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Honey Acacia Top Honey, Honey Top Honey Ripe, Dietary Supplements manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Honey, Top 100%Natural Acacia Honey Nest/Honeycomb Anticancer, No Pollution, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Healthy Food, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Emodin and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Honey Honey, Top 100%Natural Acacia Honey Nest/Honeycomb Anticancer, No Pollution, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Healthy Food

Honey, Top 100%Natural Acacia Honey Nest/Honeycomb Anticancer, No Pollution, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Healthy Food

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 10000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Type: Top Honey Nest
Style: Pure
Form: Solid
Processing Type: Pure
Top Honey Nest: Anticancer, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics
Wild Acacia Honey Nest: Pure Brewing Bees, Very Rare and Precious

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYYHCM-NO: 01
Organic Food: Suitable for All Kinds of People Chew Eat
Pure Natural Health Food: No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life
Transport Package: Bottle/Box
Specification: SGS
Origin: China

Product Description

Product name: Honey, Top 100%Natural Acacia honey nest/Honeycomb , Anticancer, No Pollution, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics,No pathogenic bacteria, Prolong life, Healthy food

Specification: About 200g, 500g/block(Conform EU PET).
Suit a crowd: All kinds of people chew edible , however,Except the baby under 12 months.
Use method: Healthy dose:
1 tablespoon or 2 tablespoons every time, about 5 ~ 10 grams. 1time or 2times a day. Children in half(Havle)eat. Regulating body unwell dose: Every time 2 ~ 4 tablespoons, 2 ~ 3 times a day.Also can according to their own physical condition, adjust the dosage.Mouth chewing, has natural honey is sweet, sweet and not greasy, with wax, chewing like bubble gum, chewing a few minutes later, then the beeswax out. becaus beeswax is Not easy to digest. Beeswax can make oral cleaner, containing propolis has antiseptic effect.

Our Top-level 100% natural (nest honey) without any pollution, the original ecological environment of bee breeding base, please see picture.
Honey, Top 100%Natural Acacia Honey Nest/Honeycomb Anticancer, No Pollution, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Healthy Food
Warm prompt: Top nest honey collection process is complex, the need to customize different specifications on the wooden frame in advance, so in order to meet your requirements, Top nest honey need at flowering time, must need to order 1 ~ 3 months in advance, if flowering after, sorry! We can not meet your demand, you can only wait for the next year or choose other flowering in the nest honey. Different sources of top nest honey harvest in time is as follows:

We can offer is the following nest honey:
Different honey harvest time: 5 ~ 6 month red jujube, licorice honey 6 ~ 8 month, apocynum honey, 8 ~ 9 sunflower, rapeseed has two seasons, spring (1 ~ 3 months) and autumn (7 ~ 9 months), 100% natural wild mountain flower nest honey is July to September. 100% natural Lavender honeycomb honey.

100% pure natural block good nest honey very high nutritional value. Is rare tonic, raise colour, disease resistance, such as multiple efficacy of fine products!

What is honeycomb honey? Honeycomb honey known as "honeycomb", was built by the bees produce mature and sealing wax honey spleen, consists of two parts, the hives and the honey of a mature honey, also known as the " Sealed honey " its nutrition and active material is much higher than ordinary honey. It has the scent of flowers source, alcohol fragrant delicious taste. So it is more advanced than separation honey nutritional food.

Nest honey use:
Honeycomb honey its nutritional value is very high. The hive itself is a kind of medicine. Nest honey with moist skin, nourish skin, clean the skin, in addition to the blister spot, beauty salon, youth anti-aging effect and so on, and antibacterial anti-inflammatory, lungs, protecting liver detoxification runchang benefit spleen and kidneys, forced hematopoietic improve sleep and promote tissue regeneration to promote children's growth and development, and so on.

Protein, amino acid, fat, sugar, minerals, vitamins, many major elements and trace elements, etc.
Product function:
1. The beauty
2. Improve sleep
3. Runfei cough
4. Enhance immunity
5. Add strength, eliminate fatigue
6. Antibacterial anti-inflammatory, promote tissue regeneration

Top natural organic nest honey king unique charm:
Top pure natural nest honey, 17~20% in basic moisture(Because source different flower seeds honey, so, water is different). Natural baume degree 42 ~ 43,but Because of dry climate factors, different regions, some organic honey nest natural baume degree more than 43 baume degree.(Usually understood as the concentration of honey); Amylase value activity of Biological activity top to 32 ~ 48, accord with standard of Europe and the United States (8.0), and Even beyond the EU indicators more than 4~6times, Contains rich nutritional value and medicinal value, it is very rare and precious, known as the king of the organic honey. Sell well Europe and the United States,
North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East and all over the world.

1. The beehive honey should be put in dark place at low temperature.
2. The beehive honey should prevent changing in the process of storage, humidity, pollution and so on. Some areas in China, people have the habit of eating honey hive.So-called honeycomb) (hereinafter referred to as the nest honey honey, honey is along with honey hive room serving as food supplies consumers, this is the most perfect, the most high-end natural honey products.The beginning of the 20th century, it has some beekeeping are all the rage in the developed countries in the United States and Western Europe.In the 1970 s, our country some areas also have production and sales of this product, is very popular with consumers.Compared with the separation of honey, honeycomb honey has its unique features:
(1) Honeycomb honey is like chewing gum, chewing something, sucking the relish, sweet and refreshing, edible when the in the mind at ease.
(2) The beehive honey generally block, moisture content is low, honey is thick, high nutritional value, good quality.The beehive honey honey is rich in fructose and glucose, and more balanced enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antibiotics and aromatic substances, is a kind of old and young all appropriate, sweet and delicious, nutritious, to prevention and cure diseases, strengthen physical health, anti-aging health care products, has been increasingly numerous people know and love.
(3) The beehive honey and honey and honeycomb pharmacological effect of the two, and food than individual honeycomb delicious, we have special medicinal value.Modern research and clinical practice showed that the bee spleen and treasure.Constitute a bee hive room spleen not only contains beeswax, propolis, resin, worm clothes and bee body metabolites, still contain organic fatty acids, pigment, tannin, glycosides and trace elements, etc., have anti-inflammatory and detumescence and analgesic effect such as cough, stop bleeding, cardiac and diuretic, and staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, shigella, salmonella typhi, and part of the virus have inhibition effect, with honeycomb leachate treatment hepatitis, sinusitis, and rheumatoid arthritis has good effect.In recent years and the bee spleen for stomach, heart disease, epilepsy, mastitis, cancer report.
The main efficacy nest honey:
Health care function: 1) Nest honey has high quantity of heat, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, raising lung runchang, detoxification, liver spleen and kidneys, forcibly hematopoietic, improve sleep, and promote tissue regeneration to promote children's growth and development, and so on.
Beauty efficacy: (2) Nest honey honey hive with moist, nutrition, clean the skin effect, in addition to the acne spot, beauty salon, anti-aging effect and so on.
(3) The beehive honey besides the same ingredients as the ordinary honey and role, and also contains beeswax and propolis, often eat honey hive, can clean mouth, ease and treating canker sores and swelling, also can prevent the nose, hepatitis, constipation.Drinking after chewing, have a special solution wine to protect liver runfei effect.
(4) To eat together with honey to make honeycomb beehive honey honey chew, such, beehive contains nutrients into the body along with honey.The motherland medicine thinks, honeycomb honey with functions on convulsion, detoxification cure boils, pain, itching, strengthen the kidney, remove toxins of effect .Modern medical science has confirmed that beehive honey, rich in beeswax, resin, volatile oil, calcium, iron and other effective ingredients, has antibacterial anti-inflammatory, analgesic, clear heat, detoxification, diuretic, antihypertensive effect, for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, pharyngitis, gastritis, enteritis and other diseases have very good curative effect.
(5) Honeycomb has antibacterial and improve body immunity function, for a variety of rhinitis has the very good control effect.  
(6) Promote the body's immune ability, for women with breast implants beauty (through the endocrine regulation) good woman, young and health products. Nest honey can improve pregnancy, maternal health, promote the growth and development of the fetus, infant, and raise the level of children's health and intelligence.The nest honey can increase the rate of macrophage phagocytosis, restrain and kill several kinds of cancer cells, is a good auxiliary supplies of radiotherapy of tumor patients.
(7) Prolong life. Nest honey can activate old cell, improve the health of the immune system, enhance the hematopoietic function, make the old man refreshed, restore the youth brilliance, improve sleep, regulate endocrine, good improvement and rehabilitation.
(8) the nest honey can promote the blood and liver cells regeneration, promote liver into liver function recovery, also good effect on hepatitis.
(9) Nest honey, honey, the function of the hive, has high edible and medicinal value, to hypertension, lung disease, cough, hepatitis, anemia, constipation, scald, frostbite, rhinitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, diseases such as gingivitis has certain supplementary role. Beehive honey treat rhinitis: when eating, put a small piece into the mouth chewing, smoking the SAP, helps the nose ventilation, reduce the thick stuff, alleviate heads phenomenon.Long-term consumption of chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, oral ulcer, sore throat, have a very good auxiliary therapeutic effect.Honeycomb is pure natural green product, without any side effects, adult child can be rest assured to eat.Health and safety, long-term consumption can improve immunity.
* Beehive honey nest honey contains rich enzymes, vitamins and a variety of trace elements, at the same time, collection of propolis, royal jelly, pollen, honey, baby bees as a whole, has better care curative effect, the acura for honey.   [Honeycomb honey And the difference between ordinary honey] Honeycomb honey is the honey bee nest spleen with nest to eat together.It contains natural mature yuan honey not only, also contains beeswax, propolis and other natural nutrients.Eat up is sweet and refreshing, sweet taste fragrant, long-term consumption but also has a variety of medical health care function.[Honeycomb honey Health problem]By professional testing, The indicators nest honey Completely conform to the requirements of the international index, even the activity of amylase value is much higher than the international index. Abundant nutrient and efficacy is beneficial to human body health and physical health.Bees itself is very pay attention to health, there are specifically responsible for the health of the bees every diligent work, hive are not allowed to have impurities and unclean, less likely to have roots, leaves and dirt.And honey and propolis is anti-inflammatory sterilization, have fresh and disinfection effect, the degree of health and safe to eat.As for hormone problems, including hormone is royal jelly, honeycomb honey contains no royal jelly, so do not contain hormones.  
[Honeycomb honey Method and the matters needing attention ]
1, used for nutrition health care and early to rise makes a man on an empty stomach eating 30 grams
2, used to treat rhinitis pharyngitis and eat before you go to bed and early to rise makes a man on an empty stomach or night, the children dosage by half.A piece in his mouth slowly suck honey, like sugar, sucked the honey, chewing a beehive, with chewed two minutes advisable, vomit slag, slag is beeswax, swallow is not easy to digest.If you eat a small amount, and harmless.
3, the child cough: honey: vinegar = 1:1, can be appropriately add some cold water, reduce acidity.
4, have stomach trouble, gastric acid before a meal to eat too much, can help reduce gastric acid, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice too little eat after the meal can help increase hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.
5, there are very few people will be allergic to cause stomach upset, because the nest honey concentration is high, the alkaloids in the honey, symptoms immediately to drink vinegar, after a while, don't eat people with allergies.There are very few people can appear skin allergy, had stopped.Also please don't and spring Onions, leeks, crucian carp, bean curd eat at the same time.If you are taking other drugs, please every one hour before eating honeycomb honey, lest cause nausea.  
Nest honey efficacy and health care function: 
1, The nest honey honey nest with high heat, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, raising lung runchang, detoxification, protect liver, spleen and kidneys, forcibly hematopoietic improve sleep, promote tissue regeneration, promote children's growth and development.
2, The hairdressing action of nest honey: honey nest with moist skin, nourish skin, clean the skin, except scar spot, beauty salon, youthful anti-aging effect and so on.
3, To nest in addition to the ordinary honey honey have the same composition and function, also has the beeswax and small amount of propolis, propolis can kill of most harmful bacteria in oral cavity, propolis chewy, is a rare natural organic gum, often eat honey nest can clean mouth, dental protection, reduce and eliminate canker sores and swelling pain, also can prevent rhinitis, hepatitis, constipation.Drinking after chewing, hangovers, protect liver, runfei and other special effects.
4, Promote the body's immune ability, for women with breast implants beauty (through the endocrine regulation) good woman, young and health products.Nest honey can improve pregnancy, maternal health, promote the growth and development of the fetus, infant, and raise the level of children's health and intelligence.The nest honey can increase the rate of macrophage phagocytosis, restrain and kill several kinds of cancer cells, is a good auxiliary supplies of radiotherapy of tumor patients."Important notes" bubble like warm friends, remember to never use above 35 degrees blisters oh, because of the high temperature would destroy the nutritional and medicinal value of honey;And high temperature causes a beehive dissolved into wax cleave in the cup.  
[Warm tip] 1. The nest honey and what is the difference between ordinary honey?Nest honey brewing time is long, generally in 10 days - more than half a month, much longer than ordinary honey brewing time, concentration is higher, so the nutrition on the nest honey is better.
2. The Honeycomb honey is sweet, can cause obesity?Sugar is mainly sugar.From food intake of sugar is overmuch, can make the excess fat, the body fat.And honey and white sugar, mainly fructose and glucose also contains protein, amino acid, vitamin, inorganic salt, organic acids, etc.Fructose and glucose is physical absorption of monosaccharide directly, have quickly recover, remove fatigue.And B vitamins in the honey is more, can make the body fat into energy and release, so, honey is sweeter than sugar but it won't make you fat.As early as in male than was recorded in the book of "cold-induced febride honey" long take strong intellectual man fit, live forever ".The so-called "intellectual man fit" is to lose weight.
[Honeycomb honey Magical function ] Honeycomb honey has better curative effect to the nasopharyngitis, used to treat rhinitis pharyngitis and eat before going to bed and early to rise makes a man on an empty stomach or night, the children dosage by half.A piece in his mouth slowly suck honey, like sugar, sucked the honey, chewing a beehive, with chewed two minutes advisable, vomit slag, slag is beeswax, swallow is not easy to digest.If you eat a small amount, and harmless.Children cough: honey: vinegar = 1:1, can add some cold water, and appropriately reduce acidity.Honeycomb, (fengchao), the English word "Comb".The place of life and reproduction, composed of comb.Space parallel to each other in the comb in the hives hanging, and vertical to the ground, comb spacing for 7 ~ 10 mm, referred to as the digestive tract.Each nest spleen is composed of thousands of alveoli link together, is the worker bees in its own wax gland secretion of wax built.Large and small hexagonal alveoli, respectively, to foster drones and worker bees, bottom for three diamond surface.Cultivating the queen in the nest room, known as the queen cell, drooping shape like peanuts, is colony before the swarming temporary building, more than at the bottom of the nest spleen and edges.In males between room and room of worker bees, as well as the joint of comb and nest box, there are irregular transitional nest room, used for storage of honey and reinforce the comb.
1. Bees honey nest of  IngredientThe bee nest, called hive in pharmacology.Is the place that bees produce offspring, stock feed, honeycomb storage honey, pollen, and breed offspring, some remnants inside hives, and honeycomb made of wax.Beehive contains wax ingredients not only, and also including resin, grease, pigment, sugars, organic acids, fatty acids, or glycosides, and contain iron, calcium, copper, potassium, cobalt and other trace elements.
2. The Honeycomb medicinal value By ancient Chinese medical records, honeycomb GanPing sexual flavour, brackish bitter, non-toxic, with functions fixed convulsion, detoxification cure boils, pain, itching, xing Yang in addition to the effect of bi, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, diuresis antihypertensive effect.Torn to pieces, honeycomb medicine before, must be washed with warm water (remove wax) dry, reoccupy soft fire baked-on developed into standby at the end of may take orally, can also be topical apply or fumigation.Modern will hive agents for the treatment of bronchitis, rhinitis sex arthritis, hepatitis, wind temperature and stomach problems.
Mainly used in the treatment of several diseases clinically:
1, Bronchitis,Honeycomb powder 5 grams, egg 1 (shell), in the frying pan and stir-fry until done. Don't necessities, once taken on an empty stomach.2 times a day, the side effect of the treatment of chronic bronchitis.  
2, RhinitisTaking method has two kinds, one is direct chewing.Wash the hive and cut into small pieces, patients chewing, smoking the SAP, after chewing dry slag wax spit out.In the morning and 1 times a day.Chewing on half a matchbox size one piece at a time.This method apply fresh clean nest spleen.Another kind of them is to use only pot simmer.Simmer for about 5 minutes, to be a bit cold is covered a layer of wax agglomerates, the water poured out.Clothing can be mixed with water to a small amount of honey.This method is applicable to place a long time, one of the dead larvae comb. 
3, Arthritis, Function of honeycomb with functions acetanilide detumescence, the joint swelling pain lasting, better take beehive preparation can be effective, especially to be accompanied by cold effect is better.Method is: honeycomb 60 grams, born in sichuan, kusnezoff monkshood each 15 grams, 300 ml with 25% alcohol immersion half a month, slag, taking 20 ml each time, 3 times a day.
4, Hepatitis b Studies confirm that honeycomb preparations have promote the immune function of the body's cells, the role of inactivated hepatitis b surface antigen to play.Treatment with honeycomb preparations can make more than 80% of the hepatitis b surface antigen carriers recently overcast, without any side effects.Hangzhou first people's hospital of the beam, such as using honeycomb treatment of hepatitis b surface antigen 89 cases of chronic carriers get turn surface antigen in the near future curative effect rate was 85.1%, significantly higher than the control group.At the same time, also observed honeycomb leach liquor has inactivated inhibitory effect to the surface antigen, and promote cell immune function, improve the immunity of human body.
5, Stomach trouble With honeycomb in the treatment of gastropathy prescription is more, one is the honeycomb 10 grams, torn to pieces, hot water wash (remove wax), add egg 2, 30 grams of honey, steamed into the egg, on an empty stomach in the morning and evening each once, even served 7 is effective.The party of acute or chronic gastritis, antral gastritis, gastric ulcer effect is better.
6, Evil nuclear cancer Cancer in the motherland in the medical literature, in addition to the song dynasty WeiJi book "of" cancer disease ", "at the" of "cancer sores.In the Ming dynasty "surgical kai xuan" the record is until the name such as "cancer", there are many other problems, such as evil sores, necrosis, stone gangrene, lingers, evil, double flowers, black treatment, remove lump, accumulation, choking, such as isolation, ren, turbidity zone as well, including many kinds of cancer.The hive, "don't record" said it could "put evil carbuncle gangrene, attached to the bone, the root in the viscera", can make the Chai "" the poison.Zhang Wenzhong party with three refers to pinch of honeycomb, he drank suit, cure the disease of caved in, leakage under five colours (by pd, resembling uterine diseases) is very effective.Of "new" prescription breast cancer also is given priority to with honeycomb medicine, 19 days ACTS fan's once pointed out: "the hive, scorpion, centipede, palace and so on, would be helpful to some malignant tumor".Shanghai shuguang hospital had treated with hive, scorpion, etc and tumor metastasis of breast cancer and lymph node enlargement, etc.In recent years, increasingly reported with it in the treatment of cancer."Accordingly, hive in the treatment of cancer evil nuclear medicine blindly is well worth exploring.
7, Impotence premature ejaculation, enuresis This product has the tonifying kidney renal function, don't lift and enuresis of tonifying kidney fistula incontinence, has the good effect.
8, Treat ulcer Luo disease Honeycomb solution of poison, carbuncle healing sore effect significantly, the commonly used surgical.Such as "certificate for the criterion" governing of the "hive cream" winds, prescription "detumescence poison paste" to treat ulcer swollen poison, "grow" the cure of evil sores are strange disease, etc.And as haimen county hospital with tape hive, horns, roasting grind into powder, 6 ~ 9 grams per serving, once a day, to shoulder and arm in arm and other ulcers is very effective.Such as these, to name a list. Gargle on coordinating, asarum decoction soup, can treat toothache;These treatment swollen evil nuclear;Can the cicada desensitization, statue of measles and other skin itching;Lily spider cure impotence will not take up;The hassan piao forms to treat urinary incontinence incontinence;Ground beetle insect, scorpion, batryticated silkworm treat bi syndrome;Wu pin snake, ground beetle insect stubbornly low back pain;Bitter son house, two head pointed to treat breast cancer;And so on. The general dose within one day for 6 ~ 12 g;Powder 1 ~ 2 grams each time, 2 times a day.What ill and Yang deficiency is, add rocky.In large doses, in order to enhance curative effect, although continuous clinical also found no any side effect and toxic reaction, dosage according to the need for external use only.Yang the carbuncle sores with rotting trend, should be careful.
9, Fall hematic fat and blood pressure Honeycomb has good therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia and hypertension, experiments show that using honeycomb extract can reduce high cholesterol, high blood pressure quickly.In recent years, according to clinical observation, found that patients with severe high cholesterol, high blood pressure, with honeycomb extract after one month treatment, blood fat and blood pressure down to normal.
  *Honeycomb honey - honeycomb was built by the bee hive!Not artificial building hive!Artificial need to customize different specifications of the new nest honey wood frame (box), the human need to put the box in the hives, honeycomb honey, bee himself on the box do nest honey and outer edge of the plastic ring joints, are natural close - is the most upscale in the nest honey.Bees his nest inside, after10~15 days of time, and then spit wax seal, midway without any manual operation oh, natural magic strength can let the nest honey never corrupt, and there is honey pollen, propolis, beeswax, a lot of nutrients.
Honey, Top 100%Natural Acacia Honey Nest/Honeycomb Anticancer, No Pollution, No Heavy Metal, No Antibiotics, No Pathogenic Bacteria, Prolong Life, Healthy Food
100%natural ACACIA HONEY, Pagoda Flower Honey is China's fine honey, its characteristics for color light amber and white, taste fresh, clean, sweet and not greasy, acacia fresh scent, not easy to crystallization.
100% natural Acacia Honey is spring is sweet.White transparent water, quality of a material is thick, not easy to crystallization, has a delicate fragrance of flos sophorae fragrance, sweet, fresh clean, fragrant sweetness.This product has clear heat, moisture of sophora japonica, the effect of diuresis, cold blood, bleeding, can maintain capillary normal resistance, lower blood pressure, and is used to prevent stroke, at the same time also have clear heat, fill in, the effect of detoxification, dryness.As top grade in the honey.More suitable for health care food of cardiovascular patients.
*Pure natural entirely bees make honey:
Honey bees are insects to be picked from flowering plants flower nectar made from honey in the honeycomb.Bees taken from plants flower water content is about 80% of the honey or secretions, in his second in the stomach, in the body under the action of invertase after 30 minutes of fermentation, returned to the hive spit, hive temperature often remain at about 35 ºC, over a period of time, water evaporation, become a water content less than 20% of honey, storage to the hole in the nest, wax seal.Honey ingredient in addition to glucose, fructose also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.100g of honey contains about the quantity of heat of 2940~3000 over kilocalorie .Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, low temperature crystallization can be created and generate the crystallization is glucose, do not produce crystal part mainly fructose.Honey can hairdressing to raise colour.
100%natural ACACIA HONEY Features:
(1) 100%natural ACACIA HONEY water white, transparent, color, taste sweet, light yellow, with flos sophorae fresh scent, sophora japonica micro fragrance, not easy to crystallization, high ratio of fructose, fructose easily absorbed by the body to use, suitable for all people, for the fine honey.(the ACACIA HONEY often influenced by other flowers over the same cause color is not pure white. But the green color light yellow, white water ocean ACACIA HONEY in less and less.)
(2) 100%natural ACACIA HONEY fructose content is very high, easily absorbed by the body to use, the ability of fat and fructose into less than glucose, is a youth and the old ideal food;
(3) 100%natural ACACIA HONEY also contains acacia glucoside and volatile oil, antibacterial, antiseptic and cough;Romania's apitherapy hospital with contain large amounts of fructose in the ACACIA HONEY as a diuretic, laxative, and sedatives.
(4) 100%natural ACACIA HONEY shallow color, transparent, not easy to crystallization, convenient to eat:
(5) 100%natural ACACIA HONEY aromas light sophora japonica (foreign ACACIA HONEY fresh taste slightly, due to personal sense of taste is different, sometimes think without fragrance, taste delicious, sweet and refreshing, sweet and not greasy, is enjoyed by people from all over the world.
The effect of the HuaiMi:
(1) to protect the spleen and nourishing the stomach, qingrejiedu, detoxification qing fat, wrinkles disappear spot,
Body healthy atmosphere, can maintain normal resistance of capillary, diastolic blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, prevent hardening of the arteries, is more suitable for cardiovascular patients health food, and is used to prevent stroke.
(2) before bed can reduce the excitability of the central nervous, have the effect of harmless soporific.Secret that honey can improve a person's mood, ease nerves.
Locust glucoside and volatile oil, ocean HuaiMi also contains antibacterial, antiseptic and cough;The cool and refreshing, diastolic blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent hardening of the arteries and lower blood pressure, bedtime taking HuaiMi can play a role of hypnosis, secret of this product can improve a person's mood, calming nerves sedative effect.Therefore, the HuaiMi has more flos sophorae fragrance, taste delicious, sweet and refreshing, sweet and not greasy, loved by people from all over the world.
Enhance immune: in many health product, honey can be a powerful immune system booster.Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, can help improve the digestive system, help you stay healthy, overcome the disease.In a new day to start taking this clean supplements, honey if you want to see that honey is good for health effects: before breakfast every day, warm milk mixed with honey into a cup of warm boiled water, stick is a very good method.
Cancer: honey is not a cure for cancer, but now many people enough evidence - honey has prevent carcinogenic substances, prevention and antitumor properties.
Cuts and burns:
For one thousand years, honey has long been recognized as the most natural family therapy to treat various diseases, including yeast infection, beriberi and the pain of arthritis, its anticorrosion performance, suppress the growth of certain bacteria, and help keep the external the wound is clean, no infection.Honey has been used as a natural healing wounds, burns and cuts of the emergency treatment, because it can absorb the moisture in the air, promote healing.Its antibacterial properties, prevent infection, and as an anti-inflammatory agent function, reduce swelling and pain, and even leave a scar.It is generally believed that product AnTang acacia flower honey is the preferred wound dressing due to its strong antibacterial properties.
A hangover hangover cure:
When you drink too much, to eliminate its impact therapy using honey is a very good idea.Honey to intestines and stomach is mild, and contains a mixture of natural sugar - fructose, everyone knows alcohol is hepatic metabolism, accelerate the oxidation.Drunk: 15 ml to 80 ml of liquid honey orange juice and 70 ml of natural yogurt.Effective therapy can relieve headache after drinking.
A sore throat:
Honey can help heal a sore throat.Due to its antibacterial properties, honey relieve throat, not only can kill some bacteria cause the infection.Professional singer usually use honey to soothe their throat before acting.The Chinese believe that, in the body of excess "irritated" cause sore throat, take honey drink can medical help.
Usage: take a spoonful of honey will relieve inflammation or two tablespoons of honey, a mixture of four tablespoons lemon juice and a pinch of salt gargle.Is feedback, if sore throat, or coughing, use warm water mixed acacia honey, cold water below 40 degrees Celsius, for the most effective antimicrobial wound healing.
Can't fall asleep? With a warm milk and honey mixed together is a very good idea.A cup of hot milk, a teaspoon of acacia flowers honey soothe your soul promote your sleep.Or, add 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey and a cup of chamomile tea.
100% pure natural ocean ACACIA HONEY pharmacological effects:
The ACACIA HONEY the cool and refreshing, has the sophora japonica to wet the effect of diuresis, cool blood bleeding, can maintain capillary resistance ability, normal diastolic blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent hardening of the arteries and lower blood fat of blood pressure, and is used to prevent stroke, at the same time also has the effect of fill clear heat, detoxification of dryness.More suitable for patients with chronic diseases and health care of patients with cardiovascular edible, especially for the elderly.
Secret ACACIA HONEY can improve a person's mood, calming nerves sedative effect.Middle-aged sleepless in bed taking the HuaiMi each can reduce the stimulant of the central nervous, have the effect of hypnosis, also can avoid the hypnotic drugs addiction.
Honey locust glucoside and also contained in naphtha, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion and cough;Qingrejiedu, wrinkles disappear spot, and provide vital qi to resolve depression, t2dm.
The HuaiMi has certain curative effect of atrophic rhinitis, method is when washing a face in the morning and evening, dip in with small finger point flow of water to clean inside the nostrils, removal of the sinuses is scabby and secretions, fully exposed after nasal mucosa, reoccupy cotton swabs or finger commercial ocean HuaiMi evenly coated in nasal diseases.Insist on treatment for more than two months, the nasal superficial and will disappear, no hernia secretions, smell also basic returned to normal.

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