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Ginseng Wine Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine, Aphrodisiac Wine Ginsenosides, Ginseng Ginseng Root manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Top Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine, Anticance, Enhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting Meridian and Blood, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Health Food, Prolong Life, Top Wine, EU Organice Raspberry Wine Brut /Sweet Rich SOD Anthocyanin, Amino Acids, Anticancer, Antiaging, Blood Tonic, Prevention Ischemic Strok, Emodin and so on.

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Supplier Homepage Products 100%Natural Health Food 100% Natural Top Organic Ginseng Top Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine, Anticance, Enhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting Meridian and Blood, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Health Food, Prolong Life

Top Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine, Anticance, Enhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting Meridian and Blood, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Health Food, Prolong Life

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Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Port: Dalian, China
Production Capacity: Over 10000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Certification: ISO, FDA, HACCP, SGS EU
Application: Food, Beauty, Medicinal, Edible, Reinforce Vital Energy, Prolong Life
Ginseng Wine: Promoting Meridian and Blood, Prolong Life
Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine: Enhance Memory, Antitumor, Pure Natural Tonic Food
Health Food: Strengthening Tendons and Bones, Antiaging
Aphrodisiac Wine: Enhance Sexual Desire, Nourishing Kidney

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYRSWJJ-NO: 01
Ginseng Tonic Wine: Nourishing Blood and Hematopoietic, Anticancer
Storage Method: Normal
Extraction Process: Physical
Packaging Material: Box
Raw Material: Pure Natural
Transport Package: Bottle Glass(EU Lead-Free)
Specification: 125ml/bottle, 500ml/bottle
Origin: China

Product Description

Product Description
Product name:Top Ginseng Royal jelly Wine, AnticanceEnhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting meridian and blood,Resistance to disease, Anticancer, Antitumor,Antiaging, Enhance immunity, Nourishing blood and hematopoieticPure natural biological brewing, No pigment, No preservatives. Health food,Prolong life.
125ml/bottle; 48bottles/box
250ml/bottle; 24bottles/box
500ml/bottle; 18bottles/box
750ml/bottle; 16bottles/box
Taking method and dosage: Once or twice a day, each time 10 ML ~ 30ML.
Suit  the crowd: Adults, Male and female
Forbid the crowd: Children and pregnant women
Top natural royal jelly ginseng tonic wine/healthy wine/Pure natural Aphrodisiac wine, wine is Using the original ecological environment the survival of the rare, precious changbai mountain organic ginseng root in 6 years and barbary wolfberry fruit, pure natural royal jelly, angelica, made from pure grain liquor.Unique brewing process to keep the ginseng, royal jelly unique biological active ingredient, has the scent of ginseng and full-bodied.Colour brilliant red, clear and transparent, taste mellow.Taste glycol, unique flavor.No pathogenic bacteria, no antibiotics, no heavy metal, no pesticide residues, no pigment, no preservatives.100% pure natural health tonic food,has very high nutritional value and medicinal value,best-selling all over the world.
For the king of the grass bouquet of China's changbai mountain ginseng, ginseng royal jelly drink often strong body, strong gluten JianGu, enhancement is free, invigorate the circulation of t2dm, eliminate fatigue, nourishing kidney, enhance sexual desire, enhance memory, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-aging, promote sleep, resistance to disease, refreshing oneself, have the solid, and the effect of nourishing kidney Yang.Pure natural health tonic, tonic wine, long-term use, since ancient times have a prolong life.
Top Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine, Anticance, Enhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting Meridian and Blood, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Health Food, Prolong Life
Ginseng, perennial herbaceous plants, like a cool, moist climate, more than in 500 ~ 1100 meters above sea level mountain of small temperature difference between day and night in gentle slope or the slope of mixed needle or miscellaneous wood in the forest.Because the root hypertrophy, shape if the spindle, often have split ends, all seemingly people head, hand, foot and limbs, so called ginseng.Ginseng growth in one thousand, is extremely rare, very high medicinal value.
Top organic Ginseng nutrition value:
Red ginseng(Also called cooked gingeng), sun-dried ginseng  or white ginseng of the a total extract more than 30 kinds of ginsenoside (can be divided into three groups, namely oleanolic acid group, the protopanoxadiol group and raw panaxatriol group), respectively called ginseng saponins (Ginsenoside) - RX (Note: X = 0, a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3, c, d, e, f, g1, g2 and g3, h1, h2, h3, s1, s2), there are fake ginseng saponins F11, etc. Ginsenoside for ginseng physiologically active material basis , When the separation aglucone ,due to the effect of dilute acid, molecular side chain of hydroxyl and olefinic bond cyclization and Ginseng two alcohol and ginseng three alcohol, Ginseng two alcohol and ginseng three alcohol all are triterpene compounds.
 Because of their different structure ginsenosides have formed different saponins monomer, the effect of different monomer is different.
Rh2: has the inhibition of cancer cells to other organs, enhance immunity, quickly restore the function of the constitution.On the transfer of cancer cells has obvious effect, but with surgery to take to enhance the healing of the wound after the operation, and the strength.
1. Rg1: can quickly restore fatigue, improve the learning and memory, anti-aging, have excited central nervous function, inhibit platelet aggregation function.
2. Rg2: have anti-shock effect, rapidly improve myocardial ischemia and hypoxia, treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease.
3. Rg3: G2 reproductive cycle can be applied to cells, inhibit cancer cell mitosis prophase, the synthesis of protein and ATP that the proliferation of cancer cells to grow at a slower pace, and can inhibit cancer cell infiltration, antitumor cell transfer and promote tumor cell apoptosis and inhibiting tumor cell growth.
4. Rb1: American ginseng, American ginseng, most influential potential animal testicles, will also affect the embryonic development of mice, has the function of enhancing choline system increase acetylcholine synthesis and release, and improve memory.
5. Rb2:s much-publicised: DNA, RNA synthesis promoting effect, can inhibit the central regulation of central nervous system, reduce the intracellular calcium, antioxidant, remove free radicals and improve myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury, and so on
6.  Rc: ginseng saponins, sterols in the Rc is a kind of ginseng.Can inhibit cancer cell function.Can increase sperm motility.
7. Rb3: can enhance myocardial function, protect the body's own immune system.Can be used in the treatment of various causes of failure of myocardial contractility. Rh: has the inhibitory effect of central nervous, hypnosis, analgesic, sedative, antipyretic, promote the synthesis of serum protein function.
8. Rh1: how to promote the role of DNA synthesis promoting hepatocyte proliferation, can be used for the treatment and prevention of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.
9. Ro: have diminish inflammation, detoxification, antithrombotic effect, inhibition of acid of platelet coagulation and anti hepatitis activated macrophages.
Among them especially antitumor effect of RH2 ginsenosides in which is the strongest, enhance immunity, relieve fatigue effect is best, in the medical journal has published its efficacy. But RH2 ginsenosides in ginseng content rarely, very expensive.
Pharmacological effects: ginseng total saponins from five plus the ginseng root, the stem leaf extract refined but become, rich in 18 kinds of ginseng saponins monomer, water soluble in 80 ° C, easily soluble in ethanol. Mainly applied to coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, heart rate is too slow, too fast, premature ventricular bo, blood pressure disorder, neurasthenia, menopausal syndrome, excessive fatigue, illness, postpartum, postoperative symptoms such as weak; after long suit can lengthen your life, and can enhance physical strength, the treatment of cancer caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with low immune function disorder; resistant to heat and cold stress. At the same time with strengthening the vitality of the body surface cells and inhibiting aging, etc.
Organic acids and esters are: Citric acid, Isocitric acid, Fumaric acid, Ketone glutaric acid, Oleic acid, Linoleic acid, maleic acid, malic acid, pyruvic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, ginseng acid, salicylic acid, vanillic acid, hydroxy cinnamic acid, triglyceride, palmitic acid, three hexadecanoic acid glyceride, α,γ-Two palmitic acid glyceride, trimethylene triolein, glycosyl diacylglycerol.
Vitamins are vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, nicotinamide.
Sterol and their glycosides are: beta sitosterol, stigmasterol, daucosterol, campesterol, ginseng saponins P and ester sterol.
In addition, ginseng is still contains: adenosine invertase, L - aspartate enzyme, beta amylase, sucrose invertase;Maltol, including alkanes, kaempferia galanga phenol, ginseng flavone glycoside, and copper, zinc, iron, manganese and other 20 kinds of trace elements.
Saponins of ginseng stem leaf, and root are consistent basically.Ginseng, ginseng buds, and leaves, and flowers, and fruit, such as the content of total saponins, is higher than the root, is worth further use.
The effect of Organic ginseng and function:
1, Organic ginseng taste sweet, bitter, lukewarm, spleen, lung, heart, kidney meridian, qi male body, up more than drop;Can fill gas solid, spleen profit lung, calming nerves and mind, the effect of yangxue fluid.
2, Organic ginseng attending a serious illness, a long illness, caused by loss of blood, fluid energy to take off, god exhausted micro pulse;Temper of food less tired, vomiting, diarrhea;Lung qi weakness shortness of breath, palpitations, cough weakness;, insomnia of deficiency of heart failure were horrified forgetful, body deficiency sweat;Jin kui thirst, thirsting disorder;Blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness;Kidney impotence, urinary frequency, qi deficiency diseases.
China organic ginseng ingredients:
Derived from the original ecology, China - changbai mountain ginseng contains the most varied assortment of ginseng saponins, has been isolated over ten, according to the basic structure, the classification: Glycols, Tirol,Oleanane kind,
, each are not identical, its pharmacological effects.  in terms of its structure, any other ginseng kind of plants all do not match.
China's changbai mountain ginseng organic also isolated ten more variety Poly has acetylene compounds, the compounds can inhibit cancer cell reproduction, with antiplatelet effect and antioxidant effect, its high content of too much of other plants, also contain life defense function of protein, polysaccharide, acidic polysaccharides and resistance to complement active polysaccharide bodies.Body of acidic polysaccharides can promote fat, decomposition of toxins, and enhance immune function.
China's changbai mountain ginseng organic of polyphenol compounds containing a large number of related to the inhibition of aging inhibition of lipid peroxidation and sexual material, anti-aging effect to human body.And normal components of the protein, coarse weave dimension, as well as the total amino acid content than other classes, especially the threonine, glutamic acid, proline, gration, alanine, cystine, lysine, volatile oil, the content of phenol of malt is far more than other classes.Traditional Chinese medicine research institute of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine NiMuYun experts such as test changbai mountain ginseng organic results: 10.9059% of the total saponins content, volatile oil content is 0.042%, malt 0.2738% phenol content, free amino acid content in the water decoction of 2.9160%...
China organic ginseng efficacy:
Modern scientific research results show that ginseng medicinal effect is various, in addition to the ancient medical literature related content is consistent, the modern clinical practice has proved that ginseng has a strong heart, calm mind, adjust the action of the central nervous system;Improve physical and mental work, enhance memory function;Fatigue effect;Have anti-cancer effect and enhance the body immunity;Promote metabolism, endocrine system active;Can enhance liver detoxification function;Improve the content of hemoglobin in the blood and bone marrow hematopoietic capacity;Resistant to radiation efficiency;Have to regulate blood sugar lowering cholesterol,
Weight loss lipid-lowering effect and so on.In terms of beauty, ginseng has reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, remove spots, soft hair and prevent hair loss, and so on ginseng effect on the treatment of diseases and health care efficacy are various, while the strangest is the function of bidirectional regulation and constant function to sustain life.Long take ginseng can strengthen body and  can enhance sexual function , prolong life.
Modern research
1. Chemical composition: this product contains a variety of ginseng saponins, volatile oil, amino acids, trace elements and organic acids, sugars, vitamins, etc.
2. The pharmacological effects: antibody g effects of ginseng, ginseng injection in patients with uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock and acute toxic shock than other causes of shock, is especially significant effect;Can make the heart beat vibration amplitude and heart rate increased significantly, in heart failure, cardiac function more significantly;Can exciting pituitary adrenocortical system, improve the ability of stress reaction;The excitement and inhibition process of higher nervous activity has enhanced role;Can enhance the flexibility of neural activity process, improve the mental work function;Fatigue, promote the synthesis of proteins, RNA, DNA, promote the function of hematopoietic system, regulating cholesterol metabolism, and so on;Can enhance the body's immune function;Can enhance function of gonad, gonadotropin sample function;Can reduce blood sugar.In addition, there are anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antidiuretic and antitumor effect.Ginseng pharmacological activities often due to the body to form different a two-way role.
3. Clinical research: it is reported that the oral ginseng capsules crystal (Each containing ginsenoside 40 mg), 2 times /day, 1 time 1 grain, treatment of spleen and kidney deficiency syndrome type 2 diabetes mellitus patient 30 cases were obviously lower blood sugar function (New traditional Chinese medicine, 2000, 7:44).With ginseng injection used in 30 cases of leukemia patients undergoing chemotherapy, the digestive tract reaction caused by chemotherapy and the effect of myocardial enzyme changes significantly lower than the control group (new traditional Chinese medicine, 2000, 5:19).With ginseng in the treatment of 27 patients with impotence, 15 cases of sexual function recovery, 9 cases, 3 cases ineffective;Or take ginseng extract 500 mg per day, to treat senile secondary sexual dysfunction, have certain curative effect (jilin medicine, 1983, 5:54);Capsule oral ginseng total saponins, 2.4 ~ 3.0 g per day, has certain effect in treatment of renal anemia (comprehensive clinical medicine, 1993, 4:209).This product is commonly used to treat shock, cor pulmonale, leukopenia, chronic hepatitis, viral myocarditis, a variety of diseases such as cancer.
Ginseng suitable for the croud:
1. Suitable for weak people, less blood, shortness of breath, anemia, and postpartum women, such as convalescence patients with neurasthenia.
2. Solid heat syndromes, damp heat syndrome and the vital qi is not virtual clothing.
However, taking ginseng need according to the constitution.Afraid of the cold body must be on the red ginseng.
The body can't stand the heat of people must be on white ginseng.And, can't take more every day.
Health dose: 1 ~ 2 grams per day.Treatment need 3 ~ 4 grams per day.Remember that in large doses, may not lead to flow nosebleed, and other symptoms.
Ginseng rare homology of medicine and food - Health care treasures -
Chinese medicine known as ginseng is a tonic medicine, able to replenish the loss of nutrients, nourish five organs. Ginseng has driven the rightness of human life movement and WenZhao magical efficacy and role. Long-term edible can prolong life.
1. Organic ginseng can increase sexual desire and sperm vitality, husband and wife sex harmony:
Soure, ginseng is a tonic medicine, ginseng can increase the number of sperm production and improve sperm activity frequency, so men eat ginseng can enhance the vitality of the sperm, and nourishing WenJian with energetic in nature gas, longer than the sun be the spirit, is suitable for the emergency back to Yang.
 Ginseng can also increase the more vitality and promote blood circulation of pubic improve men's and women's sexual desire.Make couples sex life more harmonious, more happy happiness.
2. The role of organic ginseng to middle age, old age:
Organic ginseng contains rich ginseng saponin, amino acid, iron, calcium, ginseng enzymes, minerals and vitamins, naphtha, etc.Can nourish Yin raise colour, educational brain, enhance memory.Restores the physical strength, eliminate fatigue, can clear the production of body fluid, vigour and treatment of massive hemorrhage, throat dry, weak vexed, senior natural health care products is very suitable for old people to enjoy.
3.Organic ginseng is a natural beautician:
Organic ginseng is rich in ginseng saponins, ginseng triol, a variety of minerals and vitamins, has good cholesterol and promotes the leather shoes of capillary blood asked, increase the skin nutrition, prevent arteriosclerosis, and so on, so can retard skin aging effect;
 Organic ginseng is contained in minerals can adjust the balance of skin moisture, prevent the skin drying dehydration, enhance skin elasticity, has the wrinkle resistance, anti-aging, beauty of magical effect.
4.  Organic ginseng Strengthens the bone marrow hematopoietic function:
Ginseng can promote ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), protein, cholesterol, fat and sugar metabolism, promote bone marrow cell mitosis, is blood red blood cells, white blood cells and bone marrow nucleated cell count increased, resulting in increased bone marrow hematopoietic function.Ginseng protect against low radiation loss of bone marrow.
Bone marrow description:
Hematopoietic tissue in the body, is located in the medullary cavity of long bone and within all cancellous bone.Adult bone marrow is divided into two kinds: red marrow and yellow marrow.Red marrow to produce red blood cells, platelets and various white blood cells.Platelets have hemostatic effect, white blood cells can kill and restrain all kinds of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, etc.;Some lymphocytes to produce antibodies.As a result, the bone marrow but not hematopoietic organs, it is also important immune organs.
Physiology term editor
Bone marrow is found in long bone (For example, Humerus, Femur) in bone marrow cavity, flat bone (For example,ilium, ribs) and irregular bones (such as bone, vertebra) between the cancellous bone of mesh, a spongy tissue can produce slightly red blood cells of bone marrow, called red marrow.Some adult bone marrow contains a lot of fat cells in the marrow cavity, yellow, and does not produce blood cells, known as the yellow marrow.People were born, the whole body bone marrow cavity filled with red marrow, as we age, bone marrow fat cells increased, some red marrow was replaced by the yellow marrow, finally only almost flat red marrow in cancellous bone.Such changes may be due to the adult without all the medullary hematopoiesis, part of the medullary hematopoiesis has enough supply blood cells.When the body severe ischemia, part of the yellow marrow can be transformed into red marrow, restore hematopoietic capability.
Blood in the human body composition is in a constant metabolism, the old cells were removed, generate new cells, the important function is to produce a variety of bone marrow cells of stem cells, the stem cells regeneration through differentiation into various cells such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, simply is the role of bone marrow hematopoietic function.Therefore, to maintain the body's bone marrow life and immunity is very important.
Bone marrow is the source of human body central nervous, hematopoietic, the source of hematopoietic stem cell incubator, immune.The elderly should keep kidney essence and blood know luo, prevention of bone degeneration.Joint degeneration is a common disease in the elderly, bone disease is not necessarily a calcium deficiency, there are many reasons.Is also a lot of people in the middle age it is important to note that a disease, therefore, should pay attention to the nutrition supplement and adjustment at ordinary times, especially after age 50, more need to complement and aftercare, don't wait for bone marrow emptiness to aftercare.
Skeleton in the human body effect:
Skeletal system generally people only know the skeleton is used to support the body, but forgot the bone marrow is the important place to produce white blood cells such as immune substances, the human body every second with eight million blood cell death, and bone marrow were able to generate the same number of new cells to supplement.For example, production of B lymphocytes in the bone marrow, can produce all kinds of antibodies to the invaders, "main body" is humoral immunity, when problems arise in the bone marrow, immune cell metabolism will be affected, serious still can cause leukemia.
Top Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine, Anticance, Enhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting Meridian and Blood, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Health Food, Prolong Life
All human physiological and pathological process, cannot leave the central nervous system
In the formation of the overall function of the human body characteristic of the "nervous, immune, endocrine regulation system played a key role, many people do not know in the body's nine big system, blood circulation, respiration, and digestion, urogenital, skin, bones, muscles, and so on six big system mainly performs the basic function such as nutrition metabolic and reproductive, and widely distributed nervous, immune, endocrine network plays a regulation of the above system, involved in the body's defense, control the growth and development and an important role in the body's self-repair, is recognized as the hinge systemof the human body.Every moment we are in a variety of enironmental risk factors and pathogenic agents under the attack, usually the reason we don't get sick, is because nervous, immune, endocrine regulation, can make our body's internal environment stable, make the function of various organs functioning, even was slightly damaged, can also repair, the simplest example of this is our body temperature, has always been maintained at about 37 c, will not significantly by the change of ambient temperature fluctuations, however, when a pathogenic factor exceeds a certain limit, our  nervous, immune, endocrine regulation system can not  to will deviate recall normal value time, the some of the hinge  system will respond, and generate the change of the function, at the same time, involved in the system of other related link has been changed, resulting in the emergence of some pathological process and disease, this is the whole process of cognition of human illness, therefore, nervous, immune, endocrine regulation system. In fact dominated the physiological and pathological reaction almost all of the body.
The nervous system can regulate immune function, for example: nerve fibre from the brain stem and spinal cord directly into the main immune organs, thymus, and thymus is the production of T lymphocytes, it is the main force cellular immunity.When physical infection, nerve system will command the thymus secrete more T cells to combat, when infection is cleared, the nervous system will stop operations command the immune system in the same process, therefore, the nervous system is normal, is directly related to immune response.In addition, bad mood will also through the nervous system, directly reduce the function of the immune system.For years, scientists have warned people, antibiotics make the immune system is more and more incompetent, and even lead to bone marrow poisoning, make the bone marrow unable to normal production of white blood cells, white blood cells decreased dramatically, the immune system collapse rapidly.

In fact, the drug can only stimulate the immune system of a certain ingredients, upgrade a certain function, but it cannot replace all ingredients in the immune system and function of all, on the contrary it will produce side effects, disturbing the balance of the immune system. 
Bone marrow is the source of human life, human life is like a candle, bone marrow, it is a candle, folk adage said: The Spring Silkworms go to die silk deplete, candles burn to ashes
tears dry,this is to describe things, or the end of life.When a candle wax oil runs out, the candle will be extinguished.A man's life, the bone marrow run out time, the person's life will end, a man's life will end. 
The human body made sperm (Including a variety of endocrine and saliva), made sperm, immune cells, natural healing power, and every day in the human body to increase acid poison, etc., are relying on bone marrow released every bit of the completion of these tasks.So the height of the human body as the growth of the age and gradually atrophic, this is because of the loss of bone marrow, usually Some nutritional deficiencies of pregnant women, each postpartum loose teeth or even fall off one or more, hips are all largen, this is because a large number of intake by fetal bone marrow, and lead to loss of bone marrow and the cause of osteoporosis;Now medical thought marrow renewable 14 days or so.
The ancient saying goes: A  drop of blood, ten drops of sperm , ten drop of sperm ,a drop of bone  marrow.  Ancient people also like to use the sperm and marrow  two words to something or the essence or substance of things, so, the bone marrow to the importance of the human body.
Misunderstandings about ginseng:
Misunderstandings 1: Eat ginseng were body get inflamed and heat.
"Eat ginseng were Eat ginseng were body get inflamed and heat.Is this point of view is one-sided, not correct.is the maximum distortion and misunderstanding of ginseng, ginseng efficacy, especially the perennial wild ginseng, ginseng is not excessive taking it. otherwise counterproductive, symptoms such as hot and dry, nosebleeds, mouth sores, this is the consequence of human consumption caused by excess, is not the fault of ginseng, so, according to the dose, ginseng eat to
  quantificational everyday,  as long as according to the standard dosage eat ginseng, everyday eat won't get inflamed,earthurn, more best nourishing effect,
Misunderstandings 2: Canot eat ginseng in the summer
Someone says "eat ginseng heat in summer, this statement is wrong, on a hot summer day, the body energy will consume too much, and ginseng can complement the energy dissipations of the body, improve body in summer vitality, sometimes taking participants feel the heat, but confirmed by experts, the summer can eat ginseng, but the number of taking ginseng cannot beyond the standard dosage.
Misunderstandings 3: young people don't eat ginseng
a lot of people think that youth people can not eat ginseng, this kind of view is incorrect, is old and one-sided, young and old to eat ginseng is different, the purpose of the young is make something perfect even more perfect, old people is a nice surprise and provide timely help, young people eat ginseng to report more energy, physical strength is more abundant, more dynamic, old people eat ginseng mainly cure is given priority to, nourishing is complementary, improve the body immunity.Enhance physical fitness, prolong life.
Misunderstandings 4: children cannot eat ginseng
"Children cannot eat ginseng" this view is wrong, medical certificate, the children eat ginseng is good, to eat, but must need to strictly control the number of ginseng.Children's long-term moderate taking ginseng, be beneficial to children's brains, flexible body development, intelligent and healthy growth, improve body immunity, enhance physical fitness.In the south, the spring and autumn winter, give the child take ginseng soup, has the moisture resistance, cold resistance effect is best.Two or three months in South Korea, the child is born, then feed the ginseng tonic, and has no side effects.

Organic ginseng:
Organic ginseng is in the process of organic cultivation environment, without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides ginseng.Ginseng growth spray in inorganic fertilizers pesticides in soil, due to long-term erosion by chemical fertilizers, soil contains minerals is a severe lack of, so the growth of plants containing alkaline mineral deficiency, partial acid, if long-term consumption of this kind of inorganic acid food, can lead to many diseases, especially cancer of the incentives;Ginseng grown in organic is no spraying chemical fertilizers in soil, soil contains minerals is very rich, so the growth of ginseng contain alkaline minerals is very good, this kind of natural, pure, pollution-free organic food is healthy, alkaline food, long-term consumption can reduce disease, have anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect.Organic ginseng advocates maintain product natural ingredients, not polluted by fertilizers pesticides the day after tomorrow, so the ginseng taste thick.And ordinary ginseng due to long-term erosion by chemical fertilizers, not only taste is weak, more important is to destroy the original effectiveness and ginseng nutrients.Therefore, we advocate eating organic ginseng. ginseng is rare and precious ,medicine food homology-pure natural health tonic acura.Chinese emperors tributes.
Top Ginseng Royal Jelly Wine, Anticance, Enhance Immunity, Enhance Memory, Promoting Meridian and Blood, Pure Natural Aphrodisia Health Food, Prolong Life
Top pure natural ginseng Royal jelly Wine/ginseng aphrodisiac tonic wine/ Ginseng tonic wine rare Chinese herbal medicine and details are as follows:
Top pure royal jelly of nutritional value - lets you change white beauty
Pure natural royal jelly also called royal jelly.Similar to mammalian milk, so also called royal jelly.Royal jelly is the bees feed on nectar and pollen, honey the powder source plants of effective ingredients, after fully digesting and absorbing, processing sublimation in nutrition gland, contains rich protein, vitamins, nearly 20 kinds of amino acids and hormone.It is rare and precious, yield, component is complex, has the very strong health care function and bizarre medical effect.
Pure natural royal jelly color and taste
Color: white or light yellow
Palate: slightly sweet taste, and has strong acidity, spicy smell of viscous slurry liquid.
Top pure royal jelly of preserve one's health function:
Scientists concluded its nine efficacy: calm sleeping, adjust blood pressure, liver cancer, brain puzzle, prolong life, beauty, nourish nerve, strengthening the hematopoietic function.And its widespread application in the following diseases: geriatric syndrome, malnutrition, inappetence, diabetes, blood vessels and blood system diseases, diseases of the nervous system, regulate the liver function, inhibiting tumor, rheumatoid arthritis, prostatitis.

Top pure royal jelly of pharmacological effects:
1, Improve nutrition, supplementary mental, improve human immunity;The royal jelly contains a lot of nutrients, regular consumption can improve the condition of malnutrition, loss of appetite, indigestion, treatment increased can make the person's physical, mental, emotional improved.
2, Improve human immunity: royal jelly contains globulin, can significantly improve human immunity, royal jelly after a period of time, people feel energetic obviously, reduces their chances of colds and other diseases.
3, Preventive treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel, long-term use of royal jelly on three lipid abnormalities disease, vascular sclerosis, arrhythmia, diabetes and other diseases patients have good curative effect.
4, treatment of anemia: royal jelly contains synthesis of hemoglobin materials such as copper, iron, have strong hematopoietic system, make the bone marrow hematopoietic function such as excitement, has been used in clinical diseases such as auxiliary treatment of anaemia.
5, Diminishing inflammation, analgesia, promoting wound healing: 10 - HDA of royal jelly, royal jelly acid has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, can restrain, rotting aureus and e. coli skin ringworm fungi, bacteria and so on more than 10 kinds of bacterial growth.Clinical medicine with royal jelly and honey mixture for external use sand, used for burns, frostbite, surgery in anal wound, its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, improved blood circulation and nutrition of the trauma such as vaseline is obviously better than the effect of external use sand bar.
6, Prevention of cancer: experiments show that the royal jelly can inhibit cancer cell proliferation, the degenerative alterations in cancer development, have very good prevention effect on cancer.
7, Top natural royal jelly is a good beauty agent: due to the royal jelly contains rich vitamin and protein, also contain SOD enzyme, and has antiseptic effect, is a kind of precious beauty products, use for a long time, the skin ruddy, luster, beautiful skin, smooth and fine.Elastic.
8. Scavenging free radical:
Free radicals can cause too much organization, vascular injury, accelerated aging.Royal jelly contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), is the main scavenger of free radicals, plus it contains rich vitamin A, C, E and selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium and other trace elements, is A natural antioxidant, also can eliminate accumulation of excessive free radicals in the human metabolic process, make people live longer.
9. Enhance immunity: Human immunity drop, is the important cause of aging and death.The royal jelly contains of royal jelly acid, taurine, vitamins and trace elements can improve the body immunity.
10. Adjust the endocrine:
Pharmacological studies have found that royal jelly can be sexual excitement, and adrenocorticotropic hormone kind function, this is meaningful for health care keeping in good health.
11. Inhibit fat brown pigment
As the growth of the age, some cells in the fat brown element in the human body volume gradually increased, leading to cell death, to make the body aging.And royal jelly can make lipid peroxide and myocardial cells in body fat brown declined obviously, and it contains a large number of active substances can activate the enzyme system, the fat brown pigment.
12. The role of nucleic acids
Royal jelly is rich in nucleic acids, and nucleic acids is the most basic human "life source", there is no life without nucleic acid.If lack of nucleic acid content in the human body can affect the speed of cell division, cell defects caused, slow protein synthesis, lead to physical injury, disease, aging, and even death.
13. A balance of nutrients to keep:
Nutritional balance is one of the most important factors to maintain the body health.Royal jelly can complement the human body essential nutrients, regulate the body's physiological functions and metabolism, enhance immunity, prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, to fitness, illnesses, the effect of aging and prolong life.

Top Royal jelly can alleviate the
 sub-health: So-called sub-health is a state between health and disease organism.The health status (also called the first state) and disease state (also referred to as the second state) between a kind of disease of disease intermediate state.
Physical or mental have some discomfort, such as fatigue, weakness, depression, poor appetite, insomnia, much dream, easy to anger, poor memory, headache, dizziness, etc., these symptoms, under normal circumstances is also common.Who is in this state, seemed to have no disease, but the body is uncomfortable, they cannot be as energetic as a healthy person, full of vitality;But also not as lifeless as invalid or bedridden and unable to work and housework.But also can be engaged in the normal work and study, work is only potential and creativity.
The main factors are: speed up the pace of modern life.Psychological pressure is too large;Eating disorders and lifestyle (especially in smoking, drinking, easy drive the car instead of walking, all-night entertainment, eating disorders, etc.);The accumulation of fatigue in work and life.In addition, family discord, social conflict, accidental disasters can also lead to the formation of sub-health state.
Practice shows that both at home and abroad, royal jelly half-and-half health status has the good application effect.Take royal jelly can make people to the health of sub-health status, and the effect significantly.According to authoritative survey, neurasthenia, insomnia, loss of appetite, poor spirit, taking royal jelly ( 1 ~ 8 grams a day for ) 3 g commonly, after neurasthenia, symptom insomnia eliminate, have a high spirit to 100%.
10 - HDA is unique to the royal jelly in the nature of an anticancer substance: 10 - HDA in royal jelly, royal jelly acid has antibacterial, antitumor, kill cancer cells, antibacterial, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, analgesic,Anti-aging, regulating blood pressure, regulate blood lipid, regulating blood sugar  effect, can inhibit e. coli, rotting aureus, skin ringworm fungi, bacteria and so on more than 10 kinds of bacterial growth.Clinical medicine with royal jelly and honey mixture for external use sand, used for burns, frostbite, surgery in anal wound, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Top 100%Natural royal jelly contains more than 10 kinds of vitamins, vitamin B6 and C, folic acid, and trace elements such as iron, copper can promote the synthesis of hemoglobin;C and vitamin B12, folic acid and other biological activity, such as participate in the process of hematopoiesis.Contains more than 20 amino acids, there are many important role to the human body physiology, lucid asparagus amino acid and its salts, can stimulate and promote the generation of interferon, and to stimulate bone marrow T cells to differentiate into mature T cells;Arginine is associated with many hormones, such as growth hormone, insulin, prolactin secretion of promoter, and improve the ability of spleen cells, and macrophages;Glutamic acid is not only an important nutrients, and already is the treatment of liver disease, neurological diseases and psychiatric diseases commonly used drugs;Glycine has a hypnotic effect, and so on.

Other organic acids, nucleic acids and protein, active material in the royal jelly, etc., can stimulate the body to produce antibodies, enhance immune function.Royal jelly contains a variety of enzymes and coenzyme, steroids, etc., and a variety of trace elements.

The above ingredients are natural active, easy to be absorbed by human body, replenish the nutrients necessary to the body not only, also the mutual coordination, magically regulate the body's metabolism, regulate the balance of the digestive system, nervous system and other systems, and therefore good appetite, sleep well, to eliminate fatigue, refreshed, make it to health.

In sub-health status to health, in addition to good psychological adjustment, to participate in sports activities, pay attention to balanced diet thereof, taking royal jelly is the best choice.And long-term use of royal jelly can improve human immunity, protect cardiovascular and nourishing the liver to protect liver, pure natural royal jelly may be called value of human nature really gyokuro nectar/ thousand-Year Elixir.
Is wine good for health or harmful?
This problem should be scientific and objective to treat. Actually drink need reasonable, scientific and healthy dose of drink.In general, a small amount of alcohol is good for body health, a large number of drinking is harmful to the body.Is the key to the amount of alcohol, the alcohol can not too much, usually  drinking methods every time: Natural tonic health wine, ginseng tonic wine( Once or twice a day, every time10ML~30ML); high liquor and liquor drink( Once or twice a day, every time50ML), red wine( Once or twice a day, every time100ML),  beer( Once or twice a day, every time300ML), this is good for your health.
If a small amount of drink, wine can keep out the cold cold, open main and collateral channels, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and dispel damp, displacement solution of fatigue. Eliminate fatigue, and prolong life.
Compendium of materia medicaRecord:Wine can promoting qi to activate blood,clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, carry drug properties to disease position of lesions, also can adjust of emotions, appetizers and tonifying spleen...it serves to show, wine is to be able to produce some beneficial effects to the human body.In addition, the wine can make people happy of heart, wine can help people  melancholy forget sorrow, let a person be in uplifting in spirit, to get rid of distress and sorrow.
Warm prompt:
Scientific conclusion: 
White wine can not drink and beer at the same time, because although beer is low alcoholic beverages, but it contains carbon dioxide and water in great quantities, so, after they drink beer and liquor blending, will accelerate the osmosis of alcohol in the body, in the liver, stomach and kidney organs such as the strong stimulation and harm, affect the production of digestive enzymes, reduce gastric acid secretion, can cause stomach cramps and bleeding caused by acute enteritis and the harm of cardiovascular is bigger.Therefore, should not be beer and liquor mixed drink. And beer can promote human body to absorb alcohol drunk more easily .Mixed with white wine and beer drinking consequences:
More easily drunk: mainly because of white wine and beer is different nature of the wine. White wine is distilled wine/ liquor,beer is fermented wine, so both wine composition is different. Except a small amount of fusel oil in liquor might be mainly ethanol, and contain many elements such as carbon dioxide in beer, peptides and amino acids, inorganic salts, vitamins and antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols, there are some material can promote the absorption of alcohol. So the mixed liquor and beer drinking, it is easier to get drunk, it is easier to vomit, and finally suffered significantly greater than that of single drink a drunk feeling, make the tipsy feeling coming ahead of time, cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even cause other symptoms. Even damage the liver.So every time drinking must limit the dose.
As long as the moderate drinking every day, is helpful for heart health.The King 's College and st. Thomas Hospital, experts said in a study of young men and women want to maintain robust bone is one of the best ways: every day to drink a glass of beer.Every day to drink beer, can provide a large number of natural sources of silicon, are very helpful for healthy bones.In addition, make beer would taste bitter HOP (Lupulus) is a kind of female hormone, contain this kind of composition of beauty and reduce stress.
However, excessive drinking adverse to the body what are the consequences?
Anything to eat and drink too much, will be harmful, the wine is no exception.
Drinking too much can't ignore the harm of human body:
1. Drinking too much can make you susceptible to many other diseases, people suffering from kidney and liver disease to drink too much higher than normal.Alcohol poisoning, and excessive drinks, can damage the central nervous system, and even lead to delayed cerebral palsy;Inhibiting secretion of gastric juice, pepsin activity, stimulate the gastric mucosa, chronic gastritis, bring great harm to human body.
2. Mainly drinking too much alcohol will also reduce the mean men's - the level of testosterone, affect male fertility, and their children's health.
(3) for male adolescents, drinking too much can mature, which functions.
4. Pregnant women drinking to excess, may enable the baby deformity, mental retardation, and even death.
5. In patients with liver disease, drinking too much can accentuate the stimulation of alcohol liver burden, aggravating illness.For high blood pressure patients are taking antihypertensive drugs, alcohol will not only reduce the effectiveness of drugs, but also the instant the shell of slow release drugs, make it flashy too hard life threatening.
In general, people every time drinking, when the alcohol concentration in the liquid is 0.05-0.2%, a decrease in the inhibitory function of the brain, memory loss, discrimination, concentrated force, understanding declined obviously.At this point, the drinkers often lost their usual civilization and manners, become rough, talkative, talk the talk, host west slanting, or even fight.When a person's blood alcohol concentration 0.4%, lethargy, drinkers would be in a coma, pale face, breathing slowly, hypothermia, and even loss of life, long-term a large number of drinking, also can cause chronic alcoholism, mental decline, chronic gastritis, degeneration, such as liver, heart, kidney disease such as cirrhosis, multiple neuritis.
Often excessive drinking, often do not pay attention to the nutrition of the food, and alcohol can consume the body of thiamine (vitamin B1), and nicotinic acid (pellagra vitamin resistance), which contribute to mental and organs produce barriers, cannot inadvertent.
The people often malnourished phenomenon of drinking too much.The experimental results show that the long-term alcohol drinkers because of lack of vitamin B1, will suffer from serious amnesia.
And do not recommend a variety of mixed drink wine , it is suggested that separate take a kind of wine a day, and according to the dosage take it, more healthy.Otherwise,it is bad for your health.
The four cornerstones of health: rational diet, exercise, quit smoking alcohol, psychological balance.
According to the definition of the world health organization (WHO) : 65 age before is middle-aged people, 65~ 74age is the aged in youth  , 75-90 age is real old people. But now primary school students have high blood pressure, high school students began to hardening of the arteries, now we have more and more, not least because the economy developed the rich life, but because of lack of spiritual civilization, due to the lack of health knowledge.Director-general of the world health organization said, as long as take preventive measures can reduce half of death.Many people not died from disease, but died of ignorance.Influence our physical health is mainly: cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, tumor, diabetes.These chronic diseases in the internal cause (genetic) does not account for the role of the main, only accounted for 20%, 80% because of external factors (Environment).External cause can be control in a scientific way of life to help reduce disease.The key to the "health into his own hands."High-tech treatment well below the usual standard prevention, therefore, we must change the idea, the shift from treatment to prevention, to fully realize that now so many various kinds of disease, in the final analysis is a way of life is not civilized diet and nutritional deficiencies and disadvantages, if you insist on civilized and healthy lifestyle, dietary nutrition supplements, reasonable diet, the good life habit, the reasonable work, exercise and rest, can avoid and reduce a lot of disease, and can prevent the root cause of various diseases and viruses.According to the dosage of 100% pure natural ginseng tonic wine for a long time, can be a strong body, enhance immunity, enhance memory, promote the blood circulation, blood and blood, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging, high spirit, etc., can improve the quality of sexual life, enjoy life, prolong life!


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