysis, menoxenia, leucorrhea with red, dysentery, breast carbuncle, swollen poison.

3. The effect of roses:
Obvious effect is facilitating resolve depression, invigorate the circulation of silt pain and regulate the menstrual function.   In addition, the medicinal properties of roses is very gentle, can warm the heart and blood of nurturing, yu air ventilation, calm, calm, antidepressant effect. Women in the menstrual cycle before or during menstruation often some mood be agitated, drink some roses can play a regulatory role. In today' s work and life pressure is more and more big, if not the menstrual period, also can drink more roses, calm, stable mood. Blood circulation, huayu, the action of harmonic viscera.

*If symptoms persist, can make physical and mental illness, pale face. Want to improve symptoms and relieve the mood, can eat roses. Roses taste bitter, warm, is a famous ease emotional traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and activating blood regulate the menstrual function, beauty spot, lipid-lowering diet etc. Li qi, blood, and the wind bi, ease the pain. Roses and plants have convergence, can be used for women' s menorrhagia, leucorrhea with red, enteritis and diarrhea, intestinal bleeding red half, etc. Qi resolve depression, and blood stasis. Attending liver stomach pain, gas new long bi wind, vomiting blood haemoptysis, menoxenia, leucorrhea with red, dysentery, breast carbuncle, swollen poison.

The role of roses
1, Beauty:
Rose beauty tea, is a new generation of beauty, it has obvious elimination effect to freckles, and at the same time, raise colour, diminishing inflammation, the characteristics of the throat. Drinking method: take 4-5 roses into the cup, flower floats on the surface of the water, it looked thin, elegant smell, is a beauty, ideal health drinks. Rose tea is suitable for mild nature, men and women. Mood, balance the endocrine, blood gas, beauty skin care, on the function of liver and stomach has tonic, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness A rose scented tea and digestion, eliminate the effect of fat, so can reduce weight, the most suitable for the mm of endocrine disorders and obesity, the qi and blood, regulate female physiological problems; The most important is it to raise colour beauty effect, often drink can remove spots on the skin, make the skin whiten naturally, can help prevent wrinkles. Liver depression and qi stagnation type of weight loss can drink, can help you to lose weight; Have the breast enhancement menstrual function; Still can runchang purge. Functions of thin body. Due to the rose tea has a strong fragrance, bad breath treatment effect is very good also, long-term drinking can improve sleep. Rose tea taste elegant fragrance, after dinner drink the best effect. Because of roses have convergent effect, such as constipation is unfavorable and overmuch drinkable; Pregnant women should avoid taking rose tea.

2, Medicinal:
Rose by a system of aromatic oil, for senior spices. Take medicine, the function and qi blood, liver resolve depression, attending liver stomach pain, eat less gas ou evil, menoxenia, iron damage, etc.

Roses as edible drugs, in compendium of material medica, food folk common sugar blunt boiled water, rose is sweet and delicious, and blood circulation; With the roses bubble wine, relaxing tendons, joint pain can be cured. Since ancient times the roses made pure by the method of distillation, smell fragrant, curative effect is remarkable. < Compendium of materia medica shortage make-up> said: " Rose pure dew fragrant air and light, to blood and liver, nourishing the stomach wide chest depression.
3, Dye USES:
Dye used parts: foliage. Rose main ingredients, including mass tannins, quercetin, carotene, such as different quercetin item, has the function of dyeing dye through the test, found that it has good dyeing effect. In rose leaves dyeing, silk and cotton cloth color is consistent, without mordanting and aluminum, tin, lime mordanting shows flavours of green, brown with yellow, with lime mordanting concentration is higher, and the copper mordant dark yellow brown, slightly purple taste of iron mordant in dark grey.
*100% Natural bee pollen of universal health care function:
(1) Strengthen the comprehensive human immune function: pollen polysaccharide can activate the activity of macrophage cell, improve human disease resistance.

(2) The anti-aging, beauty: bee pollen is a nutritional beauty cosmetics, pollen of VE, super oxide dismutase (SOD), the composition such as selenium, can moisten the skin nutrition, restore the elasticity of the skin and bright and clean.
Pollen of inositol can make the white hair black, hair loss gradually, maintain beautiful black hair.

(3) Prevention and treatment of cerebral cardiovascular disease: the flavonoids in pollen can effectively remove fat deposition on the walls of blood vessels, which ACTS as softening blood vessels and blood lipid.

(4) Prevention and treatment of prostate disease: pollen is the bane of prostatitis, to rape pollen, buckwheat pollen effect is best.
An effective drug to treat prostate disease in China - it use bee pollen as raw materials.

(5) Weight loss: Taking bee pollen can absorb enough nutrition, cause the feeling of satiety.
At the same time, the pollen of lecithin can burn excess fat, achieve the goal of weight loss.

(6) To adjust intestines and stomach function: there are a lot of pollen sterilization ingredients, can kill e. coli, etc, and can prevent constipation.

(7) Protect liver to protect liver, the flavonoids in pollen also can prevent the fat deposition in liver.

(8) Adjust nerve system, promote sleep.

(9) Auxiliary treatment of other diseases: the anemia, diabetes, improve memory, menopause obstacles, etc. Have a good effect.

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