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Superoxide Dismutase SOD, Cosmetics, Whitening manufacturer / supplier in China, offering SOD/Superoxide Dismutase, Yak Blood Biological Fermentation Extraction, China′s Patent, Antiaging, Antiradiation, Beauty Skin, Resist Wrinkles, Health Food, Emodin, Bee Pollen (rich vitamin B) and so on.

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SOD/Superoxide Dismutase, Yak Blood Biological Fermentation Extraction, China′s Patent, Antiaging, Antiradiation, Beauty Skin, Resist Wrinkles, Health Food

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Min. Order: 1 KG
Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: 100tons
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Tyle: Sales Global
Usage Mode: Oral and External Use
Suitable for: All
Type: Pure Natural
Application: Cosmetics, Medicines, Food/Health Care
Form: Powder Blue

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YYGS-NO: 01
Superoxide Dismutase/SOD: Regulating Blood Lipid,Resist Radiation,Beauty,Ski
SOD: Used Food, Medicine, Health Products,Cosmetics
Health Food: Antiaging, Immune Regulation
Natural Food: Biological Activity Content 8000~10000u/Mg
Trademark: YIYU
Transport Package: Bag/Carton
Specification: SGS
Origin: China

Product Description

Products Name: Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)/Cu zinc - SOD
Biological activity content: 8000~10000U/mg;  8000~10000U/g
Bacteria cause disease: No
CAS NO: 9054-89-1
International enzymology Numbers EC1.15.1.1
Source of Animals - YAK/Bos grunniens blood-Biological fermentation extraction.China patent products,best-selling Japan and all over the world.
Appearance: Light blue or white powder
Stability: Under the condition of normal temperature, dry, avoid light preservation 3 years.
Water solubility: completely dissolved in water
Package is installed: 8000 ~ 10000 u/MG packaging specifications:1g,10g, 100g,500g,1000g
                                         8000~10000/g packaging specifications: 25KG/Barrel
Use way is widely used in cosmetics, health care and food, scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging.Antiaging, Antiradiation, Beauty skin, Resist wrinkles
SOD/Superoxide Dismutase, Yak Blood Biological Fermentation Extraction, China's Patent, Antiaging, Antiradiation, Beauty Skin, Resist Wrinkles, Health Food
Product efficacy:
 Superoxide Dismutase SOD) is a new kind of enzyme preparation.SOD is a kind of active substances derived from living organisms, is regarded as the most magic in life science and technology of enzyme, the garbage man, in the human body to eliminate harmful substances produced in the process of metabolism of organisms.
1. Can remove the body of excess free radicals, improve human immunity, resist oxidation, whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging;
2. Effectively reduce the blood fat, cholesterol, blood pressure;
3. Resist fatigue, enhance the function of liver and kidney;
4. Resistance to radiation;Anti-wrinkle weng
5, The effect on the recovery of diabetes significantly;
6. Adjust the female physiological cycles, delay the menopause.
SOD (superoxide dismutase) is a kind of metal enzyme, contains two kinds of copper and zinc ions, aerobic.Widely exists in animals or plants, microorganisms, SOD catalysis of antibodies to the ultra oxygen anion into hydrogen peroxide solution, was then hydrogen peroxide decomposition, protect the body from the effects of ultra oxygen anion, is a new type of antioxidant enzymes.In the self protection system of the organism and the immune system plays a very important role.
Basic functions:
SOD (superoxide dismutase) is a kind of active substances derived from living organisms, can remove harmful substances produced in the process of metabolism of organisms.Constantly adding SOD to the human body has the special effect of anti-aging.EC1.15.1.1 SOD (Superoxide Dismutase, SOD) is 1938 Marn et was first isolated from bovine erythrocyte Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) begins to calculate case, people study of SOD has a history of more than seventy years.McCord, etc in 1969 to find the proteins, and found their biological activity, make clear its catalytic properties of oxygen anion disproportionation reaction, so officially named superoxide dismutase (sod).
Super oxide Dismutase (SOD) content, Superoxide Dismutase SOD) is a new kind of enzyme preparation, it is widespread in biology, almost to the cell from the man, from animals to plants, has its existence.Originally obtained from bovine blood, is extracted from pig blood.It to adjust for super oxygen ion (O_2 ~ (u)) caused by various diseases have certain curative effect, especially adjust rheumatoid arthritis, red spot boils, dermatomyositis, etc all have obvious effect.In addition, in radiation protection, anti-aging, anti-tumor, etc, also has entered clinical.Sod through blood, blood, acetone precipitation, heat treatment, dialysis, column, concentration, and freeze drying.
Supplement: SOD is Super Oxide Dimutese abbreviation, Chinese name superoxide dismutase (SOD), is an important antioxidant enzymes in organisms, widely distributed in various organisms, such as animals, plants, microorganisms, etc.SOD has special physiological activity, is the first material of biological removal of free radicals in the body.The level of SOD in organism discretion means that visual indicator of aging and death;Has now been confirmed by oxygen free radicals caused by diseases with as many as 60.It can fight and blocking by oxygen free radical damage to cells, and promptly repair damaged cells, free radical damage to cells caused by complex reasons.Due to the pressure of modern life, environmental pollution, various kinds of radiation and the excessive exercise will cause oxygen free radicals of form;Therefore, the biological oxidation mechanism of SOD status more and more important!
SOD is the abbreviation of superoxide dismutase (SOD) (superoxidedismutase), is a kind of metal elements with the activity of protease, is currently in the field of biology, medicine and life sciences world-class high, sharp, fine.SOD is approval of the ministry of health in China has anti-aging, immune regulation, regulating blood lipid, resist radiation, beauty of one of the material.
(a) what is a SOD?
Superoxide disproportionation enzyme (SuperoxideDismutase), hereinafter referred to as SOD, ECl. Provided, in 1969 the American Dude university I.F ridovich professor and his graduate student McCoard found.
Its catalytic reactions as follows: 202 + 2 h + - > H2O2 + O2
O2 - known as super oxygen anion free radical, is intermediate naturally occurring in many kinds of physiological reaction of organisms.It is a kind of reactive oxygen species, with a strong oxidation ability, is one of the important factors of biological oxygen poisoning.
1, Free radicals (Free Radical)
Free radical is a kind of very active chemical, is an unpaired (odd number) of the electron atoms, groups of atoms, molecules and ions.One of the most important is the oxygen free radicals, it can collect the body, heart, blood vessels, liver and brain cells.If the deposition in the blood vessel wall, can make the angiogenesis fiber lesions, lead to artery sclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction;Deposition in the brain cells, can cause nerve function in the elderly is not complete, lead to memory, mental disorder and depression, and even senile dementia, etc., was the cause of human aging and disease.
2, oxygen free radicals can be divided into two categories:
(1) inorganic oxygen free radical, superoxide free radical, hydroxyl free radicals
(2) organic oxygen free radicals: oxygen free radicals, silane oxygen free radicals, polyunsaturated fatty acid radical RUFA, half quinone radicals.In addition, the singlet oxygen (1 o2, H2O2, NO2, NO such as molecular although do not have an odd number of electrons, but oxidation capability is strong, so some of them and the oxygen free radical together, collectively known as reactive oxygen species,
3, the formation of free radicals and properties
Normal human metabolism can produce free radicals and is needed by human activities, but in some special cases, can produce excess free radicals in the body.
U the use oxygen process can produce reactive oxygen species
Taken the radiation: solar, nuclear, X-ray, photocopiers, computer
Taken the electromagnetic waves: microwave oven, hair dryer, mobile phone
Taken the pollution, automobile exhaust, industrial waste gas, waste water, cigarettes, pesticide residues, pesticides (secondhand smoke)
Taken the intake: raw materials for abuse, certain food additives
Taken the body condition: disease, physical strength overdraft.Mental stress, depressed, anxious
4. The free radicals may be involved in disease
His eyes: cataract, degenerative fundus lesions, neonatal retinopathy
Heterotopic cardiac skin: skin inflammation, pigmentation spots, age spots, and skin irritation
His cardiovascular: hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cardiac muscle weakness, arrhythmia
Derive the respiratory system: nose allergy, asthma, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, adult respiratory distress syndrome
Left brain: alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, cerebral circulatory disturbance
His red blood cells: sickle shape anemia, broad beans, lead poisoning
Cardiac urinary system: kidney disease, proteinuria, cystitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, kidney inflammation of silk ball
His other: constipation, halitosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes and complications, the chemotherapy side effects of surgery, organ transplantation, hepatitis, menopause.
(2)the SOD's relationship with human health
SOD is the naturally occurring within the superoxide radical scavenging factor, it through the above reaction harmful superoxide free radicals can be converted to hydrogen peroxide.Although hydrogen peroxide is harmful to the body of the active oxygen, but six sex is extremely strong in catalase (CAT) and peroxidase (POD) will break it down for completely harmless water immediately.So, the three enzymes formed a complete anti oxygen supply chain.
1, antioxidant,
Medical report pointed out that the antioxidant ability of recession has to 35 years old or so in advance, fruits and vegetables alone is not enough to eliminate the human body joint formed by oxidative stress
(2). To prevent chronic diseases and their complications
[] free radicals are scientists recently found that the main culprit of a various chronic diseases and aging it says it is the source of diseases [], is the enemy of human body health, free radical damage to the body is accumulated, especially diabetes and cardiovascular disease, day send Dr. Lin said: [take good care of your cardiovascular, can live to be ninety].Get in the habit of intake of antioxidants, guaranteed to keep you away from the threat of chronic diseases.
Anti-aging in (3).
The signs of ageing people are aging, drops out of view, such as pigmentation, physical decline, because the body produce oxidation, oxidation [] is similar to the so-called [reaction] rust, antioxidant supplements will help reduce the speed of the oxidation, slow down aging.
(4). The anti-fatigue
Too many free radicals in the body of the residual, just Like the toxin accumulation in the body, can let a person: easy fatigue, tired, inattention, often groggy, yawning, SOD - Like for office workers to stay up late to work overtime, student tests of fatigue, in the boost the spirit and focus on effective, help performance of ascension, and the progress of the examination results.
Eliminate agent (5). The side effects of chemotherapy
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in vivo antioxidant capacity is greatly reduced, low to a certain extent, free radicals can damage cells, mucous membrane, intestines, brain, and central nervous system, etc. So the cancer patients should be antioxidant supplements to maintain good physical strength.Japanese health and cancer centers in the United States (NCI) also recommend the use of antioxidants to protect against cancer or adjust for [the] oxygen free radical damage cells caused by pathological changes.Reduce anti-cancer material caused by such as vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss and other side effects.
6. Avoid operation of secondary damage
Surgery can cause a lot of free radicals, the proposal before and after operation of oral antioxidants to recover rapidly accelerate wound healing.
7. To resolve the crisis of oxidative stress of women
There are three women oxidation of crisis:
A spot wrinkles, skin: because oxygen free radicals cannot be effectively removed, destruction of collagen and elastic fiber protein, make the skin moisture loss and maintain the function of the elastic, wrinkles, accelerate the melanin precipitation.
B, poor circulation, menstrual period, black rim of the eye, color of skin dark lacklustre.
C, menopause obstacle: because of the lack of estrogen, the antioxidant capacity of body down, often have the following symptoms: paroxysmal in hot, insomnia, night sweat, headaches, mood swings, uneasy.
1. Lead, mainly concentrated in inflammatory disease, especially adjust rheumatoid arthritis, chronic polyarthritis, myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and radioactive modulate inflammatory disease;
2. Used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, as a kind of enzyme preparations, widely used in clinical and scientific research, with a strong anti-aging, anti-tumor, adjusting human body's endocrine system;
3. Used in cosmetics, you can add in cosmetics, has a good performance of oxidation corrosion.SOD as the main ingredients of products popular in the world, sparked a revolution in the history of cosmetics, make the human eternal youth beautiful dreams come true;
4. Used as a health food, beverage, such as SOD, SOD oral liquid sugar, SOD draught beer is very popular!To join in the beverage, candy, pastry food SOD can use its corrosion resistance to extend the shelf life, but also functions of adjusting human body's endocrine system.
SOD is regarded as the most magic in life science and technology of the enzymes in the body of the garbage man.SOD is the natural predators of oxygen free radical is the top killer of oxygen free radicals in the body, is the life and health.The global 118 scientists issued a joint statement: free radicals is the source of all ills, SOD is healthy.The higher the SOD activity in the body, the longer life.

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