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GMP, Top Collagen, Taiwan Golden Milkfish Collagen Peptide Ingredients Health Food / Luxury Collagen

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Age Group:All
Product Type:Health Food
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Product Description

Four promises Luxury collagen:
*Liability insurance of TWD 20, 000, 000 has been made for the product with Chung Kuo Insurance Company limited.
*Formula without clouding agent - 100% healthy for eating;
*Producing process without plasticizer - 100% assurance without worries.
*The product won National Quality Guarantee Golden Prize.

Product Name: Collagen, Fish Collagen Peptide Ingredients
IYOUTH Collagen Peptide is extracted from the scales of Taiwan golden Milkfish. It is the world-leading healthy food and natural skin care products for the consumers and other groups (health food industry, cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry).

Specification: 5KG/2 bags/box
Features of fish collagen peptide ingredients
*Fish collagen peptide is extracted from the fish scales and decomposed by enzyme with biotechnology to produce nano-class biotechnological products with minimized molecular weight of 38Daltons(1, 000 Dalton as average), much smaller than the 2, 000 to 4, 000 Daltons of European and American countries and Japan. Total analysis of amino acid is 96.62%, protein as high as 98% and hydroxyproline, the special indicator of collagen, as high as 12.08%. It is a leading product all over the world, without any residue of heavy metal.

1. The only collagen peptide in the world that is extracted from the scales of Taiwan golden Milkfish.
2. The only collagen peptide in the world that boasts a protein purity of 98%. 3. The only collagen peptide in the world that is completely free from heavy metal residue, pure and natural.
4. The only collagen peptide in the world that has the smallest molecular weight of 38 Dalton (1000 Dalton on average).
5. The only collagen peptide product in the world that can go under skin and be absolutely absorbed. It is 100% natural without any attar or bleaching agent. The fragrant is extracted from natural plants, so it has no stimulating effect and can be used on all the parts of the body including the areas around eyes.
About Taiwan Golden Milkfish living environment, we expound to you are as follows:

Fish scale is the current most safe extraction of collagen material source, without fear of cattle, pig, chicken and so on materials that may lurk mad cow disease (BSE), foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza (FMD) (AI) and so on infectious disease virus.

In Taiwan, the unique geographical natural environment existent golden milkfish (The fresh fish scales extracted collagen peptide is the only global completely does not contain heavy metal collagen peptide precious product), it is understood, Southeast Asia also has golden milkfish breed aquatics, but, contain heavy metals.

The fish is divided into saltwater fish and freshwater fish, but because the saltwater fish most are the sea fish (marine fish), because the sea water fish food intake of unknown origin, so the quality is poor and unable to control manage, therefore currently on the market most  use freshwater fish is the main source of its extraction,in Taiwan, and freshwater fish also use tilapia (Taiwan snapper) and golden milkfish is given priority to, but because tilapia is omnivorous fish, so fish industry if add meat and bone meal (of dead animals firing powder for fish amino acids the most main source), antibiotics or other drugs to control water quality, easy to cause raw materials  sources influence.

Another kind of freshwater fish for Taiwan's golden milkfish, belong to vegetarian sex fish, even the feed is also to soybean meal grinding and become, and golden milkfish constitution is very sensitive, the main food is 100% soybean meal, must not add any food, as long as in the breeding process add these additives can cause the whole pool Taiwan golden milk fish turn white belly (death), so in contrast the breeding in care must be very trouble, just to make sure work caused in vain, and in the spring when the climate is very suitable for, will fry put into the water, in the autumn  when weather change can harvest (fishing). Is very fragile freshwater fish, so golden milkfish only to geographical environment breed aquatic in Taiwan.

Also therefore Taiwan gold fish milk the quality is the market the most pure, the best source. And Taiwan's golden milkfish in breed aquatics process don't need spraying, so also no antibiotics and drug residue doubts.

Nutrient analysis test report
Analysis Project results
Calories 392Kcal
Protein 98g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 0g
Sodium 13mg

Heavy Metal Test Report  
Analysis Project Results
Mercury Not detected
Lead Not detected
Chromium Not detected
Cadmium Not detected
Copper Not detected

Amino Acid Component analysis test report
per 100 grams amino acid composition  
Amino Acid %(w/w)
ASP. 7.90%
THR. 2.51%
SER. 3.68%
GLU. 10.18%
PRO. 13.36%
GLY. 23.51%
ALA. 9.13%
CYS. /
VAL. 2.17%
MET. 1.98%
ILE. 1.74%
LEU. 2.74%
TYR. 1.37%
PHE. 3.33%
HIS. 1.17%
LYS. 3.55%
ARG. 8.30%
Total 96.62%

Ention Time(min) Molecular size distribution(Daltons) Distribution percentage(%)
25.0-28.0 6683-3076 1.79
28.0-30.1 3076-1791 10.10
30.1-32.0 1791-1096 22.00
32.0-34.0 1096-655 27.69
34.0-36.1 655-380 19.27
36.1-38.3 380-216 9.75
38.3-40.0 216-139 6.93
40.0-45.0 139-38 2.49

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