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Xylitol Food Sugar, Xylose Dietary Supplements, Sweetener Nutrition Supplement manufacturer / supplier in China, offering GMP, 100%Natural Xylitol, Pure Natural New Style Sweetener, Health Food, Pure Natural Food Additives, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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GMP, 100%Natural Xylitol, Pure Natural New Style Sweetener, Health Food, Pure Natural Food Additives

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Min. Order: 25 KG
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: Over 1000000boxes
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Type: Xylitol, Pure Natural New Style Sweetener
Nutritional Value: Nutritional
Effect: Sugar Substitute, Prevent Tooth Decay, Not Fat
Resource: Natural
Natural New Style Sweetener: Prevent Tooth Decay, Not Fat, Sugar Substitute
Xylitol: Promote Calcium Absorption

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYMTC-NO: 01
Health Food: Sweetness Is 100 Times as Sucrose
Pure Natrual Xylitol: No-Calorie Sweetener, Obesity, Diabetes Can to Use
Pure Natrual Food: USP Bp FCC 99%Over
Application: Food, Medicine, Cosmetics, Industrial, etc
Transport Package: Box
Specification: 25KG
Origin: China

Product Description

100% Natural Xylitol
GMP production qualification
Grade: Medicine injection grade(USP BP FCC), Oral medicine(USP BP FCC)and Foodstuff grade(USP BP FCC)
Content: 99.6%; 99% over
Specification: 25KG/Bag.800 g/bag
GMP, 100%Natural Xylitol, Pure Natural New Style Sweetener, Health Food, Pure Natural Food Additives
Executive standard: National standard
Main applications: Sweetener
English name: Xylitol (aliss: Pentite)
Properties: Its molecular formula is C5H12O5 and is a 5-carbon sugar alcohol. It is the normal intermediate metabolin of xylose. It is white crystalline or crystalline powder in appearance, extremely soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol. Its melting point is 92 ~ 96degree and boiling point 216degree. When we eat it, it brings us a strong cool and refreshing feeling. In nature, it is widespread in fruits, vegetables, frumentum and mushrooms, and wood, straw, corncob and other plants. It is widely used as sweetener, nutrition agent and medicament in chemical industry, food, medicine, etc. As a natural plant sweetener extracted from white birch, oak, corncob and bagasse, Xylitol is native to Finland.
Xylitol is sweet and of nutritional value. It is also the normal intermedium of human carbohydrate metabolism. A healthy person contains 0.03-0.06 mg / 100 mg of xylitol in his or her blood, without even eating any food that has xylitol. In nature, the xylitol widely exists in all kinds of fruits and vegetables, but the content is very low. Xylitol, as a commodity, is a natural healthy sweeteners deeply processed from corncob, bagasse and other agricultural crops.
Xylitol is white crystal and is very like cane sugar both in appearance and taste. Speaking from foodstuff grade, xylitol is a kind of carbohydrate in broad sense and a polyatomic alcohol in narrow sense. Because xylitol can only be slowly absorbed or partly used, low calorie is its major characteristic: 2.4 calories per gram being 40% less than other carbohydrates. It has been applied to food since the sixties. It is a very popular sweetener for diabetics in some countries. In the United States, it can be used as food additives for some special purpose and is not limited in dosage.
As the best sweetener to prevent dental caries (this is the earliest characteristic of xylitol we know), Xylitol has gotten the authentication in different cases in the past 25 years. The property that xylitol can reduce dental caries is applicable both in high-risk groups (high incidence in dental caries, undernutrition, low-level oral health) and low-risk groups (using all current teeth protection measures to protect teeth, with low generation rate of dental holes).
Xylitol tastes better in low temperature status. Its sweetness is 1.2 times of sucrose. Xylitol usually brings slightly cool and refreshing feeling to our mouth, which is because it is soluble in water and absorbs a certain quantity of heat while dissolving. To a certain extent, it is helpful for the purity of our teeth, but excessive edible can cause side effects like diarrhea, which can not be ignored.
100% natural xylitol (A new natural sweetener)
English name: XYLITOL molecular formula: C5H12O5
Molecular weight: 152.15
Physical and chemical properties: white crystalls or crystal powder, taste sweet, the sweet degree is equivalent to 100 times of sucrose, easily soluble in water, (About 160 g / 100 ml), slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, melting point 92 ºC to 96 ºC, boiling point 216 ºC, calorific value is 16.72 kj/g (The same as the sucrose).Soluble in water absorption of heat, so in the form of solid food in your mouth can produce pleasant cool and refreshing feeling, 10% aqueous solution pH5.0-7.0.
GMP, 100%Natural Xylitol, Pure Natural New Style Sweetener, Health Food, Pure Natural Food Additives
1, Health sweetener: 100% natural xylitol sweetness of sucrose, extracted from natural ingredients (Also called corncob - crushing - natural fermentation by modern biological technology that natural extract xylitol),it is a natural health sweetener, can be used in sugar-free food, sugar free candy and other healthy food.Production base in China, has a modern production plant and assembly line, sufficient capacity and leading technology.Products meet all British pharmacopoeia (BP), the United States FCC, and the United States pharmacopoeia USP standards;In the same industry in the country take the lead in implementing and passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, GMP and Non - GMO certification.
2, Prevent caries: 100% natura xylitol can't be in the mouth bacteria fermentation using dental caries, dental caries prevention features works best in all the sweetener.Can be widely used in all kinds of oral care products.
3, Prevent blood glucose: 100% natura xylitol without insulin affect glucose metabolism in the body, don't need insulin to promote, also can through the cell membrane, absorbed by the organization.For a person with diabetes sweetener, nutritional supplements, and auxiliary agents.
4, Improving liver function: 100% natura xylitol can promote the synthesis of glycogen yuan, reduce the consumption of fat and protein in liver tissue, make the protection and repair the liver, improve liver function in patients with liver disease and fatty liver, the effect of treatment of hepatitis of sex of hepatitis b, hepatitis b, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis have obvious curative effect, is an ideal auxiliary drug hepatitis complications of patients.
5, Weight loss function: xylitol compared with ordinary granulated sugar, has the advantage of low quantity of heat, xylitol contains only 2.4 calories per gram, 40% less heat than most other carbohydrates, thus xylitol can be applied to all kinds of food reducing weight, as a substitute for sugar of high quantity of heat.
6, Improve gastrointestinal function: xylitol can promote the bifidobacterium proliferation.Promote proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora, improving gastrointestinal function, has the very high biological activity, is a kind of promising functional added factor.
7, Hygroscopicity, used to make some dim sum, softer than sucrose be moist, soft and for a longer time, at the same time to extend the shelf life of food, such as making cake, bread, etc.Can be used as a cosmetic class wet adjustment, no stimulus to human skin.
8, Strengthen the palate: Edible can produce nice cool and refreshing feeling in the mouth, when after freezing effect is better, can be used in the comfort of cold drink, dessert, milk, coffee, etc.Also can use in health drinks, throat drugs, cough syrup, etc.Still can add peppermint, spearmint, etc. The food flavor.
9, Prolong the shelf life: 100% natura xylitol by yeast fermentation, is bad for microbial culture medium, sweet lasting, so it can prolong its shelf life.
10, Do not produce maillard Browning reaction: 100% natura xylitol is no aldehyde group and ketone group in the structure, heating does not produce  maillard Browning reaction, can be made into different flavors of baked goods.

Medical features:
1, 100% natura xylitol API can be made into infusion solution used in surgery and infusion, after clinical validation, xylitol infusion is more stable than glucose infusion components, especially after the surgical anesthesia and surgery, sugar metabolic barriers, cannot use glucose, is a kind of ideal infusion solution, xylitol can quicken the flow of red blood cells, and can maintain the red blood cell negative charge, well control the content of blood GSH make surgery incision healing degree good, time is short.
2, 100% natura xylitol API good thermal stability, heating does not produce chemical reaction with amino acids.Configuration and amino acids can be all kinds of preparations, suitable for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hepatitis, avoid sugar patients and elderly patients special infusion solution.
3, 100% natura xylitol apis can promote the synthesis of glycogen yuan, reduce the consumption of fat and protein in liver tissue, make the protection and repair the liver, improve liver function in patients with liver disease and fatty liver, the effect of treatment of hepatitis of sex of hepatitis b, hepatitis b, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis have obvious curative effect, is an ideal auxiliary drug hepatitis complications of patients.
4. 100% natura Xylitol in enter cells and converted into D - xylose ketone alcohol and 6 - phosphoric acid fructose is without the help of insulin, so in the case of fasting, diabetes, and nervous, xylitol can normalize fat metabolism, lower free fatty acid level, plays an inhibitory effect of ketone body generated.Is the ideal of diabetes patients and hunger ketosis ketone body drug resistance.
5, 100% natura xylitol can inhibition the synthesis of fatty acids in biological tissue, reduce blood free fatty acid, pyruvic acid, adjust lipid metabolism and control weight, prevent obesity and so on.Xylitol in metabolic process, can supply NASPH2 (dehydrogenase), so that can restore glutathione and high iron red protein, can promote the suppressed the function of the adrenal cortex.This product and steroid combination, can prevent the pay the steroid medicines.
6, 100% natural xylitol injection can compatibility with a variety of injection.Some with glucose injection drug compatibility can produce turbidity and precipitate, such as sulfadiazine sodium injection, compatibility with xylitol injection is relatively stable.
Areas of application:
1. No caloric sweeteners.Use in patients with obesity and diabetes.Also used for fat oxidation prevent dose, caramel, the raw materials and through maillard reaction preparation of pork and other spices.
2. Xylose on human intestinal bifidobacterium has high proliferation effect, consumption of xylose can improve the microbial environment of human body.Improve the body's immune ability.Xylose and food has a good compatibility, add a small amount of xylose, can reflect good health care effect.Xylose and calcium intake, at the same time can improve the body of calcium absorption and retention rate, can also prevent constipation.
3, Food: for chewing gum, chocolate, candy, beverage, milk, yogurt, bread, fruit, biscuits, jam, rice porridge and other foods.
4, Medicine: Injection, buccal tablet, granule, oral liquid, particle and all kinds of calcium.
5, Oral health: Prevent caries toothpaste, mouthwash, dentifrice, etc.
6, Industrial manufacturing, storage battery, such as precision castings.
7, Tobacco products: Glycerol can be substituted for tobacco flavoring, anti-freezing moisturizing factor.
8, Household condiments: Can be used in the family do sugar substitute, to prevent diabetes, obesity, and associated with sugar to eat too much at the same time also have special health care function.
9, Cosmetics, facial cleanser, hairdressing frost, make up water, etc.
10. Used for the preparation of xylitol.
11. Because of its flavor effect significantly, can be used for spices and pet food industries.
12. Due to its can cause maillard reaction efficiently, thus can be used in the production of food flavoring.
13. Due to its obvious effects of color, can be used in the food industry golden brown color, such as bread and butter of color.
14. Pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.
15. Applicable to the preparation of flavoring.
GMP, 100%Natural Xylitol, Pure Natural New Style Sweetener, Health Food, Pure Natural Food Additives
What is the difference between natural xylitol and 100% natural cane sugar 100%, why a person with diabetes can use xylitol and cannot use sugar?
100% natural xylitol is a kind of nutritional value of sweet substances, and normal metabolism of human body sugar intermediates.Won't rise in blood sugar levels after eating the xylitol.So a person with diabetes can be used.But sugar is different, will rise in blood sugar levels after eating the sugar.
How the difference between xylitol and sugar?
100% natural xylitol is not used by the bacteria in the mouth, with excellent dental caries prevention function, is widely used in chewing gum, prevent caries toothpaste, cosmetics, prevent dental caries for children food.
Although there are similar to the sugar sweet degree, but in your mouth out with cool feeling and generous sense of taste quality, the effect of the prevention of dental caries, holds the inhibition of dental caries of proteus effect, is the use of xylitol's biggest bright spot.In the 1980 s, xylitol abroad mainly for the production of sugar-free gum.After the 90 s, the international market of xylitol demand increased year by year.Due to the effect of preventing dental caries of the xylitol, also have a certain market in the toothpaste industry.
As a kind of natural sweeteners, it also has other advantages, such as without insulin in metabolic energy can directly enter the body cells, without causing increased blood sugar, can reduce diabetes people drinking, eating, urinary symptoms, has the remarkable effect that protect liver, is the ideal auxiliary therapeutic agent in patients with diabetes and liver disease and sugar to taste.At home, in recent years, many health care products, including xylitol, such as oral liquid, bowling and chewable tablets, cakes, biscuits and mass market.
Consumption of xylitol look like sugar, heat is the same as glucose, sweetness and sucrose, no smell, taste cool sweet refreshing, hygroscopicity, soluble in water.In industry, xylitol by corn cobs, bagasse, cotton seed shell, birch containing xylose (xylose) polymer materials, by hydrolysis, purification, hydrogenation, concentration, crystallization, separation, drying, packing and so on a series of machining process of xylitol.

Xylitol appropriate crowd:
1. People with diabetes
Xylitol as a kind of functional sweetener, could participate in the metabolism of the body, into the blood stream, does not need insulin can penetrate into cells and metabolism speed, do not cause blood glucose, is the most suitable for people with diabetes eat nutritional sugar substitutes.Another sorbitol, maltitol and aspartame is also a good choice.It is important to note that the staple food sugar-free foods (cakes, moon cakes, etc.) itself is made from flour, if not add temperance consumption will lead to a rise in blood sugar.
2. The susceptibility to caries of adults and children:
Chewing gum can eliminate bad breath, oral cavity and the jaw muscle, relieve mental pressure and highly popular, especially the young, chewing gum is a kind of fashion, but the chewing gum contains sugar will greatly increase the incidence of dental caries.Therefore, sugar-free gum is these people don't.In the choice of sugar-free gum sweetener xylitol as a substitute for sugar not only has good taste, and can't metabolize acid production by streptococcus mutans, xylitol can be a large number of accumulation in the membrane of streptococcus mutans and produce poisonous to the cells, inhibit the growth of streptococcus mutans and reduce the adhesion ability of streptococcus mutans, resulting in a bacteriostatic action, thus affect the caries force, good anti caries effect.
In the country of origin of the xylitol chewing gum is xylitol chewing gum, Finland, therefore the finns caries rate is very low.In China, adult dental caries rate is as high as 50%, 77% have dental caries in children at the age of five.And no dental caries 5 years old children of more than 70% in Finland, the United States 5 years old children without caries rate is as high as 90%.Insist on using xylitol 85% can reduce the incidence of dental caries.
Links: The Chinese too much sugar?
The world health organization announced: China's diabetes rates reached 4%, about 50 million people.As a result, more and more Chinese think they eat too much sugar.But China fermentation association, China association of food additive production application of new points out, China sugar consumption is not much, saccharin consumption too much.In 1998 China's per capita sugar consumption 7 kg, and the world's average level is 20 kg, Asia is 10 kg, the United States is 68 ~ 69 kg.Although China in recent years the number of sugar increased slightly, but still have obvious gap with the world level.International high sweetener consumption accounted for about 10% of the sugar sweetness sweetness, but our country is close to 60%, show that for high sweetener belong to excessive consumption in our country.Therefore said the Chinese eat sugar is not much, but a few.
Members of the family of sweeteners health comparison:
Nutritional sweetener features a sweetness, heat, volume, including sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, belongs to the natural sweeteners, we known as sugar.Xylitol, sorbitol belong to synthetic sweeteners, also called sugar substitutes.These alternatives are generally not decayed tooth, do not rise in blood sugar.
The nutritional sweetener is characterized by high sweetness, no heat, no volume.Saccharin in vivo metabolic changes, will cause damage to the kidneys.Large doses of saccharin and sweet and the possibility of cancer.High sweetener aspartame as a new, will not cause damage to the kidney, is widely used in the world.

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